Magicman vs Megalon

Suggested by Destroyer Megalon is a tough Kaiju who has a cool design. I always thought he was a monster with a lot of potential but that won’t really matter when going up against Magicman. Magicman’s fast enough to dodge all of Megalon’s attacks with ease and then some. The damage will continue to steadily pile up and by the end of it, Megalon won’t be getting back up. Magicman wins.

Magicman vs Itachi

Suggested by Destroyer Magicman is a fairly strong navi who used to be taken seriously until he went all in as a comic relief character. I definitely miss the old days where he was a threat but that definitely didn’t last long. Itachi was always a threat and his sharingan abilities continued to improve as the series went on. It would be pretty easy for him to crush Magicman with a well placed Susanoo slash. Itachi wins.

Titanosaurus vs Magicman

Titanosaurus is a powerful Kaiju although I did not find him to be very impressive in the movie. He got a little better in the games since he could not fire sonic blasts. It is a little intriguing since he is weak to such attacks, but it is what it is. Magicman was strong enough to catch Megaman’s sword, but we never got to really see him fight after that as he started to rely on viruses. Luckily for him, we saw juuuuust enough to throw him the win here. His punches are clearly strong enough to deal damage to the Kaiju and his fire will ensure that Titanosaurus keep his distance. Either way, the speed difference should keep Magicman from being hit. Magicman wins.

Shredder vs Magicman

This was a close fight. It’s been a while since I’ve seen Megaman NT Warrior so this could always change, but Magicman was never very impressive when it came to his physical stats. He had one good scene where he caught Megaman’s sword, but that was about it for him. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game for Gamecube helps the Shredder out here as his speed was good and so were his thunder combos. That should be enough to net him a close victory here. Shredder wins.

Gemini Saga vs Magicman

Gemini Saga has speed that’s definitely above Magicman’s current abilities. Gemini Saga has some powerful techniques at his disposal at well and one good blast could definitely cause some intense damage! Magicman won’t be defeating him in this round and takes a heavy loss. Gemini Saga wins.