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Joker vs King Dedede

King Dedede is a heavy hitter from the Kirby series who whacks away at his enemies with his extremely powerful hammer. There aren’t many opponents who could hope to stand up to this guy and not even the Joker can defeat him. While the Joker has some decent hand to hand options, King Dedede has a hammer, which gives him a better range than the Joker could ever hope to match. King Dedede’s power is just too overwhelming. King Dedede wins.

4 thoughts on “Joker vs King Dedede”

    1. True, he doesn’t look so good there to be sure. The Super Smash series helps him the most for me. That being said, just fighting Kirby is a bit of a feat for him since Kirby can smash planets with a single hit. The Joker is certainly a strong adversary though.

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