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Yami Yugi vs Quicksilver

Suggested by Anonymous Quicksilver is incredibly fast so naturally his best plan will be to take Yami Yugi down before his cards can react. That won’t be possible though due to Yami’s array of trap cards. They will be able to activate instantly which will present a problem for the speedster. There just isn’t any easy way around such a defense and durability isn’t Quicksilver’s strong suit. the sheer amount of monsters will be his undoing. Yami Yugi wins.

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Quicksilver vs Flash

This is a classic match as both of these fighters are known as the speed characters from Marvel and DC. It doesn’t mean that they are actually the fastest characters of their universes, but they are known as such. (Flash does actually live up to his rep though) This is the Wally West version of the character and I’m here to say that he utterly destroys Quicksilver in a race, much less a fight. In the time it would take Quicksilver to throw a punch, Flash will have thrown 10-100 and he would just be getting warmed up. Quicksilver’s perception of time seems to slow down more than Flash’s on a regular basis, but I believe that Flash’s mind can speed up when he’s going. It’s just more of an active process than with Quicksilver. At this point, Flash has fought in many high speed battles so he won’t have an issue thinking on his feet. Flash wins.

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Quicksilver vs Hirudegarn

Speed meets power in this round and it actually won’t be enough this time. Hirudegarn’s attacks are enough to even challenge a foe of Goku’s level and that’s not something that Quicksilver could accomplish. Hirudegarn may not even feel the speedster’s blows, but one of his attacks would deal massive damage. I don’t see him losing this battle. Hirudegarn wins.

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Quicksilver vs Sonic

Quicksilver is pretty fast, but he’s never dealt with someone as fast as Sonic! Sonic could run rings around him with ease. Sonic has many more power ups at his disposal and let’s just say that he’s also got a lot more experience under his belt. Sonic has dealt with “gods” and other powerful opponents. He even took on the Ultimate Life Form! Sonic wins.

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Quicksilver vs Wasp

Wasp is tough, but Quicksilver is a lot faster. I don’t think Wasp would be able to land a blow on him. He’s just too fast and he knows it! With this win he rises up the blog ranks and shows the world what true power is all about! Wasp may be back to fight again someday. Quicksilver wins.

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Quicksilver vs War Machine

War Machine may have super strength and beams, but Quicksilver is a speedster of tremendous ability. He also gained magic power when he was possessed. War Machine loses this round, but with his abilities he’ll be back. When he next appears it may be to pwn. Quicksilver rises in the ranks for now. Quicksilver wins.

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Quicksilver vs Three Giant Snakes

Well Three Giant Snakes was the rising star last records but things have changed and Three Giant Snakes can’t take on the speed of Quicksilver. So sadly their long run has finally met it’s end. But What a run it was. We’ll never forget them. Quicksilver wins.

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Manda vs Quicksilver

Quicksilver has speed that he can use to his advantage. Manda has some abilities that let him overwhelm Quicksilver. For instance one bite and Quicksilver will be (Pun intended) Toast. Pretty sad for Quicksilver, but it’s the way it goes. Manda wins. But Quicksilver has some magic power which helps him win this one. Quicksilver wins.