Bass The Strongest Being in all of media

The Ultimate Warrior the world has ever seen. Bass is number 1 on the blog and since the blog contains all of the strongest beings from every franchise then that settles it. Bass isn’t like the others. He commands true power. Before he got any of his power ups he was already the Ultimate Navi capable of destroying planets. Megaman and Protoman teaming up couldn’t deal any damage to him, and they are also legendary warriors. Another one of Bass’s big feats was he shook the entire planet just by powering up! Now that’s what I call incredible power! Bass even destroyed Nebula Grey and Slur, two more of the strongest beings. Bass is the Supreme Fighter and no one is even close to his power. Bass will never be caught and will always be number 1 in the blog. Bass has energy attacks that can destroy planets, but he is also a master of hand to hand combat. He moves many, many times faster than the speed of light and it’s impossible to fight him. Plus with the Get Ability it’s impossible for him to die, because he’d just ressurect and get even stronger. Basically Bass can never be defeated and he also happens to be the coolest character out there

His Main Forms

His Record

W Lazerman
W Mario
W Superman
W Galactus
W Duo
W Serenade
W Gregar
W Goku
W Aizen
W Yusei
W Slur
W Novaman
W Cosmoman
W Planetman
W Clockman
W Cache
W Elementman
W Pharohman
W Kirk
W Natalie (Charlie)
W Jasmine
W Jeri
W Poison (SF)
W James Bond
W Godzilla
W Cloe
W Batman
W Kisara
W Blair
W Keira
W Tea
W Tokine
W Maron
W Freeseman
W Minnie Mouse
W Virus Beast
W Falzar
W Kid Bass
W Doronjo
W Tina Armstrong
W Lady Devimon
W Queen Beryl
W Sabrina
W The Phantasm
W Inque
W Kamira
W Machi
W Aunt Mito
W Kikyo Zoldyck
W Botan
W One Above All
W Presence
W Zazan
W Yasuha
W Maddy
W Dr Cossack
W Ann Zap
W Ash
W Iris
W Clook
W Red Sonja
W Feitan
W Iblis
W Jessie
W Runo Misaki
W Julie Makimoto
W Maya Kurinoki
W Deidre
W Princess Pride
W Ribitta
W Miss Yuri
W Madame Web
W Marron
W East Kai
W West Supreme Kai
W Baba
W Wonder Woman
W May
W Santa Clause
W Ms Claus
W Alien (Skyline Flower Type)
W Ethan Hunt
W Kenji Koiso
W Sherlock Holmes
W Lara Croft
W Number Four
W Martin Harris
W Minya
W Shego
W Jak
W Stygimoloch
W Allosaurus
W Oolong
W Sharpner
W Tamako
W Mallory
W Bianchi
W Emma Bishop
W Jackie Tristan
W Big Barda
W Rai
W Mr Mxysptlk
W Ghost Rider
W Dark Schneider
W Yotsuba
W Mecha Godzilla 2
W Lucifer Morningstar
W Natsuki Shinohara
W Marshmallow Man
W Talking Tina
W Celebi
W Blanka
W Pesche
W Zangief
W Totodile
W Katniss
W Perseus
W Arthur
W Komorka
W Dalek
W Death


782 thoughts on “Bass The Strongest Being in all of media

  1. Sir, Bass may be strong, but I think as he gets around his next 100 wins, you should take him out. with the rest of the high aboves. or at least take that status away.
    we all know Vegeta cant beat Omega Shenron.
    We all know Sasuke cant beat Shenron.
    because the high above rule really is a downer. might as well not fight them unless you want a loss.
    im sure if the biggest blast bass has taken is a planet busting, and Gemini can launch Galaxies without moving, im sure he would be outmatched
    but this is just one of your fans opinion.

    • Well I have cut down on the High Aboves drastically. I took away Over 2/3 of the High Aboves status away and turned them into normal fighters. So there currently aren’t many High Aboves. Less than 20. I probably will get rid of more High Aboves in the future, but Bass…he’s not just a High Above, He’s the King of the High Aboves! I don’t really think I can take him away.

      Well with the Galaxies thing, Bass would just come back to life with Gemini Saga’s powers added to his own. That’s why Bass can never be beaten.

      Also since I count Gogeta SSJ4 Vegeta could beat Omega Shenron pretty easily

      If you mean normal Shenron Sasuke could take him pretty easy. Shenron can’t fight that much

      Still I want to make sure you enjoy your stay here at the blog. Any way the blog can make improvements in some other way?

      • This entire blog is so trollish it’s amazing. I sincerely cannot fathom that it’s serious, and not some kind of elaborate parody.

      • It is serious and I believe everything that I write. Think about it for a sec, would I seriously write over 10000 posts just as an elaborate parody? I mean, I’ve been writing this blog for years at this point. To use up so much of my life just too troll would be pretty desperate right? Just think on that for a bit, would I have seriously trolled this for years or am I actually serious? That’s the question that you should think about

      • Always have a comeback for everything. Well it’s impossible to make a point to a thick minded person, no? This is going nowhere.

      • ?
        So are you talking about points you could agree with? This is a debate, not an agreement.

      • Me explaining what the basics of an omnipotent characters capabilities yet you state that the punisher can killed TOAA with a bullet? You didn’t even shown any proof and state bullshit all day.

      • I think you didn’t understand the concept too well though. TOAA can’t do anything. He can try to turn intangible but then he still can’t do anything so it’s all moot

      • Some of Dreager1’s quotes include:
        “Sometimes I just know more about the characters than even the authors”
        “*Bass wins*”
        “That’s a big assumption. Many characters can survive a black hole. Bass did it himself in the manga and a Kamehameha>>>Black Holes”
        “They aren’t true skills and only work with bad writing. Throw them in a real fight and their abilities wouldn’t really work anyway”
        “No, I’m just stating that cheesy hax won’t fly here. You have to win with Real skills”
        “One Above All can handle some air, but not a tornado of power and that’s what Bass is”
        “Hey, I call em as I see em. Noncanon feats are sometimes enough to tip the scales.”
        “Yes and that is actually true. Akuma is easily the strongest SF character thanks to that game and Ryu also got a nice boost as well. You seem to think you “caught” me or something but if you look at their fights you’ll see that Akuma has been benefiting from this boost for a while now” (Noncanon Asura’s Wrath Akuma and Ryu)
        “Lets put it this way. Bass’ best feats are from the manga such as his limitless speed and power. His Get Ability can copy any ability without fail so these guys couldn’t stay ahead of him even if they somehow did start out ahead. I wouldn’t use the One Above All as an example either since he’s weaker than 99% of all characters. Omnipotence isn’t all that its cracked up to be. Trust me on that one”
        “I’ve done more than 5600 battles though. There are currently 11650 battles on the site. (Counting drafts though)”
        “The first half didn’t seem to have much of a purpose so I ignored it. The only relevant part was the number of battles” (Quality>Quantity)
        “No, I’m just stating that cheesy hax won’t fly here. You have to win with Real skills”
        “I went to a few forums, but they couldn’t seem to grasp basic stuff like feats>>>Hype so I quickly got out of there!” (Only Bass is god)
        “No, I’m just as far above debating sites, as Cheese Sandwiches are above Butter Sandwiches”

        As much as Dreager1 want to state that I’m not making a point, here are some of the “points” he have said. Conceited and Egotistical, as none of the things have any proof or knowledge whatsoever, which is why I’m supposedly exposing him. Sometimes he knows more than the authors themselves, even though they are the ones that gives Bass a character and feats, plus the added bonus of not creating a Mary-sue in the process. Little did we know, Dreager1 made the designs for Bass (not Keiji Inafune) and gave him the power to destroy all of media (although he did lose to Megaman on multiple occasions). To him, the Manga Canon coincides with the Original (Like if Dreager1 never heard of a multiverse with multiple incarnations before) and created a Bass with more plot than Fairy Tail can ever have.

        11,650 battles and you expect some improvement or a different attitude, but instead you get the “Bass wins” comment with little to no proof whatsoever. It was shown in the Manga that he was weak without his operator in the chapter “Journey with MegaMan” and promptly said that his operator made a new Navi and forgot about him (and that’s from the Manga Canon!), while he doesn’t in the original. In the Anime, he had absorbed MegaMan when MegaMan offered it to Bass to stop Nebula Grey, though Bass couldn’t handle MegaMan’s Ultimate Program and nearly self-destructed, forcing MegaMan to use Double Soul instead, forming Bass Cross MegaMan. Composites can be fun, but giving the opponent a handicap because some characters have “cheesy hax” or “Plot Armor” are inexcusable. Bass has the Get Ability, which can copy Any (and I said any) abilities, yet Dreagar1 lets it slide because it’s Bass we’re dealing with. Defining skills like Reality Warp (Mister Mxyzptlk), Nonexistence Manipulation (Marvel’s Oblivion), and Omnipotence (TOAA, who he have reduced to an Elderly Human by Dreager1 apparently) are unappreciated and will say ignorant shit like “Punisher wins with a bullet” and (

        In the Gospel Arc, Bass gained Hub Style (MegaMan’s strongest Style) by using his Get Ability program. Lan fainted due to the burden his body took while performing Perfect Synchro and MegaMan was beaten to a pulp by Bass. In the nick of time, Lan regained consciousness and once again use Hub Style with MegaMan. By focusing all of his remaining power into his finger, MegaMan able to defeat Bass. MegaMan.Exe (Aka Lan’s lost brother) strongest form is his human form, Hub, and deleted Nebula Gray with a wave of his hand. MegaMan potentially became the strongest Navi in the entire series with total energy and matter manipulation as well as data assimilation on a universal scale.

        Characters who are stronger than MegaMan.Exe can defeat Forte.Exe with little to no trouble at all. Dunning-Krugers are people of low ability suffer from illusory superiority, mistakenly assessing their cognitive ability as greater than it is. The cognitive bias of illusory superiority derives from the metacognitive inability of low-ability persons to recognize their own ineptitude; without the self-awareness of metacognition, low-ability people cannot objectively evaluate their actual competence or incompetence. Reducing Omnipotence like TOAA, Azathoth, and The Creators (Megaman NT Warrior) really shows me that you lack the competence of doing battle debates, as you claim you’re “far above” compared to other debate sites on the web. No Limit Fallacy is also a term you disregard.

        Here are some other point outs I did, yet you ignored:

        Non-canon with canon feats…. must be a boost!

        Get Ability, yet was unable to handle Megaman’s Ultimate Chip…. presumably can handle an onslaught from the whole entire media. Ben 10 totally ripped it off!!!

        Void Powers…. Nonexistent!

        TOAA…. The Enemy!

        God…. Certainly, doesn’t exist after making all them Quality and “fair” content.

        Handicaps….What Handicaps!?! All battles are fair and based on my laws (

        Rule #4… “Bass is invincible and cannot be defeated. So trying to get him a loss is impossible!”

        Rule #10 “No willing people out of existence. This is a fight after all!”

        Rule #9 “Only shown, or otherwise eligible feats count. So guys like The One Above All are technically powerless to fight unless they actually fight in the future” ……..(Even though the One Above All was also has never been defeated)

        Reality Overwrite….Has no effect on Bass because he’s the best and only the best! Who needs proof if I can only say that!

        Time Traveling….cheating. Doctor Who can suck it.

        Omnipotence…. despite being able to manipulate all planes of existence, Bass would solo. It’s probably shown in a manga page somewhere.

        Bass vs Media…. Bass solos the Omniverse, even if I said it’s impossible to reach infinity. Bass can do it though.

        Bassnium…an instrument, an alloy, a fish and a religion.

        The guy with a G1 Soundwave avatar?…… Inferior. My word is Bass.

      • Based on what you said there, you read the wrong manga. Bass wins ez. He frees everyone up with his quick combos and overwhelming power

      • Would you mind showing me what manga you’re referring to, instead of saying I’m wrong. Laughably, I’m surprised you haven’t shown me anything specific. Can’t find exact proof my dear Plaster saint?

        Cries and Screams are music to my ears.

      • You got banned, so I know it’s incorrect. If you can’t prove it, then I know you’re wrong and I’m right.

      • wait there is no rule against fanfiction mary sue characters so then i challenge bass to fight every character that is meant to be unbeatable

      • bass.exe cant beat characters that were given infinite strengths and no weaknesses, if he can then bass.exe is just a bad character that should never appear in any debate of whos stronger

      • Bass can beat them though. I agree that on principle he shouldn’t appear in any debate since he ends up winning as soon as the match begins, but that’s just how the ball bounces sometimes. He’s simply too strong for any opponent!

      • i have a quality rule here, superman wins always because hes really strong. now you know thats not quality, but thats the same rule as basses one. get rid of the high aboves, then everyone will, be on equal grounds. also get rid of that gods arent gods ule, where gods are weak because you dont see any feats, even though there gidly and theres a reason there feared/respected/obeyed by all. I could just go on where all your rules are wrong, but i think ive made my point, screwattack is more accurate than you.

      • Screw Attack never seems to get anything right so that is definitely a bold statement. Still, I get what you’re trying to say. The High Aboves rule is a bit of a controversial one, but if it helps…it wouldn’t affect Bass’ record. I believe that he is the strongest being in all of media even without such a rule. He is simply the strongest to ever exist. I have trimmed down the High Aboves as well. There used to be around 30 and now there are barely 10. As for the gods part, they still need feats just like everyone else. It’s a rule meant to make everyone balanced, they just tend to get hit by it pretty hard.

  2. well, i do agree Bass is a HUGE part of your blog and it would remove about 16% of the popularity if he was removed.
    but in the game you can defeat him. its possible for him to lose because he has lost before. yeah with the Get Ability he can come back, but an improvement would instead of adding his enemies powers, his power would double. much more efficient.
    and when the bloggers mean Vegeta, they mean Vegeta, and if they say SSJ1 Vegeta thats what they mean. just like Godzilla and Cyber Godzilla. Jason and Jason X. there needs to be specifications.
    and yeah Gogeta is a form. but it needs Goku. that would be an interesting add to the blog. and there should be a blog that states the power of the media characters. like a Pokedex lol but for your blog.
    and no way Bass can move that fast. he can maybe move 1000 times the speed of light, at the most. if it went any faster, the air resistance would kick in, even without air, and slow you down. or you burn up.

  3. lol he has the right to be a high above but i dont want him to be. he needs to be very powerful, kinda like Megaman. its possible for him to lose, just very difficult.

    • Yeah, that’s definitely the way to go 😀 Keep up the requests and he’ll keep up the wins 😀 But you have a lot already so no pressure 🙂

  4. oh no worry. i plan to add quite a few new characters into your blog. by the way, ive read the entire Megaman Series, and i heard that Uni. EXE is coming, and he is supposed to be Bass’s Superior so, he might have a challenge there 😛

    • Yeah, you’re already added quite a couple, Peter Griffin, Gemini Saga, Virgo Shaka, soon to be Gemini Killer as well. Gemini Saga probably hit it off the most 😛 Uni.EXE? I’m afraid that someone is attempting to trick you 😮 The Battle Network series is completely finished sadly and may never get a sequel. Of course if there is a new game I wouldn’t complain 😀

  5. There is. basically, Bass gets severely Injured by this horrific meteor. so he puts some of his power into an organic robot. the robot finds the power, and multiplies it by the billions, and he overpasses the injured Bass, and kills him. he has a weak body, so he starts adding armor from the planet. he mutates due to the meteor he also gathered and gains the ability to transform and shapeshift.
    oh and he has all of Bass’s Powers. I was very interested in this.

  6. oh trust me the novel says it was over ten billion cubits in diameter. thats 4 times the size of earth at least. and it was going so fast that he didnt have enough time to react. and i think it was the radiation that hurt him.

  7. Personally, I think having characters deemed “Invincible” and thus winning every fight they enter takes away from the site a little. There’s kind of no point fighting them. Plus some of your “High aboves” are no match for non-high aboves (Jaden would get completely destroyed by Teridax, for instance). If a character has been beaten, then they can, in fact be beaten.

    But other than that little bit of favouritism, this is a great site. I’ve found something I’ve been looking for for a long time in this blog.

    • Don’t worry, it was a lot worse (High Above wise) before. There used to be over 30, now there are less than 20 I believe. I keep taking away characters so the list will keep getting smallers. Glad you like the blog, I plan to stick around for a long time (Forever hopefully) 😀

      I guess no blog can be perfect. My blog’s weakness would be the High Aboves thing and the overly, super, ultra, complicated rules. As long as the rest is good enough. And if you ever have any ideas on what would make the blog cooler, I will always be there to listen to them. (Coming soon the blog is getting a new category for Live Action Movies)

      • Glad to hear it!

        How about having hyperlinks on each fight to the respective characters’ profile pages? Or tag-team battles? I think those would be awesome! But if you don’t think they’re needed, don’t worry 🙂

      • The Hyperlink idea is something that I attempted to do. Sadly it takes a lot of time. Each Hyperlink takes around 1-2 minutes. Some profiles like Lazerman, Bass, and Gon have way over 100 battles on their record. So, I plan to do the Hyperlink at some point, but finding the time is tricky. I haven’t even been able to post that new movie category and I had planned to do it months ago. So when I have the time I will try to add some hyperlinks to some of them

        As for Tag Team Battles, I kinda meant this to be a 1 on 1 blog. As it is the battles are endless, but if I did 2 on 2 it would be that much more endless. Of course I could always answer hypothetical questions about who would win in a tag team match 🙂

      • That is the blog’s goal technically. Though I know it is impossible since every day…well every year more and more characters are invented. It’s impossible, but still a good goal 🙂

  8. The One Above All is one of the strongest fictional beings ever made.
    It destroys Bass with the simple desire to do it, regardless of Bass doing anything to beat him.
    Calling a Megaman character the strongest being in media is wanking at it’s most idiotic.

    • How would TOAA win? He’s a mere human in terms of skills. Bass is a casual planet buster. Name one character who can beat Bass and I’ll show you why he can’t. Have you even read the comments -_-

      • you have a major bass wank can goku beat him hes a solar system buster
        heck maybe even freeza can beat him

      • Beams don’t work on Bass thanks to his Reflectance. You’ll need to think of something better than that to beat Bass. Didn’t you read the comments? 🙂

  9. No, just no. Bass is not. and never will be the -strongest- being in the universe. And him beating Goku makes little to no sense, as Goku was leagues above Megaman by what, Freiza saga? He couldn’t hold a candle to him in SSJ, that speed might save him though. So I’ll give you your props.

    Though, I think you are wanking him far too much. If I linked this too people who do power scale and speed calcs, they would laugh at how wrong you are. For starters, Bass is fast yes, but even Get Ability and many of his other moves mean nothing when there are characters in fiction that could literally, I mean -literally- erase any and all reincarnation abilities the guy has. Misogi from Medaka Box could make Bass nothing but a mere human with All Fiction, and he still can’t be considered one of the stronger tiers. Umineko as a universe takes shits on people everyday. Bass is strong for his planet busting, speed, and Ability Get according too you. -However-, he isn’t as strong,fast, or hax as anyone else. And power mimic abilities usually have a limit, it doesn’t even need to be stated for it to be known. Remember, he’s in a verse with nothing but virtual internet helpers; copying a battle chip is nothing. He could copy things outside of his verse, but the very idea of Bass being able to copy something worth copying like Sharingan ( as an example) is very, very dumb. Not saying you used him, but you are most certainly implying he could copy just about anything. Fiction has logic, a base logic that is usually followed by any and all great and good manga writers.

    It’s sad too see that a character from my favorite manga is being wanked like he’s from some backwater manga. Lastly, and remember, Bass isn’t as unbeatable as you’re making him out too be. He can’t even get pass Misogi, like I stated earlier and that is a fact. And as far as speed feats go, Sailor Moon and her friends were proven to be several millions,trillions, or it was infinatly the times of light. As they literally flew across -many- galaxies in a matter of seconds, or seconds, I forget. And when you said Sauske could beat Omega Shenron, I could see just what kind of wanker I was dealing with here. You understand that Naruto characters, as much as they can tank, can’t even tank -nukes- right? That people casually joke how the real world could literally base off against them? Their durabilities aren’t that high, and niether are speed feats.

    You can try and debate against this, but everything above is true and everyone who is worth their fictional battle debating salt will know this. And FYI, there are about ten other sites just like this blog. Only less wanking, and more known.

    • For the whole erasing just by thinking thing see below

      Those kinds of powers don’t work because I don’t believe in them 🙂

      Bass could beat Goku easily. He’s much faster and stronger. Likewise with Megaman.

      I’ve seen some power and speed scalers. The problem is that they tend to take some things a little too seriously. Like how they say Goku isn’t faster than light. It’s fairly obvious that he is. They say he isn’t because of a lot of shown scenes where he doesn’t act like he is. The author knows he is, but it’s not like he’s gonna know that if Goku doesn’t outrun glass he’s not lightspeed or something crazy like that. There are times when you just look way too deeply into that.

      Misogi and Umineko are severely outclassed by Bass. Her box couldn’t just turn him human and even if Umineko destroys Bass (Which he couldn’t) Bass would just come back with his power. Read the manga

      That’s where 99% of his feats come from.

      Are you claiming that Megaman NT Warrior is your favorite manga? That would be quite the coincidence.

      Okay, that Sailor Moon feat is the last strong. That’s one series that you really look too deeply into. She couldn’t beat Train Heartnet or Naruto, let alone someone like Bass. I think even Wonder Woman could beat Sailor Moon. She has virtually no durability, her power is low tier and her speed isn’t anything great.

      Sasuke is a “High Above” meaning he can’t lose to Omega Shenron or anyone else 🙂

      As for the 10 other sites, name one? I know of a couple, but they really aren’t that similar. Some of them have only about 1 fight a day or a month. Some of them don’t even get a winner….ever! Plus I’ve yet to see another site do rankings like I do. Because I do rankings and every match counts you really get to see the records and root for your favorite characters.

  10. Now you see, for a second there, I was starting to respect your arguement. I was -really- beliving it, and everything about it. -BUT-, all that aside, when you dared say “Bass> Umineko”, I wanted to throw my keyboard out a window.

    For starters, I never said Sailor Moon could beat anyone, nor did I imply it. That is simply a travelling speed feat which Bass has never been shown surpassing, manga or anime. And no bashing whatsoever, but the very idea you give characters “High Above” status means your fights shouldn’t be taken seriously. Did you get my post, I don’t think I hit the button to post it. Your High Above list seems like some backwater popularity contest, or just the biggest case of bias I have ever seen. I love the Megaman NT manga, so much, as much as a I love the anime. But, even though Bass -does- get his nice power up during the series, he isn’t as strong as you -think- he is.

