Zayne Carrick vs The Mandalorian

Suggested by iKnowledge The Mandalorian is a talented fighter who likely has better combat sense than Zayne. However, Zayne is more gifted with the Force. While his battle record isn’t amazing with using a Lightsaber, when you couple that with the Force it’ll be difficult for The Mandalorian to land any decisive blows. He can also forget about his blaster entirely. It’s just too much of a gap to overcome. Zayne Carrick wins.

Guardian Stalker vs The Mandalorian

Suggested by Nerd With Too Much Lord of the Rings Knowlage This is actually a tricky one. The real question is if the Mandalorian’s equipment and guns would be able to punch through the Guardian Stalker before he gets obliterated by one of the lasers. A single shot from that cannon would probably take him down for the count but at the same time it’s a linear laser that is easy to see coming. For that reason, I would ultimately have to go with The Mandalorian to win this one. It’s close but he should be able to spam his guns and take the victory. The Mandalorian wins.

The Mandalorian vs Link

Suggested by Nerd With Too Much Lord of the Rings Knowlage The Mandalorian is skilled and definitely has a lot of armaments at his disposal. That being said, he just isn’t fast enough to keep up with Link. Link will be able to parry all of his blows and just keep it moving. A single hit from the fire arrow or his Master Sword should end this round pretty quickly. This is why he is the Hero of Time, The Mandalorian just won’t have the skillset needed to counter. Link wins.

Heathcliff vs The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian is a pretty tough fighter and one who knows how to make do with what he’s got. That creativity won’t be enough to take down Heathcliff though. Heathcliff’s speed is quite impressive. He’ll be able to block the Mandalorian’s attacks and close the distance between them. His shield can also block any blasts that the Mandalorian tries. They’re both tactical geniuses but Heathcliff is just in a much better position to win this round. Heathcliff wins.

The Mandalorian vs Mudhorn

Suggested by Anonymous The Mandalorian returns and now he’s up against a giant monster. The Mudhorn is pretty fierce in combat and can overwhelm opponents with brute force. He’s certainly not a foe you want to take lightly. That said, he’s not going to do all that well against someone like The Mandalorian. The Mandalorian has a jetpack and various armaments at his disposal. The Mudhorn’s hide is durable but it’s not invincible. The hits will definitely add up and before long the Mudhorn will be out of the running. The Mandalorian wins.

The Mandalorian vs Nemo

Suggested by Anonymous It’s been pretty rough for Nemo on the blog lately. He’s taking quite a few losses and this match will be no different. The Mandalorian is a powerful fighter who is equipped with blasters and all kinds of tech so that he can be prepared for any eventuality. As strong as Nemo is, he’s definitely not going to be prepared to fight this guy. Nemo would likely go down in a single hit and wouldn’t be able to deal any damage. The Mandalorian wins.