I am accepting Requests

I will accept most requests for battles. If you don’t see it right away, you can be sure that it will still pop up. If I said it would be posted, It will be done. If a match doesn’t work I will let you know immediately. Have fun requesting! 😀

Due to the nature of this page, be cautioned that there could be serious spoilers for just about any series. This is due to the fact that new characters can debut at any time in their respective series after all. So…you have been warned!

Here’s a link to all current battle requests on the vault. I thought that it would be neat for requesters to be able to see what is currently in the backlog. Keep in mind, you can only have 100 requests at once. The only reason why Destroyer has more than this is due to the fact that he had over 100 before the rule was set in place.



2,444 thoughts on “I am accepting Requests

  1. If you aren’t sick of my requests here’s some:
    Livyatan melvillei vs Carcharocles megalodon
    Tiger vs Synthetoceras
    Madeline vs Penny(The Rescuers)-whoever wins fights Jenny Foxworth(Oliver and Company) and loser fights Snail.
    Velociraptor mongoliensis vs Ramoceros osborni
    Clare(Claymore) vs Rose Hathaway
    Pyrrha Alexandra vs Kitten(DC)

  2. Have you thought of using Thought Robot Superman sometime? He’s literally plot armor, as he grows in power to match his opponent. I’ll give you some feats.

    Knows the plot progresses.

    Can INTERACT with the Real World.

    Holds Limbo at his finger.

    Survives Mandrakk’s eyeblasts (Mandrakk was a threat to the DC Multiverse and had the power to destroy it).

    And of course…

    Matches his opponent’s power.

    What do you think? Could he give Bass a fight?

      • Well played. That being said, Bass has demonstrated his incredible speed many times. He was FTL before his numerous power ups so it’s not a power scaling without any feats to back it up. We just don’t have him holding a speed gun or a scientist conveniently around to say how fast he is. Doesn’t take away that he’s the fastest character in fiction though.

  3. I got some if you want to read them.

    Green Arrow vs Gambit.
    Batman (Adam West) vs Superman (Reeves) vs Wonder Woman (Lynda Carter)
    Mega Man X1/2/3 Maverick Battle Royale
    ToAA vs Wally West (we all know Wally would perform an Infinite Mass Punch)/Barry Allen (Barry could steal his kinetic energy to incap him and use the ‘vibrating hand of death’).

    Hope you enjoy them!

    • Sure, I’ll throw these in. That being said, it’s composite so Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman have already fought each other. I don’t do Battle Royales at the moment, but I like to think that the X1 characters could have the edge here. The TOAA battles will definitely be fun though!

      • I got some more ToAA battles if you want to read them:

        Captain Underpants vs ToAA.
        Arm Fall off Boy vs ToAA (he broke a table with his arm. He can break ToAA).
        L vs ToAA (kill him with the Death Note).
        Boba Fett vs ToAA (incinerate him).
        Weather Wizard vs ToAA (destroyed a city in his first appearence. Controls Fire, Ice, Wind).
        M. Bison vs ToAA.

      • oh my god im so sorry for the spam. any time i tried to view my comments they didnt show up until i made a wordpress account

  4. But here’s the thing: these power ups Bass has had don’t have any scale- it could 1x or 88000000x times. I won’t deny he’s FTL; he is. Probably around Kid Flash’s (Bart) level. So, a lot of the power scaling done is just guess work, leaving his feats up to interpretation, so really the end result is indecisive.

    Again, not dissing Bass. I really like Mega Man; it ranks up in my top 10 favourite Game Franchises.

      • That’s true. He can be seen as a highly powerful being.

        I personally think the battle would end in a stalemate since Bass can’t hit him and Flash can’t hurt, or Flash if he throws him into the Speedforce.

      • Keep in mind though that Bass can just destroy the planet and then Flash can’t really do much. He can move through the air with wind currents, but that’s about it.

