Ruinverse Update

I now have the Platinum trophy! Woohooooo lesss goooo. Always feels good to get another platinum. That last trophy of growing the plants was certainly a grind but in the end the challenge was conquered!

Need for Speed (2015) Update

I now have the platinum trophy! Definitely didn’t take too long since beating the game did most of the work there but always fun to add another one to the collection. Might be a little longer until the next one but I’ve already got a game that I’m eyeing as the next target.

Mega Man X Dive Update

I have now maxed out all Blue and Gold grade weapons!! Maxing out all Legendary grade weapons will probably take a super long time but this is a good start. I’ve also maxed out all B rank characters so I’m heading over to A rank fighters next. Gotta keep on styling on every maverick that gets in the way of Megaman!

Mega Man X Dive Update

I have finally reached Level 100! This has definitely proven to be a mobile game that I’ve stuck with. It’s just way too fun to turn away from. The max level in the game is 160 so we’ll see how long it takes for me to get there. I’ll keep you posted!

Fortnite Update

I’ve now made it to Tier 100 in the Season 5 Battlepass! The reward for that was the epic skin shown above along with his trusty cape which can be added to any other skin. It was definitely a hype season and I can see why the game is so popular. The game came out of nowhere and already has over 200 hours of play time. It’s still got another 3 months of hype to go before Sm5sh comes in so expect that number to continue to grow.

Mobile Update

I figured I’d just do a general Mobile Update instead of one for each game to save time. I’ve accomplished quite a bit in all 3 so here goes.

In Sonic Forces I have risen from Level 7 to Level 9. I have also risen to Tier 3 in the Online Rankings. I have unlocked Metal Sonic and Vector so now I have 12/15 of the characters. I have leveled up all of my fighters as well so that game is going pretty smoothly.

In Pokemon Go I have caught 50 more Pokemon since I last updated the stats on the blog. Among those I have finished off everyone in the first two regions aside from Unknown and Regional Exclusives/Ex Raid Pokemon. In Hoenn I am roughly halfway. I have caught Groudon which was pretty awesome and have maxed out almost 20 different Pokemon. I also have a Blaziken now so you can bet that I will be using him quite a lot. I aim to get him to at least 100 wins.

In Fire Emblem Heroes I have obtained 24 new heroes. Among them I now have Marth, Fjorm, Cain, Michalis, Robin, and more. I have also completed all of the current chapters of Book II.

I wasn’t too specific with this update since each game had quite a lot of progress. In the future when the games have slowed down I”ll try to list exactly which new fighters/upgrades I’ve gotten for the games above. I just gotta keep on grinding and improving!