Bass The Strongest Being in all of media

The Ultimate Warrior the world has ever seen. Bass is number 1 on the blog and since the blog contains all of the strongest beings from every franchise then that settles it. Bass isn’t like the others. He commands true power. Before he got any of his power ups he was already the Ultimate Navi capable of destroying planets. Megaman and Protoman teaming up couldn’t deal any damage to him, and they are also legendary warriors. Another one of Bass’s big feats was he shook the entire planet just by powering up! Now that’s what I call incredible power! Bass even destroyed Nebula Grey and Slur, two more of the strongest beings. Bass is the Supreme Fighter and no one is even close to his power. Bass will never be caught and will always be number 1 in the blog. Bass has energy attacks that can destroy planets, but he is also a master of hand to hand combat. He moves many, many times faster than the speed of light and it’s impossible to fight him. Plus with the Get Ability it’s impossible for him to die, because he’d just ressurect and get even stronger. Basically Bass can never be defeated and he also happens to be the coolest character out there

His Main Forms

His Record

W Lazerman
W Mario
W Superman
W Galactus
W Duo
W Serenade
W Gregar
W Goku
W Aizen
W Yusei
W Slur
W Novaman
W Cosmoman
W Planetman
W Clockman
W Cache
W Elementman
W Pharohman
W Kirk
W Natalie (Charlie)
W Jasmine
W Jeri
W Poison (SF)
W James Bond
W Godzilla
W Cloe
W Batman
W Kisara
W Blair
W Keira
W Tea
W Tokine
W Maron
W Freeseman
W Minnie Mouse
W Virus Beast
W Falzar
W Kid Bass
W Doronjo
W Tina Armstrong
W Lady Devimon
W Queen Beryl
W Sabrina
W The Phantasm
W Inque
W Kamira
W Machi
W Aunt Mito
W Kikyo Zoldyck
W Botan
W One Above All
W Presence
W Zazan
W Yasuha
W Maddy
W Dr Cossack
W Ann Zap
W Ash
W Iris
W Clook
W Red Sonja
W Feitan
W Iblis
W Jessie
W Runo Misaki
W Julie Makimoto
W Maya Kurinoki
W Deidre
W Princess Pride
W Ribitta
W Miss Yuri
W Madame Web
W Marron
W East Kai
W West Supreme Kai
W Baba
W Wonder Woman
W May
W Santa Clause
W Ms Claus
W Alien (Skyline Flower Type)
W Ethan Hunt
W Kenji Koiso
W Sherlock Holmes
W Lara Croft
W Number Four
W Martin Harris
W Minya
W Shego
W Jak
W Stygimoloch
W Allosaurus
W Oolong
W Sharpner
W Tamako
W Mallory
W Bianchi
W Emma Bishop
W Jackie Tristan
W Big Barda
W Rai
W Mr Mxysptlk
W Ghost Rider
W Dark Schneider
W Yotsuba
W Mecha Godzilla 2
W Lucifer Morningstar
W Natsuki Shinohara
W Marshmallow Man
W Talking Tina
W Celebi
W Blanka
W Pesche
W Zangief
W Totodile
W Katniss
W Perseus
W Arthur
W Komorka
W Dalek
W Death


756 thoughts on “Bass The Strongest Being in all of media

    • My “proof” is the fact that a full powered blast was enough to injure the Virus Beast and break through Protoman’s shields. Bass was able to block it no problem..but that’s Bass.

    • I thought we weren’t using the W word? Bass is invincible and he’s my favorite character, but it’s just a coincidence. I’m glad that he’s the strongest, but it just happened to be the case.

  1. Do you know what wankery is in debates? That’s when fanboys act like there favorite character is unstoppable, they lie, troll, fan speculate, and never support their claims like when you said the Hubblast is universal.

  2. Unicron was going to destroy the multiverse if the Autobots, Decepticons, and Primus didn’t stop him. In Transformers Prime the Autobots needed help from Megatron to stop Unicron.

  3. I’m not talking about the G1 film. In the G1 film, Optimus had to use the Matrix to defeat Unicron. Comic Unicron and Primus were multiversal. Bass has done absolutely NOTHING to insist he’s on that level.

