Luigi vs King Dedede

Suggested by Destroyer King Dedede is fairly strong and deals with King Dedede a lot but I would say he may be lacking the agility to deal with Luigi here. He’ll need to spread out the Gordos and his hammer attacks while Luigi has to try and use electricity and anything else that he has at the ready. It’s a classic speed vs power battle but in this case power actually wins. I think Dedede is just skilled enough to pull out the win. King Dedede wins.

King Dedede vs Gateman

Suggested by Sonic Gateman is far from the most impressive Megaman character around but he is still more than a match for King Dedede. This comes down to speed and versatility. Try as he might, King Dedede just won’t be able to land any real sots in. Meanwhile Gateman has some decent long range attacks coming out of his gate and can pepper Dedede with hits until he goes down. Then it will be the end of the road. Gateman wins.

King Dedede vs Turboman

Suggested by Sonic I’m not really sold on Turboman but I’d have to say the same thing about King Dedede. Dedede is big and strong but I wouldn’t say that he is particularly fast. He will have a hard time landing blows here. Turboman meanwhile will be able to keep on barreling into King Dedede until the match is won. Dedede has had his powers amplified several times over the years but this just won’t be enough to win. At the end of the day you need more than raw power and Dedede just doesn’t have enough of those attributes to claim victory. Turboman wins.

Kirby Squeak Squad Review

It’s time to look at a recent Kirby game for the DS. Kirby is one of those titles where I’ve lost track of how many portable games there are. There are just so many and then you have the remakes and ports to deal with as well. I figured I could at least get a little closer to being caught up with the series though and what better way than with this one? Squeak Squad is one of the shortest Kirby games out there as it’s barely over 2 hours. That means it is the perfect pick to blast through. The gameplay is pretty solid but the length is hard to ignore.

The plot involves Kirby getting ready to eat a nice slice of cake. Unfortunately the cake is snatched away right before his very eyes. It appears that the group known as the Squeaks have stolen it. Kirby makes it his mission to track all of these guys down so he can get his cake. He will have to travel across multiple lands in order to do this, but nothing is going to stop him from getting his meal. I know how good a solid slice of cake can be so it is definitely hard to pass that up. Meanwhile, is there something more sinister at play here?

The story doesn’t move much as you only get a quick cutscene at the start and then for the final few worlds. Still, I’m always glad to see a story of any sort. It may feel rather low stakes but this is Kirby so you know that something will change by the end. Kirby has come to be known as the title with all of the extremely high end cosmic villains by the end and the games do not disappoint with this. As they go on you can always count on some pretty big villains showing up to cause damage and take people down. The final boss here is enough hype being with a cool design. In general the boss fights are pretty solid.

I also expected them to be a walk in the park but 1 in particular was actually a real challenge where I lost some lives. A big thing in the Kirby games is to make sure you have the right power for each situation. If you lose a power then a boss or level can be a lot more difficult than it would have been otherwise. That’s exactly what happened here. I lose my boomerang power so that I could make a space for the chest. Then the cloud boss that showed up was hard to deal with. I kept falling or I would get stunned for a while. The boss design was actually pretty clever and worked quite well to be honest. This was a true threat that just wouldn’t go down very easy. The rest of the bosses were more standard but I was still reasonably impressed with this.

As for the gameplay, it’s your standard Kirby style. You run through a level as you try to get to the goal. A new wrinkle is that you can hold up to 5 items in storage in addition to the ability you already have. This can be pretty handy for sure. You’ll also need those spots because some levels can have up to 3 chests. They each take up a slot so this prevents you from holding more food or special abilities. You don’t actually need to collect all of the chests in this game to clear it, but I wasn’t taking any chances and grabbed half of them during the game. In particular the important ones appear to be the mega chests at the end of a level. These have the potential to carry the Star Brands and you will need those brands in order to access the final worlds. Most of the chests aren’t really hidden during the opening worlds and only get a little more difficult in the second half of the game. I’d say that’s the main thing to be aware of but otherwise you should be good to go.

