Josh Calloway vs Link

Suggested by Destroyer Josh Calloway is the main character from the Eve of Extinction game that came out for PS2 a while back. The game never really hit it big despite being an amazing title. The main character wields a sword as well as many other weapons. His energy attacks should not be underestimated, however that won’t be enough to beat Link. The fact of the matter is Link has more experience and better weapons at his disposal. His sheer strength has been shown to be absolutely staggering. Josh is completely out of his league. Link wins.


Link vs Inkling

Suggested by Sonic Inkling is a pretty tough character, but she isn’t quite ready to take on someone like Link. Link has a lot of experience under his belt and has mastered many different items. His skills are impressive and he can fight even without weapons. This battle just has a gap in talent that is too wide to overcome. Inkling isn’t ready to fight such an opponent yet, but if she keeps training then maybe that can change. Link wins.

Link vs Wario

Suggested by Sonic Wario is a pretty persistent guy, but his actual abilities aren’t quite a match for the Hero of Time’s. Link is the better fighter through and through. He’ll approach the match with a good amount of tactics and physical ability to get him through. Even when Wario transforms into his near invulnerable state it won’t be a match for Link’s Fierce Deity mode. Wario is basically outmatched in all areas. Link wins.

Daisy vs Link

Suggested by Sonic It’s time for Daisy to step in! She’s always been one of the most underratted Mario characters so to see her in Super Smash is pretty intense. Still, I’m not sure if she can hope to stop Link here. Link has his Master Sword on hand and a bunch of other weapons including his Light Arrows. Daisy isn’t fast enough to dodge his hits and she also won’t be able to endure them. Link is simply on a different level with his pure technique and Daisy will have to wait for another match to try and get a win. Link wins.

Ness vs Link

Suggested by Destroyer Ness is a pretty talented kid. He has mastered the various pk powers at his disposal and can turn any object into a weapon. That being said, he will still have a tough time getting past Link’s formidable arsenal of weapons and battle experience. It’ll definitely give Link the edge in this fight and his Skyward Slice is something Ness will definitely want to dodge. Link wins.

Bomberman vs Link

Suggested by Sonic Bomberman is a pretty agile fighter who is good at dodging explosions while prepping his own. That being said, I don’t think he is quite ready for an opponent like Link. Link has a large arsenal of weapons at his disposal. While the hero of time’s bombs may not be as good as the iconic bomber, his Light Arrows will still do the trick. Bomberman isn’t fast enough to stop Link from using such powerful weapons. Link wins.

Link vs Pac Man

Suggested by Sonic Pac Man is a video game icon who is well known and loved by fans all around the globe. He has a lot of fruits at his disposal, but none that would be able to get past Link’s shield. Link has a lot of endurance and raw power behind his sword swings so once he gets close to Pac Man then the match will be over. Nothing can block or survive the Master Sword! Link wins.

Link vs Kisame

Suggested by Random This was a tougher match than you’d think. Kisame’s speed isn’t all that bad and his raw strength is quite impressive. However the same can be said for Link thanks to Hyrule Warriors where we see him now down whole armies and the other Link games which show off his durability and raw strength. I think Kisame’s surprising lack of speed will hurt him here. Link will be able to land his devastating hits. Link wins.

Aang vs Link

Suggested by Eric Aang is actually pretty strong by the end of the series and has many elemental abilities that work to his favor. That being said, he’s fighting the Hero of Time now. Link’s not just any other foe and he’s been through more dungeons than I’d like to count. He completely outmaneuvers Aang and his array of weapons will ensure that he always has the upper hand. One good Light Arrow will end this and Link’s Master Sword can also overwhelm Aang with energy blasts coupled with Link’s skilled swordplay. Link wins.

Link vs Hiei

Suggested by Random Link is a skilled sword fighter and you could make the strong case that his pure swordsmanship may be even greater than Hiei’s. While that gives Link a slight advantage, Hiei is physically far superior. He will be able to speed blitz Link and exploit that difference. Link has a lot of gadgets, but they won’t be enough to protect him from Hiei’s vicious onslaught of attacks. Hiei wins.