King Goomba vs Waddle Doo

Suggested by Sonic Waddle Doo has a little eye blast/thunder move which is pretty handy. It does separate him from the average Kirby minions but it won’t be quite enough to turn the tides here. The Goomba King is still a boss in his own right even if his stats aren’t amazing. He will be able to spin his way to victory as his tackle will take Waddle Doo out. Goomba will take some damage but at the end of the day his durability will hold out. King Goomba wins.

Joker vs King Goomba


King Goomba is back and he’s back to lose! King Goomba may be pretty big and intimidating, but in the end he’s not quite strong enough to take down the Joker. The Joker has beaten guys like Batman in the past. A feat worth noting! King Goomba drops in the ranks, but he’ll be back. Joker wins.