Jack Frost vs Thor

Suggested by Jean Jack Frost has a lot of good ice abilities at his disposal but they won’t be enough to stop Thor here. Thor’s got his Mighty Mjolnir at the ready and already possesses a great deal of strength and speed. One good hit should be enough to shatter Frost to pieces and end this match in an instant. Frost won’t even have time to work his magic on the weather. Thor wins.

Ms Marvel vs Thor

Suggested by Jean This was definitely a pretty close fight. On one hand, Thor likely has the edge in raw power here and maybe even stamina although Marvel’s Binary form can take quite a few hits. On the other hand, while Thor has super speed, it isn’t quite on the level of Ms Marvel. Ultimately that’s what I think the deciding factor will be here. Ms Marvel can play it safe and just overwhelm in the fight using her speed. Thor will be able to take a lot of punishment and keep the fight close but would eventually falter. Ms Marvel wins.

Thor vs Firelord

Firelord is a powerful herald of Galactus just like the rest but he does always seem to be taking a beating whenever the guy is on screen. His cosmic fire and super speed can overwhelm most opponents but it won’t be able to do a whole lot against Thor. Thor is strong enough to resist the attacks and fast enough to also overwhelm Firelord’s counter blows. His offense just isn’t at a high enough level where he could hope for a victory. Thor wins.

Thor vs Terrax

Suggested by Jean Terrax is a powerful Herald of Galactus who has strength that is at an incredibly high level. That said, Thor’s hammer will beat the axe any day. Beyond that, Thor’s close quarters combat skills are greater than Terrax’s and his mastery over lightning will also take him farther than Terrax’s energy bolts. Terrax can put up a good fight, but ultimately there is no way for him press any kind of advantage here. Thor wins.

Thor vs Alien Queen

Suggested by Jean The Alien Queen is a powerful monster. Certainly much stronger than any of the normal Xenomorphs. That being said, that’s still nothing compared to most of the big opponents that Thor has taken down. Thor still has the absolute edge in both attack power and speed. No matter what the Alien Queen may try to do I don’t see her being strong enough to take Thor down for the count. At the end of the day Thor is also faster and has long range options at his disposal. A quick bolt of thunder will end this. Thor wins.

Thor vs Akaza

Suggested by Jean Thor is a powerful warrior and one of Marvel’s best but that won’t be quite enough for this round. Akaza is one of the strongest Upper Moons. You could even make the case that perhaps he is stronger than his rank. His instant regeneration mixed in with his lightning speed makes this a very difficult opponent to get past. While Thor has super speed of his own, he will have a very difficult time trying to land a blow here. Even when he does eventually score some blows they will not be enough to deal significant damage to Akaza. Akaza will keep on regenerating and his attacks will be too much for Thor to overcome. Akaza wins.

Thor vs Apocalypse

Suggested by Jean Apocalypse is one of the strongest X-Men enemies out there. He has routinely given the team a tough time but rarely goes up against the Avengers. In his only fight against Thor that I could find, Apocalypse was able to handle him rather well while also having to deal with a second Thor (Jane) and a full squad of Avengers. That said, this was around the point where Thor was depowered and without Mjolnir. At full power I would take Thor to win this battle. It would be a solid fight with Apocalypse as both are true powerhouses but Thor’s upper limits surpass that of Apocalypse. Thor wins.

Thor vs Buu

Suggested by Jean Thor is a powerful fighter from Marvel and you could easily make the case that he is one of the strongest Marvel characters out there. He has a lot of strength and speed but this will not be enough to stop Majin Buu. Buu was able to hold his own against Goku for a time and has also gotten many extra power ups in other DBZ video games. His speed and power are just at an absolute crazy level so it’s hard to see Thor being able to match him blow for blow. Buu wins.

Count Nefaria vs Thor

Count Nefaria is a pretty powerful opponent to the point where he was able to easily best the Avengers. He has also gotten the better of Thor on occasion. At their peaks though I would take Thor to defeat Nefaria. Thor has more stamina and is able to maintain his power level for greater periods of time than Nefaria. Ultimately Nefaria is able to boost his power level to around Thor’s level but he has less experience using these abilities. Thor wins.

Lucifer Morningstar vs Thor

Suggested by JordyPresto0418 Lucifer Morningstar is a being who is near the top of the cosmic hierarchy. He is supremely confident and has several abilities like speed, flight, and even healing regeneration. That won’t be enough for him to take down the Prince of Asgard though. Thor is an excellent hand to hand fighter and while it isn’t often shown he also does have super speed of his own. Lucifer will not be able to keep up with Thor and ultimately that’s going to cost him. Thor can hit him with a barrage of blows which will quickly overwhelm Lucifer’s defenses. Thor wins.