Pokemon Go Update

I now have a Shiny Magikarp! At long last, Shinies are no longer a dream. In other news, I also caught a Suicune and an Entei since my last update. Currently the only Pokemon I am missing aside from Regional Exclusives and other Shinies is the Unknown. Hopefully he’ll spawn before Gen 3 comes out in December but if not that’s fine. Every step closer to completing the Pokedex is a solid step.


Pokemon Go Update

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I have finally reached Level 40! In a sense, I feel like I’ve finally completed the game. Getting to this point was always my biggest goal. Now that it’s completed my priority is completing the Pokedex. I’m just missing 2 (Not counting regional exclusives) which are Miltank and Unknown. After I get those two, the final main goal is to catch a Top caliber (81%LV or higher) of each Pokemon evolution route. This game has definitely been intense and soon I’ll finally have my own Blaziken! He is officially going to be my Buddy Pokemon for ages and I’m gonna take him to all the gyms

Pokemon Go Update

Time for an update guys! I have finally reached the elusive level 39! Now I just have one level to go until I have maxed out and completed a major part of the game. Completing the Pokedex will be the other big mission left at that point. Conversely I have also managed to capture Articuno (X4) and Lugia. It feels good to be able to activate the top tier Legendary pockets when necessary.

Pokemon Go Update

I am now Level 37! Feels good! So apparently I’m about halfway to level 40 now. That’s not half bad and the current estimate says that I’ll beat the game in a little under a year. That’ll definitely be a huge accomplishment!

*This photo was taken from Google. I didn’t get to grab my own photo and there was no normal default level 37 pic like the other levels. I guess this is where a lot of people dropped off!*

Pokemon Go Stats and Records

Stats time! Now that I’m close to Level 40, I’m going to use this to keep track of all my Wonder (Level 81-100%) Pokemon. I have duplicates of some for the purpose of Raid Battles and Gym conquering. (After all, you need at least 6 Machamps and Tyranitars nowadays to fend them off) For this post I will only be showing one of each Pokemon though and their CP. Pokemon in bold are maxed out.

Play Time: Off the Charts
Team: Valor
Level 40
Pokedex Caught 236 Seen 243
Item Space 1000
Pokemon Space 1000
Coins 1222
Pokemon Caught 38310
Pokemon Evolved 6305
Pokestops Visited 48701
Distance Walked 3528km
Eggs Hatched 938
Gold Medals 29
Silver Medals 3
Bronze Medals 1

Pokemon CP list by #
Venusaur 1448
Charizard 1516
Butterfree 1222
Beedrill 1333
Pidgeot 1555
Raticate 1216
Fearow 1325
Sandslash 1845
Nidoqueen 1301
Nidoking 1325
Clefable 798
Wigglytuff 1615
Gloom 847
Parasect 1372
Venomoth 1191
Dugtrio 1093
Persian 508
Golduck 1139
Arcanine 1840
Poliwrath 1555
Alakazam 1607
Machamp 2778
Victreebel 1141
Tentacruel 448
Golem 2582
Rapidash 1712
Slowbro 1961
Magneton 1892
Muk 1526
Gengar 1459
Kingler 2357
Exeggutor 1629
Marowak 1326
Hitmonlee 1348
Hitmonchan 1183
Rhydon 3055
Tangela 1237
Seadra 1039
Seaking 1716
Starmie 1026
Jynx 1411
Electabuzz 1790
Magmar 1262
Pinsir 1562
Gyrados 3172
Lapras 1654
Ditto 517
Vaporeon 3062
Jolteon 2312
Flareon 2507
Kabutops 2146
Snorlax 1864
Articuno 2849
Zapdos 3250
Moltres 3225

Dragonite 2039
Meganium 353
Quilava 150
Croconaw 255
Furret 1394
Noctowl 1712
Ledian 747
Ariados 1367
Crobat 2052
Lanturn 1622
Togetic 862
Xatu 1660
Azumarill 1257
Sudowoodo 1748
Skiploom 666
Aipom 918
Sunflora 1458
Yanma 1004
Quagmire 1357
Espeon 2172
Umbreon 730
Murkrow 921
Misdreavus 1390
Wobbuffet 43
Girafarig 1064
Dunsparce 903
Gligar 1424
Steelix 1364
Granbull 2046
Quillfish 1439
Ursaring 1563
Magcargo 1226
Piloswine 1284
Mantine 1527
Donphan 1441
Porygon 2 1444
Stantler 1123
Hitmontop 1072
Raikou 2823
Tyranitar 3533
Lugia 3511

