Zayne Carrick vs Thor

Suggested by Jean Zayne Carrick has a lightsaber so he’s certainly no easy pickings but he won’t be able to compete with Thor here. At this point Thor’s raw strength would simply be way too much for Zayne to keep up with. Zayne’s a fighter but he isn’t used to mixing it up with someone this fast. Thor could pepper him with lightning bolts and solid swings of Mjolnir. At the end of the day that will finish him off. Thor wins.

Zayne Carrick vs The Mandalorian

Suggested by iKnowledge The Mandalorian is a talented fighter who likely has better combat sense than Zayne. However, Zayne is more gifted with the Force. While his battle record isn’t amazing with using a Lightsaber, when you couple that with the Force it’ll be difficult for The Mandalorian to land any decisive blows. He can also forget about his blaster entirely. It’s just too much of a gap to overcome. Zayne Carrick wins.