Cosmic Mario vs Cosmic Clone

Suggested by Destroyer These two characters are pretty similar. However, while Cosmic Mario is a mysterious being of nearly unlimited power, Cosmic Clones seem to be more like a dime a dozen. Taking them down will be child’s play for someone like Cosmic Mario. I think his durability and acrobatics will be able to match that of the clones and then some. You just can’t beat the originals. Cosmic Mario wins.


Cosmic Clone vs Toon Link

maxresdefault (4)
Suggested by Sonic The Cosmic Clone has a cool design even if he isn’t all that powerful. He may have the agility of Mario, but none of the plumber’s physical abilities or power ups. Toon Link’s light arrow would also mean instant destruction for a being made of evil such as this clone. It’s a pretty lopsided battle in that respect and that’s why Toon Link is definitely not going down here. His gadgets and skills will pull him through. Toon Link wins.

Jigsaw Jones vs Cosmic Clone

Suggested by Destroyer Jigsaw Jones is a pretty tough kid but he is definitely out of his element here. The Cosmic Clone is fast and just making contact with him can be really painful. It is in Jigsaw’s best interest to stay far away but he won’t win that way. He doesn’t really have any attacks either so maybe he was simply doomed from the start. Cosmic Clone wins.

King Boo vs Cosmic Clone

For a while King Boo was doing terrible on the blog. Then he suddenly started doing better getting three wins. But instead of quitting while he was ahead he decided to come back and fight. Cosmic Clone will have to stay winless against this veteran. King Boo wins.