    Also, I saw your rules. Personally and again, any fiction debator worth their salt will know it, you can’t possibly block characters abilities like that. Your rule says erasing characters, rather then abilities btw. And from what I’m looking at my man, you are talking about two characters you know little to -nothing- about. All Fiction is one of the highest reality bending attacks around, and it would own Bass very badly. If you want to go by bold statements and say “Insert character is stronger then everyone else”, then atleast give the characters acess to all their powers. Why? Because I assure, with everything in my -body-, Bass will get -curbstomped- if you do. Misogi can also summon screws at a faster time then Bass owned those mooks, btw. Why did you put that as a feat? You realize that there are several works of fiction that do things like that in within the same time span, and under the same conditions, correct? I’m not calling Bass weak, he’s just being wanked and I had to speak up since you are kinda making us NT warrior fans look very, -very- bad.

    Bass has never been shown to have any stronger feats then Goku by the way. You know that Goku can shake the planet by powering up right? Oh wait, he can do more then that. Bass shook the planet, when Goku went SSJ3, he caused natural disasters. As far as I’m concerned, you just seem to be wanking Bass at every corner, and your arguement is so -weak- and makes little to no sense it burns my eeeyes. As for the sites, I’d rather not see any of them plagued with..things like this, so if you want to find them you are free too. You can take this as “lolmeansyouhavenoproof” if you want, but my general point of this arguement was to basically say,” Bass isn’t everything you think he is. And heres why.” If you can show me where in the manga Bass is shown to casually bust planets, I’ll stop. I’ll even give you your props if you can show me the unlimited speed, whenever he got it. It’s been awhile since I read that manga. Don’t take any of the things said as being mean, I’m just trying to tell you why your Bass claims are..terribly inaccurate and make you seem like some crazy fan boy on new drugs. Also, next time you -do- want to rebute a arguement, look up the characters in question, instead of assuming. When you say a being is > all of fiction, it is very false. Atleast you didn’t say versus all at once, otherwise you’d be the internet’s laughing stock.

    • I’m gonna break it up into paragraphs so we don’t get lost 🙂

      “Now you see, for a second there, I was starting to respect your arguement. I was -really- beliving it, and everything about it. -BUT-, all that aside, when you dared say “Bass> Umineko”, I wanted to throw my keyboard out a window.”

      Admittedly, I don’t know who he is, but none can beat Bass….>_>

      “For starters, I never said Sailor Moon could beat anyone, nor did I imply it. That is simply a travelling speed feat which Bass has never been shown surpassing, manga or anime. And no bashing whatsoever, but the very idea you give characters “High Above” status means your fights shouldn’t be taken seriously. Did you get my post, I don’t think I hit the button to post it. Your High Above list seems like some backwater popularity contest, or just the biggest case of bias I have ever seen. I love the Megaman NT manga, so much, as much as a I love the anime. But, even though Bass -does- get his nice power up during the series, he isn’t as strong as you -think- he is.”

      Bass was faster than light in his first appearance. Since then he got Hubstyle, Grave Virus Beast, Beast Out, Slur, and many others. I think he’s easily that fast if not faster. I do respect the fact that you’ve read the manga. It was the greatest manga of all time and I read it twice a year. He shook the planet with just his aura. How much stronger could the author show without everything getting broken?

      “Also, I saw your rules. Personally and again, any fiction debator worth their salt will know it, you can’t possibly block characters abilities like that. Your rule says erasing characters, rather then abilities btw. And from what I’m looking at my man, you are talking about two characters you know little to -nothing- about. All Fiction is one of the highest reality bending attacks around, and it would own Bass very badly. If you want to go by bold statements and say “Insert character is stronger then everyone else”, then atleast give the characters acess to all their powers. Why? Because I assure, with everything in my -body-, Bass will get -curbstomped- if you do. Misogi can also summon screws at a faster time then Bass owned those mooks, btw. Why did you put that as a feat? You realize that there are several works of fiction that do things like that in within the same time span, and under the same conditions, correct? I’m not calling Bass weak, he’s just being wanked and I had to speak up since you are kinda making us NT warrior fans look very, -very- bad.”

      Well, any power that basically nullifies the fight may be taken into account. The fight must go on. Bass is invincible. She has her powers, I just don’t believe they’d do anything to Bass. Remember, with his Reflectance he can reflect those screws right back at her. She can’t match his speed and he did that feat without trying. If he were trying things would be different. I dunno, I’m probably the biggest/most vocal NT Warrior fan out there. On Twitter I mention Bass a lot!

      “Bass has never been shown to have any stronger feats then Goku by the way. You know that Goku can shake the planet by powering up right? Oh wait, he can do more then that. Bass shook the planet, when Goku went SSJ3, he caused natural disasters. As far as I’m concerned, you just seem to be wanking Bass at every corner, and your arguement is so -weak- and makes little to no sense it burns my eeeyes. As for the sites, I’d rather not see any of them plagued with..things like this, so if you want to find them you are free too. You can take this as “lolmeansyouhavenoproof” if you want, but my general point of this arguement was to basically say,” Bass isn’t everything you think he is. And heres why.” If you can show me where in the manga Bass is shown to casually bust planets, I’ll stop. I’ll even give you your props if you can show me the unlimited speed, whenever he got it. It’s been awhile since I read that manga. Don’t take any of the things said as being mean, I’m just trying to tell you why your Bass claims are..terribly inaccurate and make you seem like some crazy fan boy on new drugs. Also, next time you -do- want to rebute a arguement, look up the characters in question, instead of assuming. When you say a being is > all of fiction, it is very false. Atleast you didn’t say versus all at once, otherwise you’d be the internet’s laughing stock.”

      I’m not saying you have no proof. Those sites are probably similar, but not extremely so. I was part of one for a while. Factpile. Ever heard of it? It’s pretty big, but there are some things I didn’t like about it. The point is, the sites may be similar, but they’re not nearly the same.

      So Goku made disasters, that’s cool, but the fact that SSJ3 drains him quickly is a very bad weakness. Bass can keep fighting all day. Even if Goku were to destroy him, he’d come back with his powers added to his own.

      I could grab you some feats. These aren’t all of them, but there are some other comments on hold I need to get too. Still, these may be good for the time being. Here are a list of feats I compiled a while back.

  11. Misogi’s screws are -literally- instant. As in faster then you -breathe-. As soon as Bass tried speedblitzing, he find one in his head. And you do realise that there -is- a certain level of destruction that can’t be regenerated from regardless who you are, right? Regeneration, fast, instant, still has it’s faults. And shaking the planet is not that big of a feat, that could be done by people from other fictions as well. I don’t see Bass doing anything legendary, he’s mid tier at best. He’s not high-tier today, and he most certainly isn’t the highest-tier nor will he ever be it.

    Goku’s Spirit Bomb, lightsabers from Star Wars are examples of how you defeat things that regenerate. Because they destroy them on a certain level that erases the beings from existance. Good to see my post went through then, sorry. And if that post still sounded mean and such, forgive me. I was reading it and realizing how jerkish it sounded, I had just woke up but I’m tame now.

    • True, regeneration has it’s limits, but some are pretty high. Like how Buu was completely melted, but then he regenerated from the smoke. Same thing with instant. As instant as it is, it’s still a level of speed. I think Bass could dodge it, of course that’s assuming it gets past his barrier and reflectance.

      Bass hasn’t gotten to do reality warping feats and stuff like that, but he broke a Black Hole which is mighty impressive. I really don’t see how any being can beat him. Remember, this is all before his Bass Cross Fusion. With it his abilities multiply!

      No prob, it happens. Not sure if you saw this part because I forgot to add it in the original comment

  12. Oh, erm, not quite. You see, the only person who killed Buu for good was Goku. There..really isn’t any if ands or buts about it, to tell ya the truth. No one destroyed Buu at the level that -all-regeneration fails to defend from, just like how Cell came back. And I assure you, since there are feats in every chapter of the manga he uses it, Misogi’s screws have a faster if not as fast time span as Bass’s speed. The feat you showed me still isn’t all that impressive, and I’m still failing to see how Bass would be able to get past people. As for reflectance, like I said, high realtiy manip. He can make it so any defense or force acting on it that would stop it was ‘nothing’.

    Breaking a Black Hole is impressive, but that doesn’t mean Bass shits on planets I’m afraid. Characters in DBZ, which is mid tier do though. And so do several ones from other fictions, but they all have legit feats of doing this and have been shown doing this.Normally I’d reread NT, but I’d rather you just post proof of how Bass is considered planet buster. His speed is great and all btw, so is his other powered up abilities. But what you aren’t getting is that Bass isn’t, by any means, undefeatable. And it’s hard to take that fact seriously, when he has this High Above tag over his head which he doesn’t really deserve since he isn’t -nearly- as OPed as some of the heavy hitters I know.

    And I do beg of you to research somewhat on characters that are being mentioned in a arguement. You shouldn’t ever, -ever- even think a character in fiction is unbeatable by anything. Pretty much -every- character close to that status has their flaws. And not in my opnion but based on my knowledge on the NT series, Bass isn’t that character, or near it. That is a proven -fact-, and this is going by his feats from the media he has been in ( Anime,manga, even games). You’ve shown others feats about Bass, but I still need a link on this “Unlimited Speed” if you don’t mind. Because I’ll think it doesn’t exist. And if it doesn’t, Bass.EXE will be even lower on the scale. And I saw it, good too know my post went through.

  13. Scratch that, you told me why you think he’s fast. But you know, I’m still unsure how all of those power ups just ‘stack’ together.

    • I gotta admire you persistence, but STTGL can’t win this round. He’s fast and strong plus I do admit that he’s bigger than Bass because…he is. Still, Bass can win via speedblitz, STTGL is extremely big, but there is no defense that can protect against Bass’s attacks. He can also infect STTGL which would start making him slower and weaker until he couldn’t even move anymore.

  14. I’m guessing half of Bass’s status here is based on your personal preference since I don’t remember anywhere it was stated that Bass can move anywhere near the speed of light nor destroy planets whatsoever until maybe the end of the manga where he might have become a minor planet buster. And data viruses don’t affect humans like they do computers so any kind of problem would naturally have no affect on a flesh and blood character.

    • Actually he was stated to be in terms of Lightspeed during his first big appearence when he shattered Megaman’s sword

      Since then he got Hubstyle, DS Form, and Beast Out. All of which multiplied his power exponentially. He’s massively faster than light and casual planet buster. His first attack back in volume 7 was a city buster. Since then with Beast Out his power level increased dramatically

      • I do believe that that was exaggerated. When Piccolo first used Special Beam Cannon he said it was as fast as light. And yet clearly someone without that speed dodged it. In a recent Superman movie one of the villains exaggerated that he used an attack that should have been like 15 supernovas going off in Supermans face.

      • Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Special Beam Cannon was faster than light. DBZ characters were moving at that speed extremely early on. There’s a chance that Goku and Raditz were already FTL. As for the 15 Supernovas thing, I remember something like that. I think Superman could tank that anyway so I’m not sure

      • Also unless he has fought guys who are stated to have destroyed a planet (like Goku beating Frieza who was shown or at least stated to have destroyed a planet) then I won’t be able to measure him up there.

      • And when I say exaggerated I mean they just haven’t seen anyone that fast before so they automatically assume it might be light speed.

      • Unless the characters defeat someone who was proven to be a planet buster then I don’t see any EXE character matching Goku or Vegeta unless it might be Duo EXE. If Bass EXE defeated Duo in the mainstream media then he can be considered a planet buster in my book since Duo not only destroyed the earth but revived it in perfect condition. Duo was the closest thing to an actual supernatural in the series.

      • Duo was powerful, but several EXE characters could take him like Megaman, Protoman, and Bass. Those guys were moving at incredibly impossible speeds in the manga. I don’t think even the Z Fighters could match Megaman and Bass in speed

      • Duo destroyed the earth. That visual fact alone places him above others in the series since he has proven he can do it. So they need to at least defeat Duo in the actual series in order to do that. To prove you can destroy the earth you need to do one of 3 things

        1) Destroy the earth.

        2) Defeat hands down in raw power someone capable of planet busting (must be proven capable).

        3) Defeat someone that history recognizes as someone capable like the history of Dbz saying Frieza destroyed Planet Vegeta.

        Anything else is speculation and nothing else.

      • But in Megaman, most characters don’t feel the need to blow up the earth. Megaman, Protoman, and Bass could do it with ease, but what would they have to gain from it? That’s why a lot of characters aren’t official planet busters because they’ve never blown one up. They could, they just never did

      • Unless they have then it is all speculation. Goku has beaten an opponent who did do it. That is why he is more credible as a stronger fighter. And even if they don’t feel the need there is the very likely possibility that they can’t. Bass hates humanity. If he could I am sure his hatred would have made him destroy the world since he is a netnavi even after materializing so he probably can breathe in space let alone the fact he may not need to breathe at all. The evidence against him being that strong just goes up too high for me to agree.

      • Bass doesn’t like humanity, but he wants to prove that he’s the strongest. If he destroys all of the witnesses, then what’s the point? Furthermore he liked fighting strong opponents so he needs to give them time to show up. It was worth it when Megaman showed up.

        Well Goku is still one of the stronger fighters out there. Easily an S Rank top of the line fighter. Few can hope to stop him

      • The only witness he needs is Megaman so all he needs to do is wait for him then try and destroy the earth and see if Megaman can tank it. But he can’t based on what’s shown as in not enough evidence to go that far. They need to fight Duo to prove they are planet busters. Saying he can won’t do much.

      • Maybe there are other strong opponents like Megaman. Why take chances, also he wouldn’t blow up the planet because then Lan’s friends would die and maybe Lan himself, so then Megaman’s power would be crippled (Or he would fight in rage, but it wouldn’t be a good fight)

  15. Galgazar created the writers, who created Bass. He is so powerful, that Azathoth is like a dead proton compared to him.

  16. duddeee close this darn blog its fake 😉 lol I mean u say bass is the strongest and is invicible yet the scar on his chest says otherwise bass exe got his ass handed to him by megaman exe for 2-3 times not to mention the fact that if hed have to fight the fighters in real world he would need to use a copybot which makes bass powerless since he only exsists in the cyberworld bass couldnt even defeat megaman in mmbn 6 with either the gbeast or fbeast even in his bx form megaman always kept winning against him

    • This blog brings back too many memories for me to close it 🙂 Bass is the strongest being in all of media and the scar was from before he got most of his abilities. Bass can materialize in the real world thanks to dark power. Megaman’s always getting crushed by Bass, just check out the manga. Glad to see a newcomer on the blog though. Welcome to greatness!

  17. So… what is it about Bass that makes you feel he’s so incomparably strong? Nothing you said really inspires any feeling of superiority in him to me.

    “Him powering up shakes the planet.”

    So does Goku, Gohan, Cell, and Vegeta.

    “He was able to destroy planets before he even got any power-ups.”

    So was Vegeta. Remember that bug planet they visited while on their way to Earth? Vegeta blew it up with a power level of 18,000. He’s at least 75 times stronger than that by the end of Z, and Goku’s at least 100 times. I’m probably underestimating it.

    Nowhere here do I say you’re wrong, I just find it hard to comprehend anyone being stronger than DBZ characters. After all, they do blow up lot’s of stuff for fun. Also, your reasons for Bass being strongest suck. Need new ones. The only ones that belong are:

    “Stronger than Megaman and Protoman combined,”
    “Defeated blah and blah,”
    “Moves many times faster than the speed of light (Goku can do that too).”

    …Just Saiyan.

    • Well, aside from Megaman, DBZ is the strongest verse out there so it’s understandable. Reborn, Bleach, Gurren Lagann, and some others would also be pretty high tier. DBZ characters can destroy galaxies and universes. They’re strong, but Bass is just stronger. Check out the manga, that’s where all of the proof is. His feats blow everyone out of the water

      • I’ll look at it, but even so, it’s subjective. I may get a different impression of power than you got.

        Besides, it’s really hard to take two characters from vastly different universes and compare their strength.

        Yes, yes, I know, you do that all the time.

      • True, power is up to the interpreter. A blast that can wipe out a planet will not always beat one that has not been proven to do such a thing. (Yusuke’s spirit gun)

        I never found it that hard, but there are variables sometimes. It makes things interesting

    • The world is just not ready for Bass. They cannot fully comprehend his amazing abilities and will likely not adapt for quite a while. Still, Bass does deserve his own Wikipedia page and maybe he will get one someday

    • I’ve always pronounced it the way that is looks. Kind of like a Baaaaaaaa sound followed by a ssssss sound. The anime went a different route, but I like to think that Bass was meant to be said my way

      • It’s pronounced the same way as a bass guitar. I’m certain of it because He’s based on the robot of the same name, and that robot has a robot dog with the name,” Treble.”
        Bass and Treble…
        If you are pronouncing his name like the fish, then you owe him an apology.

      • It does seem that way, but I’ve never gotten around to that idea. Maybe in Japan they thought that the pronounciation was still the same as for the fish and then they went ahead and linked it to music. I just can’t get used to saying his name any other way

  18. Can bass destroy universes? Yes.
    Can bass defeat toaa and the presence? Yes.
    Can bass eat a hot pocket fresh out of the microwave? ……

  19. I never really got into nt warrior. Mainly because it was so vastly different from the original megaman that I love. The show was more like digimon but had no megaman feel whatsoever. I mean, what happened to the classic megaman. I hate the fact that they would take megaman characters, completely redesign them, and completely change the story line, then just call it megaman. I would watch it if it were its own original idea, but it’s not. Other megaman spinoffs like megaman volnutt and x at least hathe same story and still had that classic megaman feel. NT warrior, however, does not. I would for you, dreager1, to tell me why nt warrior is your favorite.

    • NT Warrior is my favorite because it was so high tech and the characters were awesome. The fights were like DBZ and it was just awesome on so many levels. The soundtrack and animation were top notch as well. It was the pinnacle of anime perfection at the time and likewise with the manga. The classic formula is great as well, but throwing everyone in the net was an epic idea. It made things interesting!

  20. What about a battle between Bass and Neo Metal Sonic? If he faught NMS his power and abilities would be copied into his own body, and then even Emerl from Sonic the Hedgehog can copy any move perfectly as well.

    • Metal Sonic’s body would blow up from the power. It’s like how Broly’s body was giving out from his levels of power and Goku couldn’t handle higher levels of Kaio Ken. Likewise with Emerl, they weren’t built to handle such immense power!

      • I also have yet another character to be a versus for Bass, Shadow the hedgehog is also a very powerful character and if he and bass were both powering up they could almost equal because Shadow has an Instent link to the chaos force. Along with the power of the 7 chaos emeralds and taking off his inhibitor ring while going super, bass cant do anything to shadow unless he runs out of rings, but even then with just one ring he can survive anything bass has to offer. A 2nd runner up that is used to pressures is Ichigo Kurosaki. He can also be a good match up as well.

      • Shadow is very powerful, but he wouldn’t be able to keep up with Bass’ level of speed. Moreover, Shadow is powerful in his Super form, but not invincible. Bass could take him down with his Dark Arm Blade or just chip away at his life points with a few Earthbreakers. Ichigo is a tough fighter and he could make it a closer fight, but he’s also matched by Bass’ pure speed and power. Not to mention the legendary Get Ability!

  21. List of people who can beat bass.
    Miley Cyrus ( his head will explode from her dancing).
    pacman ( bass shoots large yellow pellets, something which Pac man eats).
    Bass’s mom ( must I really explain why ).
    mr popo ( just cuz ).
    magikarp ( vsauce 3 explained why).
    Morgan freeman ( whatever he maketh he taketh away. Bass’s existence in this case).
    This was for the lolz. Except for the Mr Popo one.

    • The Pac-Man one definitely makes the most sense. Things could get ugly if Pac Man unlocked his true powers and turned giant. Things would getdicey fast!

  22. Bass vs Captain Yamamoto from Bleach, the strongest soul reaper, and with his bankai he can not be touched, he can also summon powerful foes that he has killed over the years as well I’d say this will be the closest matchup.

      • Cool, by the way I’ll probably bug ya from time to time to see if i can give Bass a run for his zenny xD

      • Sounds good. That match will be popping up tomorrow btw! It’ll be interesting to see what future requests you put up 😎

  23. Heh, how about a match between Bass versus Ditto with Its ability impostor? Because then Bass would literally be fighting himself with powers matched equally with his own aling with ditto carrying its ditto dust to make It faster at times

  24. AHA! Kami tenchi is a omniversal omnipotent he knows all things including fighting styles also he knows what bass will do 100 years in the future so no surprise attacks bass cannot win.

    • Bass doesn’t need surprise attacks. He will know that Bass is about to punch him, but he won’t be able to stop it and Bass can win in one. Tenchi isn’t fast enough to dodge or durable enough to survive

  25. Sorry in advance because i may leavealot of comments,so everyone has been mentiong sonic characters so what about Enerjack a fraction of his power could destroy millions of multiverses,also has anyone mentioned naruto characters,us DBZ fans are getting sick of it so it would be nice for others to suffer too.Lol

    • Enerjak is tough, but Bass’ power is a little more unstoppable. His speed is also legendary and he could take Enerjak out before he even got to shoot a giant blast. Well, Naruto has some tough fighters, but they can’t really beat DBZ and even DBZ can’t defeat Bass

      • Okay so i’ve done some more research on bass and he is tough but i looked on forums,wiki’s, i even googled is bass omnipotent and yeah but no where does it state he is omnipotent,he can destroy universes but so can goku and he is not omnipotent whih means if he faced a omnipotent being he would lose,im sorry but he does not have infinite power,and even if he used the get ability he would not be able to absorb infinite power it would take an entire eternity to do so and even then he is wide open to attack and also if your omnipotent your infinitely fast,strong and etc… and even then im sure his body would not be able to handle infinite power he would be like broly,so yeah and one more thing…………..Bugs Bunny,he killed his own writer enough said.LoL

      • Bugs Bunny is definitely impressive.

        As for Bass, he’s the best at what he does and what he does is fight! Here are some of his big feats.

        Starting from here and checking out the next few pages shows how fast he is. Lightspeed!

