Ryan vs Bass


Ryan is back once again, but this is the end of the line for him. Bass is in a completely different league as far as power goes and his speed is also off the charts. You could make the strong case that he has every possible advantage over Ryan. Ryan has a lot of confidence so he’ll give it his all, but I’m afraid that in this match it will all be futile. Bass wins.


Jason vs Bass

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Jason is back one last time, but I’m afraid that he won’t be able to win this round. Bass has abilities that can barely even be comprehended, much less stopped. Jason can unleash all 30 of the Mecards and they still wouldn’t be enough to stop this guy. Bass is basically a force of nature and cannot be stopped or endured. All you can do is accept the loss when he enters the battlefield. Bass wins.

One Above All (Marvel) vs Bass

The One Above All is an immensely powerful being. I don’t think it’s possible to actually give the guy as much credit as he is due with mere words, but of course I shall try. The thing is, Bass is still on a completely different level from this guy. Bass is incredibly fast so it’s not like anyone can actually keep up with him and his Earthbreaker attack will deal massive damage to this giant. The bigger they are, the harder they will fall. Bass wins.

Zoran Lazarevic vs Bass

Zoran Lazarevic is a tough villain and you can see why he has already reached 2-0 on the site. That being said, he isn’t ready to take on a truly powerful opponent like Bass. Bass can easily destroy the entire world on a whim if he so wanted to do so. Zoran has no defense against such power and I’m afraid that he will be playing catch up the whole time. He had a good run, but now it’s over. Bass wins.

Crowley Eusford vs Bass

Crowley is a strong vampire and easily one of the strongest characters of his series. He has super speed and strength at his disposal which makes him tough to take out of the fight. However, Bass is superior in all respects to Crowley so I guess that’s game over for the vampire. You just can’t hope to beat the strongest being in all of media. It just simply isn’t done and one Earthbreaker could finish this. Bass wins.

Bass vs Mittens

Mittens is a tough little cat, but I’m afraid that 9 lives won’t be enough to stop someone like Bass. Bass is simply too strong and too fast to lose in this round. He has a large array of attacks at his disposal like Darkness Overload and Earthbreaker. I can’t think of any way that Mittens could survive a whole planet being destroyed so that would be the end of the fight. Bass wins.

Shimrra Jamaane vs Bass

Shimrra Jamaane may be immensely powerful and immune to The Force, but that doesn’t really mean anything to a guy like Bass. He is essentially the embodiment of power and could destroy Shimrra without any real effort. His speed is unreal and the power behind his blows defies imagination. Shimrra will be lucky to last a few seconds against the true king of fiction. Bass wins.

Exar Kun vs Bass


Exar Kun is skilled with the Force, but that doesn’t make him a match for Bass. Bass has speed at an unmatched level and his destructive power isn’t far behind. It’s fair to say that Exar Kun won’t even be able to last a minute against such an unbelievable foe. It’s unfortunate, but at the same time it is rather expected. Bass is just that powerful and it’s why he has never lost a match on the blog. Bass wins.

Asta vs Bass

Asta is a strong fighter and his sword is certainly very useful, but I don’t think that will be enough to stop a foe as mighty as Bass. Bass is simply on a whole other level compared to Asta and the fight would be over before the kid could even lift his sword. It’s unfortunate that Asta is not yet at a level high enough to give Bass a proper fight, but few are. Bass wins.

Mater vs Bass

This is a tribute to Cars 2 Mater is definitely not my favorite Cars character and I can’t say that the sequel really changed my mind on that. He just isn’t very smart and comes off as a big trouble maker the whole time. Bass has supreme speed and strength on his side so he has every advantage. Mater has his boost rockets, but even those won’t be enough to let him keep up with Bass. Bass wins.