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Zack (Asdivine Hearts) vs Bass

Zack has returned, but this is one foe he cannot beat. While Zack has been known to take down cosmic beings there are some foes that even he cannot conquer. Bass is one of them, but there is no shame in that because Bass is crazy powerful. Nobody has ever been able to defeat him before and I have to admit that this fact speaks volumes to his power. How can you hope to defeat someone who is completely unbeatable? Zack will try to win using his numerous moves, but none will be strong enough. Bass wins.

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All Might vs Bass

All Might is the symbol of peace and a very strong character in general. That being said, he isn’t even in Bass’ weight class. Bass could take down All Might with a single punch. Bass has gone toe to toe with Megaman and even surpasses that navi’s strength. Bass has limitless speed as well and this makes him an impossible foe to deal with. There just isn’t really anything that All Might can do to try and stop him. Bass is simply on a completely different level. Bass wins.

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Kirby vs Bass

Suggested by Hoi It’s time for the legendary pink ball of terror to fight once again. Kirby has absorbed hundreds of abilities over the years and is incredibly powerful as well. Kirby has enough power to take out the planet and his speed is legendary. If he was fighting someone else then he may even have won, but he is up against the strongest being of all. Bass has speed that is unmatched and his power is also limitless. I don’t believe he will lose here. Bass wins.

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Yog-Sothoth vs Bass

Suggested by Anonymous Yog-Sothoth is a pretty powerful cosmic being. There is a lot of lore around this guy that suggests he is one of the strongest absolute beings out there. Fortunately for Bass there is only one true King of media and that is himself. Bass has never lost a fight on the blog nor do I expect he ever will. His speed and strength are basically limitless and the guy’s other abilities like “Get Ability” make him even more invincible. Bass wins.

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Bass vs Kuma


Kuma is a pretty tough bear, but I don’t think he will really be able to do a whole lot against Bass. First off, Bass is faster than light. This means that none of Kuma’s attacks have any hope of actually hurting Bass because he can’t be hit. Bass also has enough power to destroy the whole universe. How can Kuma hope to dodge or block that? The simple, but accurate answer is that he simply can’t. This is an unwinnable battle I’m afraid. Bass wins.

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Marshadow vs Bass

Marshadow is a powerful Pokemon. He’s definitely not someone that you can afford to underestimate. Trust me, it just won’t go well. Still, Bass is the strongest being in all of media so you can cut him a bit of slack there. Even if he looks down on Marshadow to an extent he will still be able to pull out the win. You just can’t hope to stop a being of his caliber. One Darkness Overload attack and it’s all over. Bass wins.

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Michael Myers vs Bass

This is a tribute to Halloween 2. Well, Myers definitely seemed more like your classic horror villain here as the movie basically confirmed that he was bulletproof. We got a little more supernatural here, but that still isn’t nearly enough to get him to match someone like Bass. Bass can easily destroy the planet in an instant and there’s no way that Michael Myers can hope to survive such an attack. He is simply outmatched. Bass wins.

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Megatronus vs Bass


Megatronus is a pretty impressive Transformer. He does live up to the rep of being one of the strongest to exist. That being said, he is sorely outmatched against an opponent as deadly and invincible as Bass. Bass is simply too formidable and he has too many combat options. What do you do against an opponent who can absorb all projectiles and who also has limitless speed? The match effectively feels over at that point. Bass wins.

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Lunala vs Bass

Lunala is a powerful Pokemon, but no creature can hope to defeat Bass. Bass is the strongest being in all of media and his abilities have no limit. There isn’t even a way for Lunala to hope to injure Bass. Bass just exists on a higher plane than all other characters. He can’t be defeated, I’ve come to accept this over the years. Lunala is just the latest in a long line of opponents who could not defeat him. Bass wins.

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Gammon Sakanoue vs Bass


Gammon has returned, but when up against the awesome power of Bass no amount of resolve is enough. Gammon isn’t the kind of guy who gives up, but he may as well in this case since Bass is just above him. Bass can absorb any projectile or he can reflect them. He moves faster than the eye can see and blowing up planets is child’s play to him. What can Gammon really hope to do against any of that? He’d need some kind of super puzzle to stop Bass. Bass wins.