Pokemon Go Review

It’s time to finally review the big app sensation of the last few months. I played it quite a lot and got all the way to Level 32. The game’s starting to die down now with the cold weather stopping many players so now felt like a good time to review it. I’ll still be sticking with it but my pace has slowed quite a bit so if anything, I’ll just add updates whenever I reach a new level. I can certainly say that it has lived up to the hype although I’ll admit that it was a rough road at first with all of the bugs. The game isn’t 100% smooth yet, but we are getting there and the game continues to add updates. As this is an App game, the review likely won’t be all that long, but still longer than most similar titles.

You are given some Pokeballs to start the game with. You catch Pokemon and every time you do this you get 100 stardust and 3 candies for that Pokemon. You can use stardust to power up your Pokemon and you can use the candy to evolve them into stronger forms. You can transfer duplicates that you don’t want to the Professor. As you level up in the game, you’ll get more items like Great and Ultra Balls as well as access to stronger levels for your Pokemon. The end goal for players is usually one of two options. The first is to simply complete the Pokedex. That’s my end goal although it is certainly a very tough one. I don’t count Regional Exclusives, but even so you have to get lucky to catch some of the rare ones like Snorlax and Lapras. The other goal is to get to Level 40, which is quite the achievement as well since the EXP needed for each level grows tremendously as you go through the game. I’m at Level 32 and I believe that means that I am just barely over half way or maybe not even there yet.

The game itself is very simple. You’ll understand how to play it in a matter of minutes. What made it a sensation is the fact that you find Pokemon out in the wild and you can activate the camera so you can see the real world at the same time. I never use that feature because the battery drain is already quite high without considering that. It’s fun because it loosely tracks the distance that you walk and it’s a way to keep you active and about. You may walk more while playing the game because you want to catch Pokemon and get some more EXP. It’s a game that you can’t play quite as well indoors as outdoors.

If the game had been handled smoothly, I think it still could have been a big sensation right now. Unfortunately, the game has a tendency of shutting off, heating up your phone, glitching your gym battles and locking you out, and a whole plethora of issues. I’m not even going to go into them because you’re probably well aware of them thanks to the internet and how popular the title was. The only bug that really bothers me now is the Gym one. Whenever I try to take over a Gym, I’m blocked out because of a random glitch. It’s gotten to the point where I haven’t taken over a gym in a very long time. That’s tough on coin earning since it’s the only way to earn coins. I have a survey app which has helped quite a lot with that, but it’s still not a very fun issue to have.

I don’t want this review to give off a negative vibe though. As you can tell, I’ve played the game for a very long time. It’s a highly addictive title much like Mario or Pac Man and it’s a game that can last you for well over a year. They may raise the level cap when they add in future generations which could be fun or frustrating depending on how you look at it. That’s not til the summer though and I have my doubts on whether I’ll be playing that far into the future, but you never know. I don’t plan to delete the app even when I’m playing rarely so I can always go back and look at it. Ultimately, it is an app and those are great for passing the time. The game will likely be even smoother and more polished by that point.

The graphics for the game look pretty good. Considering that it’s a mobile title, everything is clear. The soundtrack is limited as it only has one or two actual themes. The main theme isn’t very good, but the other one is all right. I’d love the ability to add in your own musical tracks, but I play on mute 99% of the time so I suppose it wouldn’t actually make a huge difference to me in the end.

Overall, Pokemon Go was a sensation and I’m glad to have been apart of it. It’s definitely the kind of thing that you’ll have fun telling people about many years down the road. This is the company’s second project of this kind so I wonder if they’ll ever do another franchise. I doubt it would get quite as much traction since nothing is quite as big as Pokemon when it comes to catching them all, but it is a very successful formula. At Level 32 with 137/150 Pokemon caught, I’d definitely say that I’ve come far. If you haven’t played the game yet, then I recommend giving it a whirl. It’s not the same as when it first came out of course, but there are still a lot of lures around to attract Pokemon with and it’s better to start now than later. More players is always a good thing for the game since it means that the gyms will stay active and you’ll have actual competition. Just remember that Team Valor is the way to go!

Overall 9/10