      • Unicron tanked the Big Bang. When did Bass tank such a powerful attack compared to the Big Bang.

        Off-topic, but I’m preparing for Shin Godzilla’s release in the United States.

      • Bass tanked the Hubblast from Megaman!

        Yeah, Godzilla’s going to be hype! I’m probably going to watch it in theaters as well. It should be fun to see what the King of the Monsters has in store for us!

    • He can’t hit what he can’t catch!

      Yeah, it’s a while to wait for Godzilla, but the wait will be worth it! I’ve heard that it’s pretty solid aside from the climax.

  4. The stronger character is Thanos with the heart of the universe, is power derives directly from the God of the christian/muslim/jewish religion
    The nature of his powers makes him the stronger

  5. Hmm, maybe I should throw a few characters into the royale of TOAA vs The Presence vs Man of Miracles vs Kami Tenchi. Maybe I should add Divine Presence, Undoubtedly First, The Abrahamic God, Eru Iluvatar, Gan, Azathoth, The Creator (Umineko), Lord of Nightmares (Slayers), and The Primal Monitor into it. It would be a much more fun fight. Could be called “The Omnipotent Battle Royale.”

      • I actually have a theory that all those beings and the rest of the supreme beings in fiction could be the same guy. There all stated to be omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient. It would actually be almost impossible to demonstrate such high levels of power with all those beings. Nevertheless, I’m still working on the battle anyways.

      • Just make them do a card battle or something. Since they’re all equal they can all try to do the best that they can with the cards that they’re dealt, but luck prevails in the end.

      • Hmm, I was looking forward to a battle, unless the type of card game is Speed or Solitaire or maybe even a chess game in which they all play individually. Maybe merge some of them together to form two powerful brings.

        TOAA+Abrahamic God+The Creator (Umineko)+ Presence+ Lord of Nightmares+ Undoubtedly First= The Creator God’s undoubtedly presence who is above all nightmares

        Man of Miracles+ Kami Tenchi+ Eru Iluvatar+ Gan+ Azathoth+ Divine Presence+ Primal Monitor= The Monitor of Miracles whose presence is superior to all supreme beings

        Those two powerful beings can them maybe fight after merging.

      • Lol, yeah that’s very true XD, Slur and Protoman stood no Chance in the anime! However, in the manga, When Serende was beaten by Bass, only 10 Percent of it’s full power was able to download to the real world and it was still handily whooping Hub style Megaman. Had Serenade been full power it would certainly have given Bass GS a run for his money.

      • A full power Serenade vs Bass would have definitely been a fun fight to have seen. That would have been an actual challenge for Bass for sure.

      • Lol, that’s true they definitely were defeated in under a minute XD. But, in the manga Serenade was able to take on hub style Quite easliy with only 10% of his power. And when he was killed by Bass it was only a fraction of his power he used to reflect the super nuke level blast. Pretty impressive stuff!

  6. Still gathering info for my argument. But anyways, tell me: Who wins? Bass or literally an infinite amount of fictions? And when I mean infinite, that means they still keep coming, so you cannot say “he just knocks them all down.” Or “he takes them all out in a single blast.”

    • Well, infinite fictions is about the same as All of Media if you think about it since there are always more characters around the corner. Bass still wins with a single continuous energy blast that knocks them all down for the count. They’ll be vaporized.

  7. I think you should change “Strongest In All of Media” to “Strongest on my Blog”.

    It’s not like anything explicitly described here is an accurate representation of the capabilities this “Bass” character has against an infinitely more formidable foe.

    • I couldn’t change it because the former is just more accurate. It’s a good picture of how strong Bass is, many just don’t want to believe it because of how crazy it is. I don’t even blame them since no character should be this powerful…it just so happens that Bass is.

      • That’s honestly a shame. There are a lot false comments you’ve left in your “battle scenarios” that serve as a reflection of misinformation.

        That’s the real reason many don’t believe you.

        It’s not a fact. It’s merely a statement you fabricated as a way of bolstering the capabilities of a character you happen to like. It just so happens to be Bass because you find him more honorable for the title, which is also false considering how little he as actually achieved.

