Games on the Backburner

This is a good way for me to keep track of which games I have not yet completed so I don’t have to wonder each time. It is console categorized, which should make things a little easier. Time to see what gems are left in the ole game pile!

**Replays and Traditional Sport games are not included in the numbers and will be italicized to show the difference. Those games I still will beat at some point, but are not high priority.

Console Games 11 Total Play Time Left 241
Portable Games 16 Total Play Time Left 425

PS3 7
DS 7
PS2 3
3DS 2
Wii U 1
Gamecube 0
Wii 0
PS4 0
Switch 0
PS1 0

Total Backlog Games: 27 Hours 666
Total Unlisted Backlog Games (sports/replays) 4
Total Sequel Games 11
Total Games Currently Available 16

DS Games 7 Hours 197.5

Bleach The Third Phantom 53.5
Dragon Quest IX Sentinels of The Starry Skies 49
Final Fantasy A2 Grimoire of the Rift 47
Yugioh GX Spirit Caller 35
Lunar Dragon Song 20
Battles of Prince of Persia 8
The Legend of Kage 2 3.5

PS3 Games 7 Hours 113.5

Armored Core 4 19
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix 10
Driver San Francisco 9
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 5
How to Train Your Dragon 2 4
Time Crisis 4 1
Trinity Universe 60
Pirates of The Caribbean At World’s End 5.5
Just Dance 3 –
Sports Champion –

GBA Games 5 Hours 122

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 49
Tales of Phantasm 32
Sword of Mana 18
Lunar Legend 17
DK King of Swing 6

PS2 Games 3 Hours 110

Wild Arms 3 38
Arc The Lad: Twilight of The Spirits 35
Dark Cloud 31

PSP Games 2 Hours 65.5

Valhalla Knights 40
Final Fantasy II 25.5

3DS Games 2 Hours 40

Majora’s Mask 24.5
Legend of Zelda and the Oracle of Seasons 15.5

Gamecube Games 0 Hours 14.5

Wii U Games 1 Hours 13

Pikmin 3 13

PS4 Games 0 Hours 0

Wii Games 0 Hours 0

Switch Games 0 Hours 0

PS1 Games 0 Hours Hours 4.5

Star Wars Episode 1 Power Battles 4.5

9 thoughts on “Games on the Backburner

  1. i love assassin’s creed. you should play all of them. my favorite was assassin’s creed 3. you should also play Pac-Man fever. i really liked it.

    • That’s true and they are good games, but they always tend to have blood, which has always been a turnoff for me with video games. Pac Man Fever is epic though and I actually own it. The game length was a little long for me, but I’ll actually be heading back to that one after a few more games on the backburner!

      • so you’re not gonna play them? i think you can turn the blood off. i didn’t think they were very violent, but then again, blood doesn’t bother me that much. i have played all the assassin’s creed games to date so that’s why it doesn’t bother me much. i still think you should give them a chance. i am so excited for assassin’s creed syndicate. :-> we work in the dark to serve the light. we are assassins.

  2. you need to play yu-gi-oh! GX spirit caller right now i love that game it’s one of the best yu-gi-oh! games ever made.

    • Definitely, it just goes to show just how many games there are out there. It’s pretty crazy and with a lot of big games coming out soon, I have to make sure to finish some of these before they get pre-empted.

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