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Tripod vs Howard Aguello

Suggested by Destroyer Howard Aguello is definitely not the strongest guy out there. If you think about it he is basically just a guy with a gun. That’s not gonna cut it against the Tripod. Tripods can take over whole planets if given enough time. A little bullet isn’t gonna even put a dent in their armor. These guys make up for their lack of agility with sheer firepower. Tripod wins.

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Tripod vs T Rex

Suggested by Destroyer It’s time for the Tripod to return. This thing isn’t exactly a giant monster, but it still packs a punch. T Rex is a strong animal and one of the strongest to ever walk the Earth. That still won’t be enough to stop this alien menace though. The difference in strength is simply too large. It would likely be tough for any of T Rex’s bites to do any meaningful damage either. I don’t think the dino will ever really make this one close. Tripod wins.

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Arthur vs Tripod

Suggested by Destroyer Arthur is a nice kid and all, but he is definitely out of his league against a strong monster like the Tripod. The Tripod can shoot deadly lasers which would incinerate Arthur with a single shot. Any kind of punch or kick would have a similar effect. I’m just not seeing a way out for Arthur. Tripod wins.

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Sonic vs Tripod

Suggested by Anonymous The Tripod is one of those machines that you absolutely do not want to mess with. It is incredibly powerful and only needs one hit to end most fights. That being said, it isn’t very versatile and is naturally very slow as well. It will be very easy for Sonic to run rings around the Tripod over and over again until he lands the finishing blow. Sonic has defeated stronger machines. Sonic wins.

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Tripod vs Cinnamon

Cinnamon is back. The Tripod is pretty tough, but when faced with a robot he has no shot. Cinnamon has some pretty good agility and power. Not to mention her various weapons and advanced healing. Tripod just didn’t have a chance I’m afraid. Cinnamon was too powerful. With this win she rises up the ranks. Cinnamon wins.

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Alien (Battle LA) vs Tripod

Alien (Battle LA) was mildly tough and with his skills can take down the Tripod. The Tripod could try to blast away at the Alien, but the Alien would simply dodge. After a while the Alien’s blasts would break through the barrier and defeat The Tripod. Alien (Battle LA) wins.