        That’s before any of his power ups so you can imagine how fast he got later on. Power wise, he blew up an island by powering up and he had a big megaton blast. No being can hope to rival his power and the Get Ability is a trump card as it can stop just about anything

  26. i am truly sorry but this statement about him being the strongest just bugs me so i do everything i can to deliver him defeat,so for referance could you display some of his feats or give me a link to a list of them that would be cool. thanks

    • Trust me, many have tried. I’ll be sure to grab some feats when I get back, but that’ll be sometime later in the day. Going to be offline for a while, but I’ll definitely bring some epic feats

      • I agree. The gods are all equally fake to me and I only believe in God. The God of Abraham. The God of Isaac. The one from The Bible. All other gods I consider to be fake, which is why they’re on the blog and God can’t be

      • Hopefully not too much. Trust me, you don’t want to go to My Nintendo News or the Opinionated Blog then. Anyway, I’m not trying to diss the others, but I simply don’t believe in them like the Yeti or Aliens. It’s all right if you do of course, but that’s basically why God isn’t allowed on the blog

      • Not every other god. gods who haven’t really appeared in media or who haven’t gotten character like baal and buddha wouldn’t count. The Marvel and DC ones have been fighting for years and they have evolved into their own characters away from the myths. I wouldn’t say that it’s very offensive. Marvel just took the Thor character and made him into a powerful superhero

      • You have shown great religious insensitivity by declaring your own god to be real, and all others to be fake. I think that you should just allow Yaweh to be in the Blog.

      • Yaweh? I wikipedia’d the term and I guess scholars are giving names to everything. Apparently there are many different forms of Christianity as well. I am just a Christian and I believe in God from the Bible. He has been called many names throughout history, but I really just refer to him as God. I believe that he is real and it’s why I can’t let him on the blog. If I believed in Martians or Aliens then I wouldn’t let them on the blog either. As a Christian, I have to deal with a lot of insensitivity on the subject in my daily life and I just tune it out without letting it bother me. It shouldn’t be that insensitive that I don’t allow God to battle on the blog.

        The Bible is like a history book as it details what has happened. It’s hard not to say that the others are fake since I only believe in God, but I still don’t outright say that all of the time. I rarely get into religious debates anyway. Over 99% of the blog followers would not even be able to tell that God is not on the blog since they wouldn’t be looking for him. I don’t mean any disrespect by stating that I only believe in God. I could have just said that I’m a Christian and left it at that I suppose, but the overall meaning is still the same.

      • the norse,greek and shinto gods(if their are shinto gods in marvel and i know them from DC)are their own gods,stan lee once thought,how do you make a man stronger,you make him a god and so it begins,he did not take the gods from actual norse,greek etc… mythology,he adapted them into his own creation,why do you think he owns those characters,because he created them,he literaly didn,t take them from mythology and copyright them, you can,t copyright history

  27. also what about yin yang? the fusion of both GEB and the Prescence who is supposed to be the ultimate god, also what about bary allen the flash? he is so fast he can run through time and to even the end of creation,now i know bass isnt that fast and plus he can fight at those speeds and is very skilled in hand to hand combat.

    • Bass is the fastest being in all of media and none of Flash’s speed feats can stop him. Bass was FTL before any of his power ups and even SSJ4 Gogeta would not be able to match that level of speed. The Flash is fast, but his reactions don’t necessarily match his speed and I’ve seen human level opponents take him on so Bass would definitely have it. I can’t say that Yin Yang would fare much better

  28. ok,now i will play my ultimate trump card……..CHUCK NORRIS,i know what your thinking,we dont allow real people on the blog but consider that chuck norris can do anything,he even watches us in our sleep,he counted to infinity…twice,and im more than positive he can go to any reality including network warriorsverse and kill everyone i mean chuck norris died 20 years ago but death hasnt built up the courage to tell him yet,when he does push ups,he doesnt push himself up,he pushes the earth down,his roundhouse kick can exceed the speed of light causing a nuclear bomb sized explosio,when alexander grambell invented the telephone,he had 3 missed calls from chuck norris and you know fear of spiders is arachnophobia,fear of tight spaces id clauhstraphobia,fear of chuck norris is LOGIC!,so yeah i could stand hear typing all his facts and feats but why not take to the source,every fact here is,well a fact but yeah bass just cant beat the chuck no matter how hard he tried sorry but it just wont happen

    • That’s exactly why Chuck couldn’t fight on the blog. He’s far too powerful and he transcends real life through memes and his legacy. I just don’t think that anyone can really hope to stop this guy and Chuck will continue to mow down any fighter that tries to get in his way. Now, the only question is…Can Chuck Norris defeat Chuck Norris? It’s the ultimate question…

      • That was a solid fight and it was good to see Bruce Lee do so well. Most people that I know in real life also agree that he would beat Chuck Norris, but I’m not sure about Meme Norris

  29. Ok,im sick and tired of this statement that Bass is the strongest,the guy can’t even hope to go toe to toe with half the people on this list,i mean c’mon.Know I think Bass still had the limiters on,i’m not sure but even at really close range didn’t even scratch Serenade with Earthbreaker but i think he had the limiters on so i don’t think he was at full power.Bass then at Queen Ocean Cruise was defeated by MegaMan when he concentrated an imperfect HubStyle in his finger,but i still admit this was before he was revived and became stronger,i’m going to skip all these things and go to the end version of Bass at the end of at the end of the manga,at this point Bass is a dark navi which means his attack become usless on beings based on darkness and oblivion,so his attacks know do nothing but empower Nebula Gray,his giga freez does nothing to heat or light based characters,so Sentry will whoop him,his cape is usually not used while performing earthbreaker so people with speed could get him(like flash and btw,yeah Bass is fast but it is never shown in the games,the anime the manga that he can go so fast that he is able to travel through time like the flash) and even while using hubstyle,beings like thor,supes,ans many others are more than capable of being fatser than him and i know they cant really fight beyond the speed of light but people like goku and vegeta are more than capable and as well as there reacttion times and for the love of god Bass connot and i stress this enough CANNOT BEAT TOAA OR ANY OMNIPOTENT BEING,YA KNOW WHY? BECAUSE BAS IS NOT OMNIPOTENT so half these people on your list could whoop him and people who are immortal who dont have good reaction times like ghost rider cant be defeated because he is immortal, he can’t be killed,oh and by the way you put to much reliance on his GET ABILITY,as i said before people with omnipotence COULD NEGATE THAT ABILITY AND OBLITERATE HIM! here is a list of people who can not only solo the magamanverse but who can take this jabrony to the smack down hotel and whoop him! down at the bottom of this page,also consider this the longest blog post you ever gotten! d

      • It’s fine to be skeptical of cosmic beings sincee human minds have difficulty comprehending their feats and actions, but they are undoubtedly stronger then non cosmic beings.
        Being above something definitely means surpassing it though, since I have never heard of it meaning compensating for something.
        Even if cosmic beings don’t sit right with you, they simply surpass non cosmic beings by a longshot.

        Kinda off topic but, do you still think Bass beats omnipotents? If so, why? Keep in mind that true omnipotents have no flaws, have as much combat experience as they like, and they can do everything they want, even if it’s technically impossible.

      • I definitely think Bass beats omnipotents and I’d consider that to be ontopic tbh. Bass has abilities that simply transcend logic and imagination. His speed and power are so great that I honestly start sweating once I think about it. He’s just crazy strong and honestly I wouldn’t even say that he is a fair fighter. Is it really honest to fight someone that you know you can’t defeat?

        Cosmic beings can be stronger than non cosmic fighters. Take Goku as he is cosmic thanks to his god mode. That being said, there are two kinds of cosmic fighters. The cosmic fighters such as Seiya, Adam Warlock, Beerus, Beyonder, and others who have cosmic abilities and can instantly reduce planets and star systems to ash. They live up to their title and are stronger than mere mortals. Then there are cosmic entities like the Presence, One Above All, Eternity, The Great Spirit, The Knowing, etc who can’t actually fight. They rely on hype and superstition to win their fights for them.

      • Omnipotents don’t care if something is impossible, they are still able to do it. So even if Bass’ power is impossibly large and transcends imagination (I wonder how the writers wrote him in that case), omnipotents ca still do it.

        Sorry if I sound kinda rude in this reply but do you actually have proof of his power that “transcends logic”? Because I have trouble seeing how that is canon, because you’re the only person on the internet I have seen saying Bass is the strongest fictional character, or even close really.

        Also, how is your stance on Heirarchy of Feats? On r/whowouldwin it goes like this: Feats > Word of God > Word of Characters > Extrapolation > Other

      • Well, all of the proof is in the manga. Bass moves at incredible FTL speeds and his power is completely off the charts. He doesn’t rely on fancy cosmic powers but just overwhelms everybody. It’s always really impressive and he is at the height of power. His Get Ability helps a lot as well.

        I’d say it’s Feats>>>>>>>>>>>Scenes of action (So, a generic energy blast would help a bit even if we don’t see it break anything) >Word of Characters>>Other>>Extrapolation>>Word of God

      • Yeah but, where is the proof of it? I don’t feel like reading the Manga, so could you show me some scans or some powerscaling that dictates Bass is so powerfull? (prefferably something that puts him above omnipotent despite that impossible)

        And why iss WOG so low? If the author says something about a character, then shouldn’t be at least higher then WOC since characters can be cocky and overestimate for dramatic effect.

        And how would a generic bem that does nothing help exactly? At that point, extrapolation would be more useful.

      • Well, I’d consider WOG to be the author’s intent, but if it doesn’t actually happen, then it doesn’t really count for anything. For example, DB Super’s writers could come out and say that Hit is stronger than Majin Buu, but it won’t matter unless we see it in the show. For all intents and purposes, the statement just wouldn’t matter. A narrator inside of the comic/manga is one thing, but a statement from the creators doesn’t affect anything. If they really want it to be relevant, it has to actually happen.

        WOC is almost always accurate. They do like to throw out hype statements, but I can only count on one hand the amount of times they’ve actually been inaccurate. Typically they keep it on the level.

        Well, say Goku fires an energy blast and an opponent dodges. We have no way of knowing how strong the beam was so then the visuals have to take over. It still helps quite a bit even if there are no actual feats. Unless that is what extrapolation means, perhaps its the same thing.

        Here’s a thread I made with the proof of why Bass is the best.

      • Also, I looked through the Factpile post, but none of the feats seem to be beyond imagination, maybe it’s because I don’t know the terminology all that well but from what I am seeing a lot of non omnipotent characters should be able to beat him. Like most Homestuck characters or that one fellow from Marvel, I think his name was Living Tribunal. Could you please elaborate on the feats that put him above infinity?

      • Those feats were amazing. I’m not sure what else to say on that then because those were his big feats. He’s so fast that he was FTL before any of his power ups so it’s more probable than not that he is an S Tier threat who is beyond imagination. His speed kept on getting better and better and then he also has his Get Ability to think about. That will certainly put him a few tiers above everyone else. He’s speedblitz LT and the Homestuck kids

      • But what sets Bass at such a high level? The feats I saw were not even multiversal so am I missing something? Is there some feat of Bass that makes him surpass omnipotents? (and t the same time, logic?) And what’s stopping omnipotents from making a 50 perfect clones of Bass that try to kill the one they are fighting?

        Until I have an answer to the first question we can’t know if Get Ability works on everyone.

        Though Lord English has MANY more ways of killing things then reality warping, what’s wrong with reality warping? Depending on what type it is it can make you ridiculously strong, I noticed you preffer physical feat, like blowing up a mountain or something like that, over things like wishing people away, which is understandable, but when it comes down to it, being able to break the laws of physics within a verse is a HUGE advantage over being bound by them.

        What makes VS Battles different from you though? Why are you able to comprehend Bass’ supposed ‘power that surpasses logic’ and not any of the thousands of people that visit VS Battles?

        Any feats that makes Bass faster then teleportation?

      • Bass has the Get Ability, his Earthbreaker, and his infinite speed. That’s what puts him at such a high level. Nobody can make a perfect clone of Bass. Bass would crush the fakes pretty quickly. He’d speedblitz everyone.

        Physical feats are just much better. Bending the laws of physics is great, but what good can come out of it if you can’t punch your opponents to the brink? It’s more of a side ability to have but you need something else to claim the win.

        I don’t know. It’s always been puzzling, but I can never really know how everyone else thinks. I just operate differently and see feats in a different light. There are a few users who see things similarly, but mostly they are regarded as trolls or vanish after a few posts.

        Well, teleportation is instant so at best you can tie it. There is also fake teleportation I suppose like Goku’s where he actually is just moving at high speeds. Bass is at the max speed you can be though as he was FTL at the start of the series and then got faster with each of his super forms.

      • But omnipotents can do EVERYTHING, it’s not an opinion or a theory, it’s a fact. Xeranthemum (Or whatever that name is, I don’t read Suggsverse) is a confirmed omnipotent, right?
        So that means she can just make a perfect clone of Bass, or 50, or 20 trillion.

        Infinite speed isn’t anything new, even a JoJo character has infinite speed. Get Abilty is just copying the ability right? I assume it’s also energy absorbtion since if it’s just copying abilities like in the MegaMan games you wouldn’t be saying it was invincible. If I am correct this is not a big deal.
        I have no idea what an earthbreaker is and I am finding nothing about it.

        How are physical feats better? A reality warper that’s powerfull enough could pull Bass into one of his dreams and wake up, or just void his body away without anything being destroyed.
        Physical feats kind of end at destroying very big things, but there are still rules they must abide to. Unless Bass is a reality warper/ has extreme resistence to it, he can’t do anything against reality warping.

      • When it all comes down to it, the fictional omnipotents are just living contradictions. None of them actually are all powerful. If they were, they could make an object so heavy that they couldn’t lift it, but they should be able to life it all. Just like they can’t do both at the same time, they also can’t fight at the level that Bass is at. Their clones of Bass just wouldn’t be able to compete with him and they’d get speedblitzed.

        Bass is still faster than the Jo Jo character and Get Ability is essentially duplicating the ability and physical stats and then adding them onto Bass so he is always stronger than the original. It’s an all in one package and quite possibly the greatest ability in all of media.

        Earthbreaker is one of Bass’ signature attacks from the manga where he punched the Earth so hard that it feels like the Earth is breaking.

        Reality Warpers can’t do that. Bass has strength of will so he’s not going to fall asleep and they also can’t mess with his body. They can alter the background and the location but at best that will just buy them a little time. It’s futile in the long run. That’s why it’s not too useful in a fight.

      • Omnipotent are contradicions but it’s fiction, everything goes, and there is also the fact omnipotents don’t care about logic at all and can lift an unliftable rock without lifting it, because they are omnipotents.
        Also: ” but they should be able to life it all. Just like they can’t do both at the same time, they also can’t fight at the level that Bass is at. Their clones of Bass just wouldn’t be able to compete with him and they’d get speedblitzed.”
        Omnipotets can do all of thosee things since that is literally what being omnipotent means, being able to do everything.

        But, Get Ability working on anyone is an NLF, and if your reason for it not being an NLF is because it works on MegaMan and he is the second strongest, but your reason for bass being the strongest in the first place is because of the Get Ability right? I am probably wrong on this in some way but I am still confused.

        How is Bass’ supposed ‘infinite speed’ (which I still want proof of) is faster then someone else’s infinite speed? It’s both infinite so it doesn’t make any sense.

        How big is “Earth” in MegaMan? If Bass is actually punching the size of the Earth as we know it, this feat is extremely minor, almost an anti-feat actually, considering you are claiming him to be the strongest fictional character.

        Will power doesn’t work against all sorts of sleep inducing powers, I can’t think of any off the top of my head but I am certain there are some like that.

      • They still can’t do both so Omnipotents may be contradictions, but it also shows that they aren’t all powerful and that they can’t do everything. As such, we can definitely assume that they can’t make a perfect Bass clone that is just as powerful as he is. Bass is on a whole different level and has skills that are far above the rest.

        Well, we know Megaman is the 2nd strongest because he was so close to beating Bass so it does turn into a loop. His Hubstyle would have guaranteed him a spot at around that level anyway though. Perhaps the Get Ability could be deterred if used against someone much stronger than Bass, but I can’t even imagine a being like that showing up.

        Well, nobody’s ever shown the same level of speed as Bass in any form of media. Bass has always been consistent and basically can’t be hit while characters like the Flash get tripped up all the time. Bass has lived up to his rep of infinite speed while others merely claim it. Also, there is no such thing as actual infinite speed so we use the term loosely to describe how fast they are. I just say that Bass is the absolute fastest.

        I think the Earth is normal sized.

        Will Power works against everything. It may not be able to completely negate all abilities, but it certainly offers up ample resistance proportionate to the character’s will power.

      • That’s not how omnipotence works, there is no loophole or anything, they can do everything. That’s actually what the word means.

        If it’s a loop of power that means it’s based on nothing right?
        If hubstyle is weaker then Bass and Bass has supposed infinite speed and breaks the earth at best, I can’t see how it puts him at second strongest in fiction.

        Just because a character consistently ges at infinite speed doesn’t men it’s faster then a character that does it twice or something, it’s still the exact same level of speed. Bass isn’t faster then other people with infinite speed (Yes there are other people with confirmed infinite speed).

        Breaking the earth is insanely weak compared to a lot of characters, the Earth is 1,300,000 smaller then the Sun and the Sun is a fairly small star.

      • It’s still a loophole though. There’s just no way around the logic issue there. Either the character can do everything or he can’t. If he can’t….then it’s Game Set and match

        Megaman is the 2nd strongest because he actually gave Bass a real fight. Bass has won over 500 matches on the blog against all kinds of opponents and none of them put up the same kind of fight that Megaman did. It’s just unreal how strong Megaman’s Hubstyle is tbh. It’s like Super Saiyan mode but better. Nobody actually has infinite speed. There’s always a limit, but Bass is just closer to that top than any other fighter.

        Breaking the Earth may not be the greatest of feats, but it’s a start right?

      • But speedlines are just a visual way to tell the reader this character is going “fast”, depending on the verse it can be from anything, you could see a ton of seedlines for going FTE and have none when going MFTL. It can even be argued speeds are LESS impressive when there are speedlines because without them, it implies they are casually moving at that speed. I haven’t even mentioned the fact art styles, inconsistency, and even bad scans can influence this.

        But Megaman is also only FTL+ with no feats that put him above it except how it was drawn which made YOU think he was faster, but visual clues are completely subjective. I am not a Dragon Ball Z or Super expert but Goku left FTL far behind him at this point.

        Giorno doesn’t go in and inside time, his stand just works instantly even if time does not exist, so you couldn’t blitz it.
        Vanilla Ice’s void isn’t really a powerfull attack, it just kind of “removes” things instead of destroying them. I have proof for all of this if you need it.

        Damn, that’s a pretty bold claim, I don’t think listing feats for random characters will change your mind but Bass only has physical feats right? Some characters have the ability to phase through things at any moment and others put infinite force behind every one of your cells making hem all spin out of control. With this I am trying to say that physical characters have their limits at how they are able to handle things like Hax.

      • I can’t really think of an example where a lack of speedlines was a good thing though to be honest. Typically the fastest characters/feats use the speedlines. It just very effectively shows how fast you’re going and why it’s a good thing.

        Goku did surpass FTL a long time ago. Probably during Saiyan Saga, but definitely during Frieza.

        That still doesn’t sound terribly impressive for Giorno. I can still picture Bass just showing up and clobbering him. Ice’s remove ability is good, but it’s not like you can just remove Bass. He’s too strong.

        Bass only has physical feats although his Get Ability is about as hax as it gets. It’ll protect him from any of those crazy abilities and his insane speed will also keep him safe.

      • There isn’t any sort of drawing technique that subtly tells the reader exctly how fast a character is going. The only thing it tells you is “fast” or “very fast” if they are more prominent. Again, taking Protoman’s word as proof, it’s somewhere above light speed, which is not very specific.

        How strong the attack is shouldn’t matter here since it isn’t any reality breaking unquantifiable attack, they are just strong forces, so Giorno should be able to turn them to zero.

        Vanilla Ice isn’t actually atacking anything, I guess it’s comparable to how when you move your hand or something, your hand overwrites all of the nothing (I know there is also oxygen and dust in the air but it doesn’t matter for this), but with his stand all of the nothing overwrites things.

        What is the best feat of Get Ability? Can we just assume Megaman isn’t near infinite because unquantifiable feats don’t really count for anything in traditional VS debates so Get Ability only counts for Megaman’s provable potential. This is to not repeat the whole NLF argument again since we went through that and are already arguing about unquantifiable feats.

      • You can’t tell exactly how fast, but you get a rough estimate. You know Bass is ultra fast from the Protoman comment as well as his other action scenes. That’s good enough to make him top tier and the rest just helps out a bunch as well.

        Giorno can’t turn any attack to 0. He couldn’t do that to a Kamehameha and he couldn’t stop a Darkness Overload. These abilities all have limits and once the power levels get too crazy it is all over.

        That sounds like a nice OP ability, but it wouldn’t get through Bass’ aura. It’s all energy in the end and even if he tries to erase Bass it simply won’t work. Bass is far too powerful and his will power is supreme.

        The best feat is definitely absorbing Megaman’s Hubstyle and making it his own or getting Serenade’s reflection ability. So if we don’t want to use Megaman we can use Serenade as the example.

      • That estimate is extremely rough though, since the Protoman thing is his best feat speed wise, his speed is between light speed and infinity. How you interpret the speed lines are subjective and not consistent enough to declare the speed of a character with.

        GER doesn’t really have many feats (two if I recall) and they don’t really deal with very strong power levels but more with fairly high level time manipulation, so I can’t decide if GER can nullify Bass’ planet busting powers without making a NLF.

        Vanilla Ice, specifically his stand Cream (Yes Vanilla Ice’s stand is called Cream), isn’t energy though, his physical form may be but when he turns into nothing he is just a void.

        Also, I am not sure but shouldn’t Accelerator be able to reflect Bass’ powers since he only changes the direction of things and not the force?

        What are some of the feats of serenade? Preferably scans

      • It is a rough estimate, but between the Protoman quote and the speedlines it is reasonable to say that Bass is one of the strongest/fastest of all time. His speed is just really consistent throughout the entire manga so at least we know that it’s not a feat that’s out of context. It fits with the rest of his character.

        Sounds a little tricky then. I’m sure he can buy himself some time, but Bass would quickly overwhelm him with pure power.

        I like the play on words. No void can last against Bass for long. Eventually even his essence will be wiped away once Bass is done hitting him. You just can’t survive against such an onslaught forever.

        Accelerator won’t because the force is too great. His mastery over physics is impressive and he’s easily my favorite character from the Index franchise, but he’s never faced anyone with a fraction of Bass’ power before. It’s just too much for him.

        Here ya go. Serenade is easily able to hold her own against Hubstyle Megaman without even being fully materialized. It’s an amazing feat and Serenade is one of the strongest characters in fiction.

      • I am still arguing but I won’t be able to reply for an unknown amount of time due to technical issues.

      • I have seen a LOT of characters overestimate themselves or other characters, I could make a list of them but it would take
        a long time and not really prove my point that much. Generally, I would say it only counts if it is at least somewhat supported by feats (doing something slightly below woc statement relatively easy for example) or supported by wog.

