Green Goblin vs Tengu Shredder

Suggested by Sonic Tengu Shredder is pretty tough and really gave the turtles a tough time when they did battle. However, it won’t be enough to take down this goblin. Norman has had a lot of different forms and armors over the years and they’ll give him the edge here. In his Iron Patriot armor he can blast at Tengu from afar or match him in power at close quarters. In his Ultimate form he has some mild regenerative abilities and a whole lot of super strength to back him up. In this battle of monstrous individuals I think Tengu is simply outmatched. Green Goblin wins.

Arm-Fall-Off Boy vs Tengu Shredder

Suggested by Destroyer The Arm Fall Off Man has a pretty unique ability. He can keep on losing his hand which makes it easy to create one liners? Need a hand? I can practically hear people saying that already. Regardless, he is definitely out of his league when up against Tengu Shredder wins.

Tengu Shredder vs Howard Aguello

Tengu Shredder is back and he’s ready to roll! Tengu Shredder is pretty good in close quarters combat and his slashing attacks will really mean the end for Howard. Howard is as tough as the next guy, but this still isn’t a match that he is prepared to win. His gun will likely not be able to hit the Tengu Shredder and he definitely can’t outrun him. Tengu Shredder wins.

Tengu Shredder vs Chunk

The Chunk is back, but he won’t fare very well against the Tengu Shredder. Tengu Shredder has some pretty good sword techniques at the ready and he’s not the kind of opponent that you can take lightly. He’ll seize any opportunity to take the win and the Chunk isn’t prepared to deal with someone like that. Tengu Shredder wins.

Tengu Shredder vs Chris

Tengu Shredder is back and he’s up against good ole Chris. Chris is always ready for some action, but I don’t think that he can take on someone as powerful as Tengu Shredder. Tengu Shredder just needs one good slash to finish off Chris once and for all. Chris takes another loss in this round. Tengu Shredder wins.

Tengu Shredder vs Gemini Saga

Tengu Shredder is back, but I’m not quite sure that he could beat Gemini Saga. Gemini Saga is a being of truly intense power and defeating him is no easy task! Many have tried to defeat him, but most have failed. Gemini Saga’s skills just proved far too great. He rises up the ranks with this win. Gemini saga wins.

Tengu Shredder vs Cosmoman

Tengu Shredder is a pretty good fighter, but he’s definitely outranked by Cosmoman in this battle. Cosmoman is a lot faster and stronger than Tengu Shredder which is why he’ll take the win pretty easily here. Tengu Shredder just wasn’t strong enough in the end, but he’ll be back. Cosmoman wins.

Tengu Shredder vs Minnie Mouse

Tengu Shredder has his sword abilities and can take down many opponents in his way. Minnie Mouse is just one of them. Tengu Shredder can also fire energy blasts which are highly dangerous. If Minnie Mouse gets hit by one of those it could be all over. Tengu Shredder rises up the ranks. Tengu Shredder wins.

Fanfic version below

Manthing vs Tengu Shredder

Tengu Shredder has his energy sword and he can fire energy blasts. Of course Manthing can teleport and has pretty impressive strength. This battle will be a tough one, but Manthing lacks speed and that’s why he loses this round. Tengu Shredder gets himself a win and rises up the ranks. Tengu Shredder wins.

Tengu Shredder vs Penguin

Tengu Shredder is back and this time not even the Penguin can stop him! Tengu Shredder has his sword and can fire energy blasts, but The Penguin has his umbrella. Tengu Shredder gets his first win in a while and shows why you can’t underestimate his raw power. Penguin drops in the ranks. Tengu Shredder wins.