Cosmoman vs Roll

Suggested by Destroyer In another dimension where Roll’s super speed from the video games really got fleshed out, I could have seen her winning this one. Unfortunately nothing ever came of that and Roll is really lacking in ability. Even her Evil Empress form likely wouldn’t be doing much against Cosmoman’s space type techniques. I don’t see her being able to keep up with him or having any way to block his moves so defeat is the only possible result. Cosmoman wins.

Gemini Saga vs Roll

Gemini Saga is pretty powerful and with a single blast he can take some pretty impressive fighters down! Roll has some pretty good speed, but it won’t be enough to outspeed Gemini Saga. Gemini Saga rises up the ranks with this win and shows that he’s still got it. Gemini Saga wins.

Colonel vs Roll

Colonel has a sword and with it he’s taken down many opponents. If you get in his way you’re usually toast. Colonel just can’t be defeated too easily. Roll may have her super speed, but in the end it doesn’t help too much against Colonel. Colonel’s pretty fast in his own right and moves up the blog ranks with this win. Colonel wins.

Roll vs Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a medical robot who knows how to heal. Of course she won’t be able to heal fast enough once Roll gets serious. Roll has super speed and has been shown to have enough stamina to keep it up for a while. Cinnamon never stood a chance against someone as powerful as Roll. Roll wins.