Thermal Man vs Thor

The Thermal Man is a robot that is nearly indestructible. Even Thor had a tough time trying to break him, but ultimately he prevailed. Just as he won in the comic using his lightning, so shall Thor win again. The Thermal Man ultimately doesn’t have the durability to keep on taking hits as well as Thor can. It’ll take a lot of damage to put Thor down, more than the Thermal Man can hope to dish out. This isn’t even counting once Thor enters Berserk mode. Thor wins.


Thor vs Kartag

Kartag is a powerful giant whose size really amps up his physical abilities. Still, there isn’t much to Kartag and Thor has fought larger opponents in the past. As seen in the picture, Thor’s attacks can certainly deal some nice damage to this opponent. Thor can also strike from afar with his lightning. I don’t see Kartag staying in the match for very long as Thor will have him down for the count with ease. Thor wins.

Thor vs Crypto Man

The Crypto Man once drove Thor to the brink of defeat due to how his special ability works. The more you hit this guy, the stronger he gets. The Crypto Man can absorb kinetic energy and amp up his own attacks this way. Naturally such an ability always has a limit though and I believe Thor would be able to come out on top. One quick way to get around this is to focus on Lightning based attacks instead of simply trying to punch the fight out of him. The Crypto Man is rather limited as this absorption is his only trick. Once Thor gets around it victory is his. Thor wins.

Rocket Raccoon vs Thor

Rocket Raccoon has a lot of heavy armaments at his disposal which he has used to great success so far. Unfortunately for him even his strongest guns would have a minimal effect on Thor. Thor has withstood the heat of the sun and can break planets with a single swing of his hammer. Rocket can run, but he can’t evade Thor forever and will eventually reach his limit. This is one fight that he can’t win. Thor wins.

Star Lord vs Thor

maxresdefault (15)
Star Lord is pretty powerful. Despite usually looking like an ordinary human, he does have cosmic energy within himself. This gives him super strength and flight which is very handy. Of course, even with that he isn’t quite a match for Thor yet. That’s a completely different level of power, but at least Star Lord will be able to put up more of a fight than if he just had his element blaster. Star Lord won’t let this keep him down though, I’m sure he’ll be back. Thor wins.

Erik Selvig vs Thor

Erik is definitely going to need a long drink before this fight is over. He may be pals with Thor, but that doesn’t mean that he has a chance at defeating the Asgardian. Thor is simply on a whole different level than this guy. Erik is a genius, but his intelligence won’t help him survive a direct hit from one of Thor’s Lightning bolts. No matter how you slice it, it’s all over for the guy. Thor wins.

Piccolo vs Thor

Suggested by Destroyer Piccolo is a pretty powerful DBZ character and his speed and power levels are off the charts. Thor is a powerful warrior in his own right and has obtained many power ups over the years but he has never really managed to catch up to Piccolo. The Namekian has just been in a different league and never stops improving himself. Piccolo wins.

Durok vs Thor

Durok is one of Thor’s strongest foes. He’s beaten Thor fairly in 1 on 1 combat and also bested the Silver Surfer just as easily. He never truly lost in his first appearance and when he reappeared over a decade later he was soundly defeated by Thor. Was he nerfed or did Thor get stronger? Either way, Thor will have a very tough time if he goes straight for Durok in hand to hand combat, but factor in his elemental abilities and flight and the game changes. Thor has the edge here and with both combatants in peak condition Durok should not be able to claim victory this time. Thor wins.

Thor vs Bi Beast

The Bi Beast is typically a Hulk villain, but he did go up against Thor once in the past. The fight didn’t go very well for him although he landed some nice blows. He is a powerful foe to be sure, but Thor is easily the better hand to hand fighter and has enough power to deal heavy damage to the Bi Beast. A few swings of Mjolnir and even the mightiest of foes fall. Thor will not even need his lightning for this fight. Thor wins.

Steppenwolf vs Thor

Suggested by Big Red Steppenwolf is a powerful fighter. He may have been treated as a joke in the old cartoons and comics, he has finally been shown to be a very strong antagonist in the New 52 and in the recent Justice League movie. He has bested powerful opponents like Superman and Wonder Woman in the past (Albeit it with cheap shots) and has enough strength and speed to dispatch most heroes in an instant. However, Thor isn’t like most heroes and has enough power and speed to keep up. At his best Thor may even be faster than Steppenwolf and his hammer will give him the range advantage when trading blows. It’ll be a tough fight, but Thor should be able to snag the win here with his wider arrange of attack options and his edge in stamina. Thor wins.