Ainz Ooal Gown vs Yami Yugi

Suggested by iKnowledge Yami Yugi has a ton of cards and spells at his disposal but I don’t see any of them being quite enough to take down Ainz here. The main issue that Yami Yugi will face here is that they don’t have the sheer durability to win. Ainz should be able to blow most of the cards away in an instant. He can endure attacks from the ones who don’t long enough to start a counterattack strategy. No matter how you slice it, Yami’s just out of his league here and I don’t see him coming up with a way to narrow that gap in time, even if he draws the right card. Ainz Ooal Gown wins.

Yami Yugi vs Guts

Suggested by iKnowledge Yami Yugi has a ton of cards at his disposal ranging from monsters to spells and traps. The guy has no shortage of attack options but what does hurt him is a lack of speed next to Guts. While his monsters are strong, none of them are fast enough to catch up to Guts. Additionally, his trap cards can only buy him some time. Ultimately I see Yami being cut down here. Guts wins.

Jin vs Yami Yugi

Suggested by Destroyer Jin is a powerful street brawler. On its surface you’d probably assume that Yami Yugi would win this easily. Well, Jin also has a devil mode that lets him fly at high speeds and fire off energy blasts. It’s really a great buff although I would still go with Yugi here. The guy just has so many cards and while Jin would be able to beat most of them rather easily, the god cards are another matter. Then you’ve got Yugi’s Dark Magician merged form as well as various super forms to that card and a ton of traps. It’s hard to get past such an army. Yami Yugi wins.

Shun Kazami vs Yami Yugi

Suggested by iKnowledge Shun falls into a similar boat as Dan. His Bakugan pack a punch and will certainly put up a fight, but they’re just outgunned here. Yami Yugi is also able to contribute to the battle quite a bit thanks to his super form from Capsule Monsters while Shun will mainly have to be satisfied with supporting his Bakugan emotionally. It’s certainly an important role nonetheless, but it won’t be enough to change the outcome of the battle. Yami Yugi wins.

Dan vs Yami Yugi

Suggested by iKnowledge Dan has a lot of Bakugans at the ready and is definitely one of the toughest brawlers in the franchise. He won’t be going down easy, but I’d say that the King of Games still has the edge here. Yugi has the Egyptian God Cards at his disposal and a whole lot of trap cards. In general Yugioh duelists have more traps than their Bakugan counterparts and that will really serve him well here. Dan will just have a difficult time keeping up with him. Yami Yugi wins.

Yami Yugi vs Ironman

Suggested by Anonymous Ironman has a lot of pretty cool armors at his disposal. He’s turned into one of Marvel’s strongest heroes over the years because he just seems to keep getting stronger and stronger. Still, Tony’s not ready to deal with Yami Yugi’s army of monsters. There are just too many of them for one guy to deal with and that’s not even counting the spell and trap cards at the ready. I think this will ultimately just be too much for Ironman to deal with. Yami Yugi wins.

Yami Yugi vs Captain America

Suggested by Anonymous Captain America once became Captain Universe. In this form he has enough fire power to defeat most of Yami’s monsters without much effort. That still won’t be enough to beat all of Yami’s top tier monsters like Obelisk and the Dark Magician though. Together their abilities will be too much for him and Yami will also be supporting them from the sidelines with his spell and trap cards. Cap may be able to hold his own for a while, but he won’t be able to win. Yami Yugi wins.

Yami Yugi vs Quicksilver

Suggested by Anonymous Quicksilver is incredibly fast so naturally his best plan will be to take Yami Yugi down before his cards can react. That won’t be possible though due to Yami’s array of trap cards. They will be able to activate instantly which will present a problem for the speedster. There just isn’t any easy way around such a defense and durability isn’t Quicksilver’s strong suit. the sheer amount of monsters will be his undoing. Yami Yugi wins.

Yami Yugi vs Jadis

Suggested by iKnowledge Looks like it’s time for Yami to take out his dueling cards once more. Jadis may have been known as the legendary White Witch, but I fear that she doesn’t have enough magical power to defeat Yami. Yami Yugi has a whole army of powerful monsters at his disposal with which he can crush her. Jadis isn’t fast enough to dodge Yugi’s attacks nor is she durable enough to take them head on. Without a doubt she is doomed in this scuffle. Yami Yugi wins.

Yami Yugi vs Yusaku Fujiki

Suggested by Anonymous Time for Yusaku to make his debut on the blog! He’s off to a promising start as he already obtained a dragon. I get the feeling that he will likely surpass Yami by the end of his run as the Yugioh shows have gotten crazier and crazier with the monsters over the years. Yami has the god cards but even those do not always cut the mustard in these fights. Still, for the moment the King of Games gets to keep his title. His Egyptian god cards as well as the Dark Magician will see to that. Yami Yugi wins.