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King Dedede vs DK

Suggested by Destroyer It’s time for a battle of heavyweights. I’d make the case that King Dedede is physically stronger than DK, especially since he has been possessed multiple times which greatly amped up his strength. DK also isn’t the smartest fighter so it’s not like he would have a great advantage in hand to hand combat or anything either. I think it’ll be a fairly close match, but King Dedede just has more tools at his disposal which makes him more of a versatile threat. King Dedede wins.

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Little Mac vs King Dedede

Suggested by Sonic King Dedede may not look like the toughest guy out there, but he’s actually reasonably tough. His hammer packs a punch and he has several powered up forms that he has gotten over the years. It’ll be tough for Little Mac to deal with his array of rockets and energy blasts. Once they’re in close quarters combat he could likely overwhelm the King with speed and precision, but I just don’t see him getting in. Dedede just has too many long range options. King Dedede wins.

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Bob Omb vs King Dedede

Suggested by Sonic It’s been a while, but it’s time for the Bob Omb to finally jump back into a new fight. King Dedede is definitely a tough opponent to have to fight, but if anyone can do it Bob Omb can. His explosions pack a punch but the problem is that it’ll leave him out of commission for a while. I think that’s just too much of a weakness to overcome so ultimately he’s going to end up taking the loss here. King Dedede wins.

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Joker vs King Dedede

King Dedede is a heavy hitter from the Kirby series who whacks away at his enemies with his extremely powerful hammer. There aren’t many opponents who could hope to stand up to this guy and not even the Joker can defeat him. While the Joker has some decent hand to hand options, King Dedede has a hammer, which gives him a better range than the Joker could ever hope to match. King Dedede’s power is just too overwhelming. King Dedede wins.

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Mr Game and Watch vs King Dedede

Mr Game and Watch is back, but he’s a little outmatched here against the king. King Dedede has a lot of attack power and one good hit from his hammer may be able to take out Mr Game and Watch. Mr Game and Watch can turn into a giant octopus, but he still moves a little too slowly to land a good hit on King Dedede. King Dedede is surprisingly nimble and I’m confident that he could evade Mr Game and Watch. King Dedede wins.

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Toon Link vs King Dedede

unnamed (2)
King Dedede is a pretty tough powerhouse, but he lacks speed and that definitely hurts against someone like Toon Link. Toon Link is a master swordsman and he has a lot of weapons at his disposal to help him win the matches that matter. King Dedede can try to dodge Toon Link’s attacks, but eventually a slice or a Light Arrow would go through and that would be it for the King. Toon Link wins.

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Isabelle vs King Dedede

Dedede Isabelle
Isabelle makes her debut onto the blog with this round. Unfortunately for her, a win may be out of the question. King Dedede is just too powerful and one good shot from his hammer should be enough to fling Isabelle away. Dedede is a King and this win should prove it…King Dedede wins.

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Megaman SF vs King Dedede

Megaman SF hasn’t fought in a while, but this has not dulled his skills. He’s still one of the strongest combatants around and his speed can match up with the best fighters out there. King Dedede isn’t known as a speedster by any stretch of the imagination, but he has a good hammer. It should take a full slice from Megaman’s sword to destroy it and a single punch to take out the King. Megaman SF wins.

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King Dedede vs Pikachu

Dedede Pikachu
Pikachu has immense speed at his disposal and he’s one of the stronger creatures out there. He has the speed of Rainbow Dash and the power of the Hulk. King Dedede may have an impressive hammer, but it won’t be enough to stop this thunder mouse. Pikachu has a lot of battle experience and it definitely pays off. Pikachu wins.

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King Dedede vs Lucario

Dedede SPANK
King Dedede may be a powerhouse, but he doesn’t have enough speed to take on Lucario. As interesting as this may sound….Lucario is physically stronger than King Dedede. He’s definitely shown more feats to support this and his aura abilities continue to increase his power. Lucario’s techniques use a lot of skill and he can block King Dedede’s strongest attacks with ease. Lucario wins.