Thor vs Creeper

This is a tribute to Thor:Love and Thunder as well as Creeper 2. The Creeper has a lot of abilities but still can’t manage to beat a bus of teens without a whole lot of trouble. He’s not going to scare Thor who could end him in a single strike. Thor may have had his off moments in the movie to be sure but ultimately he would go on to win the fights that mattered and didn’t let vengeance cloud his mind. The Creeper wishes he had Thor’s combat experience. Thor wins.

Destoroyah vs Thor

Suggested by Jean Destoroyah is a Kaiju of legend with abilities so powerful that even Godzilla nearly was not able to defeat him. That said, Thor has defeated his share of giant monsters over the years and matches up really well here. A few well placed lightning strikes and some concrete hits from Mjolnir ought to take him out. Destoroyah will not be fast enough to have a real counter to that. Thor wins.

Demitri Maximoff vs Thor

Suggested by Jean Demitri Maximoff is a powerful vampire who can fire off energy blasts and has some good speed. He’s well known for hypnosis but that’s not going to work on Thor. Thor’s mighty Mjolnir will lead him to victory here and his raw power is far greater than Demitri’s. Thor should also be able to keep up in speed even if Demitri has the slight edge there. Ultimately Demitri isn’t as balanced a fighter and will fall here. Thor wins.

Thor vs Valkyrie

Valkyrie is a strong fighter who has good hand to hand combat skills while also being very proficient with bladed weapons. That said, Thor definitely has the major advantage in both strength and speed. It would be difficult for Valkyrie to get in close enough to land any attacks and the difference in power between the two of them is considerable. Thor wins.

Thor vs Eliwood

Suggested by Jean Eliwood may have his flame sword and a whole lot of experience under his belt but it just won’t be enough to take down someone like Thor. Thor still has the overall power advantage at his side plus he has better long range options. It will be extremely difficult for Eliwood to dodge his attacks for long and ultimately his durability isn’t quite high enough to tank any direct hits either. Eventually he will get tagged by a hit and that will be it. Thor wins.

Vegeta vs Thor

Suggested by JordyPresto0418 Vegeta is the Prince of all Saiyans and his abilities are so incredible that there are few beings in all of media who could hope to defeat him. Thor has great power and speed as well but Vegeta’s just in a different tier here. He could end the entire solar system in the blink of an eye and that’s without his Super Saiyan mode. Vegeta wins.

Isshiki Otsutsuki vs Thor

Suggested by Anonymous Isshiki Otsutsuki is insanely powerful to the point where almost nobody can stand in his way. Thor has a lot of power as well but just doesn’t have the speed needed to land his blows. Isshiki will always have the edge thanks to this since he can land hits and keep dodging until they finish the job. Isshiki Otsutsuki wins.

Mr Majestic vs Thor

Suggested by Jean Mr Majestic is powerful to be sure. He has a well rounded moveset of strength, speed and flight so he should be able to make this round against Thor interesting. That being said, no matter how hard he fights I can’t really see him taking the match in the end. Thor’s abilities are still on a higher level than Majestic’s and he has greater durability. At the end of the day this is a fight that Thor will always win. Thor wins.

Thor vs Achilles

Suggested by Jean Achilles is borderline invincible in terms of taking damage. Dealing him damage takes someone with a tremendous amount of super strength but fortunately for Thor he is prepared for that. He could easily smash Achilles into submission with various hits from Mjolnir. He’s also fast enough to dodge any counter attacks. Thor wins.

Thor vs Gorr

Suggested by Jean Gorr may very well be Thor’s most powerful opponent in the comics. While he was initially beaten several times, he continues to grow stronger in each encounter until he was even able to overpower Thor in his Highfather form which is quite impressive. In a separate battle with both at their peaks, Thor would still have the edge here with his speed. Gorr can keep up fairly well but Thor’s still got the decisive edge there. Thor wins.