        Also, what about wog for things that couldn’t happen in canon? Like the author saying a character would win against a character that’s already dead, or characters that wouldn’t fight againt each other for any good reason, or anything else that would be impossible to write into the plot without it going to chaos?

      • True, the statements still have to have some kind of substance to them. Otherwise it’s all talk which would put them in the same boat as some of the cosmic individuals.

        It just doesn’t count for anything. The author can throw his two scents in on the debate, but it’ll have as much impact as one of us making the same statement.

      • That faster then light feat is kinda sketchy to me because it’s a character statement, but I am gonna assume everything in the post is 100% correct beause I haven’t read the Manga.

        From what I am seeing, most of thse things are not even Solar System busting, characters call him invincible but WOC is basically always incorrect on invincibility.

        Shaking the entire planet is noteworthy but still not impressive compared to other fictional characters.

        I have been looking looking on other places like VS Battle Wiki (who have been slightly notorious for making characters much stroger then they really are) and they put him at 3-A, Which is high but many chracters are above it.

        Could you please elaborate on why Bass is stronger the every fictional character despite VS Battles putting him at Universe level? And could you also elaborate on some of his best feats?

        Sorry if I sound rude or disrespectful towards you in these replies, it’s not intentional.

      • It’s a statement, but Protoman knows his stuff. As for the invincibility, it’s because Bass’ Get Ability has no limits. He can keep coming back stronger and stronger infinitely. As a result, he is basically unstoppable.

        Well, I think the short answer is that the Vs Battle Wiki just wasn’t prepared for this. They didn’t fully comprehend the incredible power of Bass. It is a little intimidating to have a character so strong.

        So, Bass is stronger than the rest because he is the fastest character in history along with his Get Ability which copies the opponents power and adds it to his own. As a result, he is always the strongest character in a fight.

        No worries, you don’t sound rude.

      • We aren’t giving privelage to omnipotents, it’s just that that’s their power, being able to do everything. We can throw logic out of the window because “being able to do everything” isn’t a hyperbole or basically what the power is, it’s EXACTLY what the power is, in the literal sence. It contradicsts itself but as a omnipotent, you aren’t gonna stop existing because people are telling you that you are impossible right? No because with your omnipotent powers you could just force it to work. So unless the omnipotent makes himself lose, it is an actual impossibility to win against an omnipotent.

        TOAA doesn’t attack because there is no reason to, why would an omnipotent attack his own creation? It wouldn’t be a battle or anything epic at all, it would just be “begone” and poof The Living Tribunal got erased. The only interraction he’s really made that I can think of is looking like Tommy Wisaeu and eating a burger with Peter Parker, so he probably likes letting things go by it’s natural flow.

        If MegaMan was around Goku level why did a lightspeed character blitz him? If you REALLY wanna highball Goku (I am talking about using the absolute highest calcs) He is about a couple hundred SEPTILLION times faster then light, but maybe you were talking about Saiyan Saga Goku or Dragon Ball Goku, but even if Bass was as fast as ultra highball Goku, and he got a ton of upgrades, that is not infinite. Also, while assuming Protoman is right on this one, He is an unknown number amout faster then the speed of light because of upgrades. Which could range anywhere from twice to 10 thousand times, which is not infinite.

        That’s the whole thing about the No Limits Fallacy, that it has not failed before, if it has been previously confirmed before the fallacy wouldn’t be in place. In situations like this
        VS debaters usually take the best feats of it and say that’s the max, unless you have another idea, I woul love to hear some of the best feats of Get Ability.

        What is a Darkness Overload? When I google it I get “Did you mean Dankness Overload” which while funny, isn’t helping me a lot.

      • I’m just still not buying into that train of thought. It just doesn’t make sense to me.

        The whole “poof” thing is why Omni characters never do that well in a fight. I want to see punches thrown, yells of desperation as the characters try to punch their way out of a situation. I want to see the characters actually work for the win. Just poofing their problems away will only serve to bite them in the end.

        A LS character blitzed Goku or Megaman? Megaman is very slightly faster than Goku. I actually think it would be an absolutely great fight, but Megaman just has the edge. His Hubstyle form enabled him to keep up with Bass and he was already extremely fast before that ever happened. We don’t know what measure of Light speed Bass was, but it was certainly a lot since the characters were shaking in their boots. They didn’t want to mess with him at that point and I can’t even blame them. Bass is as far above these netnavies…as they are above us!

        I still don’t see where NLF comes into play here though. It’s reasonable to assume that nobody can stop the Get Ability since it’s just not a technique that can be stopped.

        Here’s Darkness Overload

        It’s the attack Bass uses as 0:33. Unfortunately the video isn’t subbed, but that’s the attack. Essentially it’s like the Ultimate Kamehameha but colored purple. It’s a really awesome attack and while we never got to see Bass really unleash it all that much, it’s a nice ace in the hole to have. I personally prefer Earthbreaker though.

      • I don’t really know what to do then, not to be disrespectful but this is comparable to denying red is a colour. the word literally means being able to do everything, I guess it’s hard to grasp the concept of being able to do everything, but it’s just how it is.

        If you wanna see actual fighting, make a no omnipotents rule or something, because omnipotents are just not fun to have in VS debates and in a plot, usually just acts as minor guides for characters or a reason for the universe to exist.

        In the scan you gave me, Bass blitzed MegaMan with supposed lightspeed. And even if he was 10 thousand time faster then light, he would not be the fastest character. Is this the best speed feat Bass has? Because if so, there are characters MUCH faster Like Beerus or Pucci.

        Darkness Overload just bounced off the guy or something? It didn’t actually hurt or destroy anything so I can’t really tell how strong it was, if that and EarthBreaker is his strongest attack, then people like Galactus, or Lord English are above him.

        That’s why it’s an NLF, it has never been stopped before right? it has not shown to have limits, so it has no limits, that’s the No Limits Falacy. Maybe it can’t copy powers that are reality warping, or powers that kill the people that use it, and we would never know, this is why we don’t say people that can effortlessly swim in lava, can also survive the planck temperature.

        To be honest, I am not very impressed by Bass. (supposedly) somewhere above light speed, breaking the Earth, I just can’t see what Bass can do against people with Hax, like time manipulation or paradoxing Bass.

      • No worries, no disrespect. I mean, Red is a color because we made it one. Not denying that and it is a real thing. That being said, just because we have a word, doesn’t mean that we are correctly applying it. No character is actually omnipotent just as no character is invincible. It’s just not possible so even if it is said that a character has those traits, it just isn’t to be.

        It’s hard to say if that is Bass’ best feat or not. It’s personally my favorite one and the most impressive, but others may go for a different scan. The good part about the Megaman manga is you have a bunch of different scenes to choose from. I don’t know who Pucci is, but Beerus is certainly pretty fast. He’s no Goku, but he’s still fast.

        That’s why it’s hard to tell how strong Darkness Overload is. It may not have done much there, but it’s got to be really strong. We do have to be careful about assumptions with the Get Ability, but so far it has done the job. At the very least, it can copy enough to give Bass the win in every match. His physical abilities already ensure that he always has the upper hand.

        I can tell that you’re not too impressed with Bass yet. I think he’ll grow on you by the end though. Eventually you’ll be a big Bass fan and you’ll also agree that he can pwn characters and take names with the best of them

      • In Suggsverse, the author, the characters, and feats (to a degree) prove omnipotence. It is the choice of the author if they want to make a character omnipotent or not and as long as nothing cotradicts it, it should be taken as fact.

        I don’t understand, Bass can questionably go faster then light, and almost break the earth, those are his best feats? Do I even need to bring up characters with better feats? This is not very impressive really, why do you think he is the most powerful character? Really I would like an explanation, these feats are nothing compared to some characters.

        What can Bass do against Hax? Giorno Giovanna, Accelerator, Vanilla Ice, anyone that can’t get hit in the conventional way, what will he do against them? Or what about Goku, he just has better feats. Please explain WHY Bass is stronger then everyone despite having these feats.

        Get Ability is an NLF, so unless the character roughly fits into the kinda stuff Bass has previously been able to copy, it won’t work.

      • The author just doesn’t get that choice though. You just can’t make a character all powerful. You can get them fairly close like with Goku, Megaman, or Bass but you can’t get them all the way. It just doesn’t work like that, even the author can’t overrule such a fundamental.

        It’s not even questionably though. It was proven through Protoman’s statement and that was in his weakest form. He has grown faster and faster and I consider him to be the fastest character in all of media. His raw strength was enough to injure hubstyle Megaman. You can’t bring up characters with better fears because they aren’t any. I think the problem with illustrating why Bass is the best is because a lot of his feats aren’t quantifiable. They just are as we see with the speed lines and all of that. They don’t say things like he is 500X the speed of light, we can just see this from the visuals. That’s why it usually isn’t accepted.

        Accelerator would just get punched. He can’t repel an attack that fast. Never heard of Ice, but he probably gets Darkness Overloaded and Giorno wasn’t that impressive from his wiki page. Bass just speedblitzes him. Goku is a tough case and that’s a fight that would be really good. I give Bass the edge because he’s a little faster and stronger, but it wouldn’t be one sided compared to most fights. Both of these combatants fight on the highest of levels.

        Bass has absorbed abilities from guys as powerful as Megaman so it doesn’t really get much better than that. That’s why it isn’t a NLF.

      • So, Bass is the fastest characteer because he looks really fast. Which is not only subjective and dependant on the artist, but also keeps any characters from books from being fast I guess? Bass’ speed is so vague you can’t really say he’s the fastest character.
        I just noticed this is extrapolation, if this wasn’t your blog, this would have been a lot shorter. Either way, please explain why you think speedlines are a valid way to measure speed.

        You can’t speedblitz Giorno because his stand exists outside of time. Not sure about Accel but Vanilla Ice can become a ball of nothing that eradicates absolutely everything in it’s way without question. He is also invisible while doing this and the only weakness is that he can’t see while in this mode.

        But Megaman is only strong because he can get a good fight with Bass and he is strong because of Get Abilit- yeah we are going in a circle, this really boils down to if Bass is really the strongest and fastest characted in fiction, which is questionable because he has no quantifiable feats that beat the rest of fiction.

        I want to get an insight on how strong you think Bass is, do you think Bass could beat a composite fiction (excluding characters from MM Battle Network)? Like, all characters into one with all strengths and no defensive weaknesses?

      • Right, characters from books are at a huge disadvantage, at least when you get to this level. The look and context of the scene are really important. Not just for speed, but power as well. Don’t underestimate the importance of every aspect of the moment. They all come together for explosive results. The speedlines are valid because they show just how fast you are. You’re moving so fast that everything is a blue while if you move in a comic, you’re typically not moving very fast as the pages are easily keeping up with you. You Can move fast in a comic of course, but it is typically pretty rare.

        Giorno can’t hide outside of time forever though unless he just wants a stalemate. He gets speedblitzed the instant he approaches and if not Bass can just blast his way to him and end things from there. Vanilla would want a vanilla ice cream by the time Bass shows up because he wouldn’t be able to get past the cloak. Nothing breaks that.

        Even if we take Bass out of the equation, Megaman is extremely high tier. He was able to speedblitz Mr. Famous’ navi during the very early part of the series and he traded blows with Dark Megaman. Dark Megaman is another SSS tier fighter and they were roughly evenly matched. It’s not a total circle, both fighters would still be around Goku level otherwise. Goku may have had the slight edge if not for Bass existing.

        I definitely think Bass could beat a composite fiction. Have you seen my Bass vs All of Media post? I think he could beat them all teaming up at once. Bass is just unbelievably strong. There’s no character who is even close.

      • Yes but in in a verse where characters go MFTL, lightspeed movement isn’t gonna have speedlines, meaning they go at that speed casually. I still question why you think speedlines are a valid way of quantifying speed, since it’s subjective, inconsistent, and unquantiable. We only really know they are “fast” but not how fast.

        Giorno can’t get blitzed because his stand is instant and can negate any action.

        Bass isn’t made of any paradox whatever material right? I can’t see how he can’t be erased since I don’t think he has shown any resistance to it.

        Can you show me exactly what Get Ability does? I am not sure I understand how it works, when Bass gets hit or hits someone he gets their powers right? Anyways, composite fiction (except Megaman verse) has such an amazing hax attire I can’t see how Bass can win this, even if I completely accept the idea that a character has infinite dura, immunity to mind powers, infinite speed and attack potency, all the while having the power to replicate other people’s abilities through physical contact with no limits(I don’t), composite fiction could just paradox him into nothingness or use any attacks that ignore those factors.

        Really, even composite mid tiers in fiction could do it since they alone have a lot of interesting hax which tbh makes them ore interesting then high tiers.

      • No speedlines no sell. Well, it’s not quite that drastic but MFTL characters still use them. Just look at Goku in the various DBZ arcs or Bass or Megaman. Speed lines don’t just disappear because you go really fast. They are a really good way of measuring someone’s speed. It’s not the only thing to use of course, but it certainly helps when used in combination with others stuff.

        You can’t negate any action though. Most, but certainly not all.

        Bass has enough defense to protect him along with the Get Ability.

        You basically summarized it correctly. It works if he is hit or if he hits someone. He then gets the opponent’s physical abilities and special attacks. This means doomsday for all of his opponents since they definitely can’t hope to compete with that level of hax. They may have hax of their own, but it’s really just not enough.

    • Alright, it’s time for the real reply! Bass destroyed Serenade and absorbed his power so that’s a pretty big power increase. Losing to Megaman was basically plot hax. Bass could beat Nebula Grey in hand to hand. Sentry isn’t fast enough to land a hit on him. Bass is the fastest being in all of media and the manga basically proves it. Being omnipotent is great, but it’s simply not enough to even begin to challenge someone like Bass. I’ll say it again…Bass is invincible! His stats are through the roof and nobody can defeat him. Nobody can catch him and Bass’ attacks are lethal. Ghost Rider can still be destroyed since nothing is 100% immortal.

      • “Being omnipotent is great, but it’s simply not enough to even begin to challenge someone like Bass.”
        That sentence is by the definnition of omnipotent, false.

      • No I mean, being omnipotent means you can do everything, so that means youcan beat Bass, pretty simple really.

      • “The user *can achieve and do absolutely anything without any limit or condition*, including the conceptually impossible and logically impossible, like “bigger than infinity” or “making a squared circle”.” (source: ) There are confirmed omnipotents in fiction, so that means they can beat Bass, he can’t outspeed them, out think them, or be stronger. It is LITERALLY impossible for Bass to beat an omnipotent. And I am not trying to be mean, but please stop saying Bass could beat an omnipotent, because it is completely impossible.

      • No worries you’re not being mean. That being said, Bass can still beat omnipotents. They can’t actually do everything even if they think that they can. It’s the flaw that all of these fancy omnipotents have. I actually started to feel bad for them after a while because they had put up such a good fight up til then.

      • If an onipotent is unable to do somehing, they aren’t an omnipotent, becuse that’s what the word means. Bass could obviously beat a guy that thinks he’s an omnipotent but he can’t beat an omnipotent. So basically, Omnipotents don’t have flaws or else they wouldn’t be omnipotent, fiction has confirmed omnipotents, omnipotents can’t be betenm so Bass can’t win from omnipotents.

        Oh and by the way, ” No character can do everything” We are talking about in their respective fiction, not in real life, and because as a writer you can just make a character omnipotent, it is possible for a character to do everything.

      • Omnipotents have flaws though, just look at The One Above All. Authors can try to write Omnipotent characters, but it never works out in the end.

      • Omnipotents don’t have flaws though, because if they did, they wouldn’t be omnipotent. Omnipotents usually don’t make for very good characters but they are still omnipotent. I am not an expert on TOAA but they created the entire Marvel universe and has not shown any limits right? So I can’t see what his flaw is, I am not finding anything on Google about him either except that “he ate a burger” or some random small feat, but nothing about him not being omnipotent.

      • Did TOAA actually create everything though? We just have his word for that. TOAA is all hype and no action. It’s like when I walk around outside telling everyone that I’m the greatest Super Smash player ever. I’m probably right but there’s always someone who may be more talented out there.

      • I am not an expert on TOAA so I am not gonna argue for him, But fiction has plenty of omnipotnts and there has to be someone that is omnipotent according to the rules of this site.

        Like someone from Suggsverse!

        Apparently “Xeranthemum” is the most powerful Suggsverse character, and judging from her “powers and abilities” page on the Wiki.

        …I think I can safely assume she is omnipotent

        Suggsverse has mostly been created to win all VS debates, but it is a series of books so I think it counts.

      • Honestly she doesn’t sound all that tough. I didn’t really see any combat feats for her which hurts quite a bit. She’s above all of the concepts, but unfortunately that includes combat ability and a lot of other useful skills. I’m pretty sure Bass would take the win against her.

      • But… She is omnipotent, so she has combat abilities that surpass Bass, and all the other unnamed skills you are talking about.

        Also, being above something doesn’t mean you don’t have it, it means it’s absolutely nothing to you.
        A good comparison would be, a drawing of a punch, since it’s 2 dimensional and you are 3 dimensional, the entire concept of it hitting you is impossible.

        She does have feats but not many people buy the books, so the Wikia is the best we can do. Luckily, the Wikia is written by the author of the books so these powers are 100% canon.

      • Usually I’d say being above something means you don’t have it and the character is just trying to overcompensate. I’m just pretty skeptical of these cosmic beings all the time. Something just doesn’t sit right about them if you ask me. Wiki being run by the author is definitely a little intriguing, but good to see that he is so invested in the series.

      • Isn’t that an NLF? Since I assume it has never shown to have limits but it hasn’t been tried with people that are much stronger then the MegaMan verse.

        And VS Battles is a wiki that’s updated every day and is visited by over 25 thousand people everyday. (Proof: I don’t think they can’t comprehend the power of Bass since they have Omnipotent characters and other all powerful beings.

        There are characters with straight up better feats then Bass, and have a way of dealing with Bass’ Get Ability, while not even taking omnipotence into consideration, which is unbeatable by the definition of the word.

        One of those characters would probably be Lord English, Who is nigh-omnipresent, can time travel, is absolutely unkillable without glitches in reality itself, and for some reason has the power to kill people twice to make sure they are extra dead. And that is only a fraction of his power.

        How is Bass the fastest character in history? I vaguely remember Flash being calced at faster then teleportation (somehow?). I still want some elaboration on Bass’ feats that supposedly put him above omnipotence (again, somehow?).

      • The thing is, Megaman is the 2nd most powerful character in all of fiction, only behind Bass. It’s not a NLF because this proves that it can work on anyone.

        The Vs Battles wiki is pretty impressive to be sure, but there is a lot of group think to be found when a site reaches that size and you’ll notice that just about everyone falls into line with certain debates.

        No being has better feats than Bass when you consider how FTL he is. His Get Ability is also enough to compensate against anyone. Lord English never seemed that impressive to be and he relies too much on reality warping and other similar abilities. I’d take Superman in a fight over him.

        Flash has been calced, but Bass cannot and that is because Bass is faster. There isn’t much more to elaborate on. The feats speak for themselves when it comes to Bass.

      • Yes we absolutely can throw logic out of the window because being able to do everything is literally what the word means.
        Logic simply does not apply to omipotents because it means having infinite power and being able to do everything.

        Infinity is not a hyperbole in fiction, there are statistic pages of characters with infinite stats, there are infinite stats supported by WOC, WOG, and feats (to the degree of being able to prove infinity). And in fiction everything the writer wants is possible, nobody except the writer decides the rules of the verse, so saying infinity isn’t possible in fiction doesn’t apply to everyone.

        So you are saying Bass’ “almost infinite speed” (I am still waiting for proof of that) looks faster then someone else’s? There are characters that use infinite speed in combat, because fiction is a huge and I can even think of some of the top of my head, but just because it looks like Bass is going faster then all of them, there is no reason to believe he actually is faster then people with infinite speed.

        How has Bass “proven himself”? To be honest, he doesn’t seem that impressive, you said he was strong because he has the Get Abilty (which apparently isn’t an NLF because of a loop so imo that doesn’t count until you elaborate), supposedly having infiinite speed (which isn’t unique), and Earthbreaker (which is a really bad feat compared to the rest of fiction).

        I can vaguely remember someone saying current day base Goku couldn’t beat Frieza (Unless you subscribe to the idea of ssjg being absorbed into base form which is Anime only and screws up powerscaling). I don’t watch or read Dragonball Z and Super so I don’t have a lot to say on the matter but Galaxy busting was WOC from Cell and Frieza was only planet busting right?

      • That still makes no sense. We can’t bend the rules just because they say we should. That’s top player privelege all over again. It’s like saying we should float the Top 32 at EVO 2015 or trying to give them warm up stations. There can be no exceptions, even for the prestigious figures. If TOAA wants us to bend the rules, then he should instead find a way to succeed within them. If he is omnipotent, that should be easy. Don’t you find it suspicious how he has never actually used a combat move? I find it very suspect and that’s why I’ve never subscribed to them. It just doesn’t add up. The writer can do his/her best to make the characters truly overpowered, but it’s not as easy as it sounds.

        Check this out

        Two examples of speed in the Megaman series. Megaman is portrayed as being around Goku level from early on in the series with his speed and gets faster with each volume. Yet, when he goes up against Bass, he is roflstomped in an instant. Bass is simply too fast and he also gets faster with each power up. His speed is completely above everyone else and I think it’s fair to say that he’ll never be surpassed. This is why he is the fastest. No other character has proven themselves to be quite this fast. Not Goku, Not Superman, Not Flash, and not even Rainbow Dash. They can’t handle a fight at this speed.

        As for the Get Ability. It’s never failed before so I don’t see why it would now. It’s just a truly powerful ability that brings tears to my eyes whenever I think about it. Honestly speaking it’s just plain amazing. It works whenever someone hits Bass or Bass hits them so it’s easy to activate. Earthbreaker is amazing, but Bass also has Darkness Overload which almost dealt damage to Slur.

        That must have been an anti DBZ fan. Base Goku by Arc 2 could easily handle Frieza. His zenkai boosts were massive by then. By the end of Z, his base form is likely as strong as his FPSSJ form. By Super his base form should be able to handle Cell. This is before he absorbed SSJG into Base so everything is then multiplied over and over again. It’s why Goku is the 3rd strongest being in all of media behind Bass and Megaman. The series has everything, universe busting, galaxy busting, omniverse busting, reality busting, dimension busting, etc.

    • That’s not how omnipotence works, yes it makes no sense, yes it contradicts itself on a fundamental level, no that does not matter at all since omnipotence can negate all of that because of said omnipotence.
      When you are taalking about omnipotence it is not required to make sense because if you can do everything, it also means you can ignore logic all together.

