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Lina Inverse vs Magik

Suggested by iKnowledge Lina Inverse has a lot of raw magical power at her disposal. If Magik tries to fight her head on then she’ll lose, but Magik has the massive advantage in her array of spells as well as agility. Magik can use teleportation rings to zip in and out of Lina’s range. Her Soulsword will also be able to deal a fatal blow as soon as Magik connects. The deck is simply stacked too far against Lina and I don’t see her making a comeback here. Magik wins.

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Orphen vs Lina Inverse

Now that I have finished the Orphen series, it is time for the main character to show up. Lina Inverse is also a skilled sorceress from Slayers and in terms of raw magic ability I’d say that she is a clear level ahead of Orphen. Her destructive capabilities are simply on a different level. However, Orphen has her beat physically with his very impressive speed showings. I don’t believe that Lina would be able to tag him with a hit very easily and as her durability is not all that great, Orphen just needs a few direct hits to take the win. The speed difference is critical here and it’s not as if Orphen’s a slouch in the power department either. He starts off his blog career on a high note! Orphen wins.

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Sailor Jupiter vs Lina Inverse

This is a tribute to Slayers Gorgeous. While the Sailor Scouts are probably still more popular than Lina Inverse, I’d agrue that the sorceress is the stronger fighter. Lina has a variety of spells at her disposal and she’s faced many beings of immense power. Jupiter can fire some good thunder blasts, but she’s not fast enough to compete with Lina in the long run. The ability to heal herself is also a nice advantage for Lina. Jupiter may have lost, but she gave it her all. Lina Inverse wins.

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Carl Denham vs Lina Inverse

This is a tribute to Slayers Premium! Lina has always been an exceptional fighter and that doesn’t change in this film. Carl may have a gun, but there’s no way that he could keep up with Lina’s speed or power. Her spells would take him down for the count with a single shot. Carl shall return, but he has been given his first loss in this match. Lina Inverse wins.

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Gravos Maunttop vs Lina Inverse

Gravos Maunttop is another minion who thought that he could fight it out with the big players. Little did he know that he was simply outmatched against an opponent like Lina. Her Dragon Slave could obliterate whatever land Gravos happened to be on and that would be the end of the match. The difference in their abilities is simply too great to be overcome so easily. Lina Inverse wins.

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Jillas vs Lina inverse

Jillas is a fox who has always been a thorn in the side of the heroes. That being said, he’s not a very interesting or threatening villain when you really think about it. He is outmatched by a magician as strong as Lina. All she needs is a good magical blast and that would be the end of Jillas. He is not fast enough to evade her attacks! Lina Inverse wins.

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Lina Inverse vs Carmen Sandiego

This is a tribute to Slayers Returns! Lina Inverse made this one a bit close as she had some trouble with the monster at the end, but she was still able to edge out a win here in the end. It’s just Carmen Sandiego’s bad luck to be paired against such a powerful spell castor. Carmen is good at evading the authorities, but stopping Lina is another matter entirely! Lina Inverse wins.

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Lina Inverse vs Slur

This is a tribute to Slayers Perfect. The accent may have been a nice twist for Lina’s character, but this definitely wasn’t her best appearance. She was fooled by one of the hypnotists in the film and she also believed an old man who sent her to a cursed pool of water. She was more inexperienced back in those days so it’s to be expected, but those tricks wouldn’t work on Slur. Lina won’t be able to use her stronger spells since Slur would hit her before she could finish the chants. Speed is Lina’s big weakness and Slur has a lot of that. Slur wins.

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Gourry vs Lina Inverse

Gourry may have jumped to a 2-0 start, but now it’s time for him to take a loss. Lina Inverse has proven time and time again that she is the stronger warrior from the two of them. Her magical spells have a lot of destructive power behind them and Gourry’s Sword of Light can only keep him safe for so long. Gourry is tough to be sure, but he’s only human and his physical stats aren’t great. Lina Inverse wins.

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Lina Inverse vs One Above All

The One Above All is getting close to reaching 150 matches. That is a pretty impressive feat even if he has to take a lot of losses to get there. Lina can defeat him with her swordsmanship. She is surprisingly skilled in this area and it gives her a clear edge over The One Above All. Lina Inverse wins.