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ARMS Stats and Records

As it was a free online trial I didn’t really get many stats. If I ever actually buy the game then I’ll update this post.

Battles, Count Vertigo Battles, Kyoka Jiro Battles

Kyoka Jiro vs Count Vertigo

Suggested by iKnowledge Kyoka Jiro and Count Vertigo have pretty similar abilities to each other. Vertigo uses his sound vibrations more for hypnosis though while Jiro uses them to incapacitate her opponents. Both of them should be able to nullify the other’s effects pretty well so at that point it becomes a battle of how well they can use their abilities and hand to hand experience. Jiro can cause mini tremors with her ability and can wield a sword well which helps her case. I think ultimately Count Vertigo will have met his match here. Kyoka Jiro wins.

Battles, Lex Luthor Battles, Nighthawk Battles

Nighthawk vs Lex Luthor

Suggested by iKnowledge Nighthawk is a guy who’s definitely had some good character arcs over the years. He started out as a two bit villain and eventually became a hero that you could rely on. He’s not particularly powerful though and Lex has had many super forms over the years. Lex merged with Brainiac on one occasion after all and he got Superman’s powers at another time. It wouldn’t take him long to think up a plan to take out Nighthawk with. The guy needs a big power up to match Lex. Lex Luthor wins.

Battles, Hercules Battles, Jaina Solo Battles

Jaina Solo vs Hercules

Suggested by iKnowledge This match will play out in a pretty similar way to the last one. Hercules has enough power to simply dominate the match. Hercules wins. Jaina Solo has some good Force abilities at her disposal in addition to her lightsaber skills. They have earned her many victories back in the day but they won’t be enough to win her this round. Hercules is strong enough to defend against her attacks and skilled enough to dodge some as well. Ultimately his physical stats are just too great. Hercules wins.

Battles, Darth Caedus Battles, Hercules Battles

Darth Caedus vs Hercules

Suggested by iKnowledge Darth Caedus is a Solo and as you can probably guess he is very skilled with the Force. He is one of the best blade users in the Star Wars franchise and his Force abilities are quite impressive as well. That being said, Hercules is one of the stronger Marvel characters. He has some absolutely crazy feats at his disposal so the odds of this guy holding him back with the force are pretty slim. Hercules will have a lot of resistance to such a move. Darth Caedus will ultimately fall. Hercules wins.

Battles, Lt. Surge Battles, Spark Mandrill Battles

Spark Mandrill vs Lt. Surge

Suggested by Anonymous Spark Mandrill has a good amount of physical power at his disposal and is one of the more well known Megaman X villains. The guy’s basically been around since forever. One on one he could probably give any of Surge’s Pokemon a pretty good fight. That being said, this is definitely not a 1 on 1 fight. Surge is bringing in all of his fighters and won’t be holding anything back. He’s kept quite the collection over the years so this will be easy for him. Lt. Surge wins.

Battles, Red (Megaman X) Battles, Yoob Battles

Red (Megaman X) vs Yoob

Suggested by Anonymous Yoob is one of those characters even most Mario fans probably have not heard of before. The guy has a pretty cool design and you can tell that he means business. That being said, I don’t believe he is quite ready to handle someone like Red. Red has actual combat experience on his side and better physical abilities. He could dash over and beat Yoob in hand to hand combat with ease. Red (Megaman X) wins.

Battles, Elesa Battles, Volt Kraken Battles

Volt Kraken vs Elesa

Suggested by Anonymous Volt Kraken is a pretty powerful maverick who actually used to be a hunter which is interesting. He’s fast and has some good electric attacks as well. It won’t be enough to defeat all of Elesa’s Pokemon though. Her thunder types will quickly gain the advantage through sheer numbers. They’re all pretty strong in their own right as well so it’s not like the Kraken can try to just barrel past them. He’ll have to do his best to whittle away at all of them little by little but Elesa’s Pokemon just won’t go down quick enough. Elesa wins.

Battles, Earthrock Trilobyte Battles, Gordie Battles

Earthrock Trilobyte vs Gordie

Suggested by Anonymous Gordie is a pretty talented Gym Leader from Pokemon Sword. He’s relatively new so he doesn’t have a ton of Pokemon up his sleeve, but the 5 that he does have will be enough here. Earthrock is a pretty powerful maverick that attacks with moving walls and energy blasts, but it won’t be enough here. Gordie’s best Pokemon is his Tyranitar who can certainly power through anything that Earthrock tries. Gordie wins.

Battles, Dr Manhattan Battles, Sauron (LOTR) Battles

Dr Manhattan vs Sauron (LOTR)

Suggested by Sonic Dr Manhattan is a being who is known to be above just about everyone else. His skills are considerable and he is feared far and wide. That being said his actual abilities really aren’t all that impressive. He thrives on reputation more than actual ability and Sauron will exploit this. Sauron can actually fight pretty well with a blade even though he looked terrible in the movie. A quick slash will finish off Dr Manhattan once and for all. Sauron (LOTR) wins.