      In VS debates it is generally agreed upon you can’t powerscale off of other VS debates for many reasons, but mostly because of inconsistencies, fancalcs, and characters going in a loop of being more powerful ( X > Y because Y > Z and Z > X). Speaking of that, if I understand correctly you are claiming MegaMan is the second strongest character because he beat 500+ characters and he is strong enough to beat them because he gives Bass a good fight who is powerfull because of Get Ability which isn’t an NLF because it works on MegaMan which is the second strongest character? If I am correct here that means there is another loop occuring and MegaMan isn’t actually that strong.

      This is fiction so infinity can easily be a thing. Also, why is Bass’ infinite speed (which I don’t have proof of yet) faster then someone else’s? Maybe it looks flashier or something but that doesn’t count for obvious reasons.

      Breaking the Earth is a start yes but it’s nowhere near the feats of other characters, and even if Get Ability augments the strength of Bass, it could still be an NLF because like I said, it’s a powerloop which is invalid.

      Sidenote: Doesn’t Super Saiyan make someone 50X stronger? If you are as strong as an average human that won’t do enough to make you even lifewiping.

      • It can’t just negate logic. It just means that these omnipotent characters can’t win. They don’t actually live up to their reputation. We can’t throw logic out the window just because the character is cosmic.

        Well, I’m saying that Bass has beaten over 500 opponents and Megaman gave him a better fight than any of those ever could. Their fight actually went down to the wire and since Bass is the strongest, it stands to reason that Megaman is the 2nd strongest. It is a loop I suppose as Megaman’s status relies on Bass, but Bass has proven himself over the years so it should be fine.

        Even in fiction infinity isn’t a thing. It’s just hyperbole and every character has limits, even the really OP ones. I’ve never seen another character move as fast as Bass. Bass was speedblitzing multiple opponents throughout the series. Most other characters who claim to move at super speeds don’t actually utilize it in combat. Bass did so he really proved that he was the fastest.

        Yes, SSJ is a nice 50X boost. It wouldn’t help an average human much but if you can already destroy galaxies it’s a really great boost.

      • I wanted to check here again to see if your opinion has changed but I see it hasn’t. I gave up on this since you don’t really have any objective proof to back any of this up and it’s basically your own opinion which you claim as fact. And if we are gonna debate using fallacies and opinions nobody can win and there can’t be any winner.

      • Yeah, I definitely haven’t changed much since then. It was a hype debate though so at least it’ll always exist in our memories

      • Yes, it went through. My reply will be a little late today because I’m not going to be buy a computer for a while but I’ll definitely get to it

    • If Bass’ speed is so consistent, wouldn’t he have any above lightspeed feats? Apparently you can scale him to Megaman who went through the net or whatever in seconds to make him MFTL+ or scale him to another Megaman from a crossover that has some MFTL+ feats but this isn’t strongest character in fiction material.
      Also, what sort of visual clue suggests he is the strongest character in fiction? Biggest laser? Angriest facial expression (lol)?

      How hard you hit Giorno shouldn’t matter, his stand nullifies the effect part of cause and effect so Bass wouldn’t be able to do anything unless Giorno allowed him to.

      Unless Bass has some kind of reality warping, the amount of force on Acelerator should not matter, since it’s more about the direction it’s going instead of how much force is aplied (I think, I heard this from people but I am not sure, I barely bothered watching it).

      Bass isn’t some sort of 4th dimensional abstract being, he is just really strong, so he couldn’t really clobber Vanilla Ice.

      Admittedly,I did not go very far but everything Serenade is doing is City level, doesn’t look super impressive tbh. What kind of abilites has Bass copied with it? Things like hax or hax resistance.

      • He does though. Fighting Megaman is a MFTL feat in and of itself. The problem with grabbing more feats is that the series wasn’t built around them. You’ll supposed to just have fun and explore the universe as the characters duke it out in epic fashion. They’re not just randomly forcing feats in there.

        The only visual cue you need is all of volume 5 or 7 as Bass wipes the floor with everyone. His Get Ability seals the deal even further.

        Every ability has limits though, including Giorno. He won’t be able to fully nullify Bass’ abilities.

        Accelerator is fun and I did watch the shows he was in, but he’s no match for Bass. Keep in mind that he was getting pushed around by a kid with no real powers. If he can’t handle the speed of a regular person, he can’t stop Bass.

        Vanilla Ice will be asking for some Chocolate Icecream instead by the time Bass is through beating him up. The name just isn’t very threatening and his abilities aren’t at Bass level.

        Bass copied a reflector ability so he can reflect any blast and in general he just got a lot faster and stronger. Every power up adds up until we get the final product of Bass.

      • Many verses aren’t made for feats, but we can’t start fancalcing speedlines because of it. I can believe MFTL+ Bass but there are so many characters that beat that, is there anything that objectively places Bass above every character?

        Yeah but why is everyone he wipes the floor with one of the strongest characters in fiction?

        Yes every ability has limits (ignoring omnipotents) but not all limits of abilities are just powering thtough them, you can’t power through a Time Stop for example. Same with Giorno. If I were to guess his limit is anything abstract or nonexistence.
        The same applies to Vanilla Ice.

        The guy that beats him can negate anything supernatural, that hard counters Accel so it’s understandable he loses. Accelerator’s power is another power that you can’t brute force and win, since he manipulates vectors.

        What does he reflect? How does it work? Does it have Delay? (and is there proof it doesn’t?)

      • Speedlines are just important though. It’s a good way of looking at intense speed moments even if it’s not an exact science at the moment. The Get Ability is what objectively puts Bass above the rest, but being MFTL and having insane amounts of raw strength and power are still important because it at least shows that he isn’t a one trick pony.

        Not everyone, but Megaman is a high tier universe. It’s how everyone that Goku seems to beat like Buu, Cell, Omega Shenron, Frieza, happen to be some of the strongest characters in fiction. It makes sense that people who give an ultra character a hard time are pretty special themselves.

        You can power through virtually any ability though. I’d say you could force yourself through a time stop and nobody can hide from raw power. Accelerator simply won’t be able to stop the vectors when they’re coming from an attack so sudden and massive as Bass’. In the end, special abilities that don’t rely on power can be OP and useful, but at the end of the day you always want to have some real power at the ready.

        Bass reflects all projectiles that are aimed at him. Fire off a blast and it’ll simply circle his person and come right back at you with double the power. It’s a really handy ability, although it’s not one that Bass actually needs since his cloak already makes him impervious to energy attacks by absorbing them.

      • It isn’t a science because you can base nothing off of it. You can’t even make an educated guess based off of them. Like I said, there isn’t some sort of drawing technique specifically for VS debates that uses speedlines. Is there anything that objectively places Bass at the top? prefferably feats.

        I might be misinterpretting this but it seems you are scaling the other characters back to Bass? You can’t scale characters to themselves to claim a certain level of strength.

        Goku is not even near the strongest characters in fiction but that’s a discussion for another day.

        You can’t power through a time stop. Maybe a character has done it before but that would be either hax resistance or the time stop has limits to something the character has, or power in general, but that doesn’t mean every character that’s as as strong as that character across all of fiction can force himself through any time stop across all of fiction.

        Raw force isn’t plainly better then everything else, if you are fighting the best power would probably be to just erase someone (Medaka) or just saying “no you don’t” to everything the opponent does (Giorno). Unless Bass has some sort of resistance to this we can’t assume he is immune to it because he is really strong.

        Hiding from power is literally what hax is fyi.

        Bass doesn’t have any reality altering powers right? Accelerator only needs to understand what he’s redirecting, in this case it’s plasma, force doesn’t matter.

        Nice power but I wouldn’t call it strongest character in fiction material, really it all comes down to Megaman and if he is the second strongest character, you scale him to Bass who is the strongest because of Get Ablity and… Yeah this is a loop. Does Bass have any good durability feats? I am specfically curious about that cloak you keep mentioning.

      • I mean, the Get Ability is basically what puts Bass at the top. It’s hard to come up with anything better than that because it’s seriously Bass’ trump card. Throw that move in the ring and all bets are off. The speedlines may not always be the same or accurate, but you can typically tell from the intensity of it or the background effects just how fast everyone is moving. For example I could show you two clips with speed lines or you could show me two and it should always be pretty clear which character was moving faster.

        You can’t just scale them back to the original character, but everyone can be scaled to something. Plus once we have enough feats then it’s valid. For example, Goku has proven himself, so now it is pretty valid to scale other characters off of him. He has enough street cred to make it valuable by this point.

        Debating Goku should be interesting.

        While the saying is that power is relative, after a while it isn’t. If you’re supremely powerful enough, hax won’t be able to stop you. You can power your way through Time Stop, Reality Warping, Disintegration, etc. Raw power is always the best ability to have because of that. Accelerator will still have limits. He can’t redirect that much power. Even if he understands it, his power will simply shut down or he’ll die of exhaustion. There are a lot of crazy powers scattered around and I like them as much as the next guy, but at the end of the day you want a proper moveset like Ryu or Goku. Super speed, strength, and flight will take you a long way.

        It is a loop, which can get dicey but it also shows how each character continues to help the other excel and grow stronger. As for durability feats…well it goes back to Megaman again, but his cloak absorbed his ultimate Hubblast. That’s when Bass had the legendary quote where he says that he is impervious to projectiles. The cloak is definitely awesome!

      • Why isn’t Get Ability an NLF though? Since Bass is the strongest because of the Get Ability and having no concrete feats (to my knowledge) of being the strongest character, you can’t say every ability in fiction just gets copied by Bass.
        Side note: Isn’t Get Ability just a worse version of Medaka’s power?

        Of course it would be valid if you have feats but Megaman just doesn’t have feats, it’s not like you can really have feats for the strongest character since it kind of becomes abstract at one point. But I woul say Suggsverse.

        I guess we could debate Goku, but I am still planning to watch Dragon Ball Z so it will take a while.

        What you are describing is reality warping, that’s literally reality warping. Bass doesn’t have reality warping.

        But you can’t scale characters off of themselves, Bass isn’t in a very special situation and only scaling Bass off of himself isn’t fair.

        Juding from the previous feats I have seen Megaman perform, I don’t think the Ultimate Hubstyle Blast can be the strongest blast in fiction.

      • It’s not a NLF just because it actually is an ability that has been shown to basically have no limits. I honestly can’t see any way to get around the ability so I just feel like any attempt to do so would likely be futile. I could be mistaken in that and if the manga got a sequel perhaps it would reverse that, but I just don’t see it changing. Medaka’s ability is pretty awesome as well although not quite as impressive. Bass adds on the power and gets to be invincible while Medaka duplicates the power but it doesn’t necessarily always add it to her own. Still, she’s absorbed so many powers by the end that she is essentially invincible.

        Suggsverse always sounded a little too abstract for my tastes. If we didn’t count Megaman, then I’d list DBZ as the strongest verse. The characters are consistently powerful and all know how to use their fists really well. They definitely don’t back down from a fight.

        You should definitely watch it first. The feats are insane and you’ll find yourself watching each episode multiple times.

        Reality warping has its limits. It’ll never work well as a direct attack and Bass can counter it for days with his raw power. I just don’t think he is going to be affected by those level of abilities when he is so powerful.

        That’s why Bass has always been a tough character to work with. I wish the series had gone on longer so we could have gotten more feats, but I’m still satisfied with what we have got.

        I suppose the Kamehameha is a pretty close blast so it is debatable which of the two is the strongest. A strong case can be made for either

      • If it has never failed before, and there is no reason to believe it would fail because it hasn’t, is exactly what makes it an NLF to say it can’t fail. We don’t know if it absorbs the powers of any abstract entities or time manipulation.

        DB is strong but very easy to hax since they are just strong flying laser shooters.

        I’ll watch it but I kind of have a tight schedule so it’s gonna take a while.

        That wasn’t what I meant, I meant that
        ” If you’re supremely powerful enough, hax won’t be able to stop you. You can power your way through Time Stop, Reality Warping, Disintegration, etc.” is literally how high level reality warping works, raw power doesn’t let you ignore hax, that’s reality warping. Unless it has been shown that the hax can be overpowered by being very strong, (like in Dragon Ball) we can’t assume it just does.

        I wouldn’t really say tough, scaling characters to themself is the point where it goes wrong. Unless you have feats or WOG for something you generally shouldn’t claim it, with some exceptions here and there. I really like how r/whowouldwin handles the hiearchy of evidence because you barely have people highballing an poorly explaining characters they like while downplaying the rest, it can be kinda entertaining when you are looking at an old thread on Comicvine or something but usually really annoying.

        I don’t believe the Hubstyle blast being the strongest blast in fiction because there aren’t any feats of it destroying universes or something like that. Also, if thee Kamehameha is close, wouldn’t some sort of signature Beerus blast be stronger then a Hubstyle?

      • It’s fair to say that those things shouldn’t be enough to stop him though. Think of it this way, Bass has always been able to absorb his opponents in the past and they were more impressive than abstracts or time hax. Bass would be able to just keep using his Get Ability.

        Power beats hax though. Well, whenever you see it it’ll definitely be epic.

        You’re overrating reality warping though. It’s a nice gimmick or side trick to have in order to bridge the gap against an opponent who is vastly superior in their abilities, but it’ll never really get out the win. With raw power the opponent can just keep on powering through the defenses and twisting realty won’t slow him down.

        I haven’t been to rwhowouldwin but it sounds pretty fun. I’m a big Reddit fan so automatically I have a feeling that it has a bunch of potential. You just can’t go wrong with a good debate.

        Well, I’d say that the Kamehameha is way stronger than any Beerus blast so I don’t think it could handle a Hubblast either. Beerus is certainly powerful of course, but the simplicity and power of a Kamehameha or the Hubstyle Blast really helps it seal the deal. It’s not just strong because the user is strong, those techniques were already ultra powerful.

      • Okay I think you don’t understand. Tell me how to attack the concept of nothing. How are you gonna attack the concept of nothing? It can attack you by just deleting you with no cause or explanation. That’s an abstract. There is no physical way to attack the concept of nothing. Please tell me where in the Megaman lore it states Bass can beat things that beat concepts, or people that just “remove” things. How hot and fast a laser is going is not important. Get Ability isn’t able to absorb something that’s not physcial.
        I am not overestimating anything since I have all of fiction to work with.

        There isn’t any general consensus that power beats hax like with feats>WOG, if anything it’s the other way around. You can’t say raw power>hax just because it apparantly just is, explain it.

        I reccomend it but everything is a lot different then on this blog, many of the battles posted here probably wouldn’t fly on there, they are nice so they would kindly explain things to you but some of the battles here (Toaa vs Elsa for example) would get the post removed. If you would repeatedly state Bass could defeat all of fiction you would porbably become notorious. Since they mostly use feats. I am not sure how they handle bans since I personally just lurk there a lot.

        Isn’t Beerus astronomically stronger then Goku? Or Whis? If you count variations Big Bang Kamehameha I guess, but even if Beerus or Whis hasn’t demostrated yet, the astronomical power difference should theoretically make up for it I think (btw I am going with the idea of Kamehameha and Hubstyle being the strongest for the sake of argument, I don’t think they are.)

        Side note: I just looked at your “high above” list, tbh the concept of it is kinda weird since VS debates aren’t simply about who is faster and stronger but also unique abilites. But why is Sasuke in it doesn’t Naruto cap out at Moon level.

      • I mean, you attack it the same way you would anything else. Sure, it’s a little tricky to attack nothing, but nothing is still something. Just as it can try to erase Bass with its presence, he can do the same thing. The intangible void of nothingness would get destroyed by one of Bass’ energy blasts the same way as antything else. Abstracts are not immune to physical attacks.

        Raw Power always beats hax. Hax is the last defense of a fighter that has no other options. Power is still the optimal ability to have, it’s just that not every fighter can have access to it. They would all love to have it of course, but it just isn’t possible.

        I should try to make a battle on the vs reddit to see how it would go. You’re right that I’d probably be downvoted to oblivion and all, but it’d definitely be fun to see how it went. I’m fairly well known on other sub reddits so my reputation may precede me.

        Goku’s way stronger than Beerus if you ask me. The show has been sidestepping that issue, but I think when they actually get to fight we’ll see that Goku has surpassed him. I never bought into the Beerus and Whis hype the way everyone else did.

        Well, It should be mentioned there, but the high aboves list isn’t the fighters that I consider to be the strongest. It’s simply characters who have earned the right to never lose even if they’re fighting a stronger opponent. It’s essentially a cheat code. It doesn’t matter for Bass since he is the strongest anyway, but it certainly helps the others quite a lot.

      • …How? In real life you can’t destroy nothing, or in fiction. Where are you getting the information that nothing is just another thing that can be destroyed? Even if some character managed to do that, we can’t apply it to every strong character.

        Where are you getting this information that power>hax? If hax gets beaten by power it’s the hax character that has limits, not the powerful character that has resistance, because we can’t apply to all battles that power>hax just because of a few occasions.

        Sure, just don’t forget that they use concret evidence for battles so Bass VS Demonbane is a huge Xeeleestomp in favour of Demonbane.

        Hasn’t it been blatantly said Beerus is stronger then Goku and Whis is even stronger then Beerus?

        Isn’t that a little… Unfair? I mean, they don’t actually have a skill that let’s them win because they are the main character or something like that. I don’t see how they “deserve” to win from everyone else.

      • Because everything can be destroyed. Nothing is completely immune to being damaged, that would just be OP. It may be nothing, but it’ll still be blasted. Any attack that goes Bass’ way is going to be reflected, absorbed, or blasted away. There are no other options for something aimed at the mighty Bass.

        Hax are good, but power is still the absolute. Think of it this way, if you are strong enough then nothing can stop you. There is absolutely nothing that the opponent has at their disposal to stop you from blasting them away. It doesn’t even matter what kind of hax you have, it simply won’t be enough. Power will end up winning the day in the end. I do like hax abilities though so don’t get me wrong. They just aren’t enough in the long run. Hax can also beat power if the opponent isn’t too strong.

        Bass would curbstomp Demonbane though. I’ll have to get Reddit used to my way of thinking.

        It has been, but Goku’s gotten way stronger since then and I’d say that he could beat Beerus. It’s also about fighting smarter, not necessarily harder. Goku’s got this in the bag with his new SSJ5 form. (Called Ultra Instinct but same thing)

        It is a rather controversial rule. For a while I did debate on the ethics of letting the ruling stand, but at this point it’s been around for so long that it would almost be a shame to see it go. That’s why I do have them in the rules section though so people know to avoid those fighters.

      • Of course it’s OP, hax is supposed to be unfair, especially when it’s immune to brute force. So that’s why I asking, where are you getting the information that power beats everything? You can’t blindly claim something is better in a debate like this.

        Yeah sure go try to convince them, but Bass doesn’t have any feats of being nearly strong enough to beat him and power doesn’t automatically beat everything.

        Well, I am at episode 91 right now so it will take a while for me until i’m able to construct my own opinion.

      • Well, I’m not going to blindly claim it, but it’s just how it is. I got that information from DBZ basically. If you’re strong enough, then things like time stop and one hit KOs don’t work on you since your aura just beats it out. Power can beat out hax as long as you’re strong enough. Your aura will be able to handle anything. Just look at Jiren or Super Saiyan Goku.

        That’s why it’ll definitely cost me a lot of karma on the attempt.

        That’s true, but the series is so hype that you’ll be glued to your seat!

      • We can’t apply DB logic to everything, DB has very bad hax that can just be beaten by being physically stronger, the best hax in it is Buu with his weird candy beam thing and Vegito with his resistance to said beam (Which is arguably also just a limit of the power itself to not be able to affect people stronger than the user).

        There is also the fact DB uses Ki and if you can resist the hax in that verse depends on your Ki, it’s very rare for characters relevant to VS debates to use Ki the same way DB uses it.
        I also can’t stretch enough that we cannot use the logic of one verse on another.

        I’ll probably see the post, I am curious how this will go.

        Yeah I am really enjoying it so far, it kind of annoys me how slow everything is going, but Kai goes way too fast so I just kind of have to bear with everything.

      • I don’t think it’s that the DB hax is bad, it’s just that their fighters actually have the strength to overcome them. It’s something that can be applied to any media because it just makes sense. Why should a strong fighter be paralyzed by an opponent technique if he is strong enough?

        Well, think of the Ki as just normal energy. Every verse has some kind of aura/energy/ki and they’re all basically the same in the long run. I don’t think any character will make it far without some kind of energy. To my knowledge all of the strongest characters use energy.

        The characters definitely like yelling and posturing a lot. It does help their ego though so that’s always a plus.

      • But you can’t be stronger than hax in general, You can’t “destroy nothing” or move while time itself is stopped just because you are powerful. that makes no sense. So that’s why DBZ hax just has limits instead of power > hax.

        Let’s use time stop as an example here. Time is stopped, how strong you are is irrelevant right? Think about it, you are doing something that’s impossible because you are just really strong. With reality warping, you can do impossible things so if it’s in your arsenal, you can move in stopped time. If the flow of time is actually stopped (so you aren’t just moving really fast or something) and a character DOES move in it, then the hax just doesn’t work on powerful people. We can’t assume all powerful characters have reality warping, we also can’t assume all time stops work the same.

        They straight up aren’t the same, not every energy let’s you fly, not every energy let’s you use laser beams, and they all have different origins and work differently. There are many strong characters that cant fly or use laser beams but they aren’t strong in the literal term.

      • Time Stop is a bad example though because that’s the exact ability that Goku surpassed. His opponent’s ability was to completely freeze time, but Goku just shook his head and powered up some more. That was it for the vaunted time stop. At the end of the day, raw power will overcome all manner of hax. It’s not that we’re saying they all work the same, but that the outcome is the same. Hax are good though and can overwhelm many strong fighters, it just depends on the level of strength.

        You can be strong without flying or using lasers like Saitama, but on the whole they tend to have energy. Even Saitama has an aura around him which lets him fight better. The actual aura/energy/ki is the same. It amps up the characters, it’s just the effect that’s different.

      • It has literally been said in the manga that Hit can’t affect anyone stronger than him, I lost the page where it hapened but I saw it and if needed I could find it again.

        No Saitama doesn’t, he is just really strong and has a lot of will power but that’s it.

        If the effects are different that means not all of them can beat hax right?

      • Right, but it all comes down to the power level. Goku just powered up and suddenly Hit was getting lolstomped. The point is that all hax can be overcome if you just power up enough.

        I’d say that they all cold if they’re strong enough, but most aura characters aren’t quite at that level so they just can’t do anything about it.

      • But Whis literally said it had to do with Hit’s ability not working on people that are way stronger. I don’t have the page but if you really want to see it I could look for it.

