Durok vs Thor

Durok is one of Thor’s strongest foes. He’s beaten Thor fairly in 1 on 1 combat and also bested the Silver Surfer just as easily. He never truly lost in his first appearance and when he reappeared over a decade later he was soundly defeated by Thor. Was he nerfed or did Thor get stronger? Either way, Thor will have a very tough time if he goes straight for Durok in hand to hand combat, but factor in his elemental abilities and flight and the game changes. Thor has the edge here and with both combatants in peak condition Durok should not be able to claim victory this time. Thor wins.


Thor vs Bi Beast

The Bi Beast is typically a Hulk villain, but he did go up against Thor once in the past. The fight didn’t go very well for him although he landed some nice blows. He is a powerful foe to be sure, but Thor is easily the better hand to hand fighter and has enough power to deal heavy damage to the Bi Beast. A few swings of Mjolnir and even the mightiest of foes fall. Thor will not even need his lightning for this fight. Thor wins.

Steppenwolf vs Thor

Suggested by Big Red Steppenwolf is a powerful fighter. He may have been treated as a joke in the old cartoons and comics, he has finally been shown to be a very strong antagonist in the New 52 and in the recent Justice League movie. He has bested powerful opponents like Superman and Wonder Woman in the past (Albeit it with cheap shots) and has enough strength and speed to dispatch most heroes in an instant. However, Thor isn’t like most heroes and has enough power and speed to keep up. At his best Thor may even be faster than Steppenwolf and his hammer will give him the range advantage when trading blows. It’ll be a tough fight, but Thor should be able to snag the win here with his wider arrange of attack options and his edge in stamina. Thor wins.

Thor vs The Crusader

This is a tribute to Thor:Ragnarok. Thor looked quite good in this movie as you already know from my review. His strength is completely out of The Crusader’s league and his speed is also far greater. The only reason why the villain lasted so long in the comics was because Thor never goes all out against mere mortals. Crusader’s spirit will be broken as easily as his sword and so he stands no chance in this round. Thor wins.

Thor vs Tutinax

Tutinax is incredibly powerful and was actually shown to be physically stronger than Thor. Engaging him in a close quarters brawl would be dangerous even for The Mighty Thor. However, Thor does have the edge in long range combat and his berserker rage will help to even the playing field. This definitely is not a free win, but it’s a battle where I believe Thor will come out on top. Still, after seeing this guy in action, I believe Tutinax could be one of Thor’s all time strongest foes. Thor wins.

Thor vs Mewtwo

Suggested by Big Red Thor is a powerful Avenger and is certainly one of their strongest members. That being said, he won’t be able to keep up with Mewtwo’s speed. Mewtwo was already one of the strongest Pokemon in the entire franchise before he got Mega Mode. With that, Mewtwo is hands down the strongest Pokemon in all of history. His raw power is nothing to sneeze at, but his speed is really the important thing here. Thor simply won’t be able to land any meaningful blows on Mewtwo and the Pokemon’s attacks will start to add up. It is simply a fight that Thor cannot win. Mewtwo wins.

Thor vs Kiva

Requested by Big Red Kiva is strong and has a large variety of fire attacks at his disposal. He doesn’t lack in speed or power. He is simply outmatched here as Thor can easily hold his own in a match of strength. It is conceivable that Kiva may be a little faster, but Thor’s overwhelming power is not something that Kiva will be able to overcome. Kiva has been through quite the gauntlet on the site over the last year, but it seems to finally be over. He had an admirable run. Thor wins.

Thor vs Set

Suggested by Big Red Set is a fairly powerful god from mythology and recently got to show what he can do in a fight thanks to the Gods of Egypt film. Set has a great amount of offensive power and speed on his side, but Thor has those abilities and more. Thor has more combat experience than Set will ever accumulate and will ultimately last longer in a close quarters confrontation. Even if Set is a little faster, it will not be enough to cover his disadvantage in power and durability. Thor wins.

Supreme Kai of Time vs Thor

Requested by Unknown The Supreme Kai of Time is a very skilled magic user who excels in team combat thanks to her healing magic. Unfortunately, she has no real feats when it comes to actual combat. She is known to be powerful thanks to the fact that she is a Kai, but titles don’t mean a whole lot on the blog without actual feats. Healing magic will only manage to buy her some time as Thor’s punishing attacks will ultimately give him the edge here. A few good shots from Mjolnir should be enough to end this battle. Thor wins.

Teridax vs Thor

Teridax is certainly one of the most impressive Bionicle characters that I’ve ever heard about, but I don’t think that he is quite ready to take on someone like Thor just yet. Thor’s incredibly powerful in close quarters combat and the sheer power behind his blows will be enough to take Teridax down for the count. Thor’s speed is great as well, which will allow him to throw numerous blows until the hits finally take Teridax out for the count. Thor wins.