Space Godzilla vs Madame Hydra

Suggested by Destroyer Madame Hydra is a formidable fighter but for human level threats. She is definitely not someone you’d expect to take on a Kaiju and win. Space Godzilla’s stats are just way too far above hers. His sheer power would give him such an advantage that there would really be no coming back from that. Madame Hydra just wouldn’t stand a chance here and would quickly be taken down for the count. She would at least needs some kind of super gun to try and make a comeback. Space Godzilla wins.

Space Godzilla vs Black Spider

Suggested by Destroyer Black Spider is very athletic and can fight with some good hand to hand but he doesn’t have any knockout blows that could defeat Space Godzilla. As a result he will really be on the backfoot the whole time and doesn’t have any proper techniques to try and counter the Kaiju with. Space Godzilla will remain one step ahead and inevitably will land a blow at some point. Once he does then the match is all over. Space Godzilla wins.

Space Godzilla vs Roulette (TF)

Suggested by Destroyer Roulette is a decently tough Transformer but can’t do a whole lot beyond firing off the energy guns. This won’t be enough to truly intimidate Space Godzilla, not by a longshot! He’s just on a completely different level here and his telekinetic abilities will allow him to really keep Roulette’s attacks at bay. Eventually he will land a hit with one of his energy blasts and then that would be the end of the match. Space Godzilla wins.

Space Godzilla vs Static (Marvel)

Suggested by Destroyer Static has a good gun with some decent electricity but that’s not enough to stop a Kaiju like this. Space Godzilla has more than enough durability to tank every hit that Static can produce. Eventually he will land the crushing blow and once that happens it will be game over for Static. There just isn’t much that she could really do to mount a counter attack here. Space Godzilla wins.

Space Godzilla vs Toon Zelda

Suggested by Destroyer Toon Zelda is a lot more powerful than she looks. She can mow down whole armies with her light arrows and magical abilities. Space Godzilla has his energy blast but it’ll be extremely difficult to land a hit on her. Additionally he just isn’t fast enough to keep up so she can keep on landing a ton of powerful hits while just trying to stay alive will be his best chance at success. There is no escape for him. Toon Zelda wins.

Space Godzilla vs Firestorm

Suggested by Destroyer Firestorm is a powerful fighter who can conjure up just about any element. This makes him a very versatile fighter as he can attack Space Godzilla in a different way each time. His quick flight and speed also means that it is unlikely that he will actually get tagged as well. Space Godzilla is then left with no options with which to defeat Firestorm so that’s game over. Firestorm wins.

Space Godzilla vs Kid Roll

Suggested by Destroyer Space Godzilla is a powerful kaiju that came close to defeating Godzilla a few times. He even won once. That said, Kid Roll her her Hyper form which greatly improves her firepower and defensive abilities. She will be able to dodge Space Godzilla’s attacks with relative ease and fire back with absolutely massive amounts of power. Kid Roll wins.

Space Godzilla vs Blizzardman

Suggested by Destroyer Space Godzilla is a powerful Kaiju but I don’t think he’s ready for this battle. Blizzardman’s fast and his ice abilities will take their toll. While Space Godzilla can resist the attacks for a little while, the main issue here is that he has no way to counter. Blizzardman’s speed advantage is absolute so you can’t even count on a lucky stray shot hitting him. Meanwhile his abilities only continue to get stronger as the temperature from his attacks keeps things nice and cold. Blizzardman wins.

Space Godzilla vs Catseye (DC)

Suggested by Destroyer Catseye has returned, but he won’t be doing a whole lot here. Space Godzilla will still be far too powerful for him. A little super strength just isn’t enough to take down a Kaiju like this. Space Godzilla would easily blow him away with some lasers or TK abilities. Some opponents may be able to resist such techniques, but not this guy. His attacks also aren’t likely to deal any real damage to Space Godzilla which will definitely pose a problem for him. Space Godzilla wins.

Space Godzilla vs Taurus Fire

Suggested by Destroyer Taurus Fire is a pretty tough guy. He may not be the most impressive Star Force fighter but he’s built like a tank and has some really good fire moves up his arsenal. The guy won’t go down without a fight and Space Godzilla won’t be fast enough to tag him. While this Kaiju is durable, there’s just not a whole lot of options available to him here. Taurus Fire has the absolute edge in combat and the damage will add up. That spells disaster for Space G. Whatever he tries will ultimately be stopped in its tracks due to not being able to hit the target. Taurus Fire wins.