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Nurse Joy vs Cinnamon

Suggested by Anonymous Nurse Joy and Cinnamon both prefer to help others than to actually engage in combat themselves. That being said, they are more than capable of jumping into the fray when they so desire it. Nurse Joy has a pretty good selection of Pokemon at her beck and call while Cinnamon has her dark form which amps up her abilities. While Cinnamon will definitely be outnumbered I believe that this is a fight she can win. Nurse Joy’s Pokemon aren’t quite fast enough to nullify her power. Cinnamon wins.

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Tony Tony Chopper vs Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a pretty nice reploid, but her abilities are mainly used for healing. Healing can be a powerful weapon, but a fighter needs to also have a nice range of attacks. Tony has his many different forms that are suited for various tasks and he would likely be able to overpower Cinnamon in his monster form. Cinnamon just couldn’t counter such a beast. Tony Tony Chopper wins.

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Tripod vs Cinnamon

Cinnamon is back. The Tripod is pretty tough, but when faced with a robot he has no shot. Cinnamon has some pretty good agility and power. Not to mention her various weapons and advanced healing. Tripod just didn’t have a chance I’m afraid. Cinnamon was too powerful. With this win she rises up the ranks. Cinnamon wins.

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Pretty Boy vs Cinnamon

Pretty Boy may have a gun, but that’s not enough to stop Cinnamon. While Cinnamon’s mostly a healer she can still fight well enough to take Pretty Boy down. Pretty Boy has lost a lot of battles over the years because he’s just too weak to win against tough opponents. That’s why Cinnamon gets a win. Cinnamon wins.