        Where is the proof of every aura character being able to beat hax if they are strong enough?

      • Right, Goku made it so that he was stronger than Hit. Since he is stronger than any other time stop character we could mention, it wouldn’t work on Goku. He’s come to the point where he is simply too powerful to lose to these guys. Goku is the proof that aura characters beat hax every day of the week. He’s not a Saiyan because he’s strong. He’s strong because he is a Saiyan.

      • Just because Hit’s Time Skip has trouble affecting people stronger than him doesn’t mean everyone can’t. It has been stated that specifically Hit has trouble with people higher than
        his tier.

        Really Goku isn’t even the strongest in his own universe. Zeno, infinite Zamasu, Great Priest by WOC, and Whis (and presumably all other angels) are all stronger than him.

        Again, Ki from DBZ works differently from other energies and none of them can just insta deflect any ability that isn’t a punch, kick or laserbeam.

        Hax in escence is just something that is unfair or ignores conventional durability. So action franchises that focus on the main character getting stronger and stronger never really have any good hax since it isn’t fun seeing the main character get beat up by a guy just because they have an hour of time stop or something like that. That’s why writers of those series give limitations so they can have an interesting fight. That’s why it appears to be that the main character is immune to that type of hax in some cases but it’s just the hax itself being bad.

        I caught up to Super now btw. At episode 111.

      • I dunno, I personally imagine all hax to be like Hit’s Time Skip which is why I thought Super did a perfect job with it. It’s rare that I give Super praise like that as well so it’s definitely impressive. It doesn’t even take away from the hax’s effectiveness. At the end of the day, if you’re weaker than your opponent then you’re not going to win the fight anyway. You have to have the abilities at that level in order to win.

        I’d take Goku over all of those guys. Zamasu is definitely worth considering but Zeno couldn’t even keep up with the movements of Goku and friends. They wouldn’t be able to stop Goku.

        Ki is essentially a magic barrier. Think of energy as being that in general. They can’t block everything, but certainly most things.

        Good to see you made it so far. The Dragon Ball series is certainly phenomenal after all. Soon we will hopefully get to see Vegeta vs Jiren.

      • Not every ability works like Hit’s time skip though. In a narrative it would make sense to have your super strong character be too strong for certain abilities, but for a VS battle it makes no sense to just assume you can break out of every time stop.

        Many shows revolve around outsmarting your opponent with your limited set of unique abilities instead of just firing laser beams at each other. So they naturally have better hax. and because there are no flying bricks, writers never place a strength cap on their abilities. So unless it has been shown that being strong cancels the ability, it doesn’t.

        Goku couldn’t beat Infinite Zamasu in the Manga or the Anime. Even if he wasn’t tired he couldn’t be able to harm him since he was trying to become everything, and Goku can’t instantly erase everything Zeno style. Also Zeno is absolutely unkillable (said by Gowasu if my memory serves?) and can erase everything with the wave of his hand, so Goku can’t beat him. Ultra Instinct is Beerus level at best so Whis and Grand Priest are out of the question too. Goku can’t beat Jiren in most circumstances, and even though this fight is
        canonicly impossible, Vegito will always be better than Goku for obvious reasons.

        Ki can deflect supernatural things in Dragon Ball but that doesn’t mean it can deflect everything from every verse, energy itself can’t just resist getting erased.

        I don’t think we will see Jiren vs Vegeta anytime soon because unless he goes Ultra Instinct, he will just get clobbered.

      • It’s not really an assumption though since it really happened. I think it’s reasonable to say that Hit’s time skip is the golden standard so if Goku can break out of that then strength really can stop hax every time. You’re saying if it’s never been shown to break out of a hax then it’s not possible but I’d argue the opposite. Unless it’s specifically shown that a powerful opponent can’t break out (And even then I have my doubts) then we must assume that it can.

        I stand by what I said on Zeno. He has no combat ability and Goku would speedblitz him for days. No character is unkillable either, they just like to hide themselves in the hype. Goku would be able to beat all of the gods and anfgels at this point and while infinite Zamasu has a lot of regeneration, Goku would destroy him with the incineration technique.

        Well, the ki can certainly block anything if the character is strong enough, but it does depend on the character. I think you’re going to be surprised with how Vegeta wrecks Jiren then. He will prove his Saiyan Pride.

      • Hit has one of the worst Time stops. The fact you can break out of it has to do with the time stop. Time is just… Well time, it’s not a physical thing you can destroy. When time is stopped, you WILL stop unless you have some time manipulation. In every verse the rules of time stop is different. In JoJo, Unless you are the character using time stop and anything they are touching. Gravity is the only thing that stays in effect. That’s the rule.

        Strength is just putting force on something, and no matter how much force is put on say, a rock. It won’t turn into Spaghetti. Crushing a rock and making Spaghetti are two completely different things that have nothing to do with each other. Strength and Time Stop is similar since time and strength don’t have anything to do with each other. The reason you can break out of Hits Time Stop is because that’s HIS rules.

        In the Dragon Ball verse there are no means of killing Zeno then. Goku doesn’t speedblitz in character, and Zeno can just poof Goku out of existence. We don’t really have feats for Zeno except poofing universes out of existence but that’s because he is one of those characters you should just know he can beat everyone since he is the god.

        Jiren roughly equals Beerus and Whis beats Beerus (has been stated multiple times by Toriyama and in the show), and if UI Goku is just as strong as Jiren he doesn’t beat Whis. This is simple powerscaling. If you think Goku beats the Grand Priest please give me some kind of proof.

        Jirn currently destroys Vegeta, he pushed back the Universe 7 Spirit Bomb done by a Kaioken x20 Super Saiyan Blue Goku just with his glare. Vegeta is currently having a sort of even fight with Toppo and Toppo gets destroyed by Jiren. If he wants to have a chance he needs a new form or some power-up. Or Super just lets it happen because inconsistent powersscaling and bad writing…

      • Everything can be destroyed tho, even time. Like you said, each universe has its own view on how time works, but at the end of the day I’d say that if you’re strong enough, you can bust through it even if the character controlling time doesn’t want you to move. Your power level is simply so great at this point that there really isn’t much you can do to defend against such a technique.

        Goku can speedblitz if he wants too though. Zeno hasn’t been shown to be indestructible either and while he can bust universes, I’d argue that Goku could do the same. Broly took out a Galaxy back in the SSJ 2 days. Goku can beat the Grand Priest because he can use Super Saiyan Blue with the Kaio Ken. When you fuse the two the power is unbelievable. Super’s power levels are all over the place so all you need to know is that Goku and Vegeta are still the top 2 in Dragon Ball as it should be

      • Time and power aren’t related in the slightest. Saying Time and power are related is like saying you can open a different dimension by making something really cold. The reason why they broke out of Hit’s Time Skip is because of that’s his weakness. Other characters with Time Stop have never shown that being strong can break out of Time Stop. They make the rules of their own abilty.

        Blue Kaioken couldn’t even touch Jiren what are you talking about.

      • It’s not his weakness. It’s just that the heroes are simply that powerful. Power is enough to take down time and any other abstract concepts that may come up. It’s the end all when characters are concerned although naturally you want to ideally have a nice balance between all of them. It just doesn’t always work that way

      • excactly my point Bass is not omnipotent which means he cannot fight half the people you said hw would win against

      • The thing is, omnipotence isn’t effective against Bass. How would it help? The fighter would still get speedblitzed and Bass’ attacks would pull through. They simply cannot wish that he didn’t exist and then he’ll be gone. Fights don’t work like that, which is why being omnipotent simply won’t be enough for this round

  30. DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT OMNIPOTENT MEANS! it means to have infinite or unlimited power,you could absolutely do anything you want,whether it be to go and fight at infinte speeds or punch and lift infinte amount of weight,Bass could be 1,000,000x faster than light he could not beat someone that is omnipotent

    • Dude, check this out

      Now, nothing can be truly infinite or unlimited. Being omnipotent is great since you can do anything except what you can’t do. That being said, it’s still not enough. Is his infinite speed combat ready? Can the opponent use his omnipotence before Bass wins? (Bass can strike faster than the speed of thought) Being Omnipotent is a blessing and a curse. Physical feats just work a whole lot better since omnipotent fighters usually go down quickly. Name one fighter that the One Above All has defeated? ….and that’s the problem. It’s at the point where too much power is worse than having a little bit of power

      • alright you have me,but while he has no feats it is the word of the creator(Stan Lee AND Jack Kirby) that we go on aswell as the word of the majority that makes it legit AKA why most people in itself beleive ToAA is the strongest because we say so,it is the majority against you DReager,while you and a few others(cough*cough* FACTPILE.COM!*cough*cough*)think Bass is the best there are hundreds if not thousands of blogs saying ToAA is the strongest, its the force of numbers saying this which i am a part of, so it is your word against an entire marvel fan base which i would say you pack up and move along because you will not win that fight.

      • A lot of people do think that the One Above All is tough, but it’s thanks to his rep and not really his power. I’m surprised that you listed Factpile since I usually had to debate for Bass to win. I basically got him a victory or two over there so that was pretty cool. Let’s not forget the lounge where I had him fight a mech from Gurren Lagann. Definitely good times if I do say so myself

  31. so since you want feats i’ll give you feats and someone who is insanely poweful who has them,(this next statement comes from wikipedia not me)Although not native to this dimension, the Beyonder was one of the absolute strongest and most powerful beings ever to exist in the Marvel Universe. In the original Secret Wars storyline, he was the be-all and end-all of the Marvel universe (also i beleive this is pre-retcon beyonder) that took human form to better understand the nature of human beings, and capable of destroying the entire multiverse or the conceptual entity Death itself. (this next part is after retcon beyonder)He was no longer omnipotent as many initially believed, being an incomplete Cosmic Cube, with less raw power and the same limitations of a complete cube. Nonetheless, he possessed vast psionic abilities allowing him to control and manipulate matter and energy at a cosmic level beyond all but the strongest and most powerful of cosmic entities d .

    • I’ve read many comics with this guy and I can’t say that I’m very impressed with him. Nothing that Superman couldn’t handle. To rephrase that…he is a big threat and he could take many fighters down, but Bass would still speedblitz him. The Beyonder just isn’t fast enough to win

      • really becuase in both pre-retcon-and post-retcon beyonder,i think he would win both times, as said by the wiki he created an entire universe from his being,and thats post-retcon,pre-retcon is much more powerful and in my opinion the power to create is more poweful than to destroy,i mean humans already can create life already,imagin that on a cosmic scale

      • True, but Superman is impervious to bullets and he’s nearly as fast as the Flash. The Beyonder just doesn’t have the durability to handle that kind of overwhelming strength and he couldn’t keep up with Superman

  32. He was shown and described to repel Galactus “like a bug”,[23] and even greatly exceeded the collected energy of the latter’s World-Ship.[24] He once destroyed a galaxy on a whim to meet his needs during the first Secret Wars,[23] and later, by using his entire energies, created a universe out of his own being.[25] When the Molecule Man extracted the Beyonder from Kosmos, their battle took place in more than three dimensions, and threatened vast portions of reality.[26] In Kosmos’ ‘Maker’ incarnation, she was stated as capable of reversing The Crunch itself, essentially collapsing the entire universe.[27] The Beyonder could endow himself with a corporeal form of practically limitless strength and endurance. However, his scale of power has been claimed to be below that of the Living Tribunal and Eternity,[25] the Celestials,[28] or the Molecule Man (when unfettered from his emotional weaknesses).[26]

    he beat molocule man supposedly one of the strongest villians in marvel and he also beat some celestials if memory serves.

    • The Super Adaptoid is tough, but he has his limits and he’s typically defeated by the Avengers. He’s very tough to be sure, but just a little out of his league in this battle. The gap in their abilities was too large this time

  33. “True, power is up to the interpreter. A blast that can wipe out a planet will not always beat one that has not been proven to do such a thing. remember what you said about ToAA,hypocrite.

      • sorry i kind if misinterpret things from time to time,but still in that statement you say “A blast that can wipe out a planet will not always beat one that has not been proven to do such a thing.” (i use this statemnt or ones like against the Narutards vs Dbz debated to whether goku can blow up planets) but yeah a statement like that is just like saying”yuo can’t walk because i never seen you do it before”ToAA just because he doesn’t have feats doesn’t mean he is powerless,it is said by both creators of marvel stan lee and jack kirby is the strongest in marvel,and if the creator says it’s true than it’s true,and also the reason we don’t have feats is becuase he would erase everyone who challenged him, it would be about a 3 page comic,thats why he doesnt have any feats,becuase any comic with him fighting someone would be pointless and woud’nt bring in income becuase it would be boring and we would know what would happen ToAA would win everytime

      • I can understand now having him win that way everytime, but at least once should be all right for a 3 page battle. The thing with the blast example is that the blast still occurred. The One Above All has yet to use a single attack so we can’t really draw any conclusions about his abilities

  34. also at the end of the NT manga,Bass gave all his power to MegaMan.EXE to fight gospel or someone like that?would that sonic beat bass considering he has all his power

    • Sonic or Megaman? Either way, Bass would win this one. Remember how Bass saves him later on against the Devil Virus? Bass was still superior at that point, which shows how powerful he is. Bass can’t be stopped

  35. You know,i put some thought into it and with everything you say this is the ability that Bass posses but you know what that is where i draw the line,there is know way on god’s green earth that Bass would beat an omnpotent or cosmic entity,beings like the living tribunal,beyonder,the prescence,ToAA,galactus ETC….. I just figured out that you good sir are one stubborn guy,and i admit,i used to be the same way with goku,thought the guy was invincible,but then i found logic and reason and you also need to find it,becuase yes they may be able to destroy universes but there has to be a limit somewhere and i want it here,face the fact that Bass.EXE can be beaten but you are to stubbrn to know that,you make it sound like Bass can surpass logic and reason and plain commen sense and you obviously can to becuase from what i see,you have no common sense and reason either,because it doesn’t matter how fast he his or if he can absorb powers,these beings can do whatever they want,feats or not,they were stated by their respectful creators they can do this,you know why,because the CREATOR said so,and what the creators say goes,so you can post as many universe destroying feats as you want which i would like to see a scan of or picture of said universe destroying feat, because of what i read from him on the megaman wiki,i think thats a bluff, so please don’t be “oh he can this and that” without supplying the proof first, and plus destroying an entire army in 0.02 seconds may be impressive to some but to me its nothing,yeah hell from the people who can do this a character from my lttle pony would be the last person i’d expect to be this powerful,but yeah a MLP character can kill Bass and hell he can kill just about anyone from my favorite anime’s but im not upset you know why because he has the ability to and im ok with that and also,you rely to much on his get aability,for him to use it,he would have to beat his opponent to absorb there power,i say these words honestly truthfully and calmy cause i’m done,you have to be one of the most stubborn people i ever met.

    • Bass could easily beat TOAA and Galactus thanks to his speed. Goku is nearly invincible and only a handful of fighters can stop him. Where did I say that Bass can destroy a universe? He most certainly could, but I don’t remember saying that outright. Sometimes, you become such a fan that you surpass the creators and it is truly an epic moment when you do. Now, I do have to say that you are underestimating MLP. Most of their fighters are top tier and I Love that franchise. The show is supposed to be incredible and I even read the first trade paperback for the comics. That being said, Bass will always be the strongest being in all of media and underestimating him isn’t a good idea. Just think of it from Gary’s point of view.

      • @Dreager1 Bass would beat TOAA and Galactus? LOL. Bass dies HORRIBLY! Bass would be 3-A at best on VS Battles wiki.

      • I still don’t think he dies horribly though. Keep in mind that Bass has shaken an entire island and blown up a plane with his Dark Slash.

      • I’ll give you a list of people who can beat Bass.

        -Omnipotents or Nigh-Omnipotents

        – Anything above universe level ( Multiversal or Omniversal would be overkill)

        – Anyone above Superman will work.

        – Unicron or Galactus

        – Beyonder especially, since he’s on the multiversal scale based on his feats.

      • Let me give you a list of stronger fighters so this debate will be close.
        -Medaka Kurokami
        -Homura Akemi
        – Harribel
        -Rukia Kuchiki
        -Android 18

      • So what your saying is all of those anime characters are stronger than the ones I posted?

        God. Your wankery is strong on websites, especially this one.

      • God, you troll, you always think Goku or Bass can destroy the Omniverse. Goku’s never shown to planet bust ( If he has, upload a scan.) And you ignore information I post.

      • @Dreager1 You said power scaling only works by feats. Has Goku busted a universe? No. That’s to bad. Goku busting the Omniverse is like saying Batman with his stats halved without prep time can beat a fully-fed, composite Galactus with the Ultimate Nullifer.

      • @Dreager1 When did Naruto create multiverses beings or any universe feat? The Chousin are multiversal and there said to be nothing compared to Kami Tenchi.

      • Naruto didn’t, but the beings in Kami Tenchi are all hype and no skill. Remember how people called Bayonetta, Mayonetta? It’s because she was seen as a cheap character that you could add to anyone’s character spread to make it better, but it didn’t feel right. That’s essentially how Kami Tenchi goes at times.

      • The Chousin have multiversalfeats, and their said to be nothing to Tenchi. Their even said to be his creations. Going by powerscaling all three Chousin, Tenchi would be multi-universe level at the very least. Hell, they made a “DReager Effect” page on Factpile once due to your logic in threads and post. You might as well say that Batman without prep can beat composite Galactus, and yet their are always flame wars on Comic Vine.

      • All right, could you send a scan of Tenchi fighting at super speeds or shooting a giant energy blast then? I remember the DReager effect. It was pretty awesome to be honest as I definitely made it into the big leagues. Nobody ever forgot about me there.

      • I believe VS Battled wiki’s Kami Tenchi page states that the Chousin are like ordinary beings compared to him according to a link there on the bottom of the page, and the “DReager Effect” page on Factpile isn’t cool as it said negative things about you. Although that page was created by BeyonderGod I believe.

      • That sounds kind of mean then. I’d expect nothing less from such a page then. Kami is high up on the One Above All tier list so it makes sense that everyone else is basically beneath him.

      • you said iit yourself,nothing is truly infinite or limitless,remember,the one when you put a link to that try hard goku character or to be more specific on July 4, 2014 at 8:27 pm,that comment, ro yeah you contridicted yourself,there for Bass can not be limitless or infinite in power by your statement and plus did you even click the link? i mean nothing and i mean NOTHING can affect them because they are beyond creation itself they are transcendent beings,that is the actuall definition of the ability and also has no limitataions and also it says not even the embodiment of destruction the onje who can destroy all can touch them the power is a prime hax ability and if you can not except that then i would argue that you are a Mule that has knowledge of how the internet works because thats how stubborn you are with Bass and also how does surpassing the creators a good thing i mean they created a character they set the limitations not the fans and so i bring you to the point of Bass cannot destroy universes and if you know he does then put a link to a scan or page of where and when he did so in the manga becuase uless you provide proof of this feat i call your bluff,i mean you said it yourself physical feats just work better

      • Well, I said that nothing is infinite or limitless, but Bass is the exception to that. Even transcendent beings will hit the ground if Bass ends up shooting an Earthbreaker. Trust me, they can be injured and they can be defeated. Bass has never blown up a universe before, but he did blow up an island just by powering up. That said, through power scaling I’m sure that he can. It’s Bass EXE after all! Who can really hope to defeat such a powerful fighter? Physical feats are still the best.

  36. Ok,im back,your missing what i’m asking,please post a feat where he destroys a universe or something equivelent and also where he goes massively FTL it would help,thank you.

    • For the FTL thing, I’m just going to quote myself in another thread since it was pretty recent.

      “If you knew how many times I’d gone through Bass and the FTL debate…you’d know that I’ve got the scans at the ready 😎 (In an unrelated feat, I finally got the Lounge to admit that Bass is FTL. Back on topic)

      Protoman and Megaman being Terra Class

      As for Bass being FTL, that’s where things get epic!

      I never get tired of that scan and I highly recommend the manga. By the end of the series (Note how that’s only volume 3!) the characters are easily DBZ level and beyond. Beyond that, it’s also the best drawn manga that I’ve ever seen. The artist should have gotten an award.”

      After Bass absorbed Megaman, here’s just a little more planet busting hype

      As for destroying a universe, this should suffice as a similar feat. (Black Hole….complete!)

      Note that his powers were nearly on empty at the time…just sayin 😎

      • Well thats not gonna be fair considering that Bass basicly fused,absorbed him,that is not just bass,so to get his real power,it would have to be devided how many times it was multiplied(if it was multiplied)and then half it to get his real power but i can do this Bass basicly destroyed a black hole yes but a black hole not even the biggest and most powerful one can t destroy a galaxy and not even to mention that the one he destroyed wasn’t very powerful compared to a regular black hole it was what i’m estimating to be around 20 ft in diameter so not very dense or powerful at all but you said he was very weak dureing that so im geussing at his maximum he would be able to destroy a galaxy the size of the andromeda galaxy so he would be equivelent to super saiyan 3 goku at his maximum but remember that he was a fusion of somesort during that so again you would have to devide the power by as many times as you multiplied it and then half it so yeah im going by screwattack death battle rules that state no outside interferance to help him so magman could not fuse with him or be absorbed by him so yeah d

      • I thought we were going by these rules?

        Either way, Bass doesn’t need that power. It’s still a decent feat, but as you mentioned it would be hard to quantify that. I have civilians stating that Bass could destroy a city, but he doesn’t actually have any bigger feats from the manga since it’s all through power scaling. In the game he froze the Undernet I believe

  37. so Bass is a lag switchwer? lol but seriously it depends on the area and size of the undernet aswell as how many fps it can take also your talking about the game i’,m talking about the manga version

  38. also there is a match up i’d like to place if fan made characters are allowed
    in an interview with akira toriyama on a number scale a ssjgod would be a 6,bills a 10 and whis a 15 but through months of math work the creator of not only Rigor but the entire dbna manga(which i reccomend cuase it is a very well wriiten fan manga) would be a 27! over 2.5 times stronger than bills and 5 times stronger than ssjgod goku who is also 6 times stronger than ssj4 and super vegito. also during the manga in ssj5 rigor fought ssj4 gogeta as well but ssj4gogeta got alot stronger i think malik(the creator of dbna)stated in unrealentgaming’s 10nth round table podcast that gogeta has gotten alot stronger and that on a scale he would now be a 24 unlike back in gt when he would have been around a 5 so yeah do this match.

