Beast Quest Update

At long last I have obtained the Platinum trophy for Beast Quest!! While this is a great accomplishment, the somber part is that means I’ll probably never pick this game back up again. There’s just no reason to play it since everything has been done. Time to work on getting some trophies from other games.

Mega Man X Dive Update

I have now maxed out all purple and blue grade characters! In my last update I had done the same for weapons so now that means only golds are left in both categories. Those I won’t ever complete most likely since they take so much time but this was another good milestone. Additionally I finally unlocked Bass EXE, the greatest character of all time so I’m feeling pretty good about that. We’ll see what the next big accomplishment is!

Mega Man X Dive Update

I have now maxed out all Blue and Gold grade weapons!! Maxing out all Legendary grade weapons will probably take a super long time but this is a good start. I’ve also maxed out all B rank characters so I’m heading over to A rank fighters next. Gotta keep on styling on every maverick that gets in the way of Megaman!

Mega Man X Dive Update

I have finally reached Level 100! This has definitely proven to be a mobile game that I’ve stuck with. It’s just way too fun to turn away from. The max level in the game is 160 so we’ll see how long it takes for me to get there. I’ll keep you posted!

Pokemon Go Update

I have now reached Level 48! It’s been a long road but I’m now one step closer to Level 50. It’ll probably still take a very long time before I’m there, potentially even years but I’ll keep at it until I’m at the top! This has definitely been the one mobile game where I’ve been in it since the start although at this point Mega Man X Dive is starting to keep up. Go may have finally found its first rival.