Isabelle vs Baby Bop

Suggested by Destroyer Baby Bop is a dinosaur so she may have super strength but I would argue it is probably below that of most dinosaurs as we haven’t seen anything too remarkable from her. Either way that won’t really deter Isabelle who has her pocket rockets at the ready. Each one delivers a punishing explosion that will make Baby Bop think twice about trying to go up against this opponent. Isabelle wins.

Isabelle vs Domestic Longhair

Suggested by Destroyer The Domestic Longhair is a neat cat that certainly has good agility. Isabelle is used to dealing with many sentient animals who are even more skilled though so this won’t be too difficult for her. She has her hammer and a whole slew of other weapons at her disposal. When you factor them all together, it spells bad news for this cat. Isabelle wins.

Isabelle vs Geemel

Suggested by Anonymous Isabelle is a nice character who means well, but she really isn’t ready to fight someone like Geemel. Geemel has speed and power on his side. The guy won’t even really need his weapon here since a quick punch ought to end this. Isabelle has a lot of little gadgets on her side, but they weren’t really built for combat. She’s a creative character who may try to lay down some traps but I don’t believe they would so much as scratch Geemel’s armor. This isn’t a fight she can win. Geemel wins.

Isabelle vs Marth

Suggested by Sonic Isabelle is a really nice character who always does her best to make sure that everyone is having a good time. You need a character like that or the village will ultimately fall apart. That being said, she isn’t really a fighter. She’ll go into battle when necessary but usually chooses not to do so. Meanwhile Marth has taken down whole armies in the past so he definitely won’t be losing this round. The wise thing for Isabelle to do would be to surrender. Marth wins.

Ferham vs Isabelle

Suggested by Anonymous Isabelle is a very nice character who is always trying to look out for the village, but she is really out of her depth here. Ferham is a powerful reploid who was actually able to hold Zero back for a time. That takes an incredible amount of super strength and she made it look easy. Isabelle would lose the instant that the match started which definitely means that she’s in real trouble here. Ferham wins.

Isabelle vs Mario

Suggested by Sonic Mario is a very talented fighter who has a lot of power ups and skills. He can jump around Isabelle’s attacks and launch some powerful counters. She doesn’t have an answer for any of his attacks and I fear that her lack of practical combat experience is also going to hurt her here. She won’t be able to react to his attacks in time and may even let the nerves get to her. This is not a fight that she was ready for. Mario wins.

Isabelle vs Link

Suggested by Sonic Link was chosen by the Master Sword to be the protector of Hyrule. I don’t think I need to tell you the implications of this. It means that he is the most worthy person on the planet and he was already a sharp fighter before that. Isabelle won’t be able to stop Link and the hero has enough weapons/items at his disposal to defeat her without causing any harm. That’s just how good he is. Link wins.

Isabelle vs Squirtle

Suggested by Sonic Squirtle is one of the original water Pokemon and yet he still ranks up there as one of the strongest ones. He is quick and has a good combo game as well as a ton of moves at his disposal. This means that Isabelle is basically out of luck when going up against him because she can’t keep up with his moves. Squirtle is basically invincible as far as she is concerned. He won’t even need to evolve to win this fight. Squirtle wins.

Isabelle vs Goldeen

Suggested by Sonic Isabelle is a nice character, but she doesn’t have a ton of combat experience. She would very quickly find herself outmatched against Goldeen and will be without an escape route. Goldeen’s abilities are incredibly impressive and she can even transform into Seaking if necessary. A single Horn attack will end the fight. Isabelle’s hammer and confetti traps will not be enough. Goldeen wins.

Isabelle vs King Dedede

Dedede Isabelle
Isabelle makes her debut onto the blog with this round. Unfortunately for her, a win may be out of the question. King Dedede is just too powerful and one good shot from his hammer should be enough to fling Isabelle away. Dedede is a King and this win should prove it…King Dedede wins.