Link vs Drax The Destroyer

Suggested by Destroyer Drax is powerful but he doesn’t have the same level of discipline at Link. Link maximizes every single one of his attacks and strategies. He fights cautiously and knows when to press and when to hold back. Drax has a lot of strength but Link will be controlling the flow of the fight from start to finish and will always be one step ahead. I don’t see Drax really being able to do much to stop him and a few good light arrows or master sword swings will end this. Link wins.

Link vs Ansem

Suggested by Destroyer Link is the master swordsman of legend and his whole thing is about fighting off the shadows. Ansem’s darkness may be strong enough to keep him from being knocked out too quickly but at the end of the day he will still be powerless to stop Link. Link is too fast and his attacks cover a very large range so dodging them is effectively out of the question as well. Ansem won’t be able to endure for long. Link wins.

Ironman vs Link

Suggested by Nerd With Too Much Lord of the Rings Knowlage The Hero of Hyrule has returned once more. Ironman’s one of the stronger Marvel heroes thanks in part to getting a solid anime treatment which boosted his speed. Link had similar boosts thanks to Hyrule Warriors and the Twilight Princess manga. Ultimately Link has more skill in close quarters combat but Ironman can strike from afar which may be able to overpower the mirror shield. Ultimately Link should be able to force Ironman to land and secure the victory with his Light arrows. Link wins.

The Mandalorian vs Link

Suggested by Nerd With Too Much Lord of the Rings Knowlage The Mandalorian is skilled and definitely has a lot of armaments at his disposal. That being said, he just isn’t fast enough to keep up with Link. Link will be able to parry all of his blows and just keep it moving. A single hit from the fire arrow or his Master Sword should end this round pretty quickly. This is why he is the Hero of Time, The Mandalorian just won’t have the skillset needed to counter. Link wins.

Witch-king of Angmar vs Link

Suggested by Nerd With Too Much Lord of the Rings Knowlage The Witch-King is a powerful foe and one of Sauron’s most powerful associates. His blade can break just about any other but he’ll gave a hard time negating the Master Sword which was created to banish evil. That may be a stalemate at which point Link will completely dominate him in close quarters combat thanks to his speed. If his sword does shatter, then he will have to rely on his other weapons like Light Arrows. Link wins.

Link vs Japanman

Suggested by Destroyer Japanman is not an opponent to take lightly. He is also well versed in bladed combat and will be able to try and give Link a run for his money. The main problem Japanman has is that he simply isn’t fast enough to deal with Link. Link has fought stronger opponents in his day and Japanman didn’t have a big role in the manga or anime that could have boosted his stats. As it stands, Link would simply be able to overwhelm this guy. Link wins.

Link vs Bishop

Suggested by Destroyer Bishop can fire off energy blasts and absorb kinetic energy. It’s not a good idea to hit him with blasts but he can’t do a whole lot against direct attacks like the swing of a sword. Link’s Master Sword will prove too much for this guy to handle and a good swing could end this. Bishop just won’t be able to stand up to that level of power. Link wins.

Green Lantern (Stewart) vs Link

Suggested by Destroyer John Stewart is one of the more powerful Green Lanterns out there. He has enough willpower to create just about anything and also has army experience that backs up his hand to hand combat skills. That said, he’s not going to be defeating Link here. Link is the chosen hero of Hyrule and has amassed a whole lot of wins and skills over the years. He’s just on a different level at this point. Link wins.

Link vs Doomsday

Suggested by Destroyer Link is a talented swordsman, but can he beat the ultimate adapting monster? Doomsday will prove to be a difficult opponent for Link but adapting to the Master Sword will be difficult. Link also has a lot of combat speed and different weapons up his arsenal. He should be able to overwhelm Doomsday in pure combat and his light arrow will do the trick. It’s a close fight but one that Link won’t lose. Link wins.

Isabelle vs Link

Suggested by Sonic Link was chosen by the Master Sword to be the protector of Hyrule. I don’t think I need to tell you the implications of this. It means that he is the most worthy person on the planet and he was already a sharp fighter before that. Isabelle won’t be able to stop Link and the hero has enough weapons/items at his disposal to defeat her without causing any harm. That’s just how good he is. Link wins.