        It’s been done before and I’ve seen enough of it know what will happen next.
        So… go ahead. Proceed with whatever response you feel will make your argument sounder. I’m more than prepared for what will follow.

        However, before you make any inaccurate assessments to label me as a “hater”, you should consider the fact that I’ve allocated a quite a bit of knowledge on MegaMan NT Warrior in the past.
        So, if you have anything to help me see what you see; by all means, show me what makes Bass the strongest.

        Of course, I will make sure to keep my expectations lower for his sake.
        It’s the least I can do 😉

      • What false comments? They should all be 100% accurate as per the blog battle rules where I placed my 100% accuracy policy. “If it’s not there, it’s not fair”

        No worries, I won’t call you a “hater” as I don’t believe in throwing those terms around so loosely. People have actually called me a troll in the past which I just scoff at. I’m not sure what else I could show though. If you read the manga and haven’t come to the conclusion that he is the strongest of all time, then it’s going to be really hard to change that. Just remember that his speed is absolute and his power is devastating. His Get Ability is the last thing his opponents will ever see.

        Just keep setting the bar lower and we’ll go over it at some point.

      • Just show the accomplishments that have led you to come to the conclusion of him being the strongest and I’ll see if your logic is sound.

      • Yes.

        However, the actions I have seen him execute don’t really measure up to other accomplishments I have witnessed and/or read in novels, movies, television shows, comic, etc.

        That’s why I want to know why YOU think he is the strongest when his “feats” are easy to replicate.

      • All right. Well, it all boils down to how fast and strong Bass is. He was FTL near the beginning of the series and not even Protoman or Megaman could keep up with him. Keep in mind that this was at a point where they were already incredibly strong. Then they all kept getting super form after super form. Bass has the Get Ability which is basically an invincible technique to seal the deal.

  8. Thanos with the Heart of the Universe destroyed all of the Marvel universe. How could Bass.EXE beat that? What has Bass.EXE done even close to that feat?

    • Bass has landed hits on Megaman which is a better feat since that guy is so fast. Bass could also cancel out such a blast with his own Darkness Overload. Thanos merely destroyed the universe while Bass beat its greatest warrior

  9. If we are talking about speed alone, Goku is way faster than Bass.EXE. He woundn’t know what hit him by the time Goku hits him a million or so times.

    • Goku is one of the fastest characters of all time so you’re not too wrong there. I would place him 3rd behind Bass and Megaman. Still, Bass is faster in the end

  10. Let’s talk about just a few characters off the top of my head who are way stronger than Bass.EXE could dream to be; The Living Tribunal is a good start. When he met Dr. Strange for the first time, he was so strong Strange could not even describe his power. That’s saying a lot, coming from the guy who was then one of the most powerful magic users at the time. Soon after that, there was The Beyonder or He Who Comes From Beyond, who was even more powerful than The Living Tribunal. The Beyonder shook entire dimenstions, just by simply walking. The guy could fight all of the best fighters in the universe without breaking a sweat. And then we have the all powerful one, The One Above All, who is the GOD of the Marvel multiverse. He is more powerful than The Beyonder and The Living Tribunal combined, (Tribunal is the right hand man of The One Above All) yet you claim Bass.EXE is stronger than all of them and more, with next to no evidense. How is he this strong? Where is the proof? I want to understand. I have read the MegaMan.NT Warrior manga a few times now, but I can’t find any proof that Bass.EXE is this overpowered. Can he shake the universe or multiverse just by standing there? Can he wave his hand and all of the universe bows down to him out of fear? Can he defeat any character just by staring at them? I await your reply.

    • Living Tribunal is good, but he doesn’t have the raw power and speed of Bass. Bass could end the planet in an instant. I’ve never been all that impressed with the Beyonder so I think that guy would be wrecked quite quickly. As for TOAA…well, I’d sooner take Elsa or Ant in a fight against him. I have plenty of evidence for Bass being powerful. In his first appearance in the manga he was stated to destroy 100 opponents in .1 of a second. That’s really good and none of these guys could match such a feat

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