Ardyn Izunia vs Bass

Ardyn Izunia has a lot of good teleportation/speed feats at his disposal so he’s a tough guy to defeat for most opponents. That said, he still won’t be doing anything against Bass. Bass can block or absorb just about every attack that he’s got. Ardyn has no real way to put Bass down as one good Earthbreaker could easily end this. Bass is just way too powerful to be defeated and he will claim victory in record time. There’s a reason that he’s at the top. Bass wins.

Anos Voldigoad vs Bass

Anos is back but he’s definitely not ready to be going up against someone like Bass directly. Bass has powers and abilities beyond what Anos can even dream of. Pure destruction simply isn’t enough to phase him. Bass has the Get Ability program which can reflect damage and he also has speed on a level that’s completely unheard of. It’s hard to see Anos being able to last very long here but at least he’ll finally have met a worthy opponent. Bass wins.

Kaido vs Bass

Kaido’s whole reputation is that he is the absolute strongest in the verse. Land, Sea, or Air, always bet on Kaido. That’s just how it’s always been but if you take him out of the One Piece universe I dare say that Bass could teach him a thing or two. For starters, Bass is much faster than Kaido. He could run rings around the guy with ease and also has enough destructive power to put Kaido down. When you add all of that together, it means that Kaido doesn’t stand a chance here. He can’t dodge any attacks nor can he endure them. At the end of the day that means it is curtains for him. Bass wins.

Lucifer Magne vs Bass

Suggested by Dinosaurroars Lucifer Magne is a demon who likely has a ton of power. Based purely on his standing and reputation you could come to no other conclusion but at the moment he hasn’t shown me any kind of ability that would put fear into Bass. Bass is massively faster than light and had enough power to take down Hubstyle Megaman. These stats mean that he could put an end to Lucifer in an instant. Bass wins.

Alastor (Hazbin Hotel) vs Bass

Suggested by Dinosaurroars Alastor (Hazbin Hotel) has some fairly powerful demonic abilities. He can use fire, strength, speed, and a whole onslaught of other abilities to get his way. That definitely makes him someone to be feared for most fighters but not Bass. Bass is the strongest fighter we’ve ever seen. His sheer power and speed are completely off the charts to the point where it’s just hard to see anyone being able to put up a good fight against him. Alastor wouldn’t have time to prep any attacks before Bass just barrels into him. Bass wins.

Mujin Park vs Bass

Mujin Park is a pretty big member of the GOH cast. The guy has big plans for the world and ultimately wants to be on top of it. With his abilities by the end of the series there are few who can match him so who better to take him on than Bass? Bass is the ultimate god slayer, a being above all others who would dare oppose him. Bass’ Darkness Overload attack would quickly take Mujin to the cleaners. His speed isn’t nearly enough to stop the Overlord of Darkness! Bass wins.

Karaka vs Bass

Karaka is very confident in his abilities. He goes all out against anyone he fights and his immortality ability prevents anyone from destroying him. That said, nobody can regenerate forever and Bass will be knocking Karaka around for maximum damage. It’s in Karaka’s best interests to throw this fight as soon as possible because he is that doomed here. Bass wins.

Diablo vs Bass

Diablo is a powerful demon that can handle most of the fighters in his verse with ease. He has a great amount of speed, power, and defense at his disposal. This makes him a very well rounded fighter who doesn’t have an issue getting used to different battle styles. Still, he will meet his match here against Bass and will go down for the count. Diablo isn’t ready for this power. Bass wins.

Zeldris vs Bass

Zeldris is a powerful fighter who uses the powers of darkness and air to his advantage. He’s definitely not someone that most opponents could deal with but Bass will be ready for him. Bass has never lost a fight due to how dominant he is in both close quarters combat and long range. His Get Ability is unstoppable and that’s the scariest part about him. Bass wins.