Mr Incredible vs Bane

Suggested by iKnowledge It’s time that Mr Incredible steps back into the ring to try and take down one of Batman’s most powerful adversaries. Bane is quite strong and the more Venom he consumes, the stronger he gets. His human limitations will quickly kick in though and he can’t quite reach the height that Mr. Incredible is at. Incredible rarely likes to go all out since he might hurt someone, but Bane can take it so he will be able to fight a little more freely. I hate to say it, but I think this is about as far as Bane goes. Mr Incredible wins.

Rosalina vs Bane

Bane is definitely a tough fighter, but I don’t think he will really be able to challenge Rosalina. She’s simply too quick and can deal a surprisingly high amount of damage in a very short time. Bane is durable, but I don’t see him lasting too long against the starbit onslaught! Game Set and Match for him! Rosalina wins.

Bane vs Ra’s Al Ghul

Bane is a powerful guy and typically he would be stronger than Ra’s Al Ghul. The reason why this isn’t the case in composite is that Ra’s once managed to gain some of Superman’s strength and speed back in the Superman Animated Series. That put him above Bane in power and a few good hits would be enough to finish off the villain. With this round, Ra’s has now gained his first win and ascends past hundreds of fighters who were ahead of him. Ra’s Al Ghul wins.

Big Daddy (Alpha) vs Bane

Bane is pretty good when it comes to a hand to hand fight, but will he be able to take on someone as tricky as Big Daddy? Big Daddy (Alpha) can use his elemental abilities to deal some pretty serious damage to Bane, but he does get stunned after he uses his attacks. Bane has shown that he can resist thunder abilities so as long as he can endure the blast, he’ll be okay. Once things turn into a close range fight, it’s over for Big Daddy. Bane wins.

Dracula vs Bane

Dracula is a pretty tough vampire, but he lacks the hand to hand skills that Bane possesses. Bane is able to shrug off thunder attacks and his raw power was enough to challenge Batman! Dracula is tough, but since Bane outranks him in raw power and also has his weapons at the ready, Dracula just won’t be able to win this round. Bane wins.

Bane vs Alex Sawyer

Knightfall 1
Alex Sawyer is a pretty tough kid and he’s been through his share of troubles. Of course he was a pretty bad person so some would argue that he got what was coming to him…others would say that he merely went along with it and was still a “hero”. Either way, he’s a tough kid, but I don’t think that he can take on Bane. Bane did take on Batman after all! Bane wins.

Ryder White vs Bane

Ryder White has his gun and he did gain some additional power thanks to becoming an undead, but it just won’t be enough. Strength wise I still wouldn’t put him on Bane level. Not to mention that Bane also has better hand to hand combat skills and he even took down Batman. Ryder White may have lost his debut match, but he could be back. Bane wins.

Bane vs Sandman

Sandman wins this match thanks to his Sand Manipulation. Bane has a lot of raw power, but in the end raw power just doesn’t cut it against guys of Sandman’s level. Sandman is just far too powerful to be defeated. Bane may have lost this match, but maybe one day he’ll come back to pwn. Until then I suppose. Sandman wins.

The Phantasm vs Bane

The Phantasm may be a skilled athlete, but she is still no match for Bane. Bane is far too powerful and has even been able to fight Batman and win. That’s not something done by the faint of heart. Bane finally gets himself a win on the blog. Now he can make a name for himself. Bane wins.

Bane vs Batman

Bane hasn’t been doing good in the blog thus far. With 2 losses and no wins he has a lot of ground to cover. He has incredible strength and has defeated Batman on several occasions. The thing is, Bane’s still no match for Batman, when Batman has all of his power ups intact.

Batman’s GL ring helps plenty. Batman has been doing pretty good lately and this is most likely not his final win. Bane needs to get a win soon or it’ll all be over for him. 0-3’s aren’t remembered much on the blog. Batman wins.