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Orphen vs Bass

Orphen is a strong fighter to be sure, but he has no shot against someone like Bass. Bass is known as the strongest being in all of media for a win after all so there’s no way that Orphen can really hope to keep up with him. Bass is simply a lot faster and also a lot stronger than Orphen. Bass can end the match before Orphen would even realize that it has started. That’s how massive the speed difference is between these two fighters. Bass wins.

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Darth Sidious vs Orphen

Darth Sidious is back, but his Force Abilities won’t be able to save him from Orphen. Orphen can move at high speeds so he’ll be overwhelming Darth Sidious on that front and his attacks can block the Force Lightning with ease. In a close quarters fight, my money’s definitely on Orphen and both of them can play the long range game quite well. There won’t be many openings for Darth Sidious and he won’t be able to capitalize on any of them. It is game over for him this time. Orphen wins.

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Orphen vs Lina Inverse

Now that I have finished the Orphen series, it is time for the main character to show up. Lina Inverse is also a skilled sorceress from Slayers and in terms of raw magic ability I’d say that she is a clear level ahead of Orphen. Her destructive capabilities are simply on a different level. However, Orphen has her beat physically with his very impressive speed showings. I don’t believe that Lina would be able to tag him with a hit very easily and as her durability is not all that great, Orphen just needs a few direct hits to take the win. The speed difference is critical here and it’s not as if Orphen’s a slouch in the power department either. He starts off his blog career on a high note! Orphen wins.