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Bedlam Review

It’s time to take a look at an old asylum horror film. It’s not by the Asylum crew but it takes place in one and I can’t think of too many settings that are worse than this. Bedlam just isn’t the kind of place that you really want a film to take place in. The whole film is rather dreary and it can get rather dark for the inmates. While the film has a happy ending it does take a long while to get there and in the meantime there just aren’t many reasons to like this film. The characters can also be annoying and I’m basically spoiling my review here so lets get started.

The film starts with a prisoner trying to escape Bedlam, but quickly being murdered by the warden. His name is George and he runs a tight ship around here. He is called in by the rich to explain what happened and George responds by showing the world how enslaved his prisoners are. The corrupt laugh at this spectacle and decide not to press charges, but one rich lady decides to put a stop to this. Her name is Nell and she decides to remodel the prison. George can’t have that so he has her arrested under guise of insanity and through Nell’s poor choice of words at the event she is found guilty. Nell is thrown inside the prison and must now try to communicate with them or she may not make it out alive.

First of all, we have to look at how bad Nell is throughout the film. She doesn’t make a stand against the malicious practices of Bedlam until she is goaded into it by a Quaker. Once she does make a stand, she really doesn’t do a good job of it. She doesn’t enact any actual changes until she is in the prison. Before that she goes to court to prove that she isn’t crazy. You’d expect her to have a calm head on her shoulders as she answers questions without sass right? No, instead she is sarcastic to the council and insults them quite a few times. She refuses to answer their questions and admits to doing crazy things like eating money. Naturally the council banishes her. Sure, the council was definitely bribed here, but she made their job so easy. Why did she have to be so antagonistic right from the start?

Then, Nell doesn’t even give the prisoners a chance once she is in the cage as she asks the Quaker for a weapon to defend herself. She considers the prisoners to all be savages and you wonder what happened to her lofty goals. Gradually the prisoners get her to join them in a game of cards and she realizes that they can be good. From here she is a good character who does make things better for the prisoners but it sure took her a while. I don’t blame her for not getting in the cage with the violent prisoner as that really could have ended pretty badly, but otherwise George actually had a point that she was all talk for a while.

Naturally George isn’t a very likable main character as he plays the cruel villain role. He likes asserting his dominance over the criminally insane and as we saw with Nell, he basically chooses who he thinks is insane. A lot of these people may be innocent but apparently the whole town is rather corrupt. Everyone looks the other way when it comes to George but that does backfire on him in the end. His end definitely plays out as you would expect as there was no way that he was going to live through this. He had simply done too much by this point.

Then we’ve got the Quaker. Unfortunately he is a very annoying character the whole time. He wants George to stand trial instead of being murdered by the inmates. A noble sentiment, but since he owns the town we all know that he would have gotten away scot free and then he would have murdered the inmates. The Quaker refuses to lift a hand to help anybody since he is a complete pacifist so it’s not like he would have helped to protect them. He comes across as oblivious to the world and rather naive. He could have been a good character, but they took him to the extreme and anyone could do what they wanted to him. It’s a shame since otherwise he probably would have been the best character here.

The film never actually shows much so it isn’t all that violent or anything, but things definitely get rough for the characters. The prison implies as much violence as it can and the living conditions are certainly abysmal. There is also a parrot that gets arrested by the end and I don’t really like where that plot may have gone even if we didn’t see the conclusion. This just isn’t a good film and it drags on quite a lot. At the end of the day, the only way to fix the prison is to get rid of the head so if George wasn’t forcibly removed then it’s not like Nell would have actually fixed much. Given that he was going to experiment on her and nobody was going to stop him, it just shows how far gone the town is.

Overall, Bedlam definitely isn’t a fun watch. While it has a happy ending, that’s only the final minute or so as the rest of the film can be rather dark. The only happy scenes before the ending are when Nell is talking tough to George, but she never ends up with the last laugh there. George is always one step ahead of her which severely limits how entertaining the scenes can possibly be. Prison films in general don’t tend to be great as even the Naruto film that dealt with this was one of the weaker installments in that series. I suppose at least some of the prisoners like the ex judge were fun characters. If you want to watch a good film about overthrowing a corrupt person in power…then you better start looking as I can’t think of a good one off the top of my head. Still, I’m sure that there are more than a few out there, you just have to know where to look.

