Scooby Doo vs Lucifer Magne

Suggested by Dinosaurroars Lucifer hasn’t shown any true abilities in the way that Alastor has so he won’t fare as well against Scooby. As mentioned, Scooby does have some good tech even if he doesn’t really know how to properly wield it. That’s what will come back to haunt him in most cases but not in this match. Lucifer can fly around but doesn’t have much options to attack Scooby with so he’ll take the hard loss here. Scooby Doo wins.

Lucifer Magne vs Shaggy

Suggested by Dinosaurroars Lucifer Magne may sound a lot more impressive than Shaggy right off the bat but Shaggy has the advantage of having been around in media for many decades. As a result he has gained quite a few super abilities in his day like that time he got Shazam’s abilities. Of course that doesn’t suddenly mean he’s as strong as Shazam and we didn’t get to see him do much but Shaggy still got a degree of super strength, speed, and flight. That’s enough to take down Lucifer who really didn’t get a chance to do much of anything. Shaggy wins.

Alastor (Hazbin Hotel) vs Lucifer Magne

Suggested by Dinosaurroars This is one of those times where a lack of feats really ends up hurting one of the characters. See, Lucifer is incredibly high ranked in the universe and should be one of the strongest characters in the series but he hasn’t done much yet. Meanwhile we’ve seem Alastor use teleportation, fire blasts, shadows, a super form, etc. Right now Alastor easily destroys Lucifer from what we’ve seen so this won’t be a close battle. Alastor (Hazbin Hotel) wins.

Lucifer Magne vs Mikaela

Suggested by Dinosaurroars Mikaela returns to get his next win as well. This match plays out in pretty much the same way as Lucifer’s other battles. He has no tricks up his sleeve that can be used to defend against Mikaela’s attacks and he certainly can’t dodge them either. That means Mikaela has the absolute edge in every way here and this match shouldn’t last for very long. Mikaela wins.

Lucifer Magne vs Ferid

Suggested by Dinosaurroars Ferid will beat Lucifer quite easily as with his last match. Lucifer has no speed feats that would allow him to stay on the same level so you can’t help but feel that he will be overpowered right from the jump. When you also consider the fact that Ferid’s destructive power is so great then you see how Lucifer won’t be able to survive the opening blow either. This guy’s just going to be out of his league here. Ferid wins.

Lucifer Magne vs Elecman

Suggested by Dinosaurroars Lucifer can fly and definitely has some magic at his disposal but he hasn’t used much of it in an offensive manner. I have no reason to believe that he can even hope to match Elecman in speed or destructive ability. Elecman should be able to vaporize Lucifer quite easily and the guy doesn’t have the durability needed to survive such an attack. That will be the end for Lucifer. Elecman wins.

Lucifer Magne vs Bass

Suggested by Dinosaurroars Lucifer Magne is a demon who likely has a ton of power. Based purely on his standing and reputation you could come to no other conclusion but at the moment he hasn’t shown me any kind of ability that would put fear into Bass. Bass is massively faster than light and had enough power to take down Hubstyle Megaman. These stats mean that he could put an end to Lucifer in an instant. Bass wins.