Mr Incredible vs Bane

Suggested by iKnowledge It’s time that Mr Incredible steps back into the ring to try and take down one of Batman’s most powerful adversaries. Bane is quite strong and the more Venom he consumes, the stronger he gets. His human limitations will quickly kick in though and he can’t quite reach the height that Mr. Incredible is at. Incredible rarely likes to go all out since he might hurt someone, but Bane can take it so he will be able to fight a little more freely. I hate to say it, but I think this is about as far as Bane goes. Mr Incredible wins.


Mr Incredible vs Ulik

Suggested by iKnowledge Mr Incredible is a pretty strong guy and his super strength can’t be doubted. That being said, Ulik goes toe to toe with guys like Thor. Sure, Ulik rarely wins the match, but I dare say that his super strength is at a far greater level than Mr Incredible’s. His durability is also better. Since Mr Incredible has no real backup abilities to fall back on, he doesn’t have any way of getting around Ulik’s punishing blows. Ulik wins.

Mr Incredible vs Pac Man

Mr Incredible has a solid degree of super strength at his disposal and he can steamroll opponents who get in his way. Pac Man can match his strength in his Pac Zilla form, but why bother when Pac Man can just blast away at him with fire or thunder from afar? Mr Incredible has nothing at his disposal to close the gap between them and Pac Man can spam those abilities until he wins the match. Pac Man wins.

Mr Incredible vs Lazerman

Mr Incredible may be pretty incredible, but he won’t be able to take down someone as powerful as Lazerman! Lazerman h as his mighty disruption beam and I know that I always mention it, but that’s because it’s so powerful! Not even Mr Incredible will be able to stand up to it. Lazerman wins.

Mr Incredible vs Luke Cage

Mr Incredible is pretty powerful. He’s taken on some pretty tough guys in the past, but I don’t think that he will be a match for Luke Cage. Luke Cage has gone up against guys like Juggernaut and Iron Fist in the past! His hand to hand skills are also better than Mr Incredible’s. Luke Cage wins.