Overall 3/10


Daniel Larusso vs Jolly Green Giant

Suggested by Destroyer Daniel Larusso may be a pretty talented fighter but he is going to be in for a surprise when he goes up against the Jolly Green Giant. After all, karate chops and other martial art techniques aren’t all that effective against such a tall and powerful opponent. It’s safe to say that the Giant can win this round with a simple right hook. This is one case where size actually is an advantage. Jolly Green Giant wins.


Zanya Kisaragi vs Rouga Aragami

Suggested by Sonic This is actually a reasonably close battle as both fighters got themselves an Omni Lord. Rouga’s is more powerful but the gap isn’t all that big. I’m also inclined to believe that Rouga would be able to beat Zanya in a close quarters duel. Zanya has the better spells and trap cards, but Rouga’s army of monsters is superior. I do think that Tsukikage would cause a lot of damage to Rouga’s ranks before going down, but in the end Zanya will be unable to avoid a narrow defeat. This is simply one Buddyfight that he won’t be able to win. Rouga Aragami wins.


Akame vs Caulifla


Suggested by Random Akame has already taken quite a few losses but always manages to bounce back. Well, it will be a little tougher this time around since Caulifla is yet another fighter who is out of her league. Caulifla is a Saiyan with crazy battle potential who continues to improve during the match. With her Super Saiyan abilities on deck, Akame will have a tough time keeping up and certainly will be overwhelmed when it comes to raw power. Caulifla wins.


Zoom (Zolomon) vs Darkseid

images (1)
Suggested by Anonymous Zoom is probably the strongest comic book villain that nobody talks about. He’s basically at Flash levels of speed and sometimes even faster. That already makes him supremely dangerous and I dare say that he may be in the top 10 DC villains not counting extremely unknown ones. If we count literally all of them then maybe top 30 to be safe. However, Darkseid is in the Top 10 no matter how you slice it and he would be able to beat Zoom. It would play out much like a Flash vs Superman battle. Darkseid would eventually tag Zoom as he also has a good amount of speed and a single hit would almost definitely secure him the win. Darkseid wins.


Shining Knight vs Joker

Suggested by iKnowledge I was never impressed with the Shining Knight in Justice League. He’s a decently tough fellow and his skintight armor allows him to endure some powerful blows. However, he is basically just a very durable guy with a sword. There really isn’t much to his character. Joker may not be the strongest villain on the block either, but he’s been around for a long time and has many neat gadgets like rocket launchers and acid at his disposal. He’s actually very proficient at hand to hand combat in some continuities and even obtained cosmic powers once. I think it’s safe to say that the Knight isn’t quite ready to win this fight. Joker wins.


Caulifla vs Goku

maxresdefault (2)
Getting off to a 4-0 start isn’t easy on this site, but Caulifla managed to pull it off. That’s impressive, but she couldn’t stay undefeated forever. Her power level is immense, but still not quite on the same level as Goku. His abilities are at their absolute peak and the Saiyan always seems to get stronger and stronger. His final UI form is up there as one of his strongest forms ever and may even be his absolute best. Caulifla will have to train hard if she wants to approach that kind of power. Goku wins.


Nick Gant vs Vegeta

Nick has returned but I’m afraid that he won’t be able to snag two wins in a row. He’s more than a little outclassed in this fight against the Prince of All Saiyans. Vegeta is in a whole other league compared to this guy. Nick can try pushing him around, but all he’ll do is move Vegeta’s hair at best. The Saiyan’s aura will protect him and a single Final Flash would end the fight. Vegeta wins.


Sulley vs Train

Sulley has returned but he is up against a master marksman. Train never misses his target and Sulley isn’t all that quick as it is. These two factors will result in a very easy win for Train. He certainly hasn’t gotten rusty as the years have gone by. Train even has the legendary Rail Gun that he can whip out if absolutely necessary but I don’t think he will need it. He could win this fight without even using his gun. Train wins.


Sulley vs One Above All

This is a tribute to Monsters Inc. I’m tempted to give Sulley a loss since he looked really bad in the final fight, but for the most part he seemed like a pretty stand up guy so I’ll give him a pass there. His job is built around scaring people and I have a sneaking suspicion that even TOAA would feel a little fright upon meeting this guy. Don’t let Sulley’s happy design fool you, he can be quite fierce when he needs to be. A single punch would likely knock TOAA out of the fight. Sulley wins.