Count Nefaria vs Thor

Count Nefaria is a pretty powerful opponent to the point where he was able to easily best the Avengers. He has also gotten the better of Thor on occasion. At their peaks though I would take Thor to defeat Nefaria. Thor has more stamina and is able to maintain his power level for greater periods of time than Nefaria. Ultimately Nefaria is able to boost his power level to around Thor’s level but he has less experience using these abilities. Thor wins.

Lucifer Morningstar vs Thor

Suggested by JordyPresto0418 Lucifer Morningstar is a being who is near the top of the cosmic hierarchy. He is supremely confident and has several abilities like speed, flight, and even healing regeneration. That won’t be enough for him to take down the Prince of Asgard though. Thor is an excellent hand to hand fighter and while it isn’t often shown he also does have super speed of his own. Lucifer will not be able to keep up with Thor and ultimately that’s going to cost him. Thor can hit him with a barrage of blows which will quickly overwhelm Lucifer’s defenses. Thor wins.

Mozgus vs Thor

Suggested by iKnowledge Mozgus has a lot of raw strength at his disposal, but his knees have gone bad from kneeling for many years. His super form heals that and he grows wings so maneuvering isn’t an issue, but strength is really still all he has. Even if he may be able to match or even surpass Thor in that respect, Thor’s speed and lightning will be key here. Mozgus isn’t really a fighter, he’s just a smasher. So long as Thor fights tactfully with his hand to hand experience, it’ll be a pretty easy win for him. Thor wins.

Corypheus vs Thor

Suggested by iKnowledge Corypheus is a pretty powerful being who has been alive for a very long time. As such he has mastered elemental control and other projectile abilities. Thor may have a hard time using Lightning here as it’ll be nullified by the time it reaches Corypheus. Still, Thor can win this one in close quarters combat. That’s Corypheus’s weakness and while his abilities are made to compensate for it, Thor’s endurance will allow him to get in close enough to land the hits. Thor wins.

Thor vs Thanos

Suggested by Big Red Thanos and Thor are some of the stronger comic book characters out there. Both of them possess powerful combat options in both short and long range. Thanos has many energy blasts thanks to the Infinity Gems while Thor’s got Odin Force and Mjolnir. It’s a fight that could certainly go either way. In base form Thanos typically has a significant advantage over Thor but at peak it’s hard to say how the fight would go. I’d have to give Thanos the slight edge here as having the Infinity Stones helps a lot with regeneration as well as its array of energy blasts. Thor would keep the fight close, but I think his durability would fall off first. Thanos wins.

Thermal Man vs Thor

The Thermal Man is a robot that is nearly indestructible. Even Thor had a tough time trying to break him, but ultimately he prevailed. Just as he won in the comic using his lightning, so shall Thor win again. The Thermal Man ultimately doesn’t have the durability to keep on taking hits as well as Thor can. It’ll take a lot of damage to put Thor down, more than the Thermal Man can hope to dish out. This isn’t even counting once Thor enters Berserk mode. Thor wins.

Thor vs Kartag

Kartag is a powerful giant whose size really amps up his physical abilities. Still, there isn’t much to Kartag and Thor has fought larger opponents in the past. As seen in the picture, Thor’s attacks can certainly deal some nice damage to this opponent. Thor can also strike from afar with his lightning. I don’t see Kartag staying in the match for very long as Thor will have him down for the count with ease. Thor wins.

Thor vs Crypto Man

The Crypto Man once drove Thor to the brink of defeat due to how his special ability works. The more you hit this guy, the stronger he gets. The Crypto Man can absorb kinetic energy and amp up his own attacks this way. Naturally such an ability always has a limit though and I believe Thor would be able to come out on top. One quick way to get around this is to focus on Lightning based attacks instead of simply trying to punch the fight out of him. The Crypto Man is rather limited as this absorption is his only trick. Once Thor gets around it victory is his. Thor wins.

Rocket Raccoon vs Thor

Rocket Raccoon has a lot of heavy armaments at his disposal which he has used to great success so far. Unfortunately for him even his strongest guns would have a minimal effect on Thor. Thor has withstood the heat of the sun and can break planets with a single swing of his hammer. Rocket can run, but he can’t evade Thor forever and will eventually reach his limit. This is one fight that he can’t win. Thor wins.

Star Lord vs Thor

Star Lord is pretty powerful. Despite usually looking like an ordinary human, he does have cosmic energy within himself. This gives him super strength and flight which is very handy. Of course, even with that he isn’t quite a match for Thor yet. That’s a completely different level of power, but at least Star Lord will be able to put up more of a fight than if he just had his element blaster. Star Lord won’t let this keep him down though, I’m sure he’ll be back. Thor wins.