Larry Talbot vs Bass

Suggested by Blake The Werewolf won’t have any better luck than his pal Dracula. Bass is simply too fast for this opponent and Werewolves typically don’t like to get blasted by Earthbreakers. Bass will have no trouble blasting him from afar or just getting up close and slashing him to a loss with his arm blade. On the other side of the equation, Larry Talbot has no real options here. Getting in close would be a mistake and attempting a long range battle would be futile since he has no real projectiles. This is why he doesn’t stand a chance this time. Bass wins.


Mikaela vs Bass


Mikaela is a strong vampire and he’s done well on the blog so far. That being said, his abilities certainly are not enough to turn this match around. Bass is still his superior in basically every combat applicable field. There is no way that I can picture where Mikaela lands a single hit here. He would seem to be moving in slow motion compared to Bass which is pretty crazy when you think about it. Bass wins.

Pyrrha Nikos vs Bass


Pyrrha Nikos is a strong warrior and certainly a prodigy. That being said, Bass may as well have invented the word. His abilities are completely in a league of their own and I don’t think anyone is particularly close to him at the moment. Even if Pyrrha tries to manipulate Bass using her polarity (Which may not work on him anyway) he can simply emit his aura and blow her away. She doesn’t have enough raw power to challenge him. Bass wins.

Rias Gremory vs Bass

Rias Gremory is a strong fighter and she can fly which is always useful in a fight. However, Bass can fly as well and he even has super speed to help give him even more of an edge. I can say with certainty that having a crazy amount of speed and power at your disposal is usually enough to claim victory. Rias won’t come any closer than the other opponents who have gone up against Bass, but at least she’ll try her best. Bass wins.

Yang vs Bass


Yang had a really good streak of wins, but it’s time for that to finally snap. She will now experience true power as she goes up against the strongest character in all of media. As fast and skilled in hand to hand combat as Yang is, Bass is even better in both areas. He’s not a one trick pony by any stretch of the imagination and has such a versatile skill set that defeating him has proved to be impossible. His quick attacks will overpower Yang. Bass wins.

Rokuro vs Bass

It’s time for Rokuro to finally meet his match. He’s a tough kid and one who has a bright future ahead of him with regards to all of the potential power ups he may obtain. That’s why it’s good he gets to see what true power is like as he goes up against Bass. None of Rokuro’s attacks will deal any damage and he won’t be able to avoid enough of Bass’ attacks to buy much time. Bass wins.

Zamasu vs Bass

Zamasu got himself quite a few wins. He’ll certainly be in good standing on the overall rankings. That being said, there is always someone stronger. That saying has always proven to be true with one exception and it’s something for all fighters to keep in mind. As strong and fast as Zamasu is, Bass is even greater in those fields. Bass is second to none as a fighter and he’ll continue to prove that as he racks up more and more wins. Bass wins.

Sofia Sakharov vs Bass


As the next update to the Blog records approaches it is time for Bass to start cleaning up the list of fighters who have skated by without a loss so far. Sofia is a formidable duelist and one who is a strategic fighter as well. That being said, Bass doesn’t even need strategies since his raw power will always suffice. A single blow will end the planet and Sofia’s undefeated record along with it. Bass wins.

Bass vs Lute


Lute is a nice boy and one who dreams of being the ultimate rider. That being said, he certainly isn’t a match for someone in Bass’ weight class. Bass is the strongest being in all of media and is second to none in his large arsenal of abilities. Lute’s famed kinship won’t be enough to convince Bass to throw the match and there’s no way the kid can win in a fist fight. Bass wins.

Captain Answer vs Bass


Captain Answer is a pretty neat superhero. While his alternate identity is suspect, he always does the heroic move at the right time. However, not even his legendary skills will be enough to thwart a foe like Bass. Bass has his Darkness Overload ability which can instantly incinerate whatever is in his path. He has the speed to dodge Captain Answer’s blows as well and his Get Ability will ensure that he stays one step ahead. Bass wins.