King Bob Omb vs Waddle Doo

Suggested by Destroyer Waddle Doo can fire off a little electricity but at the end of the day that isn’t going to be enough to take on a heavyweight fighter like King Bob Omb. King Bob Omb is so strong that he could just end the fight with a quick punch. This guy is also durable enough to take a few shocks so Waddle Doo’s greatest weapon just won’t be good enough here. King Bob Omb wins.

Waddle Doo vs Goomba

Suggested by Destroyer A Goomba is a pretty fierce opponent. Certainly not someone you want to have to fight without warning. That being said, Waddle Doo has a little energy blast of sorts that he can use and it would work rather well in this confrontation. Goomba won’t have many ways to dodge the attack and will quickly be thrown down for the count. There just isn’t any escape. Waddle Doo wins.

King Goomba vs Waddle Doo

Suggested by Sonic Waddle Doo has a little eye blast/thunder move which is pretty handy. It does separate him from the average Kirby minions but it won’t be quite enough to turn the tides here. The Goomba King is still a boss in his own right even if his stats aren’t amazing. He will be able to spin his way to victory as his tackle will take Waddle Doo out. Goomba will take some damage but at the end of the day his durability will hold out. King Goomba wins.

Waddle Doo vs Gigan

Suggested by Destroyer A Waddle Doo may have more personality than your average Goomba, but I’m afraid that they aren’t very strong. It’s not like they can throw out any punches strong enough to hurt Gigan and running around just won’t cut it after a while. Gigan just needs one good energy blast and that will be the end of the fight. He can even teleport for extra style points. Gigan wins.

Mega Man vs Waddle Doo

Mega Man is back once again! He has been racking up the wins pretty quickly and it’s definitely nice to see. There are few who can actually provide him with a true challenge and Waddle Doo isn’t one of those characters. Waddle Doo is going to have to take a loss in this round, but the important thing is that he gave it his all! Mega Man wins.

Battra vs Waddle Doo

The Waddle Doos may be able to jump and use his agility, but in the end it won’t be enough to stop the legendary Battra. Battra is a kaiju of immense power and he’s never afraid of taking a loss. One good laser blast is all he needs to take down just about anyone! Waddle Doo is doomed this time! Battra wins.

Waddle Doo vs Lazerman

Waddle Doo is back and this time he knows what to do. Of course it’s just not gonna be enough. Lazerman’s far too powerful and has taken down much stronger opponents in the past. Lazerman’s fought over 150 times and at this point, he knows the score. Defeating Lazerman is a tough task. Lazerman wins.