Jirass vs Oolong

Suggested by Destroyer Oolong has never been a very powerful character. The only transformation that he has which is worth anything is his robot mode and even then the guy ran away so quickly that we didn’t get to see what it could do. Oolong would ultimately be crushed by Jirass here and hasn’t proven that he could stand up to a true Kaiju. At least he hasn’t been able to prove that so far. Jirass wins.

Pac Man vs Oolong

Suggested by Destroyer Pac Man is a strong fighter who has a lot of different forms at his disposal. It won’t be easy for Oolong to try and trick him with shapeshifting either. So at that point Oolong has lost his main advantage here. In a close quarters combat fight, Pac Man has the massive edge as well. Oolong desperately needs a big power up if he wants to go any further here but for now this is a big loss. Pac Man wins.

Yami Yugi vs Oolong

Suggested by Super Dark Shadow Oolong may be a shape shifter, but that hasn’t helped him become all that much of a threat over the years. I doubt he could take down any of Yami’s Egyptian God Cards. Furthermore, even taking down someone like the Dark Magician would likely be next to impossible for the guy. Oolong has heart, but that’s about all that he’s got. Yami Yugi wins.

Zamasu vs Oolong

Suggested by Anonymous Zamasu is back and now he will get to take on Oolong. There’s not much that a shape shifting pig can hope to do against a foe who took on the combined might of Goku and Vegeta. The guy could just power up and the wind would blow Oolong away. I don’t think Oolong can even fire an energy blast back at Zamasu in defiance. It’s a rather lopsided battle but sometimes those are the best kind. Zamasu wins.

Dromus vs Oolong

Oolong may seem like he’s just a pig, but he can actually shapeshift. It won’t really help him in this battle, but it’s good to know that he tried. He may throw a good punch or two, but he’s simply outmatched against someone as powerful as Dromus. Dromus has now reached a positive record on the blog and we’ll see how much further he can go. Dromus wins.

Little Mac vs Oolong

Little Mac is back and we might need to start calling him Big Mac soon! He’s really on a pretty good win streak at this point and Oolong is just going to have to brace himself for a loss. Oolong is a good shapeshifter, but his actual fighting abilities leave much to be desired. Little Mac does have his super form in case of an emergency, but he won’t need it. Little Mac wins.

Gary vs Oolong

Gary is back and he’s the kind of character that you don’t want to mess with. Oolong can talk a good game, but he’s really outmatched this time. Gary has the superior Pokemon by his side and he’s also a better person at heart. Oolong’s shapeshifting abilities won’t be enough to counter Gary’s experience and cutting edge lab coat. Gary wins.

Rikuo Nura vs Oolong

Rikuo Nura is back once again for another win. Oolong is no match for this fierce fighter and he would quickly be defeated. Oolong just isn’t a fighter and he has the losses to prove it. Perhaps he will get a power up someday, but maybe it just wasn’t meant to be. Either way, this could be the last that we’ll see of Rikuo Nura for a while. Rikuo Nura wins.

Robin (Fire Emblem) vs Oolong

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Robin (Fire Emblem) is back to get another win and secure himself a spot in the positive section of the blog rankings. Oolong isn’t quite as fortunate and he’s currently one of the lower ranked fighters. His shape changing abilities won’t be able to help him out against Robin (Fire Emblem) and he should expect a very quick defeat. Robin (Fire Emblem) wins.

Rodimus Prime vs Oolong

Oolong is back, but I’m afraid that he is a little outclassed in this round. Rodimus Prime has a lot of firepower at his disposal and he’s much larger than Oolong as well. Rodimus Prime is an Autobot who is feared by many and he could likely defeat Oolong in a hand to hand battle as wella s in a beam fight. It’s going to be tough for Oolong to secure a win. Rodimus Prime wins.