The levels are a lot shorter than I expected which makes sense for why the game is so short. There are around 50 levels in the game and you don’t have to actually clear all of them. Each level comes with a bonus level that you can skip so most worlds just have 5 levels. Each level shouldn’t take you longer than around 2 minutes to complete if you’re looking for chests. I liked the pocket size of the levels. They’re part of the game’s charm and it makes this game very easy to just pick up and play. The level designs are quite excellent but that’s no surprise.

The graphics are definitely pretty good. I liked the little illustrations we would get to progress the story as well. The artwork was definitely on point and it helped to show that this game had a reasonable budget. The soundtrack is very good. That one has a lot of remixes from previous games and all of the tunes end up feeling pretty iconic. This is definitely more in line with what I would expect from a Nintendo title and they did not disappoint. These tunes are memorable and really get you into the spirit of things.

In terms of replay value there is some although not a whole lot. Completing the whole game with half of the collectibles only took a little over 2 hours. If you go back to get the rest of them then I guess you could maybe stretch this to 4 hours. That’s about it though so I can’t give the game a whole lot of credit for that. 4 hours for 100% completion rate is not really amazing at all but the sheer enjoyment factor of the game will keep this one operating at a positive level. If anything I would just say as a disclaimer that you shouldn’t buy this game for a high price. Make sure you get it for around 15 or something and then it’s a good deal.

Overall, Kirby Squeak Squad was pretty fun. It’s a brief experience but I certainly enjoyed the smooth gameplay and fun plot. This is a game I could recommend to anyone who likes platformers or wants to start the genre. Despite that one boss being a little tricky, the game is pretty easy so it works perfectly as an introduction. After clearing it you’ll be ready for some more adventures and slightly more difficult titles. I have another Kirby game coming up which is supposed to be tougher to complete so I look forward to seeing what challenges that one has in store for me.

Overall 7/10

King Dedede vs DK

Suggested by Destroyer It’s time for a battle of heavyweights. I’d make the case that King Dedede is physically stronger than DK, especially since he has been possessed multiple times which greatly amped up his strength. DK also isn’t the smartest fighter so it’s not like he would have a great advantage in hand to hand combat or anything either. I think it’ll be a fairly close match, but King Dedede just has more tools at his disposal which makes him more of a versatile threat. King Dedede wins.

Little Mac vs King Dedede

Suggested by Sonic King Dedede may not look like the toughest guy out there, but he’s actually reasonably tough. His hammer packs a punch and he has several powered up forms that he has gotten over the years. It’ll be tough for Little Mac to deal with his array of rockets and energy blasts. Once they’re in close quarters combat he could likely overwhelm the King with speed and precision, but I just don’t see him getting in. Dedede just has too many long range options. King Dedede wins.

Bob Omb vs King Dedede

Suggested by Sonic It’s been a while, but it’s time for the Bob Omb to finally jump back into a new fight. King Dedede is definitely a tough opponent to have to fight, but if anyone can do it Bob Omb can. His explosions pack a punch but the problem is that it’ll leave him out of commission for a while. I think that’s just too much of a weakness to overcome so ultimately he’s going to end up taking the loss here. King Dedede wins.

Kirby of the Stars: The Story of Dedede Who Lives in Pupupu

Kirby’s manga has finally begun to get translated. It’s off to a fun start and the jokes are going over a lot better than the equivalents from the Mario series. The art is also solid so this could be a fun series. I’ll review it when I’ve finished the series.

Overall 6/10

Joker vs King Dedede

King Dedede is a heavy hitter from the Kirby series who whacks away at his enemies with his extremely powerful hammer. There aren’t many opponents who could hope to stand up to this guy and not even the Joker can defeat him. While the Joker has some decent hand to hand options, King Dedede has a hammer, which gives him a better range than the Joker could ever hope to match. King Dedede’s power is just too overwhelming. King Dedede wins.

Mr Game and Watch vs King Dedede

Mr Game and Watch is back, but he’s a little outmatched here against the king. King Dedede has a lot of attack power and one good hit from his hammer may be able to take out Mr Game and Watch. Mr Game and Watch can turn into a giant octopus, but he still moves a little too slowly to land a good hit on King Dedede. King Dedede is surprisingly nimble and I’m confident that he could evade Mr Game and Watch. King Dedede wins.