Gemini Saga vs Madara

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This could be a pretty controversial match. Earlier, Gemini Saga lost to Naruto on the blog and Madara is about on par with Naruto, perhaps even stronger. Gemini Saga’s armor is impressive and he can fly, but Madara’s abilities are just as formidable. I am definitely leaning towards Madara taking the victory in this match, but that is subject to change as Gemini Saga has a pretty impressive rep and it’s likely for a reason. It’s definitely a close battle! Madara wins.

30 thoughts on “Gemini Saga vs Madara

  1. I don’t think anyone in Naruto stands a chance against the people in the Saint Seiya franchise. Especially those gold saints. You really need to watch the entire anime for yourself.

    • I really do think that there is a chance of this manga getting overturned once I have experienced Saint Seiya for myself. That being said, it could be a while until I make time for it. Still, Madara is very impressive for a Naruto character and he can easily end the planet if he needed too

      • You have to understand that these saints often pit themselves against Gods and I believe that Gemini Saga has the power to destroy a Galaxy with his Galaxian Explosion attack. He could also transport people to another dimension. As you know, Gold saints have very few weaknesses. Gemini Saga is one of the most powerful Gold Saints. I think the Saint Seiya franchise is in a completely different league from Naruto my friend.

      • That’s true, but Madara is almost at god level at this point as well. The Galaxian Explosion is powerful, but the actual attack doesn’t seem to be very fast. Saint Seiya is definitely stronger than Naruto overall, but once in a while a Naruto fighter can put up a challenge. Still, it makes for an interesting battle and Naruto needs to get some more power ups to keep on advancing into Saint Seiya world

      • Does your blog allow for the posting of hyperlinks? I was going to post something cool about the Gemini saints.

      • Yeah, that’s totally fine unless the scan is a little too violent or something for the blog. Otherwise, it’s all good

  2. Madara can spam Meteors right? Gemini can spam blasts that destroy galaxies. its not that fast, but who needs speed when your armor can protect you? Gemini can put him in an endless maze, but since he has his rennegan it might not work right? okay well Madara better kill him with one move, because nothing works on a gold saint twice remember? he adapts and learns what Madara uses. meaning if he used his Rennegan one time, gemini would get the rennegan.
    there are different meanings to god/. the naruto god is basically someone who can level an entire contenent, but Madara has never shown to be able to do that, or has never done that. Gemini Saga can throw a planet busting punch, and a few billion punches per second. how can Madara match that speed? okay, lets say he can with his rennegan. lets just say, he kills Gemini for your sake lol. Gemini comes back with his 7th sense. invulnerable to whatever killed him.
    what stops Gemini from opening a dimension and dropping jupiter on top of madara? absolutely nothing.
    nobody in the naruto series can match those in saint seiya series.

    • True, Madara likely could thanks to the fact that he had infinite chakra as a resurrection. Gemini Saga’s Galactian Epplosion does seem a little too slow at this point and main question would be Saga’s raw speed and energy blasts in combat. I know that he’s technically very powerful, but I’m wondering how much of his feats are actually shown. I know about his fists barrage against Pegasus, but that’s pretty much the only speed feat that I’m aware of, which is why I have Madara as being faster. The punches scene was very impressive, but Madara blocked the Crimson Charge and he was holding his own against fighters of immense speed like Naruto and Minato.

      The 7th Sense isn’t really all that valid in this case. I don’t really see him coming back to life after being destroyed. That’s essentially not in the rules. It’s like how Thor can’t be destroyed technically…but his destruction would still ensure his loss. As for Gemini opening a dimension and dropping planets on people, Gravity would likely keep the planet in place unless he threw it or something. Naruto characters can barely begin to match Saint Seiya, but Madara is one of the few guys who can make it an interesting match

      • that gravity thing doesnt make sense.
        ill try to find some speed feats, and you cant just say Gemini doesnt have his 7th sense.
        Gemini can litterally rip appart madara, by tearing the dimension they are in, by every milimeter,a cut every milimeter, meaning he would be cut into shreads
        Madara cant hit Gemini saga with any ninjitsu because well, he just teleports the attack elswhere. you cant say that he cant.
        can Madara tank a planet busting atttack? has he done that before? what about block one? what about block AT LEAST thousands of them per second?
        also remember his special punch taht either KILLS his opponent or gives him a serious mental disability? he can litterally make Madara retarded if he doesnt kill him
        easy fight when Gemini removes madara;s sight. and sense of touch so his heart stops/
        this fight is way too easy for Gemini.

