Ferid vs Spiderman

Suggested by Dylan Hooton Ferid is back for one last round. Spiderman has obtained many powerful abilities over the years so while he doesn’t tend to do very well against the vampires in base mode, things change when he has the power cosmic. That being said, he still isn’t quite fast enough to keep up with Ferid. Ferid’s own regenerative abilities will also ensure that he is always in command of the situation. Both are deadly fighters, but I’d expect Ferid to speedblitz Spidey until victory. Ferid wins.

Ferid vs Mikaela

Suggested by Dylan Hooton It’s time for a battle of vampires. Ferid clearly had the edge in the past when these two fighters went up against each other, but is that still the case? Mikaela is clearly intimidated by Ferid even in the present but given his past that is to be expected. With his current abilities and the fact that Ferid has still yet to do anything all that impressive, I’d say that Mikaela has this round. His transformation into a complete vampire has taken him to the next level. Mikaela wins.

Jin Kisaragi vs Ferid

Suggested by Dylan Hooton Jin Kisaragi is a fierce fighter and this is a very close fight. As with Ragna vs Ferid it’s hard to say just how they stack up since by all accounts Ferid seems more impressive but we’ve had a small sample size. I still eagerly await Ferid actually getting a real fight in the manga, but in the mean time it would be relatively easy for this match to change at some point if Jin or Ragna get a quick power up. It’s a loss for now, but this could change some day. Ferid wins.

Ferid vs Ash

Suggested by Dylan Hooton Ferid is a very quick fighter as I’ve mentioned in the past, but we haven’t seen him fight all that much. At the moment we’ve only seen a glimpse of his abilities. They appear to be impressive, but they aren’t enough to cut the mustard in this battle. While he could likely handle most of Ash’s Pokemon without a problem, a few of them will be troublesome like Pikachu, Greninja, and Charizard. Ferid’s outnumbered here and while his regeneration is pretty good, their combined attacks will be able to finish him off. Ash has simply grown too powerful. Ash wins.

Ferid vs Ragna

Suggested by Dylan Hooton This battle is closer than the Crowley one and could possibly go either way. After all, Ferid hasn’t really gotten to use his vampire abilities all that much. At most we’ve seen glimpses of his speed from time to time. What we have seen was impressive so he wins for now, but I could certainly see Ragna passing him rather easily. Only time will tell though, but for now Ferid is still fast enough to dodge Ragna’s strikes. Ferid wins.

Ferid vs Sid (Ice Age)

maxresdefault (14)
Suggested by Dylan Hooton Sid is a good sloth I’m sure, but it’s not like he has any real super powers. He would quickly fall when going up against a fighter like Ferid. Ferid is completely in a different league next to this guy. None of Sid’s attacks would deal any real damage since Ferid would just regenerate. Moreover, Ferid wouldn’t get his in the first place since he is so fast. Ferid wins.

Ferid vs Raptor

maxresdefault (14)
Suggested by Dylan Hooton Ferid is back once again for a quick win. While Raptors are very dangerous in a pack they aren’t the strongest dinosaurs one on one. Ferid is a lot faster than the Raptor and he also has a healing factor. When you combine those two elements together the outcome of the battle certainly becomes clear. There just really isn’t much that a Raptor can hope to do in order to stop such a fierce opponent. Ferid wins.

Ferid vs T Rex

maxresdefault (2)
Suggested by Dylan Hooton The T Rex has returned to claim his glory through a victory but alas this does not seem to be in the cards for him. Ferid may not have gotten too many chances to show off his abilities yet but we have certainly seen his speed. The T Rex will not be able to keep up with his level of speed even for a few moments. Ferid will claim he advantage in this fight right from the get go and from there things will only get worse for the T Rex. He didn’t ask for this! Ferid wins.

Crowley Eusford vs Ferid

Suggested by Dylan Hooton Ferid is a 7th level vampire compared to Crowley who is a 13th so at first the winner here may appear to be obvious. That being said, Crowley is actually as strong as a 7th level vampire himself which makes this a close fight. Ferid may yet be stronger as well, but he hasn’t really had a chance to show off his abilities yet. From what we’ve seen in the manga so far Crowley is a lot more impressive. His direct battle approach may make it difficult for Ferid to dodge his attacks. Crowley Eusford wins.

Godzilla vs Ferid

Suggested by Dylan Hooton Godzilla is huge! He can shoot Atomic Breath and even has the Nuclear Pulse to back him up. To say that he was simply a giant monster would be to miss the point entirely. This guy is a beast and one who won’t go down easily. Fortunately for Ferid he has the speed to dodge Godzilla with ease and enough power to damage him. As a result, Godzilla will have a very difficult time making progress in this fight. Ferid wins.