Games on the Backburner

This is a good way for me to keep track of which games I have not yet completed so I don’t have to wonder each time. It is console categorized, which should make things a little easier. Time to see what gems are left in the ole game pile!

**Replays and Traditional Sport games are not included in the numbers and will be italicized to show the difference. Those games I still will beat at some point, but are not high priority.

Console Games 11
Portable Games 5

PS3 4
DS 3
3DS 0

PS2 1
Wii U 1
Gamecube 0
Wii 0
PS4 3
Switch 2
PS1 0

Total Backlog Games: 16
Total Unlisted Backlog Games (sports/replays) 3
Total Sequel Games 3
Total Games Currently Available 10

DS Games 3

Final Fantasy III 19

Children of Mana 16

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn 27

GBA Games 0

PS3 Games 3

Armored Core 4 19
Just Dance 3 –
Sports Champion –

Star Ocean The Last Hope International 45

PS2 Games 1

Wild Arms 3 38

PSP Games 2

Valhalla Knights 40

Yugioh Tag Force 36

3DS Games 0

Gamecube Games 0

Wii U Games 1

Pikmin 3 13

PS4 Games 4

Astrai Ascending 23

Nexomon Extinction 25

Need for Speed Payback 19

Wii Games 0

Switch Games 1

Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope 18

PS1 Games 0 Hours 

Star Wars Episode 1 Power Battles 4.5

9 thoughts on “Games on the Backburner

  1. i love assassin’s creed. you should play all of them. my favorite was assassin’s creed 3. you should also play Pac-Man fever. i really liked it.

    • That’s true and they are good games, but they always tend to have blood, which has always been a turnoff for me with video games. Pac Man Fever is epic though and I actually own it. The game length was a little long for me, but I’ll actually be heading back to that one after a few more games on the backburner!

      • so you’re not gonna play them? i think you can turn the blood off. i didn’t think they were very violent, but then again, blood doesn’t bother me that much. i have played all the assassin’s creed games to date so that’s why it doesn’t bother me much. i still think you should give them a chance. i am so excited for assassin’s creed syndicate. :-> we work in the dark to serve the light. we are assassins.

  2. you need to play yu-gi-oh! GX spirit caller right now i love that game it’s one of the best yu-gi-oh! games ever made.

    • Definitely, it just goes to show just how many games there are out there. It’s pretty crazy and with a lot of big games coming out soon, I have to make sure to finish some of these before they get pre-empted.

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