Bass vs White

White continues to get stronger with each fight. That makes him a good fight against someone like Bass who also gets stronger thanks to his Get Ability. That being said, the difference in their abilities is so vast that no amount of power ups can possibly get White to Bass’ level. These two are simply from different worlds. Bass can just spam some Earthbreaker attacks and that would end up completely destroying White. Bass wins.

Bass vs Akaza

Akaza is the kind of fighter who will enjoy fighting against Bass initially but after the first few hits he will be rethinking that very quickly. Bass is not someone you want to fight and it seems like most fighters learn this the hard way. Akaza can regenerate but this will only delay the inevitable. Bass’ attacks will still break him down in the end. Akaza is not fast enough to dodge nor is he durable enough to resist Bass’ power. That’s why he will have to concede this match. Bass wins.

Ritsuka Fujimaru vs Bass

Ritsuka is a hero who always does what he can to save the day. He’s even honed his body so he can at least try to fight a bit on his own without the aid of a Servant. That’s not enough against Bass though. If he fires off his Earthbreaker then there isn’t going to be much that Ritsuka can do to counter him. Ritsuka probably won’t even be able to see Bass due to the difference in speed which will work against him here. You can’t beat what you can’t see. Bass wins.

Zenon (Black Clover) vs Bass

Zenon has his bone magic and is one of the Dark Triad members so he’s got an incredible amount of power but that won’t be enough to touch Bass. Lets put it this way, Bass is one of the strongest beings in all of media. With a single blow he can take just about anyone out of the running. What’s Zenon going to do against such a guy? Bass is massively faster than light and would be able to crush Zenon in an instant. There would be no way for the mage to even hope to keep up with Bass and that’s why he would end up being dispatched. Bass wins.

Bass vs Milim

Milim is a demon lord so I’d say that she has earned the right to go up against Bass. Don’t expect this to be an easy match though. Bass has powers that are far beyond comprehension. He can move so fast that Milim likely wouldn’t even see him coming. So when you put that all into perspective, her own abilities will be rendered moot here. She always enjoys a good fight but with a match this lopsided it may take some of the fun away from it. Her energy attacks just wouldn’t be able to deal any damage here. Bass wins.

Bass vs Rimuru Tempest

Rimuru Tempest is a pretty strong main character. He’s got a whole lot of abilities along with a good degree of super speed. When you put that into the equation it really puts Bass in a tough spot here. Or at least that would be true if Bass didn’t have such amazing feats. The guy is quite possibly the fastest fighter who ever lived. Then you’ve also got his raw power to contend with and his famous Get Ability. I’d like to see any fighter try to take this guy down for the count. A quick Darkness Overload attack should take Rimuru out. Bass wins.

Forte (Disney) vs Bass

Suggested by Dinosaurroars Looks like Bass is going up against a living organ this time. That’s certainly a switch compared to a lot of the foes he has had to deal with before now. Forte seems to have some solid rhythm going for him, but that won’t be any match against Bass. Bass is in a completely different level when it comes to power, speed, and every other big stat. This is why Bass continues to be the strongest being in all of media. Just when you think someone’s caught him, Bass goes to a new level. Bass wins.

Bass vs Forte

A little known fact is that Bass was originally called Forte in the Japanese releases of Megaman. The English versions changed it to Bass. So it felt fitting that Bass should fight someone who shares the same name in a sense. Forte has some magical abilities and is a decent hand to hand fighter when pushed. He’s really not all that bad but at the same time that’s definitely not going to cut it against a fighter of this caliber. Bass wins.

Bass vs Acnologia

Acnologia is the King of Dragons but he is far from being the strongest character in all of media. That’s still a title that only Bass currently has access to. Bass can move much faster than Acnologia can even dream of matching. The difference in power is also astronomical and what that means is that Acnologia never really stood a chance from the start. He’s just not going to be able to match up here although it would still be a fun match to see. The idea of Bass losing is just too hard to believe. Bass wins.

Laharl vs Bass

Bass has returned to prove who the real overlord of media is. Don’t get me wrong, Laharl is a pretty capable fighter in his own right. He’s certainly not the kind of guy to go down easy. That being said, he’s definitely out of his league in this round. Bass can reflect any energy blast Laharl tries to fire off and Laharl’s defense won’t be enough to block any of Bass’ attacks. Lets face it, the difference in firepower is absolutely crazy and that’s before Bass activates his hub style or beast out. Bass wins.