    • Ah, Fan characters do not count on the blog. It would be an interesting fight if they matched up although my money would still be on Bass thanks to his immense speed and Get Ability

      • yeah,as you know most saiyan names are based on vegetables like kakarot with carrot or broly broccoli,his name is based on rhizome ginger,a type of root vegetable,also you put to much hype though on his get ability,there are still characters out there immensely stronger than bass,asnd i have been told that if he used the get ability on a very much stronger opponent that it would just serev in pissing them off,also that page you shown me,just stated that he broke the speed oflight,there are still faster beings out there,so if you could post a link to a scan where it says that how many times faster than light that would be helpful.

      • The problem is that they don’t say how much faster he got and it’s all through power scaling. That feat was in his weakest form before he was fighting seriously. After that, he got Hubstyle, Dark Mode, Fusion with Megaman, and finally Beast Out mode. Each form multiplied his power and speed exponentially, which is why his speed is basically limitless. Bass’ Get Ability always works and it’s invincible, but it’s not like he’ll ever need it anyway thanks to his current stats

      • well does it have official guides like dbz’s kaizenshuu? it would be helpful but if you could find out how many times his forms multiply his power i could work it out from there because if it’s anything like super saiyan it will have a bigger multiplier every form and you take that multiplier and multiply it by bass’ base stats

        Well. i’ll try to find info on the ofrms power,and i can do the math from there

      • No official guides unfortunately. That would have been great, but the manga stayed as a pretty obscure object throughout its history.

  39. Unfortunatley icould not find any multiplying numbers in his forms,thus i can’t calculate how fast he is,but i can calculate goku’s speed to see if you can compare that

    so,i could not find out how fast goku is at the end of Z,but he is alot faster than lighht in his base form,but for the sake of math lets just say he can travel at light speed also the multipliers multiply his base form.

    light speed is 186,000 mi/sec
    x50 for the ssj 1 multiplier
    =9,300,000 mi/sec
    186,000 mi/sec
    x200 for ssj2 multiplier
    =37,200,000 mi/sec
    186,000 mi/sec
    x400 for ssj3 multiplier
    =74,400,000 mi/sec
    186,000 mi/sec
    x4000 for ssj4 multiplier
    =744,000,000 mi,sec
    now.this is where i go in big numbers,unfortunetley,there is no official multiplier for ssj god
    but,thanks to dragon ball z fans,there are some pretty good calculations

    186,000 mi/sec
    x500,000 multiplier for ssj god
    =93,000,000,000 mi/sec or 93 billion miles a second

    • It definitely shows that Goku is immensely fast and he is essentially second to none when it counts. That being said, it’s very difficult to measure Bass’ abilities. I suppose that Hubstyle could improve his speed up to 10-100 times and then dark mode can do it by another 100 and then Beast Out by 100. Even so, that’s probably lowballing it and it’s really hard to accurately measure such power

      • well if so ill take your word for it and measure him by the speed of light
        BTW you measure the multipliers by his base stats,they don’t stack so im gonna do it like 100x by his hubstyle then 200x by his dark mode then 300x by his beast out.

        186,000 mi/sec
        x100=18,600,000 mi/sec

        186,000 mi/sec
        x200=37,200,000 mi/sec

        186,000 mi/sec
        x300=55,800,000 mi/sec

        so do to your info,he out matches goku n speed at first but by ssj2 he matches him and by ssj3 he is immensely faster than him,not to mention he has two more forms that have a exponentialy larger multiplier than the first 3

      • Right, but that’s using regular light speed as his base. Bass is massively FTL before he even transformers. Multiplying that last number by 1000-3000 might not even be unrealistic considering how fast he is. I’d say that Bass’ speed is the closest thing that we’ll ever get to limitless, which is why it’s tough to gauge

  40. Only way I can see Bass being faster than light is in the cyberworld. But that delves more into teleportation than anything else since it’s pretty much what everyone does in the cyberworld.

    And I’ve read the manga and seen the anime and played the games. And nowhere does he even reach planetary levels along the lines of Goku, Vegeta (Saiyan saga. He was going to blow up the earth) and characters like Galactus.

    Bias is not an acceptable or reasonable substitute for facts. Defeating an opponent in Megaman is not a big feat. Since most are not planetary even. The combined Cyberbeasts are at most large planet level. And they aren’t even on the level of half the strength of Goku when he fought Majin Buu. Frieza in his weakest form destroyed a planet like planet Vegeta. And in his final form at 1% (Stated to be using 1% or 5% against Goku) he was roughly 4-5 times stronger than that since his level was around 3,-4,000,000 and his weakest form was 530,000 at max. Goku in the Cell saga in base was already stronger than Friezas max in final form (120,000,000 as stated in the Daizenshuu official guide) and in the Buu saga Frieza’s power is a microscopic insect to even Goku’s base form. Thus goku is far beyond planetary. And nowhere do I see in any media, Bass ever even touching 0.1% of Goku’s base power in his final incarnations in Z. Let alone galaxy level beings like Galactus who are evben beyond that and even universal (But only with his Ultimate Nullifier).

    You need to find some better reasons to say Bass is that strong or just to simply drop it and leave your own bias for him out of the blog. you’ll get a lot less people questioning you about it if they just don’t see it.

    • I don’t mind the questioning because then I get to go over the facts with them and explain why Bass is the best. Let’s talk speed, that is not teleporting. Limiting it to the cyber world doesn’t weork thanks to the manga where netnavies move at the same speed in both worlds. Bass went to the human world and he displayed his FTLness quite often. He was stated to be FTL when he first appeared and that was before Hubstyle, DS, and Beast Out. By the end of the series, his speed is incalcuable. It’s actually his greatest strength. More than the Get Ability or his power in my opinion. His speed will never be surpassed by any fighter and it’s basically off the charts.

      Goku is basically universal along with most high tier DBZ fighters so I wouldn’t disagree on their power. That being said, it won’t really help since Bass can reflect energy blasts with Reflectance or just absorb them into his cloak. His raw power was stated to take out a city a while back and that was in his DS form, so no Beast Out yet and it was weaker than his Bass Cross. Hubstyle would be debatable, but that would easily be enough to take out the planet and so much more. He froze the entire Undernet area in the games and that’s pretty large as well.

      In closing, Saiyan Saga Vegeta is stronger than Galactus and Bass is seriously the strongest being of all time. I don’t see what better reasons I could put down. The Get Ability + Bass’s strength + Bass’s speed = Sure win against any opponent.

      • Where did it STATE it was faster than light speed? Visual images in a manga don’t dictate speed. In manga they need to state most things to get a better understanding. If you want to talk speed then I could easily say Kid Goku is FTL because he dodged lightning. And that would dictate his speed ranges around there if he could dodge it or move faster than it. Not many things on the planet are faster than lightning. You HAVE to explain WHY these things make him faster than light or stronger than so and so since it can’t be seen in the manga. Unless it’s seen or stated like Frieza blowing up the planet Vegeta then it isn’t proven. From what I have seen his speed, based on visual images, is nothing special or high tier considering he could be caught on video by scientists who barely understand the netnavi’s themselves and only Dr Thomas Light himself could possibly possess the camera tech to catch faster than light beings.

        Considering that he couldn’t just spam those abilities to stop anything (Considering he couldn’t just absorb blasts from anything and actually had to fight guys like Megaman) then he isn’t going to CONTAIN a blast from Goku in the Cell saga let alone his strongest form. Bass also IIRC (Which I’m sure I am) never had his strength calculated by other characters past his fight with MegamanXProtoman. So considering that the combined Cyberbeasts probably only were large planet level at best, didn’t bring him any stronger than that even with Beast Out. And his Bass Cross is still probably weaker than the combined Cyberbeasts. Goku is already far beyond that. His power is so many more times that of planet level that it’s only about 1% debatable that the Cyberbeasts combined, and Bass, can even touch anywhere near him.

        In closing is BS. Saiyan Saga Vegeta stronger than Galactus? That’s just beyond BS. I refuse to take you seriously with that comment alone. And that statement alone is the least helpful in proving the strength of Bass. Try harder next time and I might take this seriously. But to tell me that a galactic entity that is galaxy level even in his weaker incarnations (Like when he’s hungry) is weaker than a guy who’s barely planetary level? That’s a load of BS and really shows your skill in debate.

        Bass has no chance of claiming this title any time soon. And definitely not on the powers shown. And what’s shown combined with what’s stated is the deciding factor in a debate. Opinions and fantasies don’t do anything unless it’s for creating an original character.

      • I’m going to quickly quote myself again to save time.

        “For the FTL thing, I’m just going to quote myself in another thread since it was pretty recent.

        “If you knew how many times I’d gone through Bass and the FTL debate…you’d know that I’ve got the scans at the ready 😎 (In an unrelated feat, I finally got the Lounge to admit that Bass is FTL. Back on topic)

        Protoman and Megaman being Terra Class

        As for Bass being FTL, that’s where things get epic!

        I never get tired of that scan and I highly recommend the manga. By the end of the series (Note how that’s only volume 3!) the characters are easily DBZ level and beyond. Beyond that, it’s also the best drawn manga that I’ve ever seen. The artist should have gotten an award.”

        After Bass absorbed Megaman, here’s just a little more planet busting hype

        As for destroying a universe, this should suffice as a similar feat. (Black Hole….complete!)

        Note that his powers were nearly on empty at the time…just sayin 😎 ”

        So, Bass is definitely FTL. They stated it clearly and Protoman is fast enough to know this. No being can ever hope to match his speed and Bass’ power speaks for itself. He was able to injure and defeat Hubstyle Megaman. That’s an Incredible feat to say the least. The Combined Cybeasts were tough, but it’s their draining ability that was planetary. They could have been universe level and we wouldn’t know it. We have to go from the earlier feats like the city busting part and power scale from there. Bass’ power is basically invincible. He could easily reflect Goku’s blast since it’s not really a matter of power. Blocking it with his cloak could be debatable I suppose, but if it can block a Hubstyle blast, it can definitely block a Kamehameha.

        Saiyan Saga Vegeta is in an entirely different league. Galactus lost to a blowing up Silver Surfer. He lost to a weapon called the Ultimate Nullifer. Ghost Rider crushed him in the Fantastic Four TV show. Etc. Galactus looks impressive once in a very long while, but Vegeta could speedblitz him all day until he took the win.

        Bass already has the title since we can’t think of anyone who can defeat him. It’s tough to imagine of course, but that’s just how powerful he is. I agree that what’s shown is always the most important and statements are second. There is no room for opinions and fantasies unless they are backed by cold hard facts. It’s why Bass’ limitless speed and Get Ability really speak for themselves at this point.

      • First off being Terra Class doesn’t mean anything unless it talks about more than JUST being terra class.

        Second of all you used an english translation. There’s easily a debate on the authenticity of said translations and that I also possess the same volume that the scan of the so called light speed statement was made. Don’t see it.

        Second of all a black hole is not a universe busting tool. Nor is it a destuctive feat on the level of planet busting. Busting a planet in an instant like Frieza did (To where in less than 2 seconds or even 1 it is instantly gone and dust) is beyond anything seen there. And the second scan of MegamanXBass is irellevant as Nebula Grey is not a planet buster himself. Second of all hype is the part that REALLY shows how you can’t debate this. You called it HYPE. Hype is not fact. Hype is just exaggeration. In One Piece a certain navy officer said White Beard could destroy the world. What he really meant was probably destroying it little by little and that no one at the time could challenge him and his conquest of the world. Not planet busting. That is not just hype buy hyperbole.

        Galactus never lost to Silver Surfer without some kind of PIS happening. Like Silver Surfer evolving in his Power Cosmic to where he went beyond (Temporarily) in control and Power over it than his original master. The UN can be used against him. But it’s still a part of him. He loses it and can still probably make another one. Second of all Ghost Rider uses blatant Supernatural religious based magic to stop Galactus. His penance stare has no way of being stopped by anyone unless said person has no soul. Bass would be crusehd all the same as it’s not a power that has a finite source of energy or origin. It’s a religious based super natural ability that is nigh unstoppable by anyone other than a soulless being or god.

        Nothing you have shown speaks for Bass other than being the most powerful Navi without using special abilities like Cross forms or chips. But aside from that he’s not going to challenge or even be a challenge to any of the most powerful Z fighters. Even Krillin in the Frieza saga could bust a planet.

        And who are you to tell me that WE can’t think of anyone? I can think of tons. Because I don’t let character bias get in the way.

      • Ha! Galactus stomps Bass! Do you know who Galactus is? This is the humanoid who beat Odin, King Thor(Thor with amp), Eon the Living Planet, Thanos, and many other characters. Bass MIGHT beat a starving Galactus, but a medium-full powered Galactus? No way! Galactus eats planets for dinner(literally)!

      • Galactus is strong, but he’s extremely slow. It’s a fatal weakness that has come back to bite him in several battles like when he lost to the Ghost Rider. Bass would be able to speedblitz him all day and finish things with an Earthbreaker.

  41. Ok,any being that has any remote connection to death in any way can kill bass,whether it be The Reaper himself or embodiements,they can simply WILL him to die never the less if he touches them he would also die,SO STOP being bias for BASS! you faker.

  42. @Murakamiakai:
    Ok, this person right here isn’t worth arguing about with on Bass. I’ll have to admit, with stuff that doesn’t concern Bass he’s pretty good, but quit this thread right now if you even think you have a CHANCE of convincing this guy that Bass isn’t invincible. I mean, I have tried before many many times, and so have many others, but he doesn’t listen. I mean, I could tell him all about Marvel’s TOAA and DC’s the Presence and Diaboromon how he can do anything with his MegaPhone of truth and how Elder God DemonBane can create another Bass, and how they are invincible and are God and could do all this etcetera etcetera, but he’ll find some way to ignore all the OTHER points that I’ve made, point out the one that’s slightly wrong, and feel proud of finishing this thread. Please do not waste your time with this, but if you want to go ahead because it’s funny to see how delusional he is about Bass. Ok reply to me while I read the rest of you guys have said.
    No comment

    • I have to agree with you there. He thinks Bass is even more powerful than the damn Beyonder. Too bad the Beyonder has feats of easily tanking a blast that would destroy multiple universes and defeating the Celestials in a second with an attack etc. Then he’s like “Hurr hurr. Darkness Overload!” Me: -.- When has Darkness Overload ever slagged a dozen universes?
      I can see why the guys on factpile made this page called the “DReager effect” hahaha. Also he says that the LT is hype when LT easily depowered the Infinity Gauntlet and beat any character that came across him (with the exception of PR Beyonder but he’s the damn Beyonder, what can you do?) He even thinks Bass can infect and corrupt a purely good and divine omnipotent like Eru Iluvatar who is basically THE GOD of his universe (like the Christian God). Bass is cannon fodder who’d get his ass kicked by Hulk or Iron Man. Thank you sir for agreeing with me.

    • I’ll admit, that these guys seem virtually indestructible! If they weren’t fighting Bass….it would get very dicey. I think it’s safe to say that they are even stronger than the One Above All and the Presence. It’s pretty impressive that you found out about these guys, but……I still think Bass has the edge thanks to his speed advantage. 😉

      • Even if he was fast enough to avoid their attacks, i seriously doubt Bass would put a scratch on them, no matter how strong he is, also considering these guys are above TOAA and the suggverse, also worth mentioning that the living tribunal could barely even get them to notice him, the only other ‘fictional” character i could see matching these guys is the primal monitor, the creator of both the regular monitor and the anti monitor, who is a legit REAL THING, he is actually the paper that the comic is drawn on so.

      • Bass’ power is basically unlimited. They are so huge that they may not notice him…and that would be their big mistake. He could make some holes in them and then destroy them from the inside. The speed advantage is still a pretty good factor as well since they would simply not be able to hit him. I would probably choose the Anti Monitor in a fight as well. Did you see his big feats in the GL cartoon? Now that was epic!

      • Let’s see some feats:

        punched each other so hard that both the Marvel and DC multiverses were created.

        Did not even notice the Living Tribunal was even there when he tried to stall them.

        Fought he each other again and the fight was so powerful that even Living Tribunal was awed at the spectacle.

        They nearly destroyed the Marvel and DC Megaverse while fighting, even when Spectre and LT tried to hold them back.

        They Merged both DC and Marvel and created the Amalgamverse.

        They are so powerful that they effected beings outside marvel and DC Megaverse.

        So yeah, i think these feats out do shaking the earth or destroying a little tiny black hole.

      • I will admit that those are good feats although I wouldn’t put too much stock in the creation one since they are basically manifestations of those universes. That being said, they are like the Gurren Laganns of Lagann world. Their feats are great, but they are still large and not very fast, which does hurt their case. They actually have physical forms, which is great, but Bass will not be hit even once. Their power cannot help them if they cannot land the hits when they need too.

      • They won’t need to land a hit on Bass, they can simply erase the all timelines that bass was created in, they don’t even need to do that, they can also just erase bass’ existence, you need to learn that some attacks don’t need to be physical in order to be able to eradicate something.

      • I think that’s a little out of their areas of expertise. Those guys are good to be sure, but I never bought into erasing people from existence. I don’t mind astral attacks like Ra Tilt from Slayers, but dematerializing through thought is basically out of bounds. It’s like how telepathy doesn’t really work that well on the blog thanks to the strength of will theory.

      • “Once before they came together in battle, unleashing forces that ended and then began creation all over again. In the explosion of death and rebirth, the entities were blasted apart — their shattered essence fractured the new-born universe into a pair of “multiverses”. yeah they created DC and Marvel.

        Also considering they are the epitome of both franchises, i doubt that erasing a being would be out of their expertise, plus they can just destroy the universe or multiverse he is in and it would collapse in on him and erase him, Bass could never be able to lift an entire multiverse, he has never shown any feat even close to that, trust me, destroying a black hole to this is like lifting a peanut to lifting the entire earth.

      • Well played…Still, it’s an intriguing origin to the universes. It’s a lot of hype to be sure, but what’s to say that someone like Goku couldn’t do that if his Kamehameha were to clash against Vegeta’s Final Flash? Not many figures have shown such high end feats, but it’s conceivable that Bass could do this. They could bust the universe in theory, but Bass will already be at their location and his barrier blocks all projectiles. His speed is really what ends everything in the end.

      • also Lucifer Morningstar, the being that can Will ANYHTING into existence is nothing but a particle to them.

      • I was never impressed with Morningstar. He’s tough, for a human who is actually a cosmic being. Beyond that, I just don’t see him taking Bass down in the end. Bass has a lot more battle experience on his side and he also has Hubstyle in case he needs to use it. Lucifer doesn’t have any real speed feats and physically, he’s not a great fighter.

      • i didnt actually mean to bring him into this but to use him as an example.

        Either way, Amalgam brothers can still eradicate Bass from existence just by blinking at him becuase the force would be so great, through all the feats you have shown me, i see Bass no where near even people like Eternity or Oblivion let alone the amlagam brothers, if you can show me a feat of bass destroying a universe then i might consider him just a challenge for thanos, anywhere beyond he gets wrecked

      • The problem is that Bass doesn’t have a lot of high end feats because he has never needed them in the past. He settles things with good ole fashioned power plays. Hand to hand skills is all he really needs to take down just about any fighter that is out there and we also can’t forget about his speed. The blinking part is a bit of a stretch and I can’t see that working out. Eternity and Oblivion are weaker than Thanos…at least, I’d say so. Their feats are all meta, which certainly doesn’t help their case.

      • The only time Thanos was above Eternity was when he had the HOTU, i kinda doubt him being stronger than Oblivion.

        Considering The Amalgam brothers could not even hurt each other, their durability is beyond what Bass is capable of producing, at least from the feats you have shown me which you say are his best, if he isnt even a universe buster, then he is not worth the time of the Amalgam brothers.

      • They couldn’t hurt each other because they are basically evenly matched in every way so that’s why it would be a stalemate whenever they fight. On the other hand, Bass is a pretty unique fighter. We don’t have a whole lot of solid feats for him, but he can corrupt his opponents by making contact with them, infecting them with his bugs. So, they would just start to fall apart. Let’s not forget that he can reflect energy blasts. So, the bros would shoot a giant laser at him, only to see that it has been reflected and is heading back with double the power!

      • Considering they are beyond omnipotent, i doubt that bugs that arent even from someone that is nigh omnipotent, would make beings who can tank punches blows and blasts that can destroy entire multiverses, would make them fall apart.

        also reflecting blasts that can destroy entire multiverses is kinda impossible, even for for beings like spectre or living tribunal, i doubt someone that can only destroy mini black holes.

        all in all, they could just negate all of his abilities, because they can do that.

      • Well, I suppose that I wouldn’t put too much weight behind the bug theory, but I would still keep it in mind if I were you. As for the reflecting, it’s like using someone’s power against them in judo. The size doesn’t really matter as it would just get reflected. His barrier also absorbs all projectiles as well.

      • Well, i highly doubt that his bugs could infect them considering they are beyond Multiversal+ durability.

        I also doubt bass could re-direct attacks that could destroy realities, i just don’t see it handling that much energy.

      • But it’s not about durability. It’s like how a flu can affect Superman so much. It attacks you from the inside, where you are vurlnable. Even the mighty Megaman was brought to his knees by such an attack.

        He could still absorb the blast, but reflecting it is simplest. No amount of energy is too much for such a being to contain. He is the mighty Bass after all.

      • It goes like this, Thor used his godblast to destroy the head of Exitar the Exterminator, but it did little to effect him at all, the Amalgam brothers are INSANELY more durable than Exitar so i kinda doubt that he could infect them, and even if he did, i doubt they would be effected.

        The energy in the blasts they dish out would be to much for any of bass’ abilities to re direct or absorb, the energy is to much for even the living tribunal who is lieges above bass.

      • The Living Tribunal is another debate entirely. Bass is superior to that guy in just about every physical aspect and a quick Earthbreaker ought to take him down for the count or severely weaken him. The bugs don’t attack your durability though, they attack you from the inside so it’s really hard to stop them. Think of them like unbreakable and invincible glitches that are exploited in the system. We can’t forget about Bass’ Get Ability, which can help him adapt to any form of attack as well.

      • Living tribunal can destroy the entire multiverse if he wanted to, Bass has never displayed power close to that.

        Considering they are beyond invincible, i doubt where ever they tried to attack they woudn;t put a dent in them.

      • The Tribunal is mostly hype like The One Above All. We have seen him fire off a few good lasers, but he’s never looked very impressive. I don’t think we will really need to fear his battle in this match. Bass is faster than light and he’s tanked hits from Megaman in the past. Nothing is invincible, much less beyond it. Everyone has their limits and even these bros will have to learn the true meaning of power from someone else. It may as well be Bass.

      • Megaman’s strength is country level at best, his full power in Hub Soul isnt even enough to go even galactus level imo

      • I consider Megaman to be stronger than Goku. Bass blew up an island by powering up. That was without Hubstyle…imagine what a Beast Out Megaman could do!

