Tournament 4: Purple Hair Fighters

It’s been around 8 months since the last tournament so it’s time for the next round! I’m going to try and keep this tournaments short for the most part so it will only have 16 fighters this time. This tournament was inspired by a tweet from Yuu Hyakuya which I have linked below.

The tournament is simple, I grabbed the first 16 fighters that were mentioned in the tweet/replies that I knew about. I didn’t do any deep digging so if there was a character who I did not know and nobody mentioned the name then I had to keep going. Additionally I did cut Trunks out since throwing in a DBZ fighter would basically end the tournament. In general I’ll be avoiding omniversal level fighters like that unless the theme is such where you tend to have a bunch of them. The bracket link is below, prepare for some hype battles! As the next Blog Fighter standings is close this tournament won’t end for a little while, but it’ll definitely be a blast when it does.

Battles, Fox Battles, Ridley Battles

Ridley vs Fox

Suggested by Sonic This is a tricky one and it really comes down to whether or not you think Ridley would be able to keep up with the Arwing. I think he could though since Ridley is a space fighter and he is used to moving at crazy speeds. Fox would be able to land hits of his own, but Ridley is super durable and his energy attacks cover a wide area. I’m inclined to believe that he would be able to take Fox down for the count. Ridley wins.

Battles, Richter Belmont Battles, Simon Battles

Richter Belmont vs Simon

Suggested by Sonic This is a pretty tricky fight. Simon is a little stronger than Richter, but loses out in speed. Then you’ve got the fact that supposedly each Belmont grows more powerful than the last one. Richter came after Simon so in theory he has the edge. The problem is that he has had less time to show off his abilities compared to Simon. It’s very possible that this match would be overturned some day, but at this point in time I’m inclined to say that Simon takes the victory here. Simon wins.

Battles, Inkling Battles, Luigi Battles

Inkling vs Luigi

Suggested by Sonic It’s time for the Inkling to return, but she won’t have any better luck here. Luigi has mastered the powers of electricity and throughout the years he has obtained some decent power ups like his trusty fireballs or even the hammer. He’s got enough abilities up his sleeve to ultimately claim a victory here while Inkling’s tech just won’t be enough. Luigi wins.

Battles, Inkling Battles, Squirtle Battles

Inkling vs Squirtle

Suggested by Sonic Squirtle is one of the cooler Pokemon out there and he’s definitely a nostalgic figure. He’s been with Ash through thick and thin and has even taken down opponents far larger than him. He can shoot away any ink that Inkling tries to throw at him and can easily counter with a flurry of offensive moves. Inkling doesn’t stand a chance. Squirtle wins.

Battles, Bayonetta Battles, Mr Saturn Battles

Mr Saturn vs Bayonetta

Suggested by Sonic Mr Saturn is definitely a nice little guy to hang out with, but his abilities aren’t in the same league as Bayo’s. Bayonetta can slow down time and has enough power to take on whole armies. She can fight for hours at a time and a single hit would end this match. Mr Saturn may have skills of his own, but they will not be enough to win here. Bayonetta wins.

Battles, Battra Battles, King Caesar Battles

Battra vs King Caesar

Suggested by Destroyer It’s time for a true Kaiju fight and this will be a tricky one. I’d argue that Battra has the edge in a straight fight, but what’s going to hurt him here is the fact that his energy attacks will be rendered null and void against King Caesar. Caesar can reflect the blasts and additionally thanks to the games he has lasers of his own. Physical strength won’t really come into play here since King Caesar can just keep Battra at a distance and chip away at his health. Battra can fly around to dodge for a while, but it will only delay the inevitable. King Caesar wins.

All For One Battles, Battles, Zabuza Battles

All For One vs Zabuza

Suggested by Destroyer All For One has returned and this time he is gearing up for a win. Zabuza is a fairly skilled fighter who debuted in the first arc of Naruto, but still stayed relevant after that. He is at a disadvantage here though since there is no way for him to react to All For One’s onslaught of abilities. All For One has too many tricks up his sleeve and Zabuza will be hard pressed to counter almost any of them. All For One wins.

Battles, Battra Battles, Tarantula (Animal) Battles

Battra vs Tarantula (Animal)

Suggested by Destroyer A Tarantula isn’t very scary to a Kaiju. It doesn’t even matter that this tarantula turned giant, it still won’t be able to do much of anything against a true Kaiju. Battra would be able to blast him to smithereens from a distance and this spider has no real counter to such a technique. The match would simply be over as soon as it has begun and then that would be game over. Battra wins.

Battles, Blizzardman Battles, Kakuzu Battles

Kakuzu vs Blizzardman

Suggested by Destroyer Kakuzu has returned and now he is up against everyone’s favorite ice navi. Blizzardman is a tough navi to keep down and his ice abilities are no joke. Still, where he is really out of luck here is in the fact that he is nowhere near as fast as Kakuzu. Kakuzu would be able to dodge his attacks and counter with ease most of the time. Blizzardman’s durability isn’t ready for that. Kakuzu wins.