Space Dandy vs Indiana Jones

Suggested by Destroyer Indiana Jones has a gun and his classic whip but these two weapons will not be enough to beat Space Dandy. I may not be super impressed with the guy and how skilled he is, but Dandy does still have a mech suit and a good energy gun. Indiana Jones won’t be lasting very long against those kind of moves and isn’t fast enough to reliably dodge them either. As a result this is where his journey ends. Space Dandy wins.

Indiana Jones vs Robin Hood

Suggested by Destroyer Indiana Jones and Robin Hood may not be fighters first and foremost but they’ve both seen quite a lot of action in their day. Ultimately I would give the edge over to Indiana Jones here though because he has used a gun on several occasions and is also agile enough to dodge the many traps in each temple. Robin Hood could probably do that as well but with both of them being so evenly matched, Jones and his gun should prevail. Indiana Jones wins.

Indiana Jones vs Greenman

Suggested by Destroyer Indiana Jones has a gun as well as a whop.. He knows some basic hand to hand combat skills and has been through a good amount of adventures. The man has way more experience than Greenman but that doesn’t mean that he will be able to win. Greenman may not have looked very impressive in his brief screen time in the Megaman anime, but the guy can still jump really high. His physical specs will be too much for Jones. Greenman wins.

Lara Croft vs Indiana Jones

Suggested by Destroyer Indiana Jones is definitely a pretty good explorer. He’s been through a lot of adventures and his athletics have gotten him this far. Still, he isn’t nearly as nimble as Lara is. She can run rings around him and also has more experience being in actual fights. She’s taken down robots and all kinds of creatures. Beating Indiana Jones will just be another morning for her. He is just physically outmatched here. Lara Croft wins.

Sticks vs Indiana Jones

Suggested by Super Dark Shadow Indiana Jones is a tough adventurer who is good with a whip and lasso. That being said, he is up against Sticks who has gone toe to toe with powerful robots in the past. I can appreciate the level of skill that Jones has at his disposal, but I just don’t think that it will be enough here. Sticks is simply too skilled and has enough speed to even dodge his gun if necessary. I’m afraid that his cave exploring days are now over. Sticks wins.

Cia vs Indiana Jones

Cia concludes her current triple match gauntlet with this round against Indiana Jones. Indiana Jones is pretty good at dodging lethal traps, but that doesn’t mean that he can really hope to challenge Cia. She’s in a different league when it comes to experience and actual power. Her speed is also a lot greater than any quickness that Indiana Jones may have had in his prime. Cia wins.

Indiana Jones vs Sven

Indiana Jones has his whip at the ready, but it won’t be enough to take Sven down for the count. Sven can mildly see the future with his eye, which gives him the edge in a gunfight. Indiana Jones is a mere mortal after all. He’s just going to have to accept this loss with dignity. Sven wins.

Black Star vs Indiana Jones

Black Star is back for another bout. He is definitely one of the coolest ninja around and it is always cool to see him get a piece of the action since he will be taking the win. I don’t really have anything to say about Indiana Jones this time since he is doomed. What can a whip and a gun to against such a powerful ninja? Black Star wins.

Indiana Jones vs Ryoma

Ryoma is a really good tennis player and one good shot should be able to end things. Ryoma is easily one of the strongest characters out there and he wont lose. Indiana Jones may have some experience dealing with dangerous situations, but that won’t be enough to deter someone like Ryoma. Ryoma has beaten much stronger opponents in the past. Ryoma wins.