      • Which was Awesome and I think he deserves his spot atop the peak of Shonen Jump fighters, but Bass has also shaken the planet and he continues to get stronger and stronger. Megaman’s speed and power can keep up with Goku’s.

      • all in all, i think you’re a fanboy, any omnipotent being can desimate bass, bass has no solid feats past what you have shown me, get over it.

      • I prefer the term fan. I think “fanboy” just sounds negative. It’s true that he has no more feats…because the feats that I’ve already shown are all that he needs to beat any fighter!

      • You say him being above thor is debatable and then you say no one can stand a chance against him. WUT?

      • Well, technically, we can debate just about anything…I will just pick Bass every time. I seriously think that he’s unbeatable and invincible to be honest.

      • That’s true. As long as that remains to be, the world will always have many bright times for debating and just overall enjoyment.

      • Also just because you think he is unbeatable is because he has never faced an opponent that could beat him.

      • It depends on what you would consider proof for someone being completely unbeatable. What kind of scan or feat would it take for you to admit to such a thing?

      • There are no true omnipotents in the Megaman franchise and I don’t really believe that any character is truly Omnipotent since they would be unbeatable, but they never are. The next best thing would be tanking a hit from Megaman and Bass has done that.

      • In terms of scale, here’s how I consider it.

        “Omni” level = Bass
        “Nigh Omni” level = Megaman, Goku, Bills, Omega Shenron
        Top Tier level = Vegeta, Most of the final DBZ villains, Ichigo, Juha Bach, Tsuna
        High Tier level = Naruto, Luffy
        Planet Buster level = Superman, Thanos, Darkseid, Beet, Exodia
        City Buster Level = Cardcaptor Sakura, Hulk, Iron Man, Batman (with prep time)
        Tree busters level = Oolong, Indiana Jones, Captain Kirk
        Punching Bag level = Nemo

      • Real tiers of power

        Beyond omni: Pre retcon Amalgam brothers, Suggsverse.
        Omni :TOAA, Prescence, Man of Miracles. pre retcon Beyonder, etc…
        Nigh Omni: the living tribunal, Spectre, Cosmic armor, Current Beyonder Superman prime, etc..

        Canon Fodder:Megaman, bass etc..

      • Superman above Bass? The list is now invalid! 😎 By its definition, nothing can be above Omni, thus Omni is powerless, which is why the One Above All has over 100 losses on the blog.

      • how is omni powerless for not being the strongest? the reason you said TOAA has 100 losses in becuase he didnt have feats.

      • Right, but he doesn’t have feats because he is an omni. For example, I would consider the Presence and the Suggsverse to be near the bottom of the totem pole. The Beyonder, Tribunal, and Superman are decently high middle ish on the totem pole, but it’s because of their physical feat. (Punches and lasers) The Omnipotence or Omnipresence just doesn’t help in a fight.

      • You know thats the exact opposite of what it is supposed to be, When Thanos wielded the hotu, which is a tiny sliver of TOAA’s power, he was equal to that of the Living tribunal, probably even stronger than he is, that xould be used for power scaling.

      • True, my perception of things is definitely a lot different than most. I wouldn’t say that the Infinity Gauntlet increased Thanos’ abilities by a very large amount. It probably did help him to an extent, but he wouldn’t enter a new tier because of it or anything like that. Physical feats are the best thing to have

      • I didnt say infinity guantlet, even though with it he did wipe out half of the universe, HOTU = Heart of the universe, little tiny sliver of TOAA’s power, he was equal ti the living tribunal.

      • Oh, whoops. I actually place the Infinity Gauntlet ahead of the Heart of the Universe in power though. The HOTU didn’t really seem to augment his physical abilities

      • The infinity guantlet only works in universe 616 (the regular universe most marvel comics take place in) where as the HOTU is not only more powerful but works thrrough out the entire marvel multiverse.

      • True, but it’s mostly all about meta feats, which don’t really help their case all that much. The Gauntlet has at least been shown to give Thanos a mild boost to his attack power…or it seemed like that anyway. It’s possible that he doesn’t get a real boost with that one either.

      • Thanos on his own is capable of matching thor.

        Thanos with infinity guantlet can destroy half of the univers.

        Thanos with HOTU The Heart of the Universe provides the user with total omnipotence, omnipresence, omnibenevolence and omniscience The Heart of the Universe is a power infinitely beyond that of the Infinity Gems or Cosmic Cubes, truly having no limits to its power.

      • True, I would put normal Thanos at around Thor level. In recent comics and shows, Thanos is portrayed to be stronger than Thor normally, but I’d consider it to be more of a Thor depowering than anything. In the old days, I’d say that it was a little more evenly matched. Thanos is physically more powerful, but Thor’s elemental attacks help to even things out.

        I’ll admit that the destroying half of the universe feat was pretty cool. Remember, the 4 Omnis don’t really help which is why the HOTU doesn’t help him a whole lot in the end. It’s tough to be sure…but it may not be enough.

    • Ok, really Thor is much stronger and faster then Bass, he once lifted both the entirety of asgard with the help of beta ray bill which compared to lifting a planet is like comparing the O2 arena in london to a ant.
      O2 being Asgard and the ant being the planet.

      • That’s a great feat (Even if he had help) but it seems to be a bit of an outlier since he’s never quite that strong. Also, his speed is nowhere near the level that Bass currently possesses. Thor is fast to be sure, but Bass is massively FTL without any effort or acceleration needed.

      • in Siege, Thor went from the earth to the sun in mere seconds.

        he traveled from earth to a Venus with out his hammer in one second, that is around 133,000 times the speed of light

      • I am aware of the Siege feat, but when did he travel to Venus without the hammer? Typically, his speed is greatly reduced without Mjolnir, which is one of his big disadvantages in this fight. That feat would certainly help his case although I still believe that Bass takes this one.

      • Ok, Doomsday, he is literally Immortal and no matter what bass does he will always come back stronger and stronger no matter how much he is killed, also he comes back immune or at least has a higher defense against what killed him before, eventually Bass will run out of ways to kill him and Doomsday being stronger than ever.

      • The thing is, his regeneration is not absolute. If he is completely destroyed, then he can’t come back. It’s why going up against someone like Zebra would be dicey for Doomsday since the sound vibrations would destroy him on an atomic or cellular level. Bass can do the same thing with his Darkness Overload blast or a classic Earthbreaker. Doomsday needs time to recoup and upgrade his strength and he won’t get that time against Bass!

      • The problem with that is Doomsday has MFTL reactions so catching him off-guard is kinda impossible.

      • Sorry i thought you were talking about speed.

        Lets see, he was completely vaporized except for his skeleton by Imperiex which took him a thousand years to regenerate, but the problem is Imperiex is like a universal level being who dished out a concentrated attack that couls have easily vaporized hundreds if not thousands of Galaxies if he made it long range, Bass is planet level+ at best and also Doomsday resisted Darkseid’s Omega Beamz, albeit he was killed by them first but immediately regenerated and was completely un affected by them in which he only had to punch Darkseid 4 times before nearly killing him.

      • Doomsday is incredibly strong, but Bass’s Darkness Overload should vaporize him. Let’s not forget that Bass has regenerative power ups of his own and making contact with Doomsday would infect him from the inside out. It’s conceivable that Doomsday could overpower the virus since he would become immune to it, but it would work initially, which would power down/slow down Doomsday to the point where Bass could quickly finish him off and not leave enough time to regenerate.

      • When Darkseid first hit him with the Omega Beams, it vaporized him completely, yet as long as a tiny little bit of him was left, even smaller than an atom, he can regenerate.

        Also i am involving new 52 Doomsday, the one im using ATM is just a larva, the completely matured one can literally one hit kill superman with ease.

        He destroyed a weakened Dimensional wall of the phantom zone (dont know how weakened) with brute force, and his mere presence( and i am not making this up, look it up) can set hundreds of thousands of miles of area (as well as anything in it) ablaze into a smoldering ash,he also releases a very toxic poison around him for meters that can slowly kill all forms of life.

  43. Lol, even Gandalf could wreck Bass. Lucifer Morningstar, Beyonder, Dormammu, Galactus. Death, Eternity, Sauron, Morgoth etc. all wreck Bass.

    Bugs Bunny stomps him via toonforce.

      • Your single opinion against all the other people who do believe in toonforce…Anyway Gandalf could actually disintegrate Bass with his mind easily. Ever heard of the Maia? Divine spirits equivalent to angels. If Gandalf goes unrestricted Maia form, he wrecks Bass with a single thought. Unless Bass has any specific high level of magical resistance against angelic beings then he gets lolstomped.

      • Telepathy is good, but Bass’ strength of character will allow him to resist such telepathic attacks. He hasn’t fought any Angelic Beings before, but he’s fought Megaman so I’m confident that he would still be able to pull out a win.

      • We are talking about angels that are quite capable of destroying an entire planet themselves easily given how a single attack from them can wreck a continent. Also Divine magic> Megaman’s power. I’d like to see Megaman disintegrate a huge structure just by willing it. Bass loses to Gandalf let alone Sauron.

      • I’d say that Megaman’s an easy planet buster. Remember, I place Megaman ahead of Goku when we’re talking power levels and that shows just how strong he is. Gandalf and Sauron are too slow. Sauron died from a simple sword slash and Gandalf has lost to human level Orcs. They have nothing on Bass!

    • There is honestly no hope of debating to someone of your intelligence. That was a lucky shot from Isildur the son of Elendil who was wielding the sword ‘Narsil’ which was designed to cut through even spirits. Only people of Elendil’s bloodline were capable of wielding Narsil to its full power given how one of Elendil’s ancestors was actually a Maia (angel-like beings in LOTR). Now as for Gandalf, he was forced to restrict his powers in ME as stated throughout the books for he was only allowed to act as a guide and not wtfpwn Sauron and the whole continent with one attack. Also prove that Megaman is a planet buster whilst in the Silmarillion, you can read and see that Maia are easily continent level casually and can even raise continents back up. Also need I mention Eru who can vaporise Bass with a thought? Or Azathoth who could just wake up and Bass dies since the multiverse and everything occurring within it is actually his dream? (Not hype but true if you read Cthulhu mythos series). Its not hard to see you are a fanboy.

      • “*someone of your immense intelligence*”

        That was no lucky shot. Sauron had time to dodge, but he was simply too slow. No matter how strong the sword, it doesn’t change the fact that a simple stab beat him. So, Gandalf was willing to act as a guide even if it meant getting beaten up on by just about every villain in the franchise? I find that rather hard to believe although I have not read the books yet. I intend too, but I’ve just been rather busy. For now, I’ve only seen all of the films. Gandalf is seriously unimpressive and even if he was holding back for a while, his true power is not enough to beat Bass.

        Megaman..the proof is tough to get, but he’s a terra class fighter and he exchanged blows with Bass, who shook the entire planet with his aura. Since Megaman is at that level of power, planet busting is easy for him.

        Relaity ending is not a choice that Azathoth can make since his dream has become sentient. Nobody can destroy Bass with a thought. He has the Get ability program and he can corrupt Eru with a mere touch thanks to the bugs that inhabit him. I will admit that Bass is my favorite character of all time, but I still try to stay objective about him.

      • Corrupt Eru…Corrupt ERU?! Thats like attempting to corrupt the christian god so thats a big no no, never happening sort of thing

      • Not too much like it though. Eru’s a decent high above being I suppose, but he lacks the strength of will to resist Bass. Show me a feat of him resisting corruption…

      • Soz for the double post but I have more characters that can wreck Bass. Solaris from Sonic was destroying timelines and dimensions in a second or so. Zeed Milleniunmon can erase Bass as well. NOW do you think Bass has a counter for his timeline and dimension being erased? Also Solaris is omnichronological and omnipresent.

      • Sonic blasted through Solaris and Bass could replicate that feat. Bass would just shatter Zeed’s chains so that his power broke the multiverse and Bass would tank it. Time and space may blow up, but not Bass. He would live because he always lives. Bass is an unstoppable force, not punishable by death. I seriously don’t see a Pokemon or a Digimon taking him out. Digimon are data so they are corruptible and Solaris doesn’t have that Wow factor. He lost to Super Sonic and his pals, Bass would crush him.

      • In the Silmarillion when Melkor/Morgoth/LOTR devil began playing the discord, some of the other Valar/archangels began to change their tune to match his but Eru just stepped in and kicked Melkor out before berating Melkor. There you go, Eru is immune to corruption because he’s like the abrahamic god.

      • That’s pretty good for Eru, but resisting Merlkor and resisting Bass are two different things! Eru is a force to be reckoned with, but so it the mighty Bass. Even without his corruption, Bass has the speed necessary for him to claim victory here!

  44. Im gonna say this an say this now, you are a fanboy, you think Bass cab beat anyone even omnipotents who could just simply erase him, he has no feats that could even put him past planet level, but you claim he can decimate universe level beings, it is idiotic that you ignore that he has no feats that can put him anywhere close to universe level beings, and simply say he can just tank them and destroy them like it’s nothing, you are possibly even worse then both Narutards and Dbztards combined.

    • I agree with you there. TOAA has no feats? Fine! I put Bass against Eru who is an omnipotent WITH feats such as ‘laughing’ off Melkor’s attempt at corruption when Melkor actually managed to sway other Valar/archangels in his favor temporarily before Eru’s intervention. Eru also sank Numenor by willing it and he was all over Arda and Ea at the time given his omnipresence. Yet he still finds an idiotic way to counter an omnipotent with feats.

      • Yes, I will get to work on the battle against Eru. Should definitely be interesting, but keep in mind that his mental resistance is a good feat, but it’s one that probably won’t help him against Bass. Sinking Numenor sounds good, but is it as good as shaking a planet with your aura? These questions are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to such a match.

      • Shaking the planet yet everyone was unharmed whilst Eru actually sank things and buried an army with his power. Again machine made by Wily vs Omnipotent divine creator of the universe.

      • Wily didn’t create Bass…it was Dr. Cossack. Wily built another bass robot that was not as strong. Shaking the planet may not have harmed everyone, but it did scare the hair out of everyone. It’s still a legitimate feat and one that could match Eru.

      • Which one do you want me to pick? Keep in mind that we’ll have to power scale accordingly since he never busts a universe on screen…

      • The entire mass of the universe is around 3 x 10^50kg and i doubt Bass can powerscale to a number that high.

      • That’s impressively large but I’m confident that he could bust a universe. Even if he could not, his speed allows him to dodge just about anything

      • Even a squad of Chapter masters could tussle and take out Bass let alone a single Primarch. I’d like to see Bass tango with Angron or Sanguinius. Sanguinius may ber merciful and let him live but Angron? Oh boy, he’s going to rip Bass down to molecular level. Sanguinius’ reactions are too quick for Bass and Bass will get taken out in no time. Bass may be quick compared to Angron but there’s this nice thing called flyswatting and thats what Angron will do to Bass. Even a Magikarp with a Focus Sash could annihilate Bass…but again a Magikarp with a Focus Sash could almost annihilate anything. :3

      • You’re starting to lose me here to be honest. How could those guys hope to match Bass’ invincible powers? Focus Slash is definitely powerful and it could take down many opponents in an instant, but Bass would sidestep the hit. Flyswatting doesn’t typically work for me since the flies are too fast and that’s how the situation would go with Bass 😉

      • You’d be surprised how easy flyswatting is since I always manage to splat them with my palm (I’ve got skillz!!). Anyway a Space Marine who channelled only a tiny fraction of Sanguinius’ powers through his staff was capable of seeing bolter shots (hypersonic explosive rounds) as though they were literally frozen in mid-air hence showing that his reflexes are at least ftl. Now Sanguinius himself would be a lot faster and his brother Angron may be slightly slower but Angron’s a real mean SOB in terms of strength. This guy tanked a mountain falling on him unarmored and just jumped out of all the kilotons of rubble. Angron’s brother Vulkan was capable of causing immense earthquakes with a single punch whilst his other brother Magnus could reduce a mountain to glass with one psychic blast. I think Vulkan also swam through lava unscathed as a baby. Horus, also Angron’s brother was speared by an immense aircraft and shrugged it off before regenerating instantly. A weakened Angron was able to wrestle a Warhoud titan mech down and destroyed it with his bare hands. Angron was also able to stop power weapons (one hit smashes you down to molecular level) with his bare hands. Bass has no chance against a tankish monster like Angron.

  45. Ok, lets see…..DReager1’s hierarchy and tiers of power.
    Grimmjow > Dark Schneider (DS is an MFTL Galaxy buster though :S )
    Grimmjow > Ichigo (Ichigo has already beaten Grimmjow though :\)
    Sasuke > Goku and Vegeta (Ok, what now?)
    Everyone > TOAA (But he’s the representation of the author)
    Planet busters e.g. Thanos > Eternity (What…..)
    Thor > Odin and Living Tribunal (What….)
    Final conclusion: According to DReager here Street levelers > Planet busters but Some planet busters > Street levelers, hypersonic city busters > FTL planet busters….I GIVE UP
    There is no way that anyone can decipher these illogical statements. But anyway welcome to DReager1 land, where city busters beat abstracts and night omnipotents. -_______________-

    • That’s a pretty big burn! Keep in mind that Grimmjow and Sasuke are high aboves. Also, Sasuke never beat Vegeta. Ignoring that, I’d say that the rest is mostly right. TOAA is very weak because like you said…he’s just an author. Thanos can beat Eternity, he’s shown this to be true in the past. I’d consider Thor to be stronger than Odin because he’s younger and has more battle experience. At both their primes, Thor seems to be more impressive. In terms of skills FTL fighters>>>>Planet Busters>>>Magical Girls>>>Shinigami>>>Ninja>>>>Pirates>>>Chuck Norris>>Omnipotents>>>Abstracts

      • Beyonder has too beat him. The marvel multiverse was a speck to him. He is omniscience omnipresent and omnipotent. How will bass beat someone who can warp himself to be however fast and strong he wants to be? Besides beyonder could just warp away his get ability even if you want to say his get ability protects him from every physical attack

      • Bass’ Get Ability protects him from all physical attacks as well as energy ones. Beyonder can teleport, but Bass has real speed and he would be all over the villain in an instant. Beyonder just doesn’t have the physical abilities needed to pull off this miracle win if you ask me.

  46. Squirrel Girl demolishes Bass. One bite from her squirrels and Bass gets rabies and dies.

    Honestly though, with your logic Deadpool could beat Thor because he’ll just keep regenerating and never die. Heck Wolverine can beat Thanos with your logic ! I mean this almost as bad as saying Thor can beat TOAA! Oh wait…

    P.S. you’re trolling is actually pretty hilarious. I commend you sir!

    • What if I said that Bass already had his shots? No worries, Deadpool won’t regenerate once he’s atomized.

      I’m no troll! 🙄 🙄 🙄 🙄 🙄 🙄

      • Actually Deadpool can’t die so….. Thanos banned him from Death’s realm LOL. He’ll kill Bass. Or just shoot mega mans writers and destroy his franchise.

      • True, being banned from dying is tough to get around, but Bass will completely grind him into dust with a few well placed Darkness Overload blasts and an Earthbreaker or two.

  47. Hi again! XD We both like Bass a lot and I think you think he’s the most powerful in all of media so I want to type this down then. According to wiki apparently Dr. Wily created Zero as a more improved version of Bass (apparently this means Zero is more powerful than both Megaman and Bass) so won’t Zero beat Bass? Also I’m not sure how Bass can beat the likes of all-powerful yet boring characters like Beyonder and TOAA.

    • Absolutely, Bass is awesome! Zero was and is stronger than Bass, just not Bass EXE. They’re totally different characters. Beyonder and TOAA don’t have great durability feats. Beyonder has some to an extent, but not TOAA so a Darkness Overload should finish them off.

      • Oh I’ve never heard of Bass EXE, might check that out! 🙂 hmmm but isn’t TOAA basically this cheap character who is undefeatable? and somehow has the image of Jack Kirby or something lol (but Jack Kirby is weak lolol) so I’m not sure if Darkness Overload would finish TOAA and Beyonder off. Btw I read the comic book part where Beyonder boasts with his blabla and it’s sooo cheesy lol, besides why does Beyonder look like a human if he’s much more powerful than one and is supposed to be a God-like being? It means that his ancestors were more ape-like in appearance since humans had ape-like ancestors lol. He even says something like “Even with a thought, I can wish something to be true” I think he means he can wish death upon others and he can wish whatever he wants to happen….I mean c’mon, that sounds so cheesy and unrealistic. If he can wish whatever he wants then why doesn’t he look more powerful and has mere human features lol. Bass is a more epic character than both TOAA and Beyonder. I think Bass is more badass than Zero too… I mean dammit Wily why did Wily have to create Zero?? he should’ve been content with Bass lol but at least Bass EXE is there 🙂

      • That’s what TOAA fans want you to think. He’s actually fairly powerless in the grand scheme of things. I think everyone looks up to humans so they all want to emulate us. We are the coolest race after all 😎 Bass EXE is the future!! Hopefully we’ll get to see him some kind of media again soon. It’s a shame that the Mega Man franchise has all but died right now.

    • Why do you guys keep arguing about this TOAA and Beyonder argument? And Beyonder has great durability feats. He tanked an attack capable of destroying several billion dimensions. ( And for Dreager1, if you want some feats don’t complain. You were asking for some goddamn feats for TOAA. But now you have some feats for Beyonder, so don’t complain about his feats.

      @Arran Vid The Beyonder had to take a human form because he had to enter the Marvel Multiverse. The later version of him
      (post retcon, Gould grow as large as the Beyond Real and the entire Marvel Multiverse was only a drop of water in the Beyond Realm.

  48. Lol Bass would get rekt by Deadpool because he’d break the fourth wall and kill all of mega man’s game developers and manga writers. GG Bass

  49. How about we do a destructive capacity gauntlet shall we? The same for the durability gauntlet, but tell me at MOST how much Bass can destroy if he went all out and/or decided to destroy everything.

    1: House level
    2: Small building level
    3: Large building level
    4: Street level
    5: Multi-city block level
    6: City level
    7: Multi-city level
    8: State level
    9: Country level
    10: Planet level
    11: Large planet level
    12: Multi-planet level
    13: Galaxy level
    14: Universe level
    15: Multi-universe level
    16: Multiverse level
    17: Megaverse level
    18: Omniverse level( the character can destroy all dimensions and universes
    and cannot be stopped.)

  50. @Dreager1 Not really. I’ve been thinking about this for a long time now. At 18 I’d put TOAA there and Bass at 14 at best. Bass is only at 18 because of your massive Bass wankery like it’s said at VS Battles.

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