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Tripod vs T Rex

Suggested by Destroyer It’s time for the Tripod to return. This thing isn’t exactly a giant monster, but it still packs a punch. T Rex is a strong animal and one of the strongest to ever walk the Earth. That still won’t be enough to stop this alien menace though. The difference in strength is simply too large. It would likely be tough for any of T Rex’s bites to do any meaningful damage either. I don’t think the dino will ever really make this one close. Tripod wins.

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Ferid vs T Rex

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Suggested by Dylan Hooton The T Rex has returned to claim his glory through a victory but alas this does not seem to be in the cards for him. Ferid may not have gotten too many chances to show off his abilities yet but we have certainly seen his speed. The T Rex will not be able to keep up with his level of speed even for a few moments. Ferid will claim he advantage in this fight right from the get go and from there things will only get worse for the T Rex. He didn’t ask for this! Ferid wins.

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T Rex vs Bass

Suggested by Blake The T Rex is a dinosaur that is almost unmatched in power. It has grown iconic thanks to its fearsome design and iconic roar. That being said, it is still simply a dinosaur in the end and can’t hope to stop a being who can destroy planets in an instant. Bass could simply wipe out any escape options for the beast or defeat him with a single blow. Bass wins.

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Charizard vs T Rex

Charizard is here to pwn. T Rex may be a giant dino, but in the end that’s not enough to win. Size isn’t everything in these fights, it’s all about skills, endurance, power! T Rex may have lost this match, but he’ll be back for more soon. With this win Charizard rises up the blog ranks. Charizard wins.

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The BioLizard vs T Rex

The BioLizard is back yet again. Not even a T Rex can stop him now. T Rexs are big and they pack a mean bite, but in the end they aren’t strong enough to stop The BioLizard. The BioLizard has beams that could take down the T Rex in one shot. The BioLizard’s win streak continues to grow with this win. The BioLizard wins.

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King Kong vs T Rex

Okay, let’s give him his props. King Kong wins this round. T Rexes may be big and fast, but King Kong has a really powerful punch that can down many fighters. A couple of his punches and I think we can say goodbye to T Rex. King Kong was just the stronger fighter in the end and rises up the ranks. King Kong wins.

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Space Godzilla vs T Rex

Space Godzilla is back. T Rex is a pretty tough dino, but not even he can stand in the way of Space Godzilla. Space Godzilla was even able too fight the legendary Godzilla tag team. That counts for big props. T Rex drops down the rankings, but he’ll get his wins in due time….Space Godzilla wins.

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Lazerman vs T Rex

Lazerman is back once again. This T Rex is pretty powerful, but he lacks the skills that Lazerman has. One disruption beam and it’s all over for him. The T Rex hasn’t been having a good roll for a while. This is yet another loss in a row for him. Of course for Lazerman this is just the beginning. Lazerman wins.