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Kyojuro Rengoku vs Bass

Kyojuro is one of the best Demon Slayer characters. His fire abilities are pretty cool and his excellent reaction times ensure that nobody is going to land a sneak attack on him. That being said, Bass has no need to use such tactics. His abilities are already on a higher level than Kyojuro’s so all he has to do is walk up to him and land a lot of punishing blows. That’s really all it will take to claim victory. Bass wins.

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Irene Belserion vs Bass

Irene is a powerful mage whose abilities were so impressive that the heroes were getting completely defeated by her. Only luck allowed the heroes to prevail. Bass won’t need to rely on that though, he’s perfectly capable of winning this match on his own. He once beat 100 enemies in a fraction of a second. A guy who can do that can really do just about anything when he puts his mind to it. Bass wins.

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Zeref vs Bass

Zeref has returned, but now he is up against the strongest being out there. Bass has taken down legions of opponents over the years and never even had to break a sweat while finishing them off, Zeref’s most dangerous ability is the fact that he can suck your life force just by being around. It won’t be able to take Bass out in time though. That guy’s life force is absolutely crazy and his attacks are too fast and powerful for Zeref to tank them either. No matter how you slice it, it’s game over for the guy! Bass wins.

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Garou vs Bass

Garou is ultra powerful and definitely not a villain that you want to underestimate. That being said, he’s still not ready to take someone like Bass on. Bass is still the strongest being in all of media and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. All of his stats are completely out of this world and that’s when he is only fighting half seriously. Bass wins.

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Bass vs Deoxys

Suggested by Dylan Hooton Deoxys is one of the most powerful Pokemon to ever exist. He’s given both Rayquaza and Mewtwo a good run for their money in the past. He has various forms which augment his stats so he can change depending on who the opponent is. This will not be enough to stop Bass though. Bass is massively faster than light so not even speed form can keep up and his attack/defense are also off the charts. As soon as Bass uses his Hubstyle mode he’ll be able to end the planet in an instant and even Deoxys can’t regenerate from that. Bass wins.

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Noelle vs Bass

Noelle’s Sea Dragon Roar won’t really do anything here because Bass has a cloak which makes him totally immune to projectiles. Getting around that just won’t be possible. Noelle also has her physical options like her spears through her armor, but Bass is too fast to get hit by that. This is just a matchup where victory is impossible because Bass is just too strong and too fast to be stopped. When you’re up against an invincible foe like this all you can try to do is put up a good fight. Bass wins.

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Bass vs Suiryu

Suiryu is quite powerful and has done well for himself on the blog today, but he isn’t quite ready to stand up to Bass. Bass is still the strongest being of all time and he would be able to keep up with Suiryu quite easily. The fight would potentially go the same way as his fight with Saitama, only Bass wouldn’t humor him for nearly as long. Bass just doesn’t have that kind of time and there is no stat where Suiryu can match him. Bass wins.

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Zack (Asdivine Hearts) vs Bass

Zack has returned, but this is one foe he cannot beat. While Zack has been known to take down cosmic beings there are some foes that even he cannot conquer. Bass is one of them, but there is no shame in that because Bass is crazy powerful. Nobody has ever been able to defeat him before and I have to admit that this fact speaks volumes to his power. How can you hope to defeat someone who is completely unbeatable? Zack will try to win using his numerous moves, but none will be strong enough. Bass wins.

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All Might vs Bass

All Might is the symbol of peace and a very strong character in general. That being said, he isn’t even in Bass’ weight class. Bass could take down All Might with a single punch. Bass has gone toe to toe with Megaman and even surpasses that navi’s strength. Bass has limitless speed as well and this makes him an impossible foe to deal with. There just isn’t really anything that All Might can do to try and stop him. Bass is simply on a completely different level. Bass wins.

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Kirby vs Bass

Suggested by Hoi It’s time for the legendary pink ball of terror to fight once again. Kirby has absorbed hundreds of abilities over the years and is incredibly powerful as well. Kirby has enough power to take out the planet and his speed is legendary. If he was fighting someone else then he may even have won, but he is up against the strongest being of all. Bass has speed that is unmatched and his power is also limitless. I don’t believe he will lose here. Bass wins.