      • Well, even if he moved a planet, it wouldn’t necessarily fall onto Earth due to gravity. It may, but it really depends on the whole fictional physics angle.

        It’s not like he doesn’t have the 7th sense, but it may just work differently in battle. Tearing the dimension is a good attack, but only if he hits Madara. Madara can still attempt to dodge such an attack with his speed and then launch a counter offensive. His speed is enough to that his ninjutsu will likely strike at some point. Remember that his Taijutsu is enough to knock around giant monsters so a few physical blows could do some serious damage to the Gold Saint. Gemini Saga will likely teleport a lot of the attacks away, but it would be tough to do that to all of them.

        I’d say that Madara has tanked a few, but it’s very arguable as to if the blows were actually planet busting or not. Most would say that they were not. Blocking thousands of them would likely be impossible for Madara, but dodging isn’t out of the question.

        The special punch is dangerous, but I believe that Madara’s fortitude of mind should help. As for removing his sight and stopping his heart…those two abilities are a little on the sketchy side. I’m not really sure if they would work due to Madara’s Sharingan and stopping his heart would require a superior amount of pressure or ki and that’s debatable. Gemini Saga is impressive, but I just haven’t seen enough speed to justify a win at the moment. Power wise, it’s definitely very close

  3. so if i show you where Gemini has stopped someones heart, where he blinds someone who has powerful eyes, teleported objects that are planet sized, and teleported thousands of attacks away, would that likely change this match?

    • You don’t need to bring the feats for the heart or blindness, I don’t think they will really change much. The teleporting looks like an interesting feat so that could help, but the best things to show would be speed, energy blast, and power. Those are definitely the three critical parts to the match that could help Gemini Saga turn the tides

  4. look around 00:22 -00:30 and you see the galactian explosion only takes about 2 seconds to use.
    now this is a video game tho. but it shows you some of his abilities/

    • Not bad, but it’s why I’ve never found the attack to be too impressive. Dodging the planets shouldn’t be hard for a man of Madara’s talents. Gemini Saga’s abilities are pretty fun to watch though and he’s certainly a quick fighter

  5. You know when pain/nagato attacked the leaf and used one powerful almighty push to demolish it? We’ll lthats when he had limited chakra. Now imagine an almighty push with infinite chakra plus Madara abilities, that can be as massive as he wants

    • You are speaking in favour of the Saint Seiya saga right? Because in all honesty, the Naruto franchise has nothing on the Saint Seiya franchise. There are very few franchises stronger than Saint Seiya, and DBZ is one of them.

    • That would definitely be intense. That kind of power would definitely be something that should not be underestimated by the opposing fighter unless they want to tempt fate with an abrupt loss

      • Do you think Gemini can be caught in the infinite tsukiyomi? And does Madara have Kaguya as a form since she took over in his body?

      • I think Gemini Saga could likely resist it. As for Madara and Kaguya, it’s interesting since possession is typically what I’d count as a power up, but the body was essentially made in her own image by the end as with the Zetsu’s turning into the Kages during Orochimaru’s jutsu so I don’t believe that it would count this time

  6. This is not a fight, the weakest Gold Saint “cancer would solo the verse along side half of the holy shounen trinity . Saga is way to much for the entire naruto verse

    • It’s a tough one. I’m almost at the end of the Saint Seiya series and I have to admit that I’m still a little skeptical of him, at least to an extent. I feel like I need to see a little more

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