Mr Game and Watch vs Yoshi

Suggested by Sonic Mr Game and Watch is a nice fighter who has managed to make a name for himself despite the 2D limitations. That being said, Yoshi has still got the edge here. He can breath fire after unlocking his flame form and his boots will let him step on most of Watch’s attacks. Yoshi is even known as a speed character in various spinoffs which speaks to how quick the little Dino is. Game and Watch will be completely overwhelmed in this battle and I don’t see what he can do to change his fate. Yoshi wins.


Catherine Frensky vs Mr Game and Watch

Suggested by Destroyer Catherine seems like a pretty nice person so it’s almost a shame that she has to go up against someone as skilled as Mr Game and Watch. He will keep throwing his bacon to keep Catherine off balance and then he can blow her away with his toot horns. There just isn’t much she can do against a formidable 2D opponent like Game and Watch. His experience will carry him far. Mr Game and Watch wins.

Mr Game and Watch vs Mega Man

Mr Game and Watch is a pretty tough fighter and his flame attack can be deadly. That being said, he is more than a little outmatched against the blue bomber. Mega Man’s abilities are limited only by his imagination and he has copied dozens of them in the past. A simple charge shot will likely take Mr Game and Watch down for the count. Mega Man wins.

Mr Game and Watch vs Kirby

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Mr Game and Watch is back, but he may be more than a little outmatched by the raw power that is in the form of Kirby. Kirby has a powerful hammer that he can slam his opponents with and one hit is already guaranteed to deal some massive damage. Mr Game and Watch has his own hammer, but his speed just isn’t good enough and his array of abilities is a lot more limited. Kirby wins.

Mr Game and Watch vs King Dedede

Mr Game and Watch is back, but he’s a little outmatched here against the king. King Dedede has a lot of attack power and one good hit from his hammer may be able to take out Mr Game and Watch. Mr Game and Watch can turn into a giant octopus, but he still moves a little too slowly to land a good hit on King Dedede. King Dedede is surprisingly nimble and I’m confident that he could evade Mr Game and Watch. King Dedede wins.

Mr Game and Watch vs Fox

Mr Game and Watch is a pretty good fighter and he has many moves at his disposal. That being said, he’s simply outmatched against someone like Fox. Fox can beat him in a hand to hand battle and he would also have the edge in a long range confrontation thanks to his trusty blaster and vehicles at the ready. His Landmaster really squashes the competition. Fox wins.

Mr Game and Watch vs One Above All

Mr Game and Watch is another fighter who has been trapped in the winless column and now it’s his time to strike back! The One Above All is a tough fighter to be sure, but he is simply outmatched this time. Mr Game and Watch has a lot of tricks up his sleeve and his raw power is enough to keep the One Above All down for good. Mr Game and Watch wins.

Mr Game and Watch vs Zero

Mr Game and Watch may seem like a tough fighter, but he’s got nothing on Zero. Zero is a lot faster and he can string up his blows for super powerful combos. For all of Mr Game and Watch’s skills, he’s never been the best fighter in the world. He just lack’s the skill that Zero has. Zero wins.

Mr Mxyzptlk vs Mr Game and Watch

Mr Game and Watch can shapeshift and do a number of epic and cool things, but they are not enough to take on Mr Mxyzptlk. Mr Mxyzptlk can shoot energy blasts, but will they be enough to win? I think so this time! Mr Mxyzptlk is just too powerful to lose this time. Mr Mxyzptlk wins.

Kazuki vs Mr Game and Watch

Well Mr Game and Watch is just not at Kazuki’s level and I have little doubt that he will stay that way for his entire career. Kazuki is just too fast and powerful for him. Kazuki wins.