The Mandalorian vs Link

Suggested by Nerd With Too Much Lord of the Rings Knowlage The Mandalorian is skilled and definitely has a lot of armaments at his disposal. That being said, he just isn’t fast enough to keep up with Link. Link will be able to parry all of his blows and just keep it moving. A single hit from the fire arrow or his Master Sword should end this round pretty quickly. This is why he is the Hero of Time, The Mandalorian just won’t have the skillset needed to counter. Link wins.

5 thoughts on “The Mandalorian vs Link

  1. You’ve never really said what game you’re taking Link from, but based on the picture I’m going with OOT Adult Link here. That being said, how effective do you honestly believe the Master Sword and fire arrows against beskar steel, a material known for being able to resist blaster rounds and lightsaber strikes with relative ease. It’s a type of armor Link has no experience in dealing with, and I really don’t see either of these weapons doing a whole lot against it. (And simply saying ” He’s the Hero of Time, he’s gonna win because he’s that good” is not a good enough explanation)

    And that’s if Link can even hit Mandalorian when he’s got a jetpack to increase mobility and avoid attacks, while also being able to still put out ranged fire of his own. And as for parrying shot after shot, Link has never dealt with someone firing a blaster like Mandalorian before. The most he’s gone against is Phantom Ganon and Ganon with their energy volleyball, which seems to be notably slower than anything Mando’s going to be using. This is especially true since Mandalorian is an expert gunfighter, a master at quickdraw, and can make rather precise shots. And since Link isn’t nearly as well armored as Mandalorian, this is going to be a problem. Not to mention all of his other equipment like his helmet that can zoom in on opponents, pinpoint locations, track heat signatures etc. Link is not equipped to deal with someone like the Mandalorian, who has multiple ways of no selling his equipment, and dishing out damage Link simply cannot compete with. I don’t think Link takes this, and I cannot disagree more strongly that he wins for the reasons you’ve cited.

    • It’s composite Link so think of it like he has all his best equipment and attacks rolled into one. I do think his Master Sword would easily slice through the Mandalorian’s armor though. That thing is incredibly sharp and just keeps on going. Additionally, his Light Arrows will be way too fast for the Mandalorian to keep up with. He would simply be overwhelmed by the sheer force and power behind those blows. It’s why Link puts fear into the hearts of many.

      Ultimately Mandalorian’s armor is very impressive but physically he won’t be all that close to repelling Link’s attacks because he will be getting speedblitzed

      • Didn’t even notice you made this reply until now, but I still have to push back against some of these points.

        1.If you’re going to use Composite Link, make sure you detail that in the battles you use him in. I think using composite character is generally a bad practice since it artificially buffs characters instead using their true strength. But if you choose to do so, make a note of it.

        2. The claims about the Master Sword being able to slice through the armor and the light arrows being too fast for Mando to keep up with? Give some sort of evidence that he can slice through armor that can easily take lightsaber hits and keep going. Give some sort of evidence that the light arrows can utterly speedblitz Mando. I’m not going to do it for you since you’re making the claims. If you can said evidence for both of them, I’ll be much more inclined to believe you. But as of now i’m not convinced of these specific claims.

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