Joker vs King Goomba


King Goomba is back and he’s back to lose! King Goomba may be pretty big and intimidating, but in the end he’s not quite strong enough to take down the Joker. The Joker has beaten guys like Batman in the past. A feat worth noting! King Goomba drops in the ranks, but he’ll be back. Joker wins.


King Goomba vs Rouge

King Goomba has powers that he can use to try and beat Rouge. Of course Rouge is stronger andf quicker than King Goomba. King Goomba drops again and may not be back for a while. Rogue climbs up the blog ladder. Rouge wins.

Dracena vs King Goomba

Dracena has lasers and can withstand some mega bombs and lasers. King Goomba just didn’t have a chance. Dracena has been winning a lot also. The Dragons and Snakes are doing good. Dracena wins.

Manda vs King Goomba

Manda is a deadly snake who can take on the likes of mario villains. King Goomba is a mario villain, so it’s expected that he would lose this match. Manda has been winning lately. Manda wins.

Three Giant Snakes vs King Goomba

Three Giant Snakes are giant snakes who can dish out some damage on poor Goomba’s. So even King Goomba is no match against the power of the snakes that invaded the Leaf Village. Three Giant Snakes wins.

Cosmic Clone vs King Goomba

Cosmic Clone has yet to get a win and it looks like it’ll stay that way for a bit longer. Which is too bad. I mean he’s a Mario character and all. Then again his opponent is a Mario character too so it’s not all bad. King Goomba wins.

King Boo vs King Goomba

King Boo just got his first win. Does that mean that he’s destined for great things? Maybe…..time will tell. King Goomba doesn’t have happy times ahead of him. He just has despair. King Boo wins.