Rainbow Dash vs Greenman

Suggested by Destroyer Greenman was deathly afraid of Gutsman and that’s all you need to know about why he isn’t a real threat. Rainbow Dash can fly rings around him and each Sonic Rainboom will deal massive damage. There just isn’t any way for Greenman to try and defend himself here. He probably wouldn’t even be able to keep up with her visually so that would really be game over for him. Rainbow Dash wins.

Robin Hood vs Greenman

Suggested by Sonic Robin Hood is pretty good with a bow and arrow. He also knows how to fight with his sword as needed but he’s not beating Greenman. Greenman is known as a bit of a joke in Megaman NT Warrior but he’s actually not really a terrible fighter. Against an ordinary human he would still be able to overwhelm the match with ease. Greenman has basic speed and power that Robin Hood wouldn’t be able to deal with unless he got a slight power up. It’s a shame that Greenman will likely never appear in a Megaman show again though. Greenman wins.

Indiana Jones vs Greenman

Suggested by Destroyer Indiana Jones has a gun as well as a whop.. He knows some basic hand to hand combat skills and has been through a good amount of adventures. The man has way more experience than Greenman but that doesn’t mean that he will be able to win. Greenman may not have looked very impressive in his brief screen time in the Megaman anime, but the guy can still jump really high. His physical specs will be too much for Jones. Greenman wins.

Pac Man vs Greenman

Suggested by Destroyer Greenman definitely looks very determined, but he actually isn’t all that powerful. His hits have no power behind them and his speed isn’t anything to get excited about either. Pac Man has some actual hand to hand skills and has projectiles on his side so there really isn’t any comparisons to be found here. Greenman can run but he can’t hide. He can fight, but he can’t win. That doesn’t leave this green fighter with many options. Pac Man wins.

Red X vs Greenman

Greenman made it into the N1 Grand Prix, so he’s probably a powerful combatant. Unfortunately, we’ll never know, since he was defeated so quickly. I don’t think that he could keep up with Red X’s speed for very long. Red X also has a number of useful gadgets at his disposal, which could defeat Greenman pretty quickly. Red X wins.

Greenman vs Green Crusher Militaryman

Green Crusher Militaryman is just like the other one. He has some mild physical strength (Or at least I hope so) and can throw stuff. Greenman can’t dish it out and he can’t take it either. Green Crusher Militaryman wins.