Yami Yugi vs Jadis

Suggested by iKnowledge Looks like it’s time for Yami to take out his dueling cards once more. Jadis may have been known as the legendary White Witch, but I fear that she doesn’t have enough magical power to defeat Yami. Yami Yugi has a whole army of powerful monsters at his disposal with which he can crush her. Jadis isn’t fast enough to dodge Yugi’s attacks nor is she durable enough to take them head on. Without a doubt she is doomed in this scuffle. Yami Yugi wins.


Yami Yugi vs Yusaku Fujiki

Suggested by Anonymous Time for Yusaku to make his debut on the blog! He’s off to a promising start as he already obtained a dragon. I get the feeling that he will likely surpass Yami by the end of his run as the Yugioh shows have gotten crazier and crazier with the monsters over the years. Yami has the god cards but even those do not always cut the mustard in these fights. Still, for the moment the King of Games gets to keep his title. His Egyptian god cards as well as the Dark Magician will see to that. Yami Yugi wins.

Master Roshi vs Yami Yugi

Suggested by Anonymous While Yami does have the edge in monsters here, I don’t think he will be able to stop Roshi. Roshi has Ultra Instinct now and that will complement his speed to a dangerous level. Yami will have a tough time keeping up with him and even his monsters won’t be able to protect the duelist for long. The Kamehameha waves will leave too much of an impact. Master Roshi wins.

General Blue vs Yami Yugi

Suggested by Anonymous General Blue is a strong fighter and one of the more competent humans in Dragon Ball. He has super strength and speed that is far greater than the average mortal but naturally way below the typical DBZ character’s ability. I think Yami Yugi would be able to summon enough monsters to keep Blue’s speed from being too much of an issue. Blue just wouldn’t be able to hold his own against Yami’s full onslaught of monsters. Yami Yugi wins.

Yami Yugi vs Chazz

Suggested by Anonymous It’s time for a battle of duelists! Chazz’s deck is actually a little better than Yami’s for the most part. His Light and Dark Dragon is a good finisher for whatever combo he is aiming for. That being said, once again Yami’s trinity of ultra monsters will be too much for him to be defeated here. Chazz won’t quite be able to keep up and even his Ojama final form can’t take a hit from an opponent this massive. Yami Yugi wins.

Yami Yugi vs Megatron

Suggested by Anonymous Yami Yugi is a skilled duelist. Despite being the most skilled out of all duelists aside from Jaden, his deck isn’t the best. I suppose that just makes his dueling even more impressive. Megatron’s Arm Cannon will be enough to clean out most of Yami’s monsters, but once the Egyptian God Cards show up it’ll be all over. Even at his best Megatron just isn’t fast enough to handle all of them at the same time. Yami Yugi wins.

Yami Yugi vs Saitama


Suggested by Destroyer Yami Yugi is a very capable duelist but I don’t think that he is quite ready to take on Saitama. For starters none of Yami’s cards are fast enough to hit him and I doubt that they are strong enough to damage him either. Saitama is just in a whole different league when it comes to ability and Yami would need a serious power up to surpass him. Saitama wins.

Yami Yugi vs Starscream

Suggested by Anonymous Starscream is a very popular Decepticon and one who is still very popular. He has a good amount of weapons to back him up so Yugi can’t afford to let his guard down. That being said, he does have the cards to hold his own here. Starscream will be heavily outnumbered and just can’t stand up to such an assault for very long. He’ll definitely end up crumbling against a foe like Slifer The Sky Dragon! Yami Yugi wins.

Yami Yugi vs Yuya

maxresdefault (4)
Suggested by Anonymous It’s time for a battle of high level duelists. Yuya has a lot of dragons up his sleeve which will prove tough for the King of Games. Despite being known as the best, it was rarely Yugi’s deck that would win out the day. His Egyptian God Cards are great, but on average Yuya’s monsters are significantly stronger than Yugi’s and they would be able to stand up to the big 3. I just don’t think Yugi is up to winning this fight. Yuya wins.

MUTO vs Yami Yugi

Suggested by Anonymous MUTO is huge! A true Kaiju among Kaiju. That being said, Yami Yugi has still got the edge here. He has an army of monsters at his beck and call and their sheer power will overwhelm MUTO. The Kaiju will just be outnumbered and outgunned without being able to do a whole lot. Yugi will always be protected so he is in no real danger in this round. That’s what it means to have the heart of the cards at the ready. Yami Yugi wins.