Derpy vs Wybie Lovat

Suggested by Destroyer All right, now here’s a fight that Derpy can win! Wybie is really just a kid at the end of the day so there’s not a whole lot that he can do against Derpy in a straight fight. Derpy is faster and can keep barreling into the guy at super speeds. Ultimately he won’t be able to survive such hard hitting attacks. He has no way to counter them either and isn’t fast enough to get away on the bike. No, Derpy is going to be taking the win easily here and this will bump her spot up a little. The losing streak has been snapped! Derpy wins.

Derpy vs Python

Suggested by Destroyer Derpy can fly fast but she’s not ready for the Python. See, Pythons have turned large in several films over the years and a large one would be too much for Derpy. She has no powerful attack moves with which to counter the snake’s bites or quick lunges. That makes the match lopsided but not in her favor. Derpy really needs some kind of super energy attack in order to turn the tables and I’m not sure when that’ll ever happen. Python wins.

Derpy vs Crazy Bus

Suggested by Destroyer Derpy can fly but she’s going to have a really tough time here. Crazy Bus is absolutely crazy! You never know what direction this guy is going to be coming from and that’s what makes him so deadly. He can be around any corner and is always ready to win. So Derpy has to keep her guard up or it’s all over. Still, there aren’t many ways in which she can counter attack so I do think that she is doomed either way. Crazy Bus wins.

Derpy vs Frodo

Suggested by Destroyer Trust me when I say that I’m not the biggest Frodo fan out there but he probably still takes this match rather easily. Derpy isn’t a fighter in any sense of the word and doesn’t have any great physical abilities that would turn the tides here. At least Frodo has his invisibility cloak but at the end of the day what does Derpy really have? She can fly rather quickly but that’s about it and so Frodo is going to take this with one stab from his short sword. Frodo wins.

Derpy vs Pickman

Suggested by Destroyer I know Pickman doesn’t seem like the most impressive fighter out there but he’s still a netnavi with sharp weapons at his disposal. It’s hard to see what Derpy can do here since getting in close will just get her destroyed. Derpy can try to fly away to buy some time but she will get tired sooner than Pickman and when she lands then it’ll be all over. What Derpy really needs is some kind of big attack move to turn the tides. Pickman wins.

Derpy vs Jack Sparrow

Suggested by Destroyer Jack Sparrow is an immortal pirate with years of experience under his belt. The guy may be treated like a joke most of the time and he’s not particularly likable but he can fight. If Derpy gets in close then Jack will finish her off with his sword and if she stays afar then he’ll pull out the ole gun. Either way I don’t see many chances for her here and Jack has a lot of time on his side with his increased durability. Jack Sparrow wins.

Derpy vs Yosemite Sam

Suggested by Destroyer Yosemite Sam has bullets for days and he will keep on firing his gun over and over until he lands a solid hit on Derpy. Derpy is not a character who is really ready to withstand Sam’s onslaught for very long. Ultimately she will be going down for the count here because she’s not going to be dodging all of those bullets for long before running out of stamina. Meanwhile Sam’s ammo will be able to outlast her so she really has no paths to victory here. Yosemite Sam wins.

Derpy vs Hammer Bro

Suggested by Destroyer The Hammer Bro may not be the fiercest Mario villain out there but play one of the old 2D games and you’ll quickly see just how dangerous he can be. It’s hard to predict the hammer throw and I see one of those knocking Derpy out of the sky. Derpy has no way to take Hammer Bro out from a distance so she will have to fly in close and that will just lead to disaster. Neither one of these fighters has much defense so the fight will be over quickly. Hammer Bro wins.

Derpy vs Oolong

Suggested by Destroyer Derpy isn’t a big fighter like the Mane 6. In fact you could say that she’s not quite as athletic or fight ready in general because that’s not really her thing. She does her best to help out but against a shapeshifter like Oolong it will not be enough. Oolong is hardly the most powerful DBZ character out there but he can defend himself and attack which is more than I would expect Derpy to pull off here. Derpy will quickly be overwhelmed. Oolong wins.

Derpy vs Greenman

Suggested by Destroyer Derpy and Greenman aren’t really fighters by nature. I mean Greenman did qualify for the N1 Grand Prix which counts for something but he got embarassed on the biggest stage in the world. Meanwhile Derpy doesn’t have powers like the Mane 6 but she can fly fast. Ultimately I would give this one to Greenman because he can still punch, kick, and generally fight when he has to. I don’t see Derpy having much of a defense against those techniques here. Greenman wins.