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Irene Belserion vs Wonder Woman

Suggested by iKnowledge Irene is a powerful mage and one of the strongest Fairy Tail characters in existence. She was wiping the floor with everyone she fought and Wonder Woman won’t be able to turn the tables here. Irene’s magic pressure is so dense that even approaching will be tough for WW. Wonder Woman has a very high level of strength and speed on her side, bur Irene is very durable. I’d say that Wonder Woman’s speed will be her best asset here since that isn’t Irene’s specialty, but ultimately it won’t be enough to overcome Irene’s other advantages. Irene Belserion wins.

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Freddy Freeman vs Sieghart

Suggested by iKnowledge Freddy Freeman is a really tough fighter. He’s got super strength, speed, and a bunch of other abilities. That being said, I don’t think he is quite ready to handle Sieghart. Sieghart is an incredibly powerful mage with elemental magics that he can operate on the highest level. Freddy would have to deal with this energy spam while also trying to land blows of his own. I don’t think it will be an easy fight one way or the other, but I do think Sieghart would have the edge. He’s the better strategist and the time abilities don’t hurt. Sieghart wins.

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Colossus vs Steelix

Suggested by Jman exe Steelix is a very powerful Pokemon, but Colossus obtained part of the Phoenix Force a while back. With that at his disposal he could win this in one hit. Fire is already Steelix’s weakness after all so throwing that on an opponent as powerful as Colossus makes for an extra difficult fight. I really can’t see any way that Steelix could hope to mount a comeback here so I’m afraid that he’s just going to have to hold the L this time. Perhaps if he gets a Mega form with some extra skills that could help him win this someday. Colossus wins.

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Noel Vermillion vs Batgirl (Cassandra)

Suggested by iKnowledge Cassandra is known as the most powerful Batgirl and I would agree with that 100%. She has shown time and time again that her skills are the real deal. Still, she isn’t a match for a character with as many abilities and skills as Noel. Noel has guns that can blast through just about anything as well as other energy attacks and super speed. Noel’s stats simply aren’t human so no matter how skilled Batgirl gets, she still ends up being left behind by the end. Noel Vermillion wins.

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Rugal Bernstein vs Apollo (Wildstorm)

Suggested by iKnowledge Apollo is sort of like Superman in many ways. His powers and abilities are quite similar and they are also at a high level. Even with Rugal’s “God Rugal” form I don’t believe he would be able to make up the difference here. Apollo is a little too powerful and a little too fast. When you mix in those two attributes then Rugal is really playing catch up. Perhaps he will catch Apollo at some point, but it is a long shot. Apollo (Wildstorm) wins.

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Bob Makihara vs Hayate

Suggested by iKnowledge Bob Makihara and Hayate are both very skilled fighters. Bob can incorporate rhythm into his fights which allows him to evade more hits than he usually could. He also does have superhuman strength. Then you have Hayate who can fight hand to hand or with a blade. He’s a lot faster than Bob which is his big advantage here. Hayate can weave his way in and out of danger and slowly try to get closer to victory. Both of these fighters also have a long range blast option. Ultimately I would side with Hayate here as his speed should be key, but it’s a close fight. Hayate wins.

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Seviper vs Serpent

Suggested by Anonymous Serpent is the main villain of the first ZX game. As you can imagine that does put him well above the average foe there. He has various super forms with more than enough firepower to fry Seviper right away. Seviper’s attacks are good and he has a solid array of them, but they won’t be enough to win this battle. Serpent is still in a different league and as a result I don’t imagine that this fight would be a particularly long one. Serpent wins.

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Garchomp vs Signas

Suggested by Anonymous Garchomp is a pretty powerful Pokemon and one of the more impressive ones out there. He will attack Signas quite aggressively. Stopping him will not be easy and Signas is not going to be up to the task. Part of the issue here is that we’ve never gotten to see Signas in action. Sure, we can assume that he is very skilled, but without any actual feats thrown in it would definitely be a total assumption. I wouldn’t trust him to get the win here on that alone. Garchomp wins.

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Armored Armadillo vs Brock

Suggested by Anonymous Armored Armadillo is not one of the more memorable Mega Man X villains, but the guy is pretty tough. You can’t expect to deal too much damage to him all at once because of how resilient he is. His durability cannot and should not be underestimated. Brock will definitely need to bring in his A game if he wants to have any chance at claiming victory in this match. Brock’s army of Pokemon will then be able to carry him to victory. Brock wins.

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Black War Greymon vs Gallantmon

Suggested by Sonic Black War Greymon is a very powerful Digimon and he was always one of the cooler Digimon to show up in season 2 as well. The guy has a hype design and his Destroyer attack really covers a large range. I believe Gallantmon has the edge in power and skill though. His shield and spear weapons are just perfect for this matchup. The reason he will lose is because of Omnimon’s dark counterpart though. Black War Greymon can go one step closer and in his super mega form not even Gallantmon Crimson would be able to manage a comeback. I’m afraid this would just be the end of the road for him. Black War Greymon wins.