Dracena vs Mothra

Suggested by Destroyer Dracena is a pretty powerful robotic monster but it hasn’t really gotten to do much of anything since the character was invented. When you think about it, his only moment of glory was the opening boss fight to Counterforce. Meanwhile Mothra has had many super forms such as Leo in the past which have given her a bunch of abilities. I don’t really see Dracena being able to keep up here as the difference in firepower will just be too vast. Mothra definitely takes this round and I don’t see Dracena being able to make a comeback. Mothra wins.

Dracena vs Venom

Suggested by Destroyer Dracena is a strong dragon. I just wanted to put that out there. That being said, he isn’t very quick and Venom is quite agile. A few web shots will restrict Dracena further as Venom goes in for the win. Dracena’s armor will allow him to stay in the game for a time but with no means to counter it is inevitable that he shall fall. Venom wins.

Dracena vs Dialga

Dracena is a giant mecha with just enough firepower to take down most opponents. Dracena hasn’t been around for a long time so it’s sad for him that he has to lose this round. Dialga just needs one good shot to take down a good chunk of Dracena’s health. Dialga takes a well earned win with this round. Dialga wins.

Dracena vs Scorcher

Wow a shocking fight. Who would have thought that Scorcher would be back. I mean out of all the 0-1’s he’s the guy who comes back to get his win, at the expense of Dracena. Scorcher wins.

I think that was a big mistake so I’m switching it. Dracena can take on Scorcher. Dracena wins.