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Rogue vs Thor

Rogue is back and this time she’s up against Thor! Thor’s been winning a lot lately, but he may have met his match in this round! Rogue has the powers of many characters and by using them all together she can take down nearly any comic character! She already has Thor’s powers plus the Avengers, Xmen, Brotherhood, and others. She’s just too powerful! Rogue wins.

4 thoughts on “Rogue vs Thor”

    1. Well Rogue has all of the powers that Thor has. Plus she can use all of the powers she’s obtained. So it’ll be Thor pitting his strength against pretty much the whole Marvel Universe!…or a lot of them anyway. Plus she obtained Mjolnir which could help even the odds

      1. No she couldn’t control all them powers, she done that once or twice normally that would not happen

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