Sailor Moon vs X Man

Suggested by Sonic X Man is one of the strongest mutants out there. His TK abilities even rival that of the Phoenix which is no easy feat. Sailor Moon has a lot of heart so I’m sure she could resist the telepathy but his psychic blasts would still deal massive damage. She wouldn’t be able to last in this round. X Man wins.


Sailor Moon vs Wizard

Suggested by Sonic Sailor Moon is back once again, but unfortunately I don’t think she will be able to win this round either. The Wizard is actually a formidable opponent with his discs in place. He also obtained the symbiote at one point which really increased his abilities. Sailor Moon won’t be able to keep up with him and as her durability isn’t great either, I don’t believe that she will be able to endure his attacks. She just doesn’t have too many options here. Wizard wins.

Master Mold vs Sailor Moon

Suggested by Sonic I don’t want to underestimate Sailor Moon, but can she really handle this guy? Master Mold is huge and his energy blasts pack a punch. He can also fly which doesn’t help Sailor Moon’s case here. It’s been a while since I have seen the show and perhaps I need to check it out again at some point, but once again I fear that the lack of speed will hold Moon back here. She’s just not ready to mix it up with such a strong fighter. Master Mold wins.

Granny Goodness vs Sailor Moon

Suggested by Sonic This was a pretty tricky match since both Granny and Serena are fairly strong fighters. The thing is that Sailor Moon lacks combat speed and the same is true of good ole Granny. So, who would really win this fight? Well, I’ve still got to give it to Granny here as she is a lot more athletic than Sailor Moon and her power rod would aid her in a beam battle. If she gets in close then the battle is really over so while it might take a little while I think I would give her the edge. Granny Goodness wins.

Sailor Moon vs Kratos

Suggested by Sonic Kratos is a very strong fighter who has taken on gods in the past. Sailor Moon may be able to damage him but it will be tough and she just isn’t fast enough to really be able to fight against him very well. Kratos will l dodge her special heart beams and KO her with proper swordplay and close combat skills. You can’t really get around that kind of technique. Kratos wins.

Jason Voorhees vs Sailor Moon

Suggested by Destroyer Jason may be able to scare people constantly but he definitely doesn’t have the skills to intimidate Sailor Moon. Her magical abilities have allowed her to defeat many foes despite her physical limitations or being a mere mortal. Jason is stronger than her and probably a better hand to hand fighter as well, but Sailor Moon has magical abilities at her disposal and they won’t be overcome so easily. In the Name of the Moon, Jason shall be punished! Sailor Moon wins.

Sailor Galaxia vs Sailor Moon

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Suggested by Sonic Usually you’d expect the main character to take out the final boss with ease right? Well, there are a few exceptions to that like with series where the main character only wins at the end with the power of friendship or when a series is cancelled. Sailor Moon falls into the former category as Sailor Moon was never even on Galaxia’s level. Galaxia is essentially a DBZ character who fell into the Sailor Moon series and her abilities outshine every other character in the franchise. She wins this match easily with her superior abilities. Sailor Galaxia wins.

Yami Yugi vs Sailor Moon

Suggested by Anon Sailor Moon is one of the most iconic anime characters of all time. Behind Goku and possibly Naruto, she may very well be the most popular anime character. That being said, there are a lot of competitors for that spot including Yugi. Yami Yugi is a little tougher than that kid though and will be too much for Sailor Moon to handle. How can she hope to get past Slifer and Exodia? Those two make for great bodyguards and Yami Yugi is essentially untouchable because of them. Yami Yugi wins.

Sailor Moon vs Havok

Sailor moon is the Moon Princess and her abilities have impressed many people. That being said, I was never one of them. Sailor Moon’s only real abilities are typically vague energy blasts and a sword which she can use to a decent extent. Physically, she doesn’t have a great amount of speed or defense, which is her Big weakness. She wouldn’t last against Havok’s energy attacks. All she needs is a decent combat speed feat to tip the scales, but I don’t really see that happening. Havok wins.

Bills vs Sailor Moon

Bills may be known as Beerus nowadays, but I’m still more used to the classic name. Perhaps I’ll switch it at some point, but for now I’ll go with the classic title. Sailor Moon is said to be about as strong as Goku if not stronger so this should theoretically be a good match, but I just don’t see how she can keep up with him here. Bills has the massive edge in speed as well as in his destructive power. It’ll be tough for Sailor Moon to even land a single hit! Bills wins.