Arm-Fall-Off Boy vs Luna

Suggested by Sonic Luna is a powerful duelist who commands a dragon in addition to many other units. There’s no way she would be losing to this guy. Arm-Fall-Off Boy’s abilities are pretty self descriptive. He can take out his arm and attack people with it. He poses no danger to Luna as a single one of her monsters could easily best him in combat. She’s also got her spells and traps at the ready. Luna wins.

Arm-Fall-Off Boy vs Segata Sanshiro

Suggested by Adrogoz Arm-Fall-Off Boy returns once more, but I’m afraid that he won’t do any better this time around. Segata has way better hand to hand skills up his sleeve and is just a professional. This kid never really learned how to fight and simply being able to detach arms to fight won’t really help much to change that. Segata Sanshiro wins.

Arm-Fall-Off Boy vs Nami


Suggested by Adrogoz It’s time for the Arm-Fall-Off Boy to make his big return to the arena! His abilities have never really looked all that promising to be honest and Nami will easily be able to take him down. One quick zap and that’s it for this guy. Hopefully he won’t fall to pieces after this! Nami wins.

Arm-Fall-Off Boy vs Tengu Shredder

Suggested by Destroyer The Arm Fall Off Man has a pretty unique ability. He can keep on losing his hand which makes it easy to create one liners? Need a hand? I can practically hear people saying that already. Regardless, he is definitely out of his league when up against Tengu Shredder wins.

Genos vs Arm-Fall-Off Boy

One-Punch Man - 02 - Large 05

Genos has finally entered the blog! He’s one of the best new characters to debut in the outside world and it’s about time that I got him in on the action. While he isn’t able to defeat Saitama, Genos is incredibly strong and tends to outclass his opponents. Arm-Fall-Off Boy means well, but I don’t see how he can possibly hope to land any blows on Genos. The difference in their ability levels is far too great. Genos wins.

Arm-Fall-Off Boy vs One Above All


Requested by Anon The One Above All is back, but he won’t be able to beat this blog newcomer. The Arm-Fall-Off Boy is a pretty interesting individual and quite possibly one of the most interesting Legion of Superheroes’ members. His ability to detach his arm and beat people up with it is pretty unique as well as effective. The One Above All wouldn’t be able to survive such an onslaught for very long and will ultimately have to beat a hasty retreat. Arm-Fall-Off Boy wins.