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Absorbing Man vs Abomination

Suggested by Sonic The Abomination is incredibly powerful, but the question is, can he damage the Absorbing Man in his strongest form? The Absorbing Man has absorbed Mjolnir in the past after all which makes him virtually indestructible. As powerful as the Abomination is, I wonder if he would really be able to deal a lot of damage that way. Ultimately I think he’ll fall because the beast has no real long range options this time. The pounding will take its toll. Absorbing Man wins.

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Sephiria vs Serah

Suggested by Sonic Sephiria is a pretty solid swordswoman and her speed is what will really help her in this fight. Having regeneration doesn’t hurt either. What this will boil down to though is whether or not she can overwhelm Serah’s plethora of spells and her grand summon. I’m just not sure Sephiria will be able to do it. The deck is stacked against her here. It’s why they say no matter how well tuned your skill is, you’ll want to have more abilities at the ready when you get into a fight. She’s just not ready to take Serah down this time. She won’t be put into a position to really use her sword skills. Serah wins.

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Super Skrull vs Zangief

Suggested by Sonic Zangief is pretty strong among the Street Fighter characters. Unfortunately for him he has not gotten a whole lot from the spinoff games which will hurt him. Unlike Ryu and Akuma, Zangief just hasn’t shown anything beyond the realm of the mortals. Super Skrull has the powers of the Fantastic Four which means that he is faster and stronger than Zangief. There’s really no way this grappler will be able to effectively get in close to end this. I’m afraid he’s out of luck here. Super Skrull wins.

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Catseye (DC) vs Krypto

Suggested by Sonic Catseye has pretty sharp claws and a good amount of agility. That’ll definitely allow him to keep some opponents off their game and get some punishing blows in. That said, there’s nothing he could really do against Krypto. While Krypto isn’t exactly Superman, he does have the same kind of abilities. With his speed he could absolutely wreck Catseye and the heat vision will also work if Krypto wants to win from afar. No matter how he plays it, Catseye will lose this fight. Krypto wins.

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Superman Prime vs Brainiac

Suggested by Sonic Brainiac is one of Superman’s deadliest foes. While he isn’t really known as a physical fighter, he’s shown that he can go up against just about anyone in close quarters combat. Superman Prime is not one of those opponents though. Even in Brainiac’s golden mode I don’t see him lasting long here. Prime’s abilities are even greater than that of Superman’s which is already at a high level. Brainiac will be completely overwhelmed in speed and power. Superman Prime wins.

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Jirass vs Goomba

Suggested by Destroyer Goomba is probably one of the most well known minions of all time. This is not a villain to be taken lightly in the slightest. That said, it won’t take Jirass very long to take him down for the count. Goomba just isn’t in the same league as Jirass and that much will be clear from the opening shot. Goomba has no way to defend himself against such a move and will ultimately go down. Jirass won’t even need the patented energy blast here. Jirass wins.

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Jirass vs Turkey

Suggested by Destroyer Turkeys are fun little creatures. They have a mean bite and aren’t afraid to get mixed in with the action. That being said, Jirass will still win this match with great ease. What can a bird hope to do against a powerful Kaiju like this? Jirass is on a completely different level and that’s not even counting the energy blast. When you factor that in then the match is really over since you just can’t hope to really do anything against that level of power. It’s all over now. Jirass wins.

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Jirass vs Moby Dick

Suggested by Destroyer Moby Dick has returned, but this isn’t a fight that he can win. Jirass is on a completely different level. A single energy blast could quickly turn the tides in an instant. Jirass doesn’t even need to aim properly since the range is so large. Moby Dick also isn’t the fastest character out there so no matter what he tries it’s not like he’ll be able to get out of range quick enough either. This is just a battle that can’t be won. Jirass wins.

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Gomess vs Cleveland Brown

Suggested by Destroyer Gomess is a powerful Kaiju who has been through quite a lot. He can travel underground at high speeds although that won’t be necessary here. Cleveland Brown isn’t exactly powerful enough to force Gomess to use such tactics. All Gomess needs here is a few quick haymakers and the battle will be won. You simply can’t hope to stand up to a Kaiju like this. The gap in power is just too wide and ultimately that will always result in a decisive victory. Gomess wins.

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Jirass vs Cleveland Brown

Suggested by Destroyer Cleveland Brown is back but this won’t be for a win either. Ultimately there just isn’t anything he could really hope to do against a Kaiju like Jirass. Jirass can also fire off a powerful energy blast which would take out a very large radius. Cleveland Brown has nowhere that he could even try to run to escape such a blast. Durability won’t come into play either since he can’t hope to endure it either. No matter how you slice it, this is a complete win for Jirass. There’s just no getting around that. Jirass wins.