  5. Hey DReager. Its been a while since ive been here. I used to be Waltoneric72. My brother was Dakota Walton. He was the Gemini saga fanboy and I was the one requesting sharktopus fights back in 2012. It’s been 4 years. How have you been? I definitely plan to view all the battles you’ve posted in the meantime and I’m very glad you’re still active.
    I just finished Legend of Korra and Avatar the Last Airbender. Loved them. My favorite shows thus far. Therefore I’m going to request some battles.
    Aang vs Korra. (ATLA vs LOK)
    Aang vs Krillen (ATLA vs DBZ)
    Aang vs Link (ATLA vs LOZ)
    Iroh vs Tenzin (ATLA vs LOK)
    Ozai vs Zuko (Both from ATLA)
    Toph vs Gaara (ATLA/LOK vs Naruto)
    Sokka vs Asami (ATLA vs LOK)
    Suki vs Asami (ATLA vs LOK)
    Bolin vs Mako (both LOK)
    Kuvira vs Toph (LOK vs ATLA)
    Zaheer vs Tenzin (Both LOK)
    P’li vs Combustion Man (LOK vs ATLA)
    Pabu vs Momo (LOK vs ATLA)
    Amon vs Unalaq (Both LOK)
    Nuctuc vs Bolin (Both LOK. Nuctuc is an actor Bolin played as, not sure if I spelled it right)
    Vatu vs Raava (Both LOK)
    Kai vs Jinora (Both LOK)
    Kuvira vs Ozai (LOK vs ATLA)
    Trapper vs Hillbilly (Dead by Daylight)
    Trapper vs Wraith (Dead by Daylight)
    Hillbilly vs Wraith (Dead by Daylight)
    Azula vs Kuvira (ATLA vs LOK)
    Bumi vs Toph (Both ATLA)
    Ty Lee vs Equalist Grunt (ATLA vs LOK)
    Zaheer vs Amon (Both LOK)
    Iroh vs Bumi (Both ATLA)
    Earth King vs Earth Queen (ATLA vs LOK)
    Korra vs Krillen (LOK vs DBZ)
    Lin Beifong vs Suyin Beifong (Both LOK)
    Avatar Roku vs Avatar Kyoshi (Both ATLA)
    Katara vs Amon (ATLA vs LOK)
    Zuko vs Mako (ATLA vs LOK)

    And im sure I’ll think up more later but for now I’m just glad to see you’re still alive.

    • Good to see you back! Yeah the blog’s stayed active through the years and I intend to keep it going for many years to come. It’s still such a fun hobby. I’ll be sure to add your requests to the vault. Time to beef up my Avatar knowledge!

  6. True, Bass CAN destroy the planet, but Wally could just enter the Speedforce and arrive elsewhere in another part of Space.

      • Well, what if Flash decided to steal Bass’ kinetic energy and then continuously use IMPs? I’d imagine it’d be like chipping away at a statue; slowly making marks and injuries until it starts breaking, kinda like Superman’s first fight with Doomsday.

      • He would have a hard time pulling that off due to Bass’ barrier and the fact that Bass could still keep up with Flash and take him down for the count before too much of his speed was stolen. Flash is quick, but Bass is the fastest there is!

  7. Removing his speed would be removing his kinetic energy and giving it to Wally, meaning Wally becomes even faster. Plus, Flash could overload his brain with enough kinetic energy for Bass to have a seizure.

  8. If it has Infinite Mass, it can destroy anything. Besides, Wally can throw hundreds of these punches in less than a fraction of a second.

    • True, but keep in mind that Bass also has that level of speed and reaction times. He can parry the blows and land some of his own. One or two punches from Bass would likely end the fight.

  9. Not possible. Bass would have to be Omnipresent to outpace Wally, and again, no feats to suggest he’s half as fast.

  10. See? You’re doing it again: Clueless Scaling.

    Until Bass has enough feats to suggest he’s as fast WITHOUT Scaling, Wally West remains the Fastest Man Alive.

    • It’s not really speculation though. It’s legitimate power scaling. Bass is definitely the fastest with Megaman being second and Goku probably being third. After that, it definitely gets tough since we have high end fighters like Vegeta, Seiya, Bach, Ichigo, Tsuna, Superman, and the Flash.

      • I look forward till that.

        Until then, Flash Fact: Wally is the fastest character in fiction.

      • I wouldn’t put him anywhere up there to be honest. If we just count Comic Book Characters, then I would probably put him in the top five. Number 1 is Superman of course.

      • Batman was also the guy who thought Clark killed his parents. And GL, who can perceive stuff at near-lightspeed, said Flash.

        The next bunch of scans are out of context, or should I post Flash admitting he WANTED to be caught?

        Also, they were all Barry. Wally > Barry.

      • The scans may have been out of context and Flash wanted to be caught, but at the same time…Superman wanted to catch the Flash. As to the former, I’ve still got to go with Batman here. He’s a detective and his eyes are quite well trained. I think GL chose Flash because they’re buddies while Batman was being more objective about the whole thing.

  11. Nice DS post. Oh wait, how fast could Wally go at that time? Oh right, Speed of Sound.

    That doesn’t make sense. Supes was straining himself, whilst Flash was sitting below his standard speed. And Batman doesn’t perceive stuff at lightspeed, and even Diana admitted Flash won.

    • Batman has his detective abilities. He probably knew based on the rubble in the ground or something. Let’s not forget that Wonder Woman and GL may have just made a mistake there. In a big setting like this, you never want to stay silent so even if they weren’t sure they may have wanted to jump in anyway. I just can’t go against Batman here, especially since he said it with such confidence.

  12. hey i have more requests. this time form the Attack on Titan/Shiingeki no Kyojin series/Manga. i really love them and each months new chapter is amazing.

    Mikasa Ackerman vs Annie Leonhardt
    Kenney Ackerman vs McCree (overwatch)
    Bertolt Hoover vs Reiner Braun
    Zeke (Beast Titan) vs Levi Ackerman
    Erwin Smith vs Hanji Zoe
    Rod Reiss vs Bertolt Hoover
    Frieda Reiss vs Eren Jaeger
    First King vs Zeke

  13. Kamen rider Kiva vs The one above all
    Kiva vs daniel jackson
    Kiva vs Gutsman classic
    Kiva vs Shadowman classic
    Kiva Flameman classic
    Kiva vs ice man classic

  14. Yami Yugi vs daniel jackson
    Yami Yugi vs The One Above All
    Yami Yugi vs Tommy vercetti
    Yami Yugi vs Niko Bellic
    Yami Yugi vs Duck (from Duck hunt)
    Yami Yugi vs Dog (from Duck hunt as well)
    Yami Yugi vs Carl Johnson
    Yami Yugi vs Edward Kenway
    Yami Yugi vs a snail

  15. Cell vs The Joker
    Cell vs Harley Quinn
    Cell vs Killer Croc
    Cell vs Dead shot
    Cell vs Clay Face
    Cell vs Clay Face Woman

  16. Akame vs Raiden (Metal Gear Rising)
    Akame vs Monsoon (Metal Gear Rising)
    Akame vs Jetstream Sam (Metal Gear Rising)
    Esdeath vs Hiei
    Akame vs Hiei
    Hulk vs Hiei
    Link vs Hiei
    Inuyasha vs Hiei
    (Yes, Hiei is an awesome demon swordsman)

  17. I feel like he needs a comeback, so here’s some Atrocitus battles.

    Atrocitus vs Naruto
    Atrocitus vs Sinestro
    Atrocitus vs Cyclops
    Atrocitus vs Thanos

  18. Black Goku Vs The One Above All
    Black Goku Vs Larry Appleton
    Black Goku Vs A Zombie
    Black Goku Vs Master Roshi
    Black Goku Vs Bulma
    Black Goku Vs Oolong
    Black Goku Vs Puar
    Black Goku Vs Yajirobe

    • Sure, but I just want to wait until the arc is totally over so Goku Black’s identity is completely confirmed with no final twists. Just in case they try to pull a “He is Goku” thing at the last possible moment.

      • Sure Man, That’s Cool. I Just Want To See Black Goku Get Some Wins, Because He Is My New Favorite Dragon Ball Villain. So You Have Been Watching Dragon Ball Super? What Is Your Opinion On Black Goku’s Possible Identity? What Do You Think About Super Saiyan Rosé?

      • Yeah, Black Goku is pretty awesome so far and could be one of the best. I haven’t watched the show yet as I’m waiting for the Dub, but I’ve been reading the manga so I’m mostly caught up. It’s a little behind though so I haven’t seen Super Saiyan Rose yet, but the design certainly looks cool. I think it’s going to be pretty hype and as for Black Goku, I’m of the opinion that he is either Turles, or someone inhabiting Goku’s dead body.

  19. I Don’t Think Black Goku Is Turles Because Turles Is A Movie Villain, Where Black Goku Is An Anime Villain, And The Dragon Ball Movies Are Out Of Continuity, But I Agree With You About Someone Inhabiting Future Goku’s Body. I Do Like The Explanation We Have Right Now That He Was Created With The Super Dragon Balls, From Zamasu’s Wish.

    • Yes, but making movie villains canon is always fun. Super is definitely getting pretty hype and it could end up being one of the greatest shows of all time if it plays its cards right.

      • I Already Think Dragon Ball Super Is One Of The Best Anime Shows Out There, Even Though People Like To Talk About How Bad The Characters, Animation, Story/Plot, Are, I Still Can’t Get Enough Of It.

      • True, it looks like a great show and I haven’t even seen it yet. I have heard a lot of complaints against it, but eh…it’s Dragon Ball. Just seeing the characters again will be awesome and so nostalgic, not to mention the epic fights!

  20. Wait A Minute… Your Waiting For The Dub? Why? For All We Know, It Won’t Be Done At Least For Another Year Or Two. If I Were You, I’d Go Ahead And Watch The Dragon Ball Super Sub. Subs Are Usually Better Than Dubs Anyway. (I Will Make An Excuse For Dragon Ball Kai, And Dragon Ball 2014, And All The Yu-Gi-Oh! Series’ Because They Were Awesome.) One More Thing, The Last Time I Checked, The Dragon Ball Super Manga Was Only Getting Around To The Future Trunks Arc, Pre Black Goku, Is That Where You Are?

    • Honestly, I’ve always found that Dubs are much better than the Subs. It probably helps that I’m pretty bias as I speak English myself and so it makes the whole thing more hype, but it ends up being more fulfilling. The DUB will certainly be a while, but once the arc ends I’ll be sure to at least check on Evil Goku to make sure that he is able to get onto the blog. With the manga, that’s about where we’re up too. Goku and friends are still discussing what to do about this new threat.

      • Ehhh… To Each His Own. I’ve Never Seen A Good Dub Out Side Of Yu-Gi-Oh! (All The Series’) And Dragon Ball Kai, And I’ll Throw Akira In There. As For The Other Anime Shows’ I’ve Seen…. Oh My Gosh. Sailor Moon, Kimba The White Lion, Inuyasha, One piece, Naruto, Even Sword Art Online, But At The Same Time I Didn’t Think The Original Anime Was Very Good.

      • Well, I can definitely understand your view. There are many people who enjoy the Sub more and I have definitely enjoyed the ones that I’ve seen a lot as well. For me the Dub will always make a cool scene even cooler, but a bad scene even worse so it is a mixed bag there. I still need to see Kimba The White Lion at some point, but at least I can safely say that I’ve seen almost everything else on the list. I’m finally making it as a big anime fan!

  21. Hunter Zolomon (Zoom) vs Wonder Woman
    Hunter Zolomon (Zoom) vs Darkseid
    Hunter Zolomon (Zoom) vs Thanos
    Hunter Zolomon (Zoom) vs ToAA
    Hunter Zolomon (Zoom) vs Bass

  22. We Now Know Who Goku Black Is, But So I Won’t Spoil It, I Won’t Say Who He Is, But Anyway, Will You Do Those Fights I Requested? I Made Those Requests On This Page, And The Date Was, September 29 2016 At 4:38 PM. So Could You Do Those Fights Now Please? Thanks Again.

  23. How about some more battles to your blog:
    Lord of Nightmares vs Elder God Demonbane
    Savitar vs Bass
    Galvatron vs Spectre
    Lord of Nightmares vs Kami Tenchi
    Korvac vs Living Tribunal
    One Above All vs Kami Tenchi
    Elder God Demonbane vs Dante

  24. ‘Sup Dreags. Been a long time. I miss you! Love the reviews. Keep up the good work. In the meantime, can I please see:

    Princess Peach vs Destro
    Destro vs Darkwing Duck
    Darkwing Duck vs Gamera
    Gamera vs Howard the Duck
    Howard the Duck vs Rick Grimes
    Rick Grimes vs Solomon Grundy
    Solomon Grundy vs Widget the World Watcher
    Widget the World Watcher vs Cthulhu
    Cthulhu vs Meatwad
    Meatwad vs The Noid
    The Noid vs Red Angry Bird
    Red Angry Bird vs Cat (Chu Chu Rockets)
    Cat (Chu Chu Rockets) vs Snarf
    Snarf vs Gargamel
    Gargamel vs Gandalf
    Gandalf vs Greedo
    Greedo vs Han Solo
    Han Solo vs Salacious Crumb
    Salacious Crumb vs Wolf Hawkfield
    Wolf Hawkfield vs Waluigi
    Waluigi vs Martian Manhunter
    Martian Manhunter vs Hannibal Lector
    Hannibal Lector vs Morpheus (The Matrix)
    Morpheus (The Matrix) vs Questar (Dino-riders)
    Questar vs Strawberry Shortcake
    Strawberry Shortcake vs Godzilla (1998 USA)
    Godzilla (1998 USA) vs Noah (the movie Noah)
    Noah vs Solomon Grundy
    Solomon Grundy vs Pennywise the clown
    Pennywise the clown vs Wizzar (Monchichis)
    Wizzar vs Allstar (Snorks)
    Allstar vs Homestar Runner
    Homestar Runner vs the Punisher
    the Punisher vs Ghost Rider
    Ghost Rider vs Casper the Friendly Ghost
    Casper the Friendly Ghost vs Fester Addams
    Fester Addams vs The Joker
    The Joker vs The Penguin
    The Penguin vs Sparky (penpen TriIcelon)
    Sparky (penpen TriIcelon) vs Wesker
    Wesker vs Daredevil
    Daredevil vs Red Devil (Firebrand, Ghosts and Goblins)
    Firebrand vs Billy (Double Dragon)
    Billy (Double Dragon) vs Billy (Billy and Mandy)
    Billy (Billy and Mandy) vs Popeye
    Popeye vs Little Mac
    Little Mac vs Wimpy (popeye)
    Wimpy (popeye) vs Da Jeep
    Da Jeep vs Battle Cat
    Battle Cat vs Cobra Commander
    Cobra Commander vs Serpentor
    Serpentor vs Rattlor (he-man)
    Rattlor vs Anaconda (from movie Anaconda)
    Anaconda vs Ernest P. Worrell
    Ernest P. Worrell vs Tripod War Machine (war of the worlds 2005)
    Tripod War Machine (war of the worlds 2005) vs R2D2
    R2D2 vs C-3PO
    C-3PO vs IG-88
    IG-88 vs R4-P17
    R4-P17 vs R2D2
    R2D2 vs Mechagodzilla
    Mechagodzilla vs Tranzor Z
    Tranzor Z vs Iron Giant
    Iron Giant vs Baloo the bear
    Baloo the bear vs Papa Bear (Berenstain bears)
    Papa Bear vs Stripe (Gremlins)


  25. Yami Yugi Vs Godzilla
    Yami Yugi Vs Gamera
    Yami Yugi Vs M.U.T.O
    Yami Yugi Vs The One Above All
    Yami Yugi Vs The Beyonder
    Yami Yugi Vs Captain America
    Yami Yugi Vs Iron Man
    Yami Yugi Vs The Hulk
    Yami Yugi Vs Quick Silver
    Yami Yugi Vs L (Death note)
    Yami Yugi Vs Inuyasha
    Yami Yugi Vs Megatron
    Yami Yugi Vs StarScream
    Yami Yugi Vs Jaco (Dragon Ball)

  26. Yami Yugi Vs Sailor Mars
    Yami Yugi Vs Sailor Moon
    Yami Yugi Vs Sailor Venus
    Yami Yugi Vs Sailor Pluto
    Yami Yugi Vs Tuxedo Mask
    Yami Yugi Vs Sailor Mercury
    Thanks Again!

  27. I hope you haven’t forgotten about these folks and battles: Falstaff (The Merry Wives of Windsor/Henry IV) vs. Othello, Othello vs Tybalt, Mercutio vs. Pistol and Roderigo (Othello). Also; Uhtred of Bebbanburg (The Saxon Tales) vs. D’Artagnan (The Three Musketeers) and Diego Alatriste (Diego Alatriste)?

  28. I hope you haven’t forgotten these battles as well: Sun Seto (My Bride is a Mermaid/Seto No Hanayome) vs. Namorita (Marvel), Zatanna (DC) vs Tsotha-Lanti (Conan), Beatrix Kiddo (Kill Bill) vs Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane, and Mrs. Kiddo against Deathstroke and Lyndis (Fire Emblem) vs Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane. As well as this battle: Tulkas Astaldo (the Bold) from the Silmarillion (LOTR prequel) vs